Chapter 58 – CV Selection

The CV actors were chosen quickly, and Hill tried to take into account the appearance, after all, he was planning to develop CV in the direction of idols as well.

To his surprise, the most magnetic voice among men is actually the ghost clan. Hill suspects that they have their own magnetic field fluctuations when they speak, so their voices are magnetic. There is indeed a saying on Earth that the so-called ghosts are actually special magnetic fields. The Canadian neuroscientist once named Michael Persinger studied the relationship between human perception of ghosts and electromagnetic fields, and believed that this is one of the truths about ghosts. At the time, Hill was creeped out, and now in listening to the magnetic voices of these male ghosts, Hill wanted to laugh a little.

Soon, Hill chose the main character’s CV. By the way, the CV of Nyanko-Sensei is a goblin, Hill thinks that the voice of that goblin resembles the original CV of Nyanko-Sensei. Madara’s original CV was Kazuhiko Inoue, Hill felt that he was really amazing, capable of controlling various voices.

When they first started dubbing, the task progressed very hard, and it took two full days of training to reach Hill’s requirements. Especially the goblin, Tommy, who is in charge of Nyanko-Sensei, he made various cute sounds at the big tree in the goblin’s gathering place for the past two days, and other goblins think this guy has become crazy…

After the dubbing officially started, Hill watched closely from the side.

Hill: “Natsume! Natsume was beaten here, you should make a sound of injury!”

Ghost Colin: “Ah…”

Hill: “The ‘ah’ is too stiff! Curl it up a bit!”

Ghost Colin: “Ah~~~”

Hill: “You are injured, you are not having sex, don’t scream so weird.”

Ghost Colin: “Pfft…”

The other Paladins who came over there to dub can’t help coughing, such a terrible way of expression, no, really worthy to be the demon king.

Ghost Colin half-deadly recorded the dubbing of the first few episodes, and that night, he himself started the “Ahhhhh” training in front of the fireplace at home.

The mayor of Deathstroke Town went to visit Colin. He wanted to ask Colin about today’s work with the Lord Demon King, but he heard various “ahhhhh” sounds inside before he even entered the door.

Mayor: “…”

This, let’s not bother.

So, he turned around and left.

The CV actors have been miserable recently, their reputations have been harmed.

After Ghost Colin whimpered and told Hill about the misunderstanding, Hill said calmly: “What is the problem? I’ll have to really record the sound of the xxx later.”

Ghost Colin…was dumbfounded.

In fact, in the Japanese CV world, most of the well-known CVs have really recorded for R18 games.

Hill is currently unable to make that kind of very complicated game, but the plot-oriented Otome game is okay… Um… BL game is also okay… Ghost Glasses, Hanamichi Monogatari, Hot Sand Paradise… Wait, he knows nothing. He said he didn’t know anything.

However, if this is really done, the church will probably go crazy.

Ahem, so it’s better to be cautious first. Hill thought.

Because the voice actors themselves are talented, Hill is still very satisfied with the otherworld version of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.


In the human world, because there have been no new movies for a long time, the commentary area of the magazine has been occupied by novels. The discussion on “A Song of Ice and Fire” is quite lively. Now, Hill no longer has to play the reader and spoiler, and fight with someone. Many people have joined the discussion of the plot now, and some even wrote stand-alone short stories.

This is a good sign, Hill thought and stroked his chin.

When “A Song of Ice and Fire” is serialized for a longer period of time, he will also bring out some of the fanfics from Earth, it can also make the original work more popular in a certain field… On Earth, many people read the original work because of the fanfic, and some people even go to the fanfic directly without reading the original work.

The other is to issue a single book.

The magazine is a semi-monthly issue. Currently, there are four chapters updated in each issue, and the first issue will be published in a while. “A Song of Ice and Fire” currently has five titles, “Game of Thrones”, “A Clash of Kings”, “A Storm of Swords”, “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons”. Hill intends to publish each of the current titles in two separate volumes, with the goal of… uh… the goal is to make more money.

In this issue of the magazine, Hill announced that the animation “Natsume’s Book of Friends” will premiere next month.

Animation is different from movies. It is a long-term process. Hill intends to premiere the first three episodes directly in the theater, and then sell the projection stone that recorded the first season.

“The heartwarming story of a teenager with magical power and various demon races in the future end times.”

The slogan reads like this.

At the same time, an illustration of Natsume and Nyanko-Sensei is published. In the illustration, Natsume is sitting on the grass, Nyanko-Sensei is snoring beside him, the sun is shining, the wind blowing through the treetops… a very tranquil scenery.

