Chapter 25 – I will like you first in this life

It seems that Ying Chen will sleep with him in the future.

How can he face it?

There is also Ying Chen’s soft attitude and tired look now. In addition, he remembered the shameless things he had done with Ying Chen in his previous life.

At this moment, Wen Yu was less nervous and vigilant, and instead took a few steps back in a daze.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that he was a hopeless scum.

In the memory, he was given to Ying Chen as a human sacrifice, but Ying Chen not only didn’t do anything to him, but also raised him with delicious food and protected him.

On the contrary, he fell in love with Ying Chen’s good-looking appearance, took the initiative to seduce him, and then ran away.

He has seen a classmate crying sadly after being dumped by his girlfriend, he was immersed in the relationship and couldn’t let go for a long time.

Ying Chen searched for him for a thousand years.

How did he live during this thousand years of days and nights?

Wen Yu’s heart suddenly throbbed, and when he looked at Ying Chen sitting on his bed, it felt like he was looking at a resentful husband abandoned by him.


The way those dark eyes look at him, as if silently saying: you come over and coax me!

Wen Yu didn’t dare to face him, put aside his gaze and said weakly: “I’m not sleepy yet, you can rest first.”

Ying Chen: “Don’t go.”

A trace of worry flashed in his tired look, and his voice was anxious and weak.

That look, more like a complaining husband.

Wen Yu: …

He doesn’t want him to go, does he still want him to stay here and watch Ying Chen sleep?

“Okay, I just happen to want to answer a few sets of questions, you go to sleep.”

He walked to the desk, opened his schoolbag awkwardly, and randomly pulled out two sets of comprehensive examination papers and laid them on the table.

Sitting with his back to Ying Chen, he took a pen and prepared to answer the questions to calm himself down.

He lowered his head and saw the braided bracelet that Ying Chen put on his wrist. The texture of the dark purple thread feels no different from the ordinary thread braided bracelet.

Only by looking closely will you find that there is a strange halo on it, which makes Wen Yu feel that it is extraordinary.

Ying Chen said that this bracelet could protect him, and he is not allowed to take it off.

Now that he wears it on his wrist, he doesn’t even feel repulsive, but he still thinks it looks pretty.

Wen Yu couldn’t help but lift his wrist and look at it carefully, and couldn’t help but fiddle with the string pendant at the closure twice.

Suddenly he remembered Ying Chen who was still in bed behind him.

He hurriedly retracted his hand, annoyed, thinking that Ying Chen wouldn’t see him holding the bracelet as if he likes it, right?

There was no movement on the bed behind him. Instead, it made Wen Yu more concerned about whether Ying Chen had fallen asleep?

He wanted to look back, but was afraid that if Ying Chen was awake, he would see him so absent-minded.

The phone was placed aside, and the black screen reflected the scenery of the room behind him like a mirror.

Wen Yu quietly held it in his hand, adjusting the angle a little bit to reflect the place beside the bed.

He saw Ying Chen lying quietly on the bed, he really seemed to be asleep.

Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and turned his head to look over.

Ying Chen really was sleeping, the man who hadn’t slept for a few days slept very calmly and defenselessly.

A shade is wrinkled between his long, thick eyebrows. But it didn’t affect his cold appearance in the slightest, with a nice curved face, a tall nose, and moderately thick lips.

Especially the lips are really beautiful. It’s no wonder that the previous him wanted to secretly kiss him.

These days, he should stay away from Ying Chen.

And now when he looks at him carefully, it seems that those chaotic and blank memories in the depths of his soul are being turned out little by little. Like fluttering snowflakes, trying to grasp but cannot catch.

Wen Yu was anxious, wanted to see more clearly, generally stood up unconsciously, and walked towards Ying Chen.

The sound of chair feet rubbing against the floor and footsteps sounded in the quiet room, disturbing the sleeping man.

When Wen Yu just walked to the bedside, the sleeping man opened his eyes suddenly.

The dark eyes reflected a slightly startled teenager standing in front of the bed.

Wen Yu: !!! Why did you wake up?

He suddenly panicked like he had been caught doing something bad, and this panic brought back more clear memories of the past.

Ying Chen was also asleep on the soft couch in the main hall.

Restless, he can’t read books and can’t write words. The young man quietly painted Ying Chen, and couldn’t resist the impulse to secretly kiss his lips.

Ying Chen was also stunned, and like Wen Yu, remembered the previous life with the expectation written in his surprised eyes, and waited quietly.

As if waiting for himself to kiss him like in his previous life.

Wen Yu’s cheeks instantly heated up, he panicked and said, “I want to go out and eat something. You, you continue to sleep.”

