Chapter – The second episode of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” premiered

The memories of the demons began.

The first thing that appeared on the screen was the appearance of the white-haired demon in the past. Compared to her hideousness in the future, she actually looked quite cute in the past. Then her bean paste bun was taken away and eaten by Natsume Reiko, the grandmother of Natsume Takashi.

The demon had tears coming out at the time: “Ah! My bean paste! How dare a human do this! You are too greedy!”

The audience laughed at this place. The demon’s line should have been very domineering—there are similar lines in “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, but now, how come it is so cute? And this demon looks silly and cute?

Then Reiko Natsume naturally said to her, “If you want to eat delicious red bean paste buns, I recommend the lower realm red bean paste buns.”

——This is an ad placement.

Hill thought that when the premiere was over, he would really introduce red bean paste buns in the restaurant.

This peaceful conversation, and getting along with a cheerful atmosphere directly subverted everyone’s imagination.

Humans and demons… can they still get along like this?

Although the previous films also talked about the love between humans and demons, the equality is between the male and female protagonists, and the other parts are still opposing.

But here is different, completely different.

Then Reiko Natsume challenged the demon… or more like beat her unilaterally. The exaggerated expression, the bright rhythm, the brilliant sun, and the treetops blown by the wind made everyone’s mood brighten up.

Wow, this feeling can only be expressed by ‘anime’. If it were made into a live-action movie, they would not have this feeling.

Many people think so.

Some people who complained about why they didn’t make a live-action movie before saw this and changed their minds. Anime is also good.

But at the same time, everyone also has this haze in their hearts. If everything is so beautiful, then why will this lovely demon be so terrible in the future?

Then the demon found the wound on her face. She explained that because she could see the demons, others thought her behavior was weird and threw a stone at her.

It seems that here, the female pirate Sarah frowned: “Obviously, with such a strong magical ability, you can easily defeat the demons, how can you let yourself be bullied by humans? Just kill them.”

The villainous merchant Jacob sighed, “This is the peaceful era of the end of times…”

“Too gentle.” The female pirate Sarah shook her head.

“Yes.” Jacob agreed. “Fortunately, she is strong. But she doesn’t seem to take those people to heart either. She looks very happy.”

Sarah nodded, “Yes.”

Natsume Reiko said happily on the big screen: “Your name is very nice.” Her voice was crisp and sweet, and the sound of it made people feel happy.

The two did not speak any more, they were really moved by Natsume Reiko.

Strong, gentle, independent, and cheerful.

A bit lonely, but it doesn’t matter, just be happy on your own way.

“Since you are my subordinate, you have to fly over as soon as I call your name,” Natsume Reiko said with a smile.

But the demon looked at her with wide eyes…

“Then, goodbye.” Natsume Reiko waved at her with a smile and left.

Duke Jackson sighed suddenly and said, “She’s finished.”

“Why do you say that, Dad?” Olivia Jackson asked.

“You can take anything as sustenance, but don’t take people as sustenance,” Duke Jackson said.

“Ah…” Olivia really wanted to understand something.

“Humans are the most unreliable.” Duke Jackson continued, “The memories began by saying that the demon was lonely, and then during their conversation you could see that the demon pinned her entire feelings on Reiko Natsume, and hope was born from it.”

As expected, the big screen started to release the blades like crazy.

The demon waited in place for Natsume Reiko to call her name, and continued waiting. Curled up in the rain, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom in spring, she looked up blankly at the sky full of petals, birds chirping, summer is here again, heavy rain came, she stood in place with the leaves, but the leaves cannot block much rain, her whole body is as stiff as stone, still mumbling “Reiko”, at this time, her eyes are almost numb. In winter, the north wind whistled and snowflakes fluttered. She still continued waiting.

After listening to her father’s words, Olivia knew that she would be abused next, but she didn’t expect to be so abused.

“You didn’t call me today either? So lonely… even lonelier than before…”

“Give it back to me, give me back the name… Since you haven’t called me for a long time, then give me back the name!”

The demon’s voice gradually became harsh, and her expression gradually became hideous, changing from a cute and silly to a hideous look at the beginning. But no audience felt she was terrible anymore, and everyone was stabbed severely.

Olivia took out a handkerchief and wiped her tears, and then she saw that many aristocratic ladies around were already tearful. Although some aristocratic men were holding on, they could see their lips trembling.

