Chapter 63 – History is always surprisingly similar

When Joan Baker sent word that Duke Jackson of Magnolia Empire had requested a meeting, Hill was studying the magic circle of the TV station with the Ghost Binns. Hill wanted to come up with an on-demand feature, which made the spell geometrically more complex.

“What do you think?” Hill asked.

Ghost Binns replied: “After all, the other party is the Duke of the Empire. There should be something important to find you, My King. But I always feel that this will make it seem like anyone can just meet My King.”

“In fact, I feel that way too, but after all, they don’t know who I am.” Hill said, “and these things can’t be left to you for the time being.”

“I’m very sorry, My King, we are so useless,” Ghost Binns said in shame.

“It’s enough to perform your duties.” Hill didn’t care too much. “What you are doing now is very successful… You can continue to study first. I will prepare and go to see the duke.”

“Yes, My King!” Ghost Binns immediately plunged into work.

Irvine reminded: “My King, according to the custom of the human noble side, the first meeting is required to bring gifts to each other.”

“Why didn’t I bring it when I met with Baker?” Hill asked casually.

“Because Baker is the lowest of the barons and doesn’t care about the rules. And because,” Irvine said, “your presence in front of him would be the best gift.”

Hill: “Pfft.”

This statement is a bit cringy.

Gift… Hill thought for a while, and said to the Ghost Binns: “You are so stupid.”

The Ghost Binns was startled.

Hill continued: “Why are you so stupid that you haven’t designed a digital TV for so long? You are so stupid, Binns.”

The Ghost Binns immediately wailed loudly: “Oh, My King, I’m sorry I’m so stupid…”

Hill looked at Binns’ subordinates: “What are you doing, catch his tears.”

Binns’ subordinates just woke as if from a dream, and quickly took out the vial to catch the tears.

Then Hill took away the ghost tears, “It’s done, thank you for your hard work, Binns.”

Ghost Binns nodded, “It’s my pleasure to serve you, My King. But next time, please say it in a different way. It is too painful to be accused by you like this.”

“Okay.” Hill followed the good advice.

Tears of ancient ghosts, this is a good gift. Hill thought.

This is the so-called local material.

Lord Demon King can be witty today~


Hill met Elijah Jackson at the mansion of Joan Baker.

Before entering the Baker House, Hill saw a luxurious carriage at the door of his house with the Jackson family’s symbol hanging on it… it should be the family crest. The carriage is made of fine oak with gold trim, luxurious and beautiful. Speaking of which, this carriage alone is estimated to be worth thousands of gold coins. Hill thought.

By the way, in ancient times, the cost of a good horse and a good carriage was not lower than that of a luxury car. So, at first glance, Guo Jing and Huang Rong was a romantic story between a poor boy and a rich girl. When Guo Jing and Huang Rong met for the first time, Guo Jing sent horses to invite to dinner, and then he realized that, oh, it turns out that this is the friendship of the rich second generation… He was really naive back then.

When Hill walked in, the first thing he saw was the old Duke Jackson, whose hair was already gray. Hill knew him—because of Joan Baker’s advertisements, he looked at him, and he was quite similar to what he had guessed. Although he is quite old, his gaze reveals sharpness and intelligence, and his facial features are profound. Although his skin has loosened due to his age, he can still feel that he must have been a handsome man when he was young.

And the old Duke Jackson was also looking at him—unexpectedly young, but the demons should be able to change their appearance. There was a very casual air about him and he didn’t seem to have any aura. But the old Duke Jackson also knew that if necessary, the other party could use his aura with magical ability to overwhelm himself…

After they looked at each other for a few seconds, Baron Joan Baker introduced the two of them separately, and then the two exchanged gifts. Naturally, what Hill took was the tears of the Ghost Binns, while the old Duke Jackson’s was a magic stone of the fire element. Later that one was given to Irvine by Hill, and Irvine crunched it and ate it.

As soon as the old Duke said the courtesy remarks, Hill interrupted him, “The demons are different from humans, the demons don’t need these.” Hill said, “You can directly state your intentions, Duke Jackson.”

Duke Jackson looked at him for a second, and then slowly said: “You can’t guarantee that your partners will always be people who don’t value etiquette.”

“I know it’s not polite, but I don’t care.” Hill said, “I also hope you don’t care, or you’d better pretend that you don’t care in front of me, so that we can continue talking.”

“You are not a modest man,” Duke Jackson said as he gazed at Hill.

“I’m not even a human being,” Hill said. “What are you trying to impose?”

Both sides understood that the point of their argument was not a matter of politeness or lack thereof either, but was simply taking the opportunity to engage in a wave of mutual testing.

“It was me who took the liberty.” Old Jackson said, temporarily discontinuing the topic, and then he said straightforwardly: “The king has plans to target the shopping mall, and at the same time, ransack the Baker’s house and sweep away the gold coins.”

Joan Baker raised his eyebrows. “That’s a real fly in the ointment for me.”

Hill recited: “The precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail.”

Joan Baker said, “I don’t think I’m an innocent man either.”

“Well… this statement doesn’t suit you.” Hill spit out, then looked at Old Jackson, “Since you told us the news directly, does this mean you are not on the side of the king?”

“I’m on the side of the empire,” Duke Jackson said tactfully.

By this time, they had already sat down, and Joan Baker prepared desserts and drinks from the lower realm for them. Joan Baker knew that Hill didn’t like human wine, but he prepared the red wine popular among the nobles of Magnolia City for the duke, but the duke also chose the lower realm fruit juice.

“If it were you, what method would you use to deal with this?” Duke Jackson asked.

Hill thought for a while and said, “Sue the church.”

Duke Jackson didn’t react for a while: “Huh?”

Joan Baker almost sprayed. He had spent a long time with Hill, so he could keep up with his thoughts, but he was still shocked by Hill’s words.

“Yes… I’ll just file a complaint against the Church.” Hill said, “Didn’t the Church allow the lower realm to sell local products in the human realm in the signed treaty? This means that our local products are protected by the Church. It’s also a good way to file a complaint.” Then he smiled meaningfully, “And this is something that happened in the territory of the Magnolia Empire.”

Duke Jackson was dumbfounded for several seconds.

The first reaction in his mind was: Demons are indeed sinister and cunning!

This is no ordinary insidious and cunning! And the sinister and cunning also reveals a sense of shamelessness! It’s really terrible!

But this is… surprisingly effective.

It would be a real problem if the Church of Light were to use this to criticize the Magnolia Empire.

But Hill actually didn’t want to do this, because doing so would directly expose the movies and the like to the Church of Light. For now, Hill still wants to be able to hold off for a day. It is better for him to make a fortune while hiding and making a fortune.

Duke Jackson actually understood this, and he also understood that this decision was a lose-lose strategy.

“This is my way, what about your way, Duke Jackson?” Hill asked.

Duke Jackson turned his thoughts back and said slowly, “My inspiration comes from “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Hill blurted out: “Are you going to kill the king with poison?”

Duke Jackson: ???

Hill: “…or don’t tell me, are you going to get married?”

Duke Jackson: ???

Wait, demon, what is wrong with you?

Didn’t you just strategize with a lot of tricks? Why did the sand sculpture suddenly rise in a blink of an eye?

—History is always surprisingly similar.

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the precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail (idiom) – an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.; one’s only crime was only to carry a jade; a man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing other’s greed.

fly in the ointment – everything’s good except for one thing; something that could ruin everything

Sand Sculpture – stupid bird; acting silly or foolish

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