Chapter 57 – Rainy Season

Even though the tauren clan was reluctant, Hill eventually raised cattle in the lower realm. Milk is a good thing, whether it is making drinks or cooking, it is indispensable. Hill has been spying on the earth’s baking for a long time.

However, in the Middle Ages on Earth, before the 19th century to be precise, there were no safe sterilization and preservation methods. Milk was easily damaged. On the one hand, it was contaminated by bacteria, and on the other hand, the heat caused milk to deteriorate. So what is unimaginable to modern people is that milk and cheese were a common food for the poor, but not for the rich and noble. In the 19th century, some people discovered that high-temperature boiling can kill bacteria in milk, and adding sugar and skimming can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria…

Of course, it’s different in another world—because there is magic to preserve milk at low temperatures, which polarizes milk: on the one hand, the poor are eating unprocessed milk cheese, on the other hand, the very rich can afford to eat processed. The people in the middle don’t have many options.

The other is honey.

There are bees in the lower realm, each of which is about the same size as a human head. Their stingers can directly stab a person to death, and there are flame elements on their body. The common demons are not very good at dealing with this kind of flame bee. Like bees, they live in groups and have their own queen. But they live on the mountain, they hollowed out the whole mountain. When Hill went there for the first time, the lich next to him shot a magic arrow at the mountain, and then a bunch of flame bees flew out from the mountain.

‘It’s really a scene from a magical horror movie,’ Hill raised his head and looked at the Flame Bee, and thought.

In fact, sometimes he will feel weak in the face of such scenes, at this time he thought in his heart, I am the Demon King, theoretically I am very strong, so it should be fine… He has to say that this kind of mentality is still a bit funny.

The way to make honey is quite simple, just boil and filter the honeycomb directly. After thinking about it, Hill decided to give the job of making honey to the skeleton family. They were skeletons anyway, and they were not afraid of being stabbed by the flame bee. Since then, the Skeleton Clan has become a specialized beekeeper in the lower realm. But they don’t need to go to beekeeping specifically, but just plant flowers in a large area near the honeycomb, and then collect honey regularly.

After finishing the milk and honey, Hill can finally show his talents.

The first thing to do is cream. The main ingredients of cream are eggs and milk. In fact, it can be made without milk. First, separate the egg white and the yolk, and then stir the egg white to make a lot of foam. Hill directly controlled these by magic. Behind him stands a row of fire elemental spirits, led by Irvine, everyone is watching Hill cooking obediently.

After that, Hill divided the prepared milk, sugar, and oil into four equal parts, and then put one part into the beaten egg whites and continued to stir, and after seeing it was thicker, he added the remaining part, and continued to stir until the cream would not drip down on its own, it means that the production was completed. If you don’t use milk, you can also add some white vinegar.

The basic ingredients are all ready, mango cream cake rolls, blackberry toast, cranberry bread rolls, red currant pastry puffs, cheese scones…all are modern baking practices. Hill only made honey buns. The others are directly provided to the fire elemental spirits, let them do it themselves.

After Hill left, the fire spirits put the baked bread into their bodies and talked: “How did Lord Demon King know such a great recipe?”

Another fire elemental spirit said: “Lord Demon King made one by himself first. I think it was because he was practicing other methods in his mind while doing it himself.”

“So that’s it!” The fire elemental spirit who spoke at the beginning suddenly realized: “Lord Demon King first tried one method by himself, and then he deduced other practices by himself and taught them to us!”

“The Lord Demon King is really amazing.”

“His thinking ability is so strong.”

So the kitchen fell into a sea of compliments.

If Hill was there, he would feel very helpless. In terms of brain power, it is clear that your brain filling ability is even stronger!


After the area of bakery was developed, Hill opened a bakery on the street-facing side of the shopping mall. The store was small and provided take-out services. Hill separated the restaurant on the second floor from the bakery, but if you want to eat the bakery’s items in the restaurant on the second floor, you can talk to the waiter.

Baking from modern times naturally conquered human beings in the other world. After a while, the noble ladies of Magnolia City found that their weight seemed to have collectively increased…

Even the magazine received a lot of manuscripts, complaining that Mr. Grindelwald’s new bakery was so delicious that it made them fatter.

