Sacrifice to the Devil 24.2

Chapter 24.2 – Only this point, I can’t promise you.

Just like the body’s instinctive reaction to dangerous things, Wen Yu immediately entered a state of alert and stared at the surroundings vigilantly.

The hand holding the beer can also loosened because of tension, falling heavily towards the ground.

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang, who had just toasted, saw the beer can in Wen Yu’s hand fall, and shouted in surprise, “Hey, it’s going to fall!”

The half-dropped beer can that was still in mid-air, returned to Wen Yu’s hands strangely like a video playing backward.

Xu Cheng’s eyes widened: “Damn, what happened just now! Did I see an illusion? How can it run into your hands after it’s about to fall to the ground?!”

Wen Yu: …

Only he knew that an invisible cold hand just caught his beer can and stuffed it back into his hand.

Also whispered in his ear: “Be careful.”

The voice was deep and hoarse, with some fatigue.

But Wen Yu also discovered that Ying Chen was not only not angry at Xu Cheng’s arrival, but also willing to hide in this home without being seen by Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang.

His nervous and vigilant nerves were slightly relaxed, and he took another sip while holding the can, and asked calmly, “I just caught it. Didn’t you see?”

Xu Cheng was dumbfounded: “You? You moved too fast, right?”

The beer can fell and returned to Wen Yu’s hands in the blink of an eye, and Xu Cheng didn’t really see what happened.

Zhao Xiaoliang was quick to say: “I told you that Wen Yu is very powerful, he has quick reactions, quick eyes, and quick hands. None of the punks around our school can beat him.”

Xu Cheng lifted his beer: “Brother sees it today. Come on, let’s continue drinking.”

The three of them held the can again and drank with their heads up.

It’s just that Wen Yu was still uneasy because he could feel Ying Chen watching him drinking, with a trace of cold air around his neck, as if deliberately blowing cold air on his ears and cheeks.

He was worried that Ying Chen, which seemed to be quiet now, would do something terrible in case he went crazy for a while. After drinking for a few rounds, he said to the two of them, “You guys should eat first, I’ll go to the kitchen to cut fruits for you.”

After arriving in the kitchen, Wen Yu stood in a corner where Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang could not see him, took out his mobile phone and typed out:

[My friends thought I had moved so they came over to celebrate. When they leave, I will clean up the house and restore it to its original state without causing you any trouble.]

Then, with the feeling of cold air surrounding him, he looked for Ying Chen’s direction and held it to him.

He soon heard a voice floating in his ears: “This is your home, you can do whatever you want.”

Like the heavy bass earphones he wears when listening to music, Ying Chen’s voice clearly surrounds his brain, his voice is mellow and hoarse, and only Wen Yu can hear it.

However, Wen Yu heard something strange from Ying Chen’s tone, not as gloomy and cold as before, as if with a heavy sadness.

What’s up with him?

Did he consume too much energy looking for his memory and got tired?

He was wondering this. Suddenly there was a faint coldness on his shoulder, as if Ying Chen was gently stroking with his fingertips, and asked: “Is it still hurting here?”

It was the place where Ying Chen bit him yesterday, there was only a faint red mark now.

He couldn’t see Ying Chen’s position so he didn’t know where to hide. Shrinking his shoulders, he typed two words quickly:

[Don’t touch it.]

The cold touch on the shoulder suddenly disappeared, followed by a voice: “I’m sorry.”

It is still heavy, laced with a heavy sense of sadness.

Even people who hear it will have a desire to cry.

Inexplicably, Wen Yu’s voice seemed to be blocked, making him choke, and his face was a bit awkward that he didn’t want to be seen.

He quickly typed a few words on the phone: [Can you not be here?]

After typing, he sneered.

How could Ying Chen listen to him and leave?

As a result, Ying Chen paused for a few seconds before making a low ‘um’.

The hesitant sound seemed to carry extreme reluctance and nostalgia.

