Chapter 26 – Has two roots on its body and is lustful by nature

“What do you mean?” Wen Yu was a bit confused, and asked, “What’s the difference between that and now?”

Ying Chen caressed his cheek and said in a low voice: Putting aside the previous life, from now on, I will pursue you just like a human pursuing a lover, until you fall for me.”

This is equivalent to a confession.

Wen Yu has received confessions from girls from time to time since elementary school, but most of them are blushing and shy and at a loss. And he calmly and coolly refused to accept.

But Ying Chen confessed while touching his face, pinching his ears, moving his hands and feet, and eating tofu.

He still doesn’t think it’s wrong, as if he should be touched by him like this. On the contrary, his cheeks were hot and he didn’t dare to look at him.

Like a human pursuing a lover?

Wen Yu heard these words and began to wonder what Ying Chen’s original body was.

He turned his face and avoided Ying Chen’s hand, reminding him: “Humans cannot share a bed when they do not like each other.”

Ying Chen’s hand dropped sadly in the air. With eyes filled with reluctance, he said, “Then I’ll stand outside the door of our room, I’ll keep watch for you.”

Keep watch?

Wen Yu’s heart trembled.

Looking at the pitiful Ying Chen and his genuine feelings made him feel more like a scumbag.

A sense of guilt arose, and Wen Yu gave up on himself: “Forget it, you can sleep with me, but don’t do anything to me.”

Ying Chen’s dark eyes suddenly brightened, and he held Wen Yu’s face with both hands again, and kissed his forehead abruptly: “Okay, I understand.”

You don’t understand at all!

Wen Yu blushed and pushed away his hands: “I said, don’t do anything to me!”


Sleeping together at night is not as difficult as Wen Yu imagined. The bed is big enough for two men to sleep.

Ying Chen also seemed to be very sleepy. After he lay down, Ying Chen lay down beside him and fell asleep quickly, breathing smoothly.

The dark room is as silent as water, the sweltering early summer brings a bit of coolness due to Ying Chen sleeping next to him, like a natural air-conditioned room, very comfortable.

From time to time, Wen Yu still smelled a faint fragrance, which should be Ying Chen’s body. He couldn’t help but take a few deep sniffs, fresh, pleasant, and enticing.

What is Ying Chen’s real body anyway? He clearly did not see him take a bath, but why does he smell so good?

Wen Yu thought and gradually fell asleep.

This sleep was the most peaceful night he had slept in these days, and the exhaustion caused by the fear and restlessness of a few days was swept away.

When he opened his eyes in the morning, it seemed that his body and mind were cleansed, and Wen Yu was refreshed.

Ying Chen sat quietly in front of the bed and looked at him. After he opened his eyes, there was a gleam of soft light in his eyes, and he reached out and fiddled with his messy hair: “Little devil, you’re finally awake.”

Wen Yu was startled: “What time is it?”

“Ten o’clock. By the way, someone called you just now.”

Ying Chen said while taking out his cell phone from under a pillow and a cushion, and said, “I’m afraid of waking you up, so I pressed it down for you.”

Wen Yu frowned his eyebrows: “Don’t hide it, what if there is something important?”

He looked fierce, topped with fluffy and messy hair, and with a pillow mark on the side of his face.

Ying Chen was stunned, reached out, and nudged the tip of his nose: “Your wake-up mood is as bad as before.”

Wen Yu glanced at it and took the phone to check.

It was from Huang He, and there was a message: [Someone asked me to do something today, saying that the house is haunted. Would you like to come and have a look?]

Wen Yu wanted to remember more of his previous life memories, so he could only use the method of dispersing the various spirits wandering in the world. It is difficult for him to find them himself, so he asked Huang He to call him whenever there is such a thing.

Wen Yu immediately called back and asked, “Where is it? What time?”

Huang He: “I thought you weren’t coming, I’m almost there, in the XX community. I’ll wait for you at the gate of the community.”

Wen Yu: “Got it, I’ll go over immediately.”

After hanging up the phone, Ying Chen immediately asked: “Where are you going?”

Wen Yu jumped out of bed and opened the closet to change clothes: “Go to the XX community to see if there is any haunted house inside.”

“Is it to find your memory?”


“I said last night, you don’t have to work so hard. I will find a way to figure everything out.”

“It’s not the same. You are you, I am me, and I want to find out what happened to myself.” Wen Yu insisted as he clutched the change of clothes and gestured for Ying Chen to go out.

Ying Chen sighed helplessly, and took the young man’s hand to caress the bracelet he was carrying: “Fine, but don’t take this off.”

After Wen Yu nodded, the tall man standing in front of him suddenly disappeared.

