Chapter 56 – Long way to go

When the fire elemental spirit appeared wearing an apron, the scene was out of control for a while.

The fame of the elemental spirits was so great that the first theory class for anyone who studied magic would be about elemental spirits. The teachers would talk about this kind of heaven-defying creature with great emotion, lamenting its magic and power.

Sidney White wants to cry without tears. Who will tell him what’s going on? Didn’t he just want to catch a chef and go home? This is totally a trivial matter, it’s not like he stole the daughter of the nobleman next door…. Why did he provoke a fire elemental spirit? Let the teachers in the magic academy know that the fire elemental spirits actually work as chefs here, they will be crazy.

This feeling is like a great cook who doesn’t care about cooking and sweeping the floor every day, like a third-rate movie that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do but is seriously talking about emotional disputes, like a writer who could have been working on a daily basis but is an up-and-comer on the B site (yes, that Jue). In short, the feeling of scratching your heart and scratching your lungs.

But… as expected of a fire elemental spirit, the boss is great at everything, the food here is really delicious.

After tasting such delicious food, and seeing that the chef is actually a fire elemental spirit, Prince Caesar suddenly felt that, as the waiter said, the meal was definitely worth every penny.

Sidney White was almost stunned silly over there.

The waiter was also frozen for a few seconds, but he quickly reacted and invited the chef into the kitchen in a coaxing manner.

After the fire elemental spirit left, the people in the restaurant breathed a sigh of relief, and Sidney White almost sat on the ground.

Caesar spoke slowly, “Baron White.”

Sidney saw Caesar only now, and he was shocked again, “His Royal Highness…”

“What you have done is just too humiliating,” Caesar shook his head and said.


Sidney White quickly became famous in Magnolia City. At present, anything that involves the movie and the shopping mall will attract widespread attention. This makes Sidney secretly resentful, but there is nothing he can do about it.

Sidney White was originally disliked by many people in Magnolia City, and the fact that he suffered a loss here has caused more people to increase their favorable opinion of the shopping mall complex a bit on the side.

In addition, the fact that the chef of the shopping mall restaurant was the elemental fire spirit quickly spread, which made more people come here to see the elemental fire spirit, but they did not see the chef, but instead the food attracted all the attention…

In addition, there are people who want to squat in the restaurant to practice spells, because there is a speculation in the book that practicing fire spells next to the fire element spirits will be twice the result with half the effort. Joan Baker reported the incident to Hill, Hill had to make the restaurant introduce an additional rule, people who enter the restaurant must buy something.

However, this rule is not particularly necessary, because although some people come to the restaurant with the idea of “I want to practice”, they will soon be attracted by the taste of the food and the happy expressions of the people when they eat, and then they will become “I’ll eat a little bit and then practice” → “I’ll eat a little bit more and then practice” → “Damn, why do I eat so much?” → “Damn, I don’t seem to have time to practice”.

All in all, the reputation of the restaurant is getting bigger and bigger, and the income of the restaurant is also rising.

Hill did not think of concealing the existence of the fire elemental spirits. The public is not unfamiliar with the fire elemental spirits, and the elemental spirits are not fond of killing. In fact, they are indifferent to fame and fortune, they don’t know what the owner of the restaurant did to impress them. If the chef is a demon, then you have to conceal it, but if it is a fire elemental spirit, it is not necessary, and it can be used for promotion instead.

Eri Dalle is the person in charge of the restaurant, this is not a secret within a certain range. Ms. Eri Dalle also made a big splash in the circle, which made Helen Lestat, who is also a socialite, a little unhappy. After all, the former seemed to replace her as the number one socialite. Although her salon is still tempting, Mr. Grindelwald has only appeared once. People kept asking her when she could invite them again. She didn’t know. She didn’t invite them last time, it was Mr. Grindelwald who proposed it.

And Arman… the mention of him makes Helen Lestat feel a bit regretful.

Most of the movie stage names of the demons are the names of the characters played in the first movie, so everyone directly called Gormund “Arman”.

When Mr. Arman appeared in the salon for the first time, “He is a Dragon” had not yet been filmed, so everyone just looked at him curiously… If she knew Mr. Arman was still so handsome, she would definitely stare at him fanatically! Helen thought.

In fact, it wasn’t just Helen Lestat who thought so. Other people in the salon also thought so. They were annoyed that they didn’t pay much attention to Mr. Arman in the previous meeting, so everyone chased Mrs. Lestat to ask when the next meeting was.


Lower Realm. Blackrock Tower.

After that day of leisure, Hill returned to work. He first inspected the food crops he had planted and found that some of them had grown sprouts. This made him very satisfied and praised the slime farmers.