At the same time, Hill also placed an ad in the magazine for the first time – an ad for his own jewelry. There is no need to advertise the restaurant, but Hill will still write about new dishes. In addition, Hill has set up a random lottery for submissions. The prizes are food coupons, movie tickets, and jewelry.

For “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, some people are disappointed, some people are curious.

Because Hill has been consciously publishing the two-dimensional image in magazines, many people have accepted that aesthetic, but there are still more people who can’t appreciate the charm of paper people. But Hill is not very worried about this. He knows how popular the two-dimensional culture is on Earth. But of course, not everyone can accept anime, that’s for sure.

“The next movie is finally coming out. I really waited for a long time… But the magazine says it’s an anime? Is it one of those picture people?”

“I am looking forward to this new art form, I think it may set off a new craze and aesthetics… At the same time, I also have certain doubts, why not continue to make movies? Will this look good… no more beautiful men and women, and there is no Arman’s chest… ahem, you heard wrong, I didn’t say anything.”

“I think it’s very beautiful! The promotional image is very beautiful, and I feel calm after seeing it.”

Although many people are looking forward to it, there are also many doubts, which can be seen from the magazine’s submitted articles.

Theodore unfolded another submitted letter, which read: “I want to watch the second part of “He is a Dragon”! I want to watch the story of Arman and the children of Mira! I don’t want to watch anime! Or watch other movies! No picture people! I want real people!”

Theodore complained: “Really, why are these people like this? It’s already nice to have a movie to watch, they are too horrible to say bad things about Mr. Grindelwald.”

Joan Baker closed the book and looked at Theodore: “You have been very emotional recently.”

“Because I respect Mr. Grindelwald very much,” Theodore said.

Compared to other nobles, Joan Baker is quite good to his men, perhaps this is because he is still a merchant by nature although he now holds a title. Merchants believe in cooperation and fair trade. They understand that if some things are not handled well, even those they look down on may stab themselves—trade at this time is mostly not protected by the law.

Theodore also knew this about Joan Baker, so Theodore acted very naturally.

“But this is only one aspect of it.” Joan Baker turned a page of the magazine and said, “In my opinion, you are dazzled by love.”

This time, Theodore’s face immediately flushed, “Bake—Master Baker…”

“It’s good to have a good relationship with the princess. But don’t be too addicted.” Joan Baker’s eyes are still in the magazine, and he said this in a rather casual tone.

“I know that my status as a commoner is very different from that of a princess…” Theodore scratched his hair.

He did spend a lot of time with Princess Delia lately, but mostly as a servant accompanying her to the shopping mall, watching movies, and giving her the latest news.

“It’s good that you know.” Joan Baker said, “The best-case scenario for you and her would be for her to get married in her home country and for you to become her lover after the wedding.”

Theodore was choked by Joan Baker’s words, and he coughed violently, “Master Baker, I don’t have that kind of disrespect for the princess!”

“Oh.” Joan Baker closed the book and looked at him. His cold gray eyes were as cold and calm as ever, like a falcon. “Then you don’t want her body, you only want her heart? Theodore, this is the real disrespect.”

The words of Joan Baker stunned Theodore. After a while, he said, “What you said makes a lot of sense, Master Baker.”

“Hmm.” Baker nodded.

Theodore suddenly laughed again, “But Master Baker, I didn’t think this would be enough. Just like Mira and Arman, they finally broke through the shackles of their identities and could stand together. I think the origin is not the problem. The key is to become stronger. I can’t be pessimistic, and I don’t need to be pessimistic.” His smile was bright, with the characteristic spiritedness of a teenager.

This made Joan Baker startled slightly, he didn’t expect Theodore to say this. Then he raised his eyebrows again. Is this the influence of the movie? Joan Baker has gradually realized more things. Movies and shopping malls have brought a lot of money to Grindelwald, and the impact on mankind is not only changing their hobbies, but also more far-reaching things, such as some concepts engraved in the bones.

Joan Baker realized that he seemed to have discovered something extraordinary.


Hill was naturally aware of the doubts some people had about the anime, but he didn’t take it to heart. “Natsume’s Book of Friends” has already been aired in the lower realm. Even Albrecht said that after watching it, he wanted to put down his butcher’s knife and become a Buddha. Therefore, Hill was still convinced of the charm of this anime.

Under such circumstances, the premiere began.

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CV – Character Voice / Voice Actors

Ghost Glasses, Hanamichi Monogatari, Hot Sand Paradise – (鬼畜眼镜, 花町物语, 热砂乐园) are all adult BL otome games, like really R18 with pa pa pa scenes hahaha! I think there’s a HanaMono review in YT.

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