Chapter 61 – The premiere of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is over!

The price of the projection stone is 150 gold coins, which is similar to a sky-high price for ordinary people.

However, the gap between the rich and the poor in this world is completely unimaginable. Some poor people on Earth will be surprised that the rich have this way of making money, while the commoners and poor people in the other world no longer have such emotions as jealousy and envy, and some just numb, or take it for granted. What is even more sad is that, among the evil consequences brought about by the hierarchy and status differences, the gap between the rich and the poor is actually the most acceptable, relatively speaking. After all, for some people, when the nobles seem to be able to kill casually, who cares about the gap between the rich and the poor?

As for the price of 150 gold coins… The projection stone itself is more expensive, its material is worth 5 magic crystals, and the magic array engraved on it is not something ordinary mages can do, so Hill set the price of the projection stone for the first season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” to 150 gold coins. It’s really a money grab, ah… Hill thought.

In the human realm, projection stones are generally used to record some precious materials, and most of them are held by colleges, churches, and advanced magicians. Another situation is that when some noble ladies hire private detectives to find evidence of their husband’s derailment, they will also come across with projection stones… These usages also illustrate the preciousness of the projection stone itself.

Let’s just launch the first season by selling DVDs. Hill wants to get the TV tower out before the next season. He is ready to start contacting the royal family. In this case, the greed for pleasure and the arrogance of King Magnolia provided an opportunity for Hill. A wise monarch would not allow the demons to leave large formations on their own land—who knows what strange effects the formations hide. In fact, Hill really intends to hide some strange effects…

But for now, it’s just a plan. If Lich Aligeli and Ghost Binns are sure that adding more effects will not make the human mages find out, they can simply add a speaker to the formation. In the future, if they have a conflict with humans, he can just directly threaten them and say ‘Lao Tzu is going to blast your country up to the sky’. Isn’t this wonderful?

But Hill thinks this possibility is relatively small. After all, the top mages in the kingdom can also resolve the magic circle that builds the TV tower, but they lack a creative mind. After Hill finishes the magic circle, the other party can also analyze the role of each inscription and rune. If he secretly hides the speaker function inside, it is estimated that he will be discovered, and it will cause trouble.

Hill understands that he is not a protagonist who is talented and has a powerful and unique body, so he lets himself think about the ultimate goal as arrogantly as possible, but walks every step humbly. The former is because he is a demon king, so he must have a grand plan, and the latter is because he is not perfect, so he must be cautious if he wants to achieve the previous goal.


In the end, the cinema only took a break for five or six minutes because the audience couldn’t sit still and began to ask for the next episode to be played quickly.

Finally, the movie theater didn’t try to finish the ten minutes, so it accepted the opinions of everyone and played the second episode.

The first to appear is the MV opening song, and the sound of the lute sounded → This is the ensemble of Fallen Angels. Fallen angels are rarer species than death knights. Their predecessors are generally well-known priests, so they usually play organs and the like. They have extremely high musical literacy, so Hill gave them all the soundtracks.

The light blue sky and white clouds passing by, and then a young man in a white shirt and black pants, his head hung down, and the wind moved his brown hair. It is the protagonist Takashi Natsume.

“You’re making that expression again: biting hard on your lips, trying to hide your weakness~

A male voice with a clear voice sounded.

The pictures with gentle luster flashed one by one.

“Just why are you carrying all those painful thoughts by yourself?
Just quietly entrust them to me~

Hill did not cancel the opening and closing songs in the anime. He plans to use this method to let everyone gradually accept modern songs and music videos, so as to prepare for the future release of the lower realm’s idol groups. For this premiere, he specifically moved the opening song from the beginning of the first episode to the beginning of the second episode. The specific reasons have been explained in the previous section and will not be repeated here.

Speaking of which, Hill is also paving the way for the next step while doing a lot of things, such as drawing the two-dimensional image of a real person in a magazine when shooting a live-action movie, adding Eastern culture when serializing a novel, and now, for example. After all, it’s the Earth’s culture. Hill is worried that sometimes too big a difference will cause the car to overturn, he can turn over his own car, but others, forget about it.

“Just quietly entrust them to me~

Does it mean to put some helplessness and pain in the movie first? Sarah thought, does that mean?

“If you think you need more time, then it’s okay to do it little by little~

The singing continued.

Indeed, this is what they are trying to convey.

The opening song is mostly filled with heartwarming images, with smiling Natsume and Nyanko-Sensei, as well as some humans and demons who have not yet appeared on the scene. A whole new world, although it has a haze like the real world, here gentleness and love can conquer everything.

“We simply have concluded too soon that there’s no way we could fly without wings. I will call out to you at the top of my voice, so that you wouldn’t lose your way.