Wen Yu: ???

He actually listened to him.

What happened to Ying Chen?


After not sensing Ying Chen’s cold breath, Wen Yu relaxed a lot.

He and Xu Cheng grew up together, like brothers. Zhao Xiaoliang is a good friend for six years since junior high school.

Occasionally, when they get together like this, there are naturally endless things to say. Unknowingly, the time has reached the night.

Xu Cheng received a call, and it seemed that there was something for him to rush over. He sighed and looked for his bag and prepared to leave: “Oh, I have to hurry up tonight. Brother must go first.”

Zhao Xiaoliang smiled and asked, “Girlfriend?”

Xu Cheng sneered: “If my girlfriend called me, I would still be reluctant. Miserable social animals cannot help themselves. You two should go to parties while you are still students, play and have fun.”

Zhao Xiaoliang shook his head: “I can’t afford to play, there is a college entrance exam waiting for me. I also have to go home to review the textbooks and hug the Buddha’s feet at the last moment.”

He looked at the luxurious hall with envy in his eyes: “Xiaoyu is okay. He entered the university he wanted to enter in advance, and he was suddenly repaid by the world-class rich. He really doesn’t have to worry about anything in the future.”

Wen Yu sent them away, but said with a helpless smile: “No. I have to review well, otherwise, if the exam is too bad, it’s not easy to explain to the school teachers.”

Xu Cheng: “You are just too rigid. I remembered that when you were in elementary school, a little girl gave you chocolates with a love letter in it. And then you returned the chocolate in front of the little girl’s father and mother and said seriously, we are too young and cannot fall in love early.

“I’m still sympathizing with the little girl, how come she fell in love with someone like you, how big the psychological shadow is.”

Zhao Xiaoliang couldn’t help laughing: “It turns out that ‘can’t fall in love early’ is Wen Yu’s excuse for rejecting girls. How many girls I have seen following Wen Yu were rejected by this excuse.”

Xu Cheng tsk dissatisfied: “Dried up due to drought and drowned due to flooding. What if you just agree to one?”

Wen Yu was speechless: “How can I agree to this kind of thing casually? It’s not like I really like any of them.”

Xu Cheng paused while putting on shoes in the hallway, looking at Wen Yu meaningfully, and then questioned: “Xiaoyu, there is something I always wanted to ask you, do you dislike girls?”

Zhao Xiaoliang didn’t understand what it meant, and asked, “If he doesn’t like girls, then he likes boys?”

Wen Yu was stunned for a while: “Don’t talk nonsense, how is it possible!”

However, this sentence seemed to be imprinted in his heart, and he kept thinking about it on the way back home after sending the two people away.

Does he really like men?

So far, the boys in the class have privately discussed which girl is beautiful and cute, and he has no feeling at all.

But when he first saw Ying Chen, although he was scared to death, he understood the adjective handsome and how to apply it at first glance.

He was wondering whether he was so enthusiastic in his previous life because he was bewitched by Ying Chen’s appearance.

The teenager who had never thought about this, seemed to be broken by someone, and suddenly became annoyed and confused.

He approached the door full of thoughts, and as soon as he stepped in, Ying Chen’s low, hoarse voice came over: “You’re back?”

Wen Yu paused and looked up.

Ying Chen didn’t hide his presence anymore, the tall and upright man stood in the courtyard, his dark and deep eyes staring down at him.

The black clothes and black trousers were still the same as before, with a gloomy aura, and an incomprehensible gloom in his deep eyes.

However, the breath is completely different, without any coldness and sharpness.

It’s just that the current Wen Yu, seeing such Ying Chen standing in front of him, suddenly awakened those shameful memories.

His head was full of pictures of him and Ying Chen entangled and rolling on the floor, his ears were full of his faint crying and incomparably shameful sounds.

The boy’s cheeks began to burn uncontrollably, and he lowered his head and passed in front of Ying Chen: “I, I’ll go to clean up the dining room.”

