Chapter 62 – Approaching Crisis

Three minutes ago, King Magnolia asked his men to open the projection stone of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

Two minutes ago, King Magnolia was almost scared by the first scene of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

A minute ago, King Magnolia suspected that Duke Jackson wanted to assassinate him.

Now, King Magnolia pondered for a moment and felt that Duke Jackson had no reason to do so, so he continued to watch it temporarily. As a result, he couldn’t stop watching it.

One episode after another, the night became darker and deeper.

The thirteen episodes of the first season are finally over.

King Magnolia yawned and then found that dawn had appeared on the horizon.

…Is it already dawn? Time flies so fast?

King Magnolia fell asleep with all kinds of thoughts, but he was woken up by the attendant not long after and said that there was a meeting to be held in the morning.

“I’m not going, change it to afternoon,” King Magnolia said on the bed, “I want to sleep.”

After getting the order, the attendant left. The ridiculous decisions that King Magnolia had made were far too many.

As the saying goes, there is a good ventriloquist in the capital, from then on, the king does not appear in the morning court.

…Well, just kidding.

King Magnolia can be regarded as experiencing the pain of staying up late to watch a drama. He slept until noon, got up in pain, then had lunch, and then went to the meeting with his tired face after staying up all night.

The main content of the meeting was that a group of ministers asked the king for money. King Magnolia was already annoyed by this. Fortunately, those ministers would always solve the problem of losing money when he got angry, such as embezzling military expenses, such as canceling the local church funding, such as letting the people in the orphanage be self-reliant for a period of time… As long as the ministers can shut up, King Magnolia can let them do whatever.

Today is no exception, those guys are asking for money again.

King Magnolia asked impatiently, “Where are the magic crystals that the demon race compensated us? Didn’t they compensate a lot?”

“The demon race compensated in batches. The first batch is given to the Dijon tribe, the second batch is for the Ice Empire Muelheim, the third batch is for the Fussen Empire, and the fourth batch is for the Oitin Empire. There is no compensation for us yet,” Duke Elijah Jackson said.

King Magnolia was startled. He remembered that there was indeed such a thing. When he was about to question how the Magnolia Empire was ranked so far behind, he remembered that this seemed to be a decision he made… The Oitin Empire sent envoys to come over and say a lot of kind words, he agreed to swap positions between the two countries.

Okay, now that everything has been said, he, the great king, also wants face, so the road of compensation from the demon race will also not work. King Magnolia said in a daze: “You can tell me what solution is there this time.”

Duke Tatel Borel was the first to speak: “Your Majesty, a shopping mall has become popular in the city recently. It was founded by a baron… He made a lot of money.” Tatel Borel is the biological father of Kevin Borel who grew up with the princess prince.

“How much did he earn?” King Magnolia was a little interested, and then he shook his head, “No, this is an imperial baron after all.”

“That baron is actually a merchant who bought his title with money. His behavior is simply trampling on the laws of the empire.” Duke Tatel Borel said, “I think we should investigate this matter carefully and seize his entire property by the way.”

King Magnolia was really ready to move.

Duke Lewis also added: “It is said that the Baron Baker is still in contact with the demon race, so we must look into this matter carefully.”

As a result, when he mentioned the demon race, King Magnolia was a little embarrassed, “This will not irritate the demon race, right?”

Elijah Jackson said: “Your Majesty, this may not only anger the demons, but also your people.”

“Old Jackson, you are saying this kind of alarmist remarks again,” King Magnolia said with an unhappy expression.

Duke of Jackson was trying to refute, but suddenly remembered the “Song of Ice and Fire” he had been chasing these days. He thought of Ed Stark, and also of King Robert who didn’t know how to assess… Duke Jackson was distracted, the letters he recently published in the magazine are not spoilers, but some analysis of the characters. The current trend of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is quite gloomy. Duke Jackson even felt as if both the king and Ed were going to die.

“Old Jackson, answer me.” King Magnolia began to frown.

Duke Jackson came back to his senses. He replied, “I remembered the content of the novel, so I was a little lost… I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

King Magnolia was not angry, but laughed: “Old Jackson, did you have such a time?” He and Old Jackson are not very different in age. The relationship between the two was quite good back then, but as he got more and more decadent, his relationship with Old Jackson is not so good. In his opinion, Duke Jackson was too serious and rigid, but he wouldn’t kill him for this reason. Now that Jackson said that he was distracted by reading a novel, not only did he not feel that the other party was rude, but he felt that the other party was “enlightened”.

Duke Jackson also laughed, “Well, it’s better not to be serious all the time…” He looked at King Magnolia and nodded, speculating on the thoughts of King Magnolia, and continued: “What I said earlier is not alarmist.”

“Okay, that’s the end of this matter.” King Magnolia began to become impatient again, “I have to think about this first, so let’s stop here today.”

Now that King Magnolia had said so, everyone had no choice but to leave.


After the old Duke Jackson returned home, he first sat quietly in the living room for a while, and then called his little daughter Olivia.

“Dad, you want to see me for something?” Olivia asked as she bowed to the old Duke Jackson.

“Is the shopping mall very popular in Magnolia City now?” Old Duke Jackson asked.

“Of course,” Olivia felt a little puzzled, “You have seen all these, Dad, right?”

“Well, the shopping mall is indeed very well-known-after Joan Baker put up the advertisement of ‘Miss Jackson was kicked out of the house by the old duke for watching a movie,’ it became more and more well-known,” Duke Jackson said.

