Chapter 59 – The first episode of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” premiered

Josh Kenny. Shopping Mall. Cinema.

The premiere of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

Compared with Magnolia City, the Josh Kenny people are less optimistic about anime. The residents here are more savage and rough. They disagree with the warmth and coziness that the magazine promotes. They like something more powerful.

But despite this, the premiere is still a blockbuster.

Everyone now regards going to the cinema to watch a movie as a habit. No matter what the movie is on, watch it first, what if there is a surprise? Although they don’t think they will be moved by the “ordinary and warm” story.

That’s what Sarah Gies, the female pirate chief who weighs 200 pounds, thinks.

Sitting next to her is a local ground snake, the villainous merchant Jacob Samson. They have always been in partneship. The goods Sarah looted at sea are usually handed over to Samson.

Josh Kenny is a completely different existence from Magnolia City. It is a world mixed with barbarism and civilization, with rudeness and madness, as well as coldness and reason. Various factions are rampant here, merchants and pirates are associated, officials and thieves collude… This is a city full of swords and flames, evil and magic.

There are no children here.

There is also no “ordinary and warm” story.

But in general, “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is still released.

The villainous merchant Jacob sat next to the pirate leader Sarah. The two did not go to the prestige seat, but sat in an ordinary position at the back. Sarah suddenly said: “Those guys actually came.”

Jacob looked in the direction that Sarah indicated, and saw several famous pirates sitting in the special seat, chatting with spittle.

“There are many people who are interested in movies,” Jacob said.

“After all, the usual life of pirates is too boring,” Sarah said. She didn’t like to behave like those pirates who were too ostentatious. The shot hits the bird that pokes its head out, pirates like them who had to sit in special seats to watch movies deserved to be assassinated.

The daily life of the pirates is indeed boring, which is not the same as the delightful enmity in the novel. The real life on the island is really not so good. It only takes a few months to float on the sea, not to mention the harsh environment. These have made timely pleasures the belief of the pirates. After the successful looting, they will have fun at the port, sing songs, gamble, drink, squander money, visit the brothels… They are keen to try all kinds of new things and spend money like dirt. Because no one knows whether they will be able to return on the next voyage.

So what surprised Hill was that in Josh Kenny, the main consumers in the shopping mall were actually pirates.

As for Magnolia City, the main force of consumers is of course the noble ladies.

In order to understand the stories in the magazine, the pirates actually began to learn to read… Sometimes when the pirates were bored at night, they would beg the literate people in the ship to tell them the stories in the magazine, and then everyone will gather in a circle to listen and discuss—it’s actually a bit cute.

“It would be great if the projection stone could be sold,” Sarah said.

If there is a projection stone, it can greatly relieve boredom during the voyage.

In fact, some pirates tried to rob the projection stone of the movie theater, as a result, they were caught by the chef on the second floor… What’s more, the chef on the second floor was actually a fire elemental spirit. Later, the pirates who grabbed the projection stone were fined for cleaning the dishes for more than a month, which became the laughing stock of the pirates. Later, they learned that when they were washing the dishes, they were provided with food, and that it was cooked by the fire element spirit, so everyone couldn’t laugh anymore…

After that, some pirates tried to stay and wash the dishes, so they pretended to grab the projection stone, but their tricks were found out by the responsible person in the shopping mall at Josh Kenny, so they were sent to wash the dishes and were not given any food. Tragic.

“The power behind the shopping mall is terrible.” The villainous merchant Jacob shook his head and said, “I don’t know how that guy Baker got on board. I want to go to Magnolia City later to see if there is any chance. “

“Oh.” Sarah the pirate was not very interested in these. “Don’t die.”

“Will you miss me?” the villainous merchant Jacob asked.

“No,” said the pirate Sarah, “I will change someone to cooperate. Do you think I don’t know that the price you give to others is a little higher than me? If I wasn’t too lazy to change people, I would have slaughtered you little white face.”

The villainous merchant Jacob smirked, “Lord Sarah, you are very perceptive.”

“Compliments my ass,” Sarah the pirate said contemptuously. “Okay, it’s starting, shut up.”