Hill just smiled at this.

When he researches out the magic TV and games, they will be able to experience the joy of eating snacks while playing games.

As for the demons…

Hill is still sorting out the lower realm. Although the lower realm has a currency system similar to humans, in the past there were very few exchanges between the races in the lower realm, and most of them were bartering. Both production and economy were quite backward… There is no economy. Therefore, if Hill wants to develop, the first step is to strengthen exchanges between races and strengthen currency circulation. In order to encourage everyone to use currency, Hill used currency when rewarding his men.

In addition, he summoned some goblins. The goblins are the best and most cunning merchants in the lower realm. He allows those goblins to travel between the human realm and the lower realm to buy and sell local products. In addition, he also let goblin merchants sell some delicacies that have the ability to preserve for a long time. These merchants traveled throughout the lower realms, visiting various races, and played a great role in the exchange and development.

Hill has been busy with this aspect of things during this period, and the tentacle monster Xiao Ai finished the first season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” according to the script provided by Hill.

Next to Hill are four choices.

The first option is to sell the manga directly.

The second option is to sell it in the form of DVD sets.

The third option is to show it directly in the cinema.

The fourth option is to build a TV tower.

All of these have their pros and cons. Hill himself is more inclined to the last one, because sooner or later, the signal tower will have to be built. This is not only for the future “watching TV”, it also includes the Krypton Gold Game conceived by Hill.

But before that, the drawings has to be turned into an animation first, and then dubbed.

On Earth, the appeal of well-known animation CVs is no less than that of first-line stars. Many people even go to watch an anime for their favorite CV. By the way, Hill likes Suwabe Junichi and Guan Zhiyi the most.

Hill asked Irvine to find demons with good sounding voice. He planned to separate the actors from the CV. He wanted to make a star-making plan for the lower realm. The more stars the better.

He himself started the post-production of anime. This is a very mentally draining task. First, he recorded the drawings into the projection stone, and then used his mental power to make the drawings move… Hill’s first batch of animation effects produced look similar to domestic animation, but the movements are quite stiff. Hill shook his head and tossed the projection stone aside, intending to recreate it.

In the process of making anime, again and again, Hill’s mental abilities have also improved, and his ability to manipulate magic has also improved a lot… This is something that Hill didn’t even notice.

The Demon King is of course very powerful, but there is also a limit. The original Demon King hasn’t improved his strength for a long time. He practiced hard and tortured his body, but he couldn’t break through again… didn’t expect Hill to do that today. This can be considered unintentional.


When Hill put down the quill, thunder rang out, followed by the sound of rain. It’s raining.

It’s the rainy season in the lower realm, which is a difficult season for the lower realm. Generally, the rain will keep falling in the first half of the month, and it will almost never stop. The rain brings a lot of magic elements. After half a month, the beasts will run out of the cave to attack the demons. They will be more fierce and powerful than before, and they will even attack the village in groups.

After being informed of this in advance, Hill first made his deployment and arrangements, and at the same time, he was looking forward to the rain to make the crops grow a little faster.

The rain was rustling outside, Hill walked to the window and looked at the rain for a while, suddenly feeling a little lonely.

Since crossing over, he rarely had time to relax. He found himself many, many things to do, but he did have a lot to do in the first place. This gave him no time to think about extra things. The feeling of loneliness coming up was not pleasant. Hill was supposed to continue doing animation, but now he lost that thought.

Wind and rain blew in from outside, and the candlelight went out. This shows that Irvine is not there, if he is there, the fire will not be blown out by the wind.

Hill stood alone in the dark for a while, listened to the rain outside for a while, then raised his hand to seal the window with magic.

Then the candlestick at the back was lit, and then the fireplace was lit.

Hill turned around and saw Monroe put charcoal into the fireplace.

“Humans light fireplaces to keep warm at this time of year,” Monroe said.

“The demons are not afraid of the cold,” Hill said.

“But psychologically it will feel better,” Monroe said.

The fire shone on him, and his pale and cold face seemed to have some warmth because of this.

The sound of rain outside seemed to get better too.

Hill smiled. “You are right.”

Then stop being lonely, after all, there are so many things to do, and there are so many people around.


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