“Ah…” Olivia’s eyes dodged. “Let’s not bring up such past events, Dad.”

The old Duke Jackson grumbled a bit, and he continued to ask: “What do you think will happen if the shopping mall disappears?”

“Why will it disappear?” Olivia blurted out, then she thought for a while and guessed: “Did the church intervene?” All she could think of was this.

The old Duke Jackson secretly approved in his heart. His daughter’s analytical ability is still good, but “It wasn’t not the church.”

“Are they going to leave and move the shopping mall to another city?” Olivia continued to ask, “Er, I also understand that this is not something Baron Baker can lead, so is it the decision of the demons who are behind the mall?”

Listening to the series of questions from his daughter, the old Duke Jackson couldn’t help thinking that he might be really old, and that the king’s ministers were really old too… But this thought was just a flash, he was determined to test his daughter again: “Joan Baker is just a baron, but he made too much money,” he prompted.

Olivia almost jumped up: “Those bastards! None of those old and undead ministers have anything good in them!” She understood quickly.

The old Duke Jackson’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know whether he should be happy for his daughter’s quick thinking, or be gratified for his daughter’s hatred, or be sad because he was being shot…

Olivia immediately thought that her father was among the ‘those old and undead ministers’, she couldn’t help but dodge her eyes again, “Sorry Dad, I didn’t mean you…”

The old Duke of Jackson shook his head helplessly, and then said to the servant: “Call Viscount Jackson here.”

Of course, Viscount Jackson was referring to his son Jefferson Jackson. Since his son had the title, he has always called him Viscount Jackson as a show of respect.

Whether as a son or as a superior, Jefferson Jackson came quickly.

Then the old Duke Jackson told his two children about the king’s meeting today, and then Jefferson Jackson yelled, “None of those old and undead ministers have anything good in them!”

Olivia Jackson’s eyes dodged for the third time.

Old Jackson, in turn, let his eyes go blank. Ah, really worthy of being a brother and sister.

Then Jefferson reacted immediately, “Sorry Dad, I didn’t mean you.”

“Okay.” Old Jackson shook his head. “How do you solve this problem?”

Olivia Jackson thought for a while and said, “Try to persuade His Majesty?”

Old Jackson spread his hands, “That’s what I’ve been doing for the past ten years or so, and you have all seen the result.”

Jefferson Jackson thought for a while and said: “Tell Baron Baker privately, and let him contact the demons behind him to solve the problem themselves.”

“This method of yours is also feasible, but it can only be described as rather general,” Old Jackson said.

“Sorry Dad, I can’t think of a better idea,” Jefferson Jackson lowered his head and said ashamed.

Old Jackson pondered for a moment, and decided to say a little more, “Do you know why our empire was put on the last to be compensated? By definition, it’s just a sequence of events, it doesn’t have much impact.”

“Why?” Olivia asked.

“Because the demons probably can’t produce so many magic crystals.” Old Jackson said solemnly: “We also learned about the situation of the demons during the war. Their production level is very low and very slow. They have to mine or manufacture so many magic crystals… It is estimated that the first four batches can be produced at most, and the fifth batch is nowhere in sight. This is the purpose of the Oitin Empire.”

Jefferson Jackson was horrified: “The Church is trying to get us to contribute our troops while getting little replenishment! This will reduce our strength, and the Oitin Empire can narrow the gap with us!”

Old Jackson was silent for a while and said: “Of course, this is just one of my guesses…”

The current royal family is indeed lacking in money and is out of their minds, and the king wants to target the nobles. This shows how bad the situation in the Magnolia Empire is. But speaking of it, the nobles also know this, but they are not willing to pay for it out of their own pockets. The Jackson family did fund a few orphanages, where most of the orphans grew up to be loyal to Duke Jackson.

Both of his children opened their eyes and listened carefully to what their father said.

“Use your mind to think about the solution,” Old Jackson said. “Aren’t you reading “A Song of Ice and Fire” lately? Think about the conspiracy inside.”

Olivia Jackson blurted out: “Give the king a glass of poisoned wine! Then Dad, you control the overall situation!”

Old Jackson nearly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Daughter, you are too “Ice and Fire”.

Old Jackson held his forehead for a while and replied, “…Contact the demons behind Joan Baker. Since the other party can do such a thing, he must be a high-level person in the lower realm. Since the other party chose to build the shopping mall in the Magnolia Empire, and still absorb the funds of the Magnolia Empire to repay the magic crystals, then simply strengthen the cooperation.”

Jefferson Jackson recalled the content of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and said deeply: “Marry Olivia to the Demon King, or I will marry the Demon Princess.”

Old Jackson: “…”

These two cannot be saved, he thought.

It took a long time before he said: “Persuade the Demon King to give the next compensation directly to the Magnolia Empire, and then in exchange, the shopping mall in the Mulheim Empire will be opened by our family.”

Old Jackson’s deceased wife was an aristocrat from Mulheim, the Northern Empire of Ice, so he could let Olivia or Jefferson go to Mulheim to preside over this matter.

This is killing three birds with one stone, and it can please the king.

This is the result of old Jackson’s analogy with his existing experience after chasing “Song of Ice and Fire” for a long time. However, his two children, one is full of poisoned wine, and the other is full of marriage…

Really, enough. _(:з」∠)_

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there is a good ventriloquist in the capital, from then on, the king does not appear in the morning court. – implying that someone keeps the king busy at night

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