The first thing that appeared on the big screen was darkness, followed by a trembling, distorted, terrible voice—

“Where… Where is she… that woman… where did she go…”

In the end, the voice abruptly became high-pitched and mournful.

Then there appeared a huge head, long white hair, brown skin like wrinkled tree bark, big eyes that did not fit the proportions of the human body… There was no neck, only the head which flew out of thin air.

This beginning made the movie theater audience’s souls almost scatter.


“Oh Poseidon above!”

“They said it’s an ordinary and heartwarming story!”

Sarah also couldn’t help but flinch, her heart beating hard.

Some people became so scared that they stood up.

What needs to be explained is that people in another world do not have much experience in watching TV or movies, let alone watching horror movies. They have never been similarly baptized and have no resistance. At this moment, it’s their first time to watch a movie with horror overtones… so this sense of excitement will be amplified a lot.

Although it was an anime, it still scared most of the people present.

In fact, “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is indeed like this. Although it is an ordinary and heartwarming story, sometimes the monsters appear quite scary.

The audience who were startled, no longer have the previous dissatisfaction in their hearts.

Ah, it turns out that watching a movie is the right choice!

With such a simple shot, “Natsume’s Book of Friends” captured the hearts of Josh Kenny’s audience!

The next thing is that the protagonist Natsume is chased by the monster, and the conversation of the students directly explained the impression of others about the protagonist.

“He’s a strange one, isn’t he.”

“Ever since he transferred, I’ve never really gotten to talk to him.”

“It’s kind of like he’s hard to talk to.”

Next is Natsume’s inner monologue:

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been seeing strange things every once in a while. These things should be the demon race that has disappeared as recorded in the book.”

“Sure enough, it is still related to the demon race.” Jacob nodded, “But the end times in the movie… The demon race has disappeared? Fortunately, the Church of Light have also disappeared with the demon race.”

Sarah said in deep thought: “Because all the supernatural powers have disappeared, does the world become peaceful and stable?”

Jacob doesn’t quite agree with this point of view: “Extraordinary power can destroy order while also stabilizing it. The future world imagined in the movie…” After he said this, he froze for a moment, as if he had figured it out a little bit, “means everyone is an ordinary person, everyone is equal in physical strength…”

And most of the others started thinking the same thing.

What Hill did not expect was that the first thing that attracted the audience was the background of the animation.

When the Josh Kenny people thought of this, the audience in Magnolia City must have thought of more.

The old Duke of Jackson family is watching the premiere. The old Duke Jackson frowned first, “When all power is gone, permanent peace is born… Is this suggesting anything? No, just raising the possibility, but what is the actual value. Or that power does not only refer to the power of magic…”

After all, “Natsume’s Book of Friends” shows modern society, and some of the episodes in which you can see the social style have attracted widespread attention.

All people are equal. Old Duke Jackson discovered this first.

Since all humans in the movie are equal, what about the demons? Just after watching the opening chapter, they feel that the demon race is still the villain in it, but the demon beast sealed in the cat’s body is quite cute.

At present, the plot has reached the part where Natsume finds the book of friends. The book of friends is a demon sealing technique, but his grandma calls it the “book of friends”. Then Natsume makes the decision to fulfill his grandma’s last wish and return the names on the book of friends to the demons.

The wind was blowing over the treetops, the leaves were flying, and the sun was shining brightly.

Natsume stroked the massive size demon beast with his hand, and made his promise.

The demon beast responded, when you die, I will take the book of friends.

—This can be regarded as an oath to each other.

The villainous merchant Jacob couldn’t help saying, “He is too kind, such a character will die. The demons are not easy to provoke.”

Sarah glanced at him, “Based on your character, you should be calling him ‘stupid’.”

Jacob closed his mouth, he found that he had unknowingly leaned toward this gentle boy named Natsume.

But most of everyone’s concerns are still in the background.

If Hill knew that everyone was distracted after the first half of the first season, he would be dumbfounded.

Well, this kind of distraction is also a good distraction, isn’t it?

As modern society is shown more in the movies, it is estimated that this will not happen again in the future.

The playback on the big screen continued and the memories of the demons began to enter.

This is also the most tear-jerking part.

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the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out (idiom) – nonconformity gets punished

little white face – pretty boy / weakling

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