Chapter 55 – This is a restaurant owned by the Demon King himself, isn’t it?

The current crown prince of the Magnolia Empire, Caesar Lewis, was not a prince who grew up in a greenhouse. He practiced martial arts and swords since he was a child, and had a good magical talent. In fact, he also had a paladin talent, but he felt that he was a noble royal family, he didn’t want to bow down to the bishop. He felt that the bishop should bow down to him. Of course, this kind of disrespectful behavior was hated by the church, so Caesar failed to gain the power of a paladin. He felt it was a pity, but it didn’t matter.

When he was young, he was as talented, powerful, handsome, and arrogant as all outstanding young people of this age. He went out with the army when he was sixteen, and then lost to the Dijon tribe because of an arrogant decision, then…err…he was taken prisoner, and many of his men died tragically.

The high-minded and arrogant man immediately wanted to draw his sword and kill himself.

This nearly terrified the Chief of the Hundred Horsemen who captured him.

In fact, this is just the routine friction between the two countries. As a nomadic nation, the Dijon tribe doesn’t really value the concept of territory. In addition, they are underdeveloped in agriculture, so they habitually plunder at the border. Usually, they would grab merchant goods or something, and would not attack the Magnolia Empire official. The Magnolia Empire also knew about this situation, so they pretended not to know. But he didn’t expect to see a foolish man who had to stand up for the civilians that day. The chief of the hundred horsemen thought to himself. So, he taught the young man a lesson. He has more combat skills in his mind than the skills that he spends on the bed, so he easily captured him.

He originally thought it might be an ordinary nobleman’s son, but never thought it would be the prince himself, and he almost killed himself.

The Chief of the Hundred Horsemen went to see the prince with the mentality of being scared to pee, and he gave him severe criticism. The main content is: Are you worthy of your parents when you commit suicide? Are you worthy of your brothers and sisters? Did you know that your suicide might start a war? Can’t even bear such a blow, is this the glory of your Magnolia’s Lewis?

Caesar Lewis was said to have no self-confidence at the time, and the stern face of the Hundred Horseman Chief was deeply imprinted in his mind… Of course, at that time, he didn’t know the fact that the Hundred Horsemen Chief was actually about to piss himself in fear. And this misunderstanding was only solved many years later.

Then after the two sides had an agreement, Caesar was released back home. The Magnolia Empire compensated the Dijon tribe for some military expenses—the Dijon tribe claimed that Prince Caesar was captured by the bandits, and the Dijon tribe sent troops to rescue him. As for the truth, everyone knows it from the bottom of their hearts, but both sides have to be given a step down, right?

After this incident, Caesar Lewis became mature and stable. The pride of the past was restrained in his chest, and the arrogance has disappeared. Now he is indeed one of the best in the younger generations among humans, a very good existence, worthy of being respected and liked. But don’t forget that this excellence is the blood of many soldiers. Princes can make mistakes and have the opportunity to correct them, but for some commoners and ordinary minor nobles, there is no more chance after making mistakes.

But anyway, now Caesar Lewis is indeed a good young man, he is much better than other dandies, this is a fact.

But the current King of Magnolia is physical fit. He spent the night with his two lovers last night… It seems that Caesar Lewis can only continue to be a good crown prince for the time being, not a good king.

In most parts of the world, it is monogamous, which is similar to Europe on Earth. European kings will commit bigamy if they marry multiple wives (monogamy is a requirement of Christianity, including Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox), this is completely different from the emperor of the East. We all know that the emperor of the East has unlimited power in marrying a wife.

However, most kings would take a little detour, such as finding a lover outside… and often their lover is the wife of the minister, and some ministers are also happy to oblige. By the way, it is said that Helen Lestat is one of the lovers of King Magnolia. Of course, King Magnolia is also one of her many lovers. Sometimes the minister’s wife becomes the king’s lover, and the queen sometimes becomes the minister’s lover… In short, this is considered a policy from above, and it is very chaotic.


Compared with Princess Delia, who has been raised in the deep palace, Caesar knows more about the outside world, which is commonly known as more grounded. He glanced at the price on the menu and raised his eyebrows—this is many times more expensive than the ordinary ones. This made him immediately alert, is this store deliberately ripping people off?

He has also traveled north and south for many years, he knows that some stores deliberately rip people off… but they are still open in the imperial capital? Caesar’s face was a little ugly, he played the tradition of the royal family at this moment: Overthinking. Did they see that they seem to be very rich and deliberately want to rip off a fortune? Are there two menus?

At this time Delia had already started ordering. She ordered blackberry honey cake, trolla smoked sausage, spicy storm pike, grilled Bayer beast, and grilled flame lizard, some of which were what she enjoyed last time.

Caesar frowned when he looked at the name of the dish on the recipe, “What is all of this? The magic beasts of the lower realm?”

The waiter next to him said: “Yes, honorable sir, the bottom row of ingredients comes from the lower realm, and the chef is also a very distinguished identity, so the price is relatively high, but definitely worth every penny.”

First, he called him ‘honorable sir’, and then said that the chef’s identity is honorable. Caesar’s heart is subconsciously a little upset. The chef is noble? Can it be more noble compared to him, a prince? Forget it, the commoner in front of him didn’t know that he was the prince. And after all, it’s his sister who wants to come, so he will just bear with it, “You will serve all the recommended dishes,” he said.

“Okay, sir,” the waiter nodded, and then asked, “What about the drinks?”

The drinks are on the next page of the menu. Caesar found that most of them were juice, and the wine seemed to be the same as the wine on the outside. He ordered a glass of golden wine, and then ordered a set of juice. At the same time, he calculated the price in his heart, and his face was even more ugly.