He turned around to leave, but his hand was grabbed by Ying Chen: “Don’t go.”

Ying Chen’s voice was hoarse after waking up: “I wouldn’t wake up if I knew you were watching.”

“I, I wasn’t watching!”

Wen Yu’s expression was slightly hurried, and he was gently pulled by Ying Chen and fell unsuspectingly on the side of the bed.

“You are free to watch, I know you like it.”

Ying Chen lifted a strand of hair on his forehead that covered his eyes, and the handsome face came up to him and whispered:

“Even if you forget, some things are engraved in the depths of your soul.”

He touched the boy’s heart with the other hand: “And the feeling here will not be forgotten, as long as you want to, feel free to do it to me, whatever it is.”

Whatever it is.

Wen Yu felt that Ying Chen was hinting at him. After all, all the things he wanted to do in the previous life were all sorts of things.

The tips of Wen Yu’s ears were red, he looked away: “Didn’t you also say I was ugly? Why are you still so insistent on finding me?”

Ying Chen stagnated, suddenly grabbed Wen Yu’s arms slightly and asked eagerly:

“Did you remember?!”

It’s over.

He just felt awkward in his heart and accidentally said the things he remembered from the past life.

Wen Yu knew that he was a scumbag.

But he didn’t dare to let Ying Chen know that he already remembered that he was a scumbag.

Otherwise, once Ying Chen’s grievances for more than a thousand years broke out, he couldn’t bear it.

Wen Yu didn’t dare to look at him with a guilty conscience: “I don’t remember much.”

Ying Chen: “Then do you remember who told you about the snow spirit grass?”

“Um?” Wen Yu wondered: “What kind of grass?”

Ying Chen’s eyes turned away from Wen Yu, and a trace of coldness condensed: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember.”

The man who was still gentle and composed just now was suddenly surrounded by cold air all over his body. The eyes with a cold light suppressed the storm that wants to tear something to pieces.

Wen Yu couldn’t help his body tighten, and he wanted to hide back, but his arm was still being grasped by Ying Chen. Just say in a low voice: “Actually, I have found a way to retrieve my memory.”

“What way?”

Ying Chen looked at him again, the stormy eyes turned into astonishment.

“As long as I disperse a spirit, I can remember some memories from my previous life.”

Ying Chen was stagnant again, and smiled relievedly: “So you went to the Taoist temple to practice, not to disperse me.”

At first, I wanted to disperse you.

Wen Yu confessed silently in his heart.

He asked in the opposite direction: “How do you know that I went to that place, were you following me?”


Ying Chen’s hand caressed the teenager’s cheek, rubbing it with the back of his finger without moving down:

“Your soul is tainted with my breath, and carry my spiritual energy available for you to use. It’s just that every time you use it, I can sense it.”

Wen Yu: …

He thought he was blessed with a unique physique, it turned out that this was all the spiritual power of Ying Chen that he had borrowed.

Ying Chen’s index finger slipped on the boy’s jawline, and asked quietly, “Then what did you remember?”

Wen Yu averted his gaze: “I know that I am your sacrifice, and I also know that you think I am ugly.”

The discouraged voice was filled with dissatisfaction and awkwardness.

It seemed that the matter of being called ugly by Ying Chen made him bothered more than being a human sacrifice, and it bothered him for two lifetimes.

Ying Chen was surprised, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but curl up a little bit.

He looked deeply at the young boy’s red face, one hand gently picked up the loose hair from his forehead and hung it behind his ear, his fingers rested on the red earlobe, and whispered:

“When I saw you for the first time, you were pale and dirty, and indeed quite ugly.”

F*ck, you really know how to talk!

Wen Yu’s dissatisfaction faintly rose, and his blushing face suddenly turned away.

“Don’t be angry.” Ying Chen sat up close to him, cupped the young boy’s unhappy face with both hands, and looked at him deeply.

The dark pupils were imprinted with the appearance of a young man, silently telling his love for him carved into his bones.

This was not enough. Wanting to prove that the young man had weight in his heart, he couldn’t help but get close to the young man, and his soft and warm lips pressed against the young man’s forehead.

Wen Yu: !!!

Before he could push, Ying Chen’s lips moved away from his forehead.

He stroked the strands of hair on the boy’s forehead again, and slowly said, “You don’t have to work hard to disperse the soul to find your memories. I already know that you didn’t leave me, it’s me who didn’t protect you. I’m sorry.”

In the deep sentence, it seemed that there was intense heartache and pity hidden, making the people who hear it want to cry.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember what happened to us, I will like you first in this life, can I?”

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