In addition, Hill plans to start building some houses in that area. Most of the slimes are sleeping in the open, and some slimes will dig a hole for their own house. Hill couldn’t bear this. On the one hand, he felt that they were too pitiful, and on the other hand, he felt that it would affect the image of the lower realm—he would still engage in tourism in the future.

The slimes like dark and humid places, so Hill planned to build their house underground. Later, after thinking about it, Hill simply built a wide underground palace under the green grass in the first layer of the lower realm for slimes to live in. The hole was drilled by the Lich. He summoned a bunch of ants, and they rushed into the ground to eat the stones. Hill looked at the dense ant colony, feeling that he was about to commit an intensive phobia.

As expected of a Demon Lich, the legendary moving disaster.

A word appeared in Hill’s mind: Undead Natural Disaster.

But this terrible power can also play a huge role in infrastructure, it depends on how to use it.

Hill had drawn the blueprint of the underground palace before looking for the Lich, and the Lich manipulated the ants according to the blueprint. Because the Lich itself has limited mana (this time, Hill did not go to one of the five elders, Lich Aligeli, but an ordinary Lich) so the foundation of the palace was completed in three sessions and a total of one week.

The next step is to make some furniture and decorate the room.

Hill called the black dwarves and asked the Slime King to communicate with them to see what furniture they needed. At the same time, Hill promised the black dwarves instead of the Slime King, after the slime’s food was planted, the first batch would of course be taken by Hill, and the second batch would be given to the Black Dwarves.

Hill did this in the hope that the various races under his hands could strengthen their ties with each other. The basis of unity and solidarity was related to interests, Hill felt that this was conducive to the development of the lower realm.

Humans need to rely on food to supplement their nutrition. Comprehensive nutrition is good for health. This is something everyone on Earth knows. What about the demons? Hill has always been curious about this. Theoretically speaking, the demons also need to supplement their nutrition. Hill plans to let his subordinates eat a balanced diet first and then try the effect. If this can improve physical fitness then it would be great.

Hill knew that on Earth, the food of soldiers was very important in ancient wars. The combat capability of an army that can eat is much better than that of hungry… and this is sometimes the decisive factor. Don’t look at the clever tricks of military officers on novels and TV. To win with less, to defeat the strong with weak, but in the real history, there are really few situations like that. When the two armies fought, the final fight was actually the comprehensive strength of both sides.

The situation in another world is different, but Hill feels that there are also similarities.

Even animals need to balance their nutrition, not to mention the demons.

By the way, a typical example is that a young rhino obtains probiotics by eating its mother’s feces. …Well, this case may be a bit disgusting, but it’s really typical.

After dealing with the affairs on the slime side, Hill called the painter tentacle monster Xiao Ai over and told her that he had a new mission.

He and Xiao Ai made a spiritual link—he was able to make a spiritual entry as a high-level demon, and then Hill directly put the character design of Natsume’s Book of Friends into Xiao Ai’s spiritual world. It is too difficult to let Hill, a person with no foundation, to draw, so it is better to leave it to the professionals.

“This is one of those stories,” Hill said, “that takes place in the future, in the end times, where there is no church, no lower realm, and no magic. The protagonist Natsume Takashi found a contract called “Book of Friends” from the relics of his deceased grandmother, in fact, his maternal grandmother was a person with powerful magical power.”

In the end, Hill decided to set the background of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” as the future, but it was indeed the future. The monsters have naturally become demons, and many details need to be changed, but the connotation and spirit remain unchanged.

Then Hill gave the script for the first episode of Natsume’s Book of Friends to Xiao Ai, the tentacle monster, and asked her to draw it first. Hill didn’t plan to publish a manga, and was going to make it into an animation directly. As for how to play it, this is a big problem.

This kind of animation can’t be played in the cinema one after another like a movie.

‘So, let’s produce a TV set,’ Hill thought.

In fact, to be honest, it is not difficult to make a TV set in the other world, just change the magic circle on the projection stone, and do a few more serial magic circles to achieve that effect. The problem lies in the transmitter of the magic signal—that is, the TV tower on Earth. That needs to consume a certain amount of resources, and it must be approved by the royal family… After all, it is a large magic circle that covers the whole country.

Although Hill felt that the royal family would definitely not agree to this request at the moment, it is also necessary to try.

As long as the signal can cover the whole city, there are many things he can do.

For example, make a Krypton gold mobile game out… Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice or something… Well, change it to Love and Demon.

There is a long way to go, Hill thought.

However, the future is also worth looking forward to.

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Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is a Chinese female-oriented visual novel mobile game that allows players to text, chat and call the male leads while developing her own career as a media producer. The game takes place in a world filled with superpowers and fantasy.

I used to call Xiao Ai “Little Love” coz of the western fantasy setting but I’ll be calling her Xiao Ai from now on.

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