It’s too miserable… What kind of heartwarming and ordinary story, they were completely deceived by the slogan!!!

And how many years did this demon wait? Even Takashi Natsume has grown up so big, it’s really for many, many years.

No matter what they think in their hearts, the animation on the big screen is still playing unhurriedly.

Natsume saw the memories of the past, and then returned the name to the demon. And the hideousness on the demon’s face faded, and she asked in a trembling voice: “Reiko, is she okay now? Not afraid even of loneliness anymore?”

This line undoubtedly made the audience even more heartbroken, and then they suddenly realized that this anime, both the demons and humans, really are so gentle ah.

“Grandma must not be lonely, because she has you, a kind-hearted demon friend.”

In a dreamy-looking background, Takashi Natsume said so.

Hill’s line here has been slightly changed to make it easier for the audience to understand.

The same blue sky, the same treetops blown by the wind, but it feels completely different.

It makes the scalp feel numb, comfortable, and warm.

When the incident ended, under the orange-red sunset, a cat stood on the shoulder of Takashi Natsume and went home together.

Then there are some funny conversations. After experiencing the heavy sadness just now, the humor and warmth are even more touching.

“I still don’t like demons as before.

However, whether it is good or bad, it is an encounter. “

In the end, Takashi Natsume said so.

The melodious ending song sounded, and the first episode ended.

The aftermath is endless, it is really endless.

Helen Lestat wrote a line on the paper: I could have endured the darkness if I had not seen the light.

This sentence is the beginning of this film review.

“A ray of sunlight penetrates through the western sky stained with twilight”

The melodious male voice sounded, it’s the ending song.

Hill did not play the opening song at the beginning of the first episode, which is more in line with the audience’s habit of watching movies.

The blue sky, white clouds, grass, and the wind moved the white shirt.

It was still the same scene. After all those things, and then seeing such a scene, Sarah really realized the advertising slogan, full of sunshine and warm feeling.

It’s so beautiful.


The female pirate Sarah looked down at her hands, her hands were covered with calluses and scars, which belonged to a pair of pirate hands. She has killed some people, destroyed some families, and destroyed some warmth. She didn’t feel that she was doing something wrong, because other pirates did it too, and everyone was doing it to survive.

Is her heart cold?


But no one’s heart is completely cold and hard, there will always be some soft parts. Only in this way can we be human.

At this moment, Sarah felt that the soft part of her heart had been touched.

…Unfortunately, it’s too short. Sarah thought in her heart. It really touched a part.

Fortunately, it is too short. Sarah continued to think that if it was long, then she really would have been affected.

Duke Jackson thought that the world created in the movie is really a warm and kind illusory world. Unlike what others think, he still has some concerns. After seeing such a story, young people will also become kind. Be naive? But it should be fine, because the story also said that it is built on the basis of great strength…

Duke Jackson sighed slightly in his heart, anyway, this is also a good story.

But it’s still a bit unfinished… It’s so short, is this over? There are still many things that have not been explained.

At this moment, the host’s voice sounded: “The next is a ten-minute break, and then the second episode of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” will be shown.”

This sentence caused the entire movie theater to blow up.

“There’s actually more!”

“How many episodes are there in total!”

“Is every episode a story?”

“Did Madara eat Natsume in the end?”

“Who will the heroine be? Will Madara become human and fall in love with Natsume?”

“Everyone settle down for a moment.” The host Theodore was prepared early, and he said with a smile: “The first three episodes will be played today, and there will be a ten-minute break between each episode. There are 13 episodes in the first season…”

He explained it, but after the explanation, everyone was even more unable to “settle down”.

“The first season has 13 episodes! How many seasons are there in total?”

“Does ‘season’ mean one season of a show?”

“We have to ask Mr. Grindelwald for more things.” Theodore said, “To be honest, I also want to know… But now I can tell you a good news, that is, the movie theater only broadcasts the first season’s three episodes.”

“What kind of good news is that?!” A grumpy old man has burst out.

Theodore looked at the audience with a smile, and deliberately hang them before saying: “Because the projection stone, which recorded the first season, will soon be officially shelved in the shopping mall.”

Projection stone! They are actually selling the complete version of the projection stone!

This is the first time ever!

Whether it is Sarah or Olivia, the first reaction is: No matter how much money, I must get it!

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