As our hearts soar high in the sky,
on the wind, let our voices fly in unison~

In the last scene of the opening theme, the blue sky, the grass, and the green trees, Natsume stands under the clear sky and looks into the distance, while Nyanko-Sensei is lying on his shoulders. A line of “Natsume Book of Friends” appeared next to him.

It turned out to be like this… the female pirate Sarah closed her eyes.

In such a cruel real world, of course, it is impossible to be unscrupulously gentle like the anime world… Yes, in the real world, ‘gentleness’ seems to be just a kind of willfulness. However, even if the body cannot fly, the hearts can “soar high in the sky.”

She is not the only one with similar feelings.

Even Duke Jackson was a little moved after listening to the opening song—the lyrics put the whole anime’s main purpose in front of everyone again.

Under such circumstances, the second episode begins.

This episode… dead_(:з」∠)_When the last believer died, the god that no one believes in also shined and disappeared. The crowd watched another tearful episode. Then the third episode, everyone was ready to cry to death in the cinema. As a result, the third episode was warm and funny, and at the end, there was a human who can also see monsters, Kaname Tanuma.

In the previous two episodes, it has been said that Natsume is being rejected by others and that he is lonely on the human side. Therefore, it seems normal to be with the demons in that situation. The audience also feel that if Natsume chooses to stay with the demons together, it is not unacceptable, after all, the demons in the anime look so gentle. But in the end, Tanuma appeared. He is like a symbol… The audience found that even though he said that if the humans would not accept him, then he will be with the demons, but after a human really accepted him, they realized that it was really… the recognition from the same kind is so touching.

“Although I am not very good at expressing it, I have recently started to understand that whether it is a human or a demon, as long as the heart wants to be in contact with others, then it is the same existence.”

Finally, Takashi Natsume said this.

But perhaps, for another world, this refers not only to demons and humans, but also nobles and commoners, outlaws and law abiders… and more.

At the end of the third episode, this is the real enthusiasm.

He has encountered a human who can see the demons, so what’s next? What’s next? Why is there no more?! This kind of crazy feeling, if placed on the earth, must be: the author cuts off a good chapter!

Originally, some people thought that the projection stone was a bit expensive, so let’s watch these three episodes first, but found that they couldn’t bear it at all! Want to see the next episodes! If it’s expensive, it’s expensive. After all, people who can afford to watch the premiere are actually not people without money.

So, under such circumstances, the 1,000 sets of projection stones that Hill prepared for the first season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” were sold out… Magnolia City and Josh Kenny both had 500 sets.

This is too exaggerated. Even Joan Baker was shocked.

The other world is not like Earth, there are very few people here. Hill is indeed squeezing people, but he also understands that he can’t squeeze the nobles too much, but the problem is that the current situation is that the nobles take the initiative to be squeezed?!

That price is already quite high for ordinary nobles, so Hill thought that these thousand sets would have to be sold slowly, and Joan Baker also meant the same. As a result, the popularity of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” was unexpected… By the way, the Jackson family bought four sets, one set each for the two young Jacksons, and one set for the old Jackson himself, and then he bought one set to tribute to King Magnolia, see if King Magnolia can learn something out of it.

Hmm… The author of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” Midorikawa Yuki, if she knew that her anime works were used by the other world to indoctrinate the king, don’t know how she would feel hahaha.

Many of Josh Kenny’s pirates chose to buy. This led to a group of pirates watching “Natsume’s Book of Friends” on the deck during their voyages. They were obviously a gang of murderers and arsonists who have done a lot of evil, but watching the heartwarming story on the screen made them burst into tears.

Later, there was an anecdote that the two gangs of pirates met at night, and when everyone was about to kill the guys, they found “Natsume’s Book of Friends” on the opposite ship, so –

“As long as you watch Natsume, we are good friends.”

So, they put down their weapons, and drink, and spent the night on the other party’s boat, watching the projection stone of Natsume’s Book of Friends.

The next day, the pirates found out that the other party didn’t buy the projection stone, so they wanted to stick around… Annoyed, they drove them off the ship. But the friendship between the two sides was also forged.

In general, the first season was released in this way. First, a large number of gold coins were harvested. Second, the influence of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is still expanding.

On this day, King Magnolia opened the projection stone when he was bored.

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Overturn the car – you could’ve won but lost in the end / messed up

I just found out that Midorikawa Yuki also created Hotarubi no Morie e – this anime freakin’ destroyed me. LMAO I hate kids. Like, WHY?! Ahem. You should watch it if you haven’t yet. If I’m not mistaken, it only has one episode? Very short anime. #imnotcryingyouare #ihatekids

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