When she brushed past, Ying Chen gently held her arm: “No, Lin An will do that.”

His arm was gently pulled and he was hugged by Ying Chen’s arms before he could react.

“Well, you, you let go.”

Wen Yu panicked, pushing the man’s chest with both hands.

“Little devil, did it hurt?”

Ying Chen asked with a trembling sound at the end of the question.

The voice was soft as if he was afraid that a little louder would hurt his ears.


Ying Chen did not speak, just gently hugged him. The force of the arms, the weight of the chest pressed against his body are with extreme restraint, not daring to use the slightest force as if being careful.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Little devil, what do you want?”

Ying Chen asked him again inexplicably.

“You let go of me first.”

Wen Yu said, gently struggled, effortlessly broke free from Ying Chen’s embrace.

Just looking at Ying Chen at close range, he realized that skin below the man’s eyes was dark, with a heavy look of exhaustion.

Wen Yu thought of what Lin An said. Ying Chen, in order to find his memory, has not been sleeping for several days.

He has now clearly understood that in his last life he was the one who first provoked Ying Chen and left him for some unknown reason after letting him like himself.

Let him search for himself for a thousand years.

A pang of guilt arose in Wen Yu’s heart.

He stood two steps away from Ying Chen and said seriously: “I will think of a way to remember my past life and give you an explanation. So, you don’t have to bother to look for my past life from the memories of other creatures.”

Ying Chen: “Lin An told you?”

“I forced him to say it, so don’t do anything to him.”

Ying Chen said ‘um’: “You promise me one thing, okay?”


Ying Chen took out a braided bracelet and took Wen Yu’s arm again: “Put this on.”

It looked like a very ordinary dark purple bracelet, but in the dark and night, the woven string still glowed with a soft luster.

Just by looking at it, you can perceive that some incredible energy is locked in the bracelet.

“I know you don’t want my mark. I can only think of other ways to protect you, as long as you take it, no matter where you go or how far you are from me, you will never encounter any danger again.”

Ying Chen spoke in a low voice, and began to put a bracelet on Wen Yu’s left wrist, moving gently and softly. So that Wen Yu no longer resisted, he asked: “What is this?”

Ying Chen: “It will protect you for me when I’m not by your side, but it won’t affect your life, let alone restrain you. Promise me, don’t take it off this time. Okay?”

Wen Yu frowned and said nothing.

He found that Ying Chen was really abnormal today, and every request he made was accompanied by a requesting tone. Like he was afraid that he would not agree, and his tone was full of expectations.

What happened to him today?

When he was wondering, Ying Chen asked him again: “Don’t be afraid of me, okay? I won’t hurt you, and I can give you anything you want. I know that you want to leave me the most right now.” Ying Chen tightened the string on the boy’s wrist, and said in a low voice: “Only this point, I can’t promise you.”

Wen Yu: …

Wen Yu: “Are you tired? Do you want to go to the bedroom to rest for a while?”

After asking, he suddenly thought of something and immediately regretted it.

Sure enough, after Ying Chen heard him say this, finally there was a smile on his gloomy and exhausted expression: “Okay.”

Then, he took the young man’s hand with the bracelet and turned and walked home. Wen Yu was taken up the stairs in a daze, walked into the second floor, and turned into Wen Yu’s bedroom.

And then, watched as the man flipped open the quilt he had put on and laid in.

Still asked: “Little devil, do you want to sleep together?”

Wen Yu: “No!”

He almost forgot, in Ying Chen’s eyes, this was the bedroom of the two of them.

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Holding the Buddhas feet at the last moment – Cramming / doing something in a hurry

Dry up in drought, drown in flood – some people make girlfriends very often, but some people can’t find them / the gap between the rich and the poor, showing the unfairness of distribution.

Miserable social animals can’t help themselves – people who like to socialize/have fun but are forced to do something else instead

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