It’s not that he has no money or is stingy, it’s just that he is always unhappy to be ripped off for no reason—he still thinks so now.

The waiter actually understood his thoughts when he saw his face, because there have been many such customers these days, but the waiter did not panic, he even said confidently: “Trust me, sir, you will not be disappointed.”

Caesar nodded noncommittally, not holding out much hope.

He has been around a lot outside, and he has also seen some chefs outside. It is good to have an occasional meal outside, after all, he was already getting tired of the mountain delicacies and seafood in the palace. But after eating a few times outside, he found that the food in the palace was still more delicious. He feels that his sister is currently in the same situation.

In addition to Caesar and Delia, there was also their cousin, Kevin Borel, who came with them. Kevin’s mother died very early, the queen and her sister had a very good relationship. At that time, they received Kevin. Staying in the palace for a period of time has allowed Kevin, Caesar, and Delia to have a deep relationship since they were young.

Kevin is an uneducated dandy. He doesn’t like the military or fighting. He is more keen on poetry and other literary things, so in the eyes of others, he is naturally unable to support the wall. He has a gentle personality, coupled with the protection of Caesar and Delia, so no one dared to make irresponsible remarks to him.

“Breaded fried starfish.” Kevin looked at the menu and asked enthusiastically, “Starfish? What is that?”

“A specialty of the lower realm’s Endless Sea, sir,” the waiter replied.

“I’ll have one,” Kevin is interested in trying new things.

In fact, starfish on Earth tend to be harmful. They eat all kinds of economic shellfish. A starfish can eat more than a dozen scallops a day. The food intake is amazing. It will cause huge economic losses to the shell farming industry, and the reproduction speed is very alarming. There have also been several incidents of starfish flooding and invasion on Earth.

Hill felt that the best way to deal with this creature was to move them to the table.

As you can see, crayfish is actually an invasive species… now it has been eaten to the point where they have to be farmed in captivity.

So, while setting up a shellfish farm, Hill deliberately studied the variety of starfish dishes.

The three people have different ideas. Under such circumstances, the dishes are served.

The first thing that hit them was the aroma of a series of delicious dishes on the table that looked very good. The first is the pork chop in front of them. The aroma does not have the greasy smell in the past, but the smell of the oil, meat, and sauce mixed together. The surface of the pork chop was golden brown, slightly burnt, and accompanied by the fragrance, which shocked Caesar a bit.

This, is this the food made by the restaurant in Magnolia City?

Didn’t he just go to the front line for a few months? How did such a chef appear out of nowhere?

Caesar cut a piece of pork chop with a knife. He is no longer dissatisfied at this moment. Only for this appearance, the money is already worth it. After all, this seems to come from the lower realm… While he was thinking about it, he put it in his mouth.

Then he opened his eyes wide.

The texture of the outside is crispy and the inside is tender. The taste of the black pepper-based sauce blended perfectly with the flavor of the boar itself. After a bite, the gravy gushes out, which instantly excites the taste buds and makes the saliva flow. Isn’t this too delicious?!

Caesar always thinks that food is just an appetite. He has always enjoyed the best, but he feels that it doesn’t matter if it is ordinary. People should have higher pursuits. He is not particularly interested in food and the like.

Only now did he realize that it was not that he was not interested in food, but because the previous things were too unpalatable!!!

His previous thoughts that the shop ripped people off, and the younger sister was just trying something new, all disappeared at this moment. Now he is thinking about eating and continuing to eat.

Ah, this deep-fried white ivy core is also delicious. The outside is soft and golden, and the inside is very glutinous. In fact, it is similar to fried rice cakes, a dessert that was not available in the other world before. In addition, this smoked sausage is too delicious, it has an endless aftertaste when you bite it. Fatty and lean, and the meat is fragrant and not too greasy. When paired with the juice blended here, it is really delicious to the point of crying.

Before, they would eat together occasionally, normally holding some conversation while eating, but now all three did not speak, but buried their heads and ate.

In fact, the demons in the lower realm were all like this at the beginning, but later they ate more and became more resistant, and they could also chat while eating.

As the three of them were eating enthusiastically, there was a commotion over there.

First, there was an arrogant male voice: “I asked the chef to cook in my mansion because I valued him, how dare you refuse me, do you know who I am?”

“Sorry, Lord Baron,” said the waiter, “but the chef will not leave the restaurant.”

“Believe it or not, I will smash this store and take the chef away!” the other party said.

Caesar looked over, then frowned… The other party was Sidney, the son of Earl White, and of course, the other party’s identity was very noble—for this restaurant.

Delia said unhappily: “Brother, let’s get rid of him.”

Caesar actually meant the same. Although the waiter said that the chef’s identity is very honorable, he doesn’t think he can be really honorable. If he is really honorable, how could he go to a restaurant to be a cook?

At this moment, a voice rang from the kitchen in the restaurant: “Who is going to take the old man away?”

This should be the chef.

Caesar looked over, then was stunned.

Or rather, everyone is stunned.

Because the chef who came out with an apron and a spatula was a fire elemental spirit.

Baron Sidney White’s expression solidified.

Caesar laughed bitterly in the back of his mind.

Ah… the fire elemental spirit, this identity is indeed very honorable…

What the hell!! Isn’t this too honorable?!

—The bitter laugh then turned into a roar.

What kind of restaurant is this? This is a restaurant owned by the Demon King himself, isn’t it?

Caesar complained in his heart.

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(mud that) can’t support the wall – someone with no ability or a waste

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