He looked around and made sure that there was no Ying Chen’s breath before he began to take off his clothes.


Next to Huang He is the client who invited him to do the ritual, a man in his forties or fifties.

He complained with a sad face: “I was cheated by an unscrupulous real estate agent when I bought a house, and only after I moved in did I know that it was a murder house.”

“Someone died in this house, a pregnant woman, one dead body with two lives.”

“I heard crying at night, it was too damn creepy. After living for a few days, I had bad luck, I lost my job, my stock was lost, my wife took the child and divorced me, and my car was hit by someone!”

“I shouldn’t have bought this cheap unit!”

Huang He hummed as usual: “Don’t worry, I’ll go in and let you see what happened later, if there is something unclean, I will get rid of it for you today.”

The uncle wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked, “Who are we waiting for? Is it also a master?”

A taxi stopped in front of them, and a boy came out inside, tall and thin wearing a white T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. Standing in front of them clean and handsome, with a backpack behind him.

Huang He pointed his chin: “Here he is, it’s him.”

“Ha, a student?!”

The uncle stared at him with a ‘you’re not teasing me, right?’ expression.

Huang He snorted: “Don’t underestimate him, his Dao is higher than me.” He also said to Wen Yu: “You look good today, have you encountered a good thing?”

Good thing?

Wen Yu’s expression was cold, and his voice faintly said, “It’s not that it’s haunted, let’s go.”

The uncle did not believe that this child had any Dao, he looked up and down at Wen Yu, his heart drumming.

You know, he invited Huang He and spent 20,000 yuan. Now let a kid be a helper, how come they look like scammers?

But he doesn’t dare to say that he doesn’t believe it directly, just in case they have real ability.

He took the mentality of trying, gritting his teeth, he took them into the community.

The uncle’s house is on the 16th floor of a building in the community. The elevator door just opened, and the cold and hostile air rushed over his face. It made people nauseous and extremely uncomfortable.

Wen Yu’s expression immediately changed.

Huang He looked somber as he said in a low voice: “It’s a resentful spirit and a ghost. It seems that the resentment is very heavy.”

The uncle who is still swearing and complaining outside the community dare not say a word of complaint at this moment. His face turned pale, with layers of goosebumps on his arms, he gasped and asked, “You guys, do you see it?”

Wen Yu urged: “Open the door.”

The uncle tried to calm himself down, but he was shaking uncontrollably while holding a bunch of keys, and the metal keys clattering against each other.

After finally opening the door, he immediately backed away and hid behind Huang He and Wen Yu.

“Be careful, this seems to be similar to that evil spirit you got rid of last time in the Taoist temple.”

Huang He instructed Wen Yu, holding a yellow talisman and cautiously stepping into the hallway.

Wen Yu came in one step later, observing the room with strong yin energy.

The room was fairly tidy, but the floor furniture was covered with dust due to the fact that it was unoccupied for too long. Through the curtains, they can see the scenery of the building outside.

At first glance, there is nothing unusual, but it can make people feel a kind of sickening coldness.

Huang He held the yellow paper talisman and concentrated his energy for a while, then his expression relaxed. He asked strangely: “Why has it become weak? Is it afraid of you?”

Indeed, it has become weaker.

The strong yin energy they felt before entering the house seemed to hide deliberately after they entered, and the spirit did not dare to release it at all.

Wen Yu said softly: “Come out.”

In the empty room, the youth’s clear voice echoed.

Huang He heaved a sigh of relief: “Sure enough, you can still suppress it. Such evil ghosts are afraid of you. Amazing.”

The uncle looked at Wen Yu in surprise, with a face full of disbelief: evil spirits are afraid of this child?

“Come out.” Wen Yu’s voice increased.

Wuu huuu huuu…

The woman’s sorrowful cry came out faintly in the empty room.

“Ah! It’s out, it’s out, that’s it, that’s the one!”

The uncle’s frightened face was pale, his eyes wide, clutching Huang He’s robe, with trembling voice, he screamed, “Master, Master, what should we do?”

The sound of cries gradually approached.

Huang He looked ahead: “It’s out, a pregnant woman, the fetus should be 8 months old in her belly.”

Wen Yu took out a yellow talisman from his schoolbag and said, “You tell me where it is and I will get rid of it.”


Huang He pointed his finger over and asked strangely: “You can see the weak remnant spirit yesterday, why can’t you see it today?”

Because the tooth marks on his shoulders bitten by Ying Chen disappeared.

Obviously, he can feel the cold resentment, but he can’t see it. It feels uncomfortable and dangerous.

It would be great if he could see the resentful spirit as easily as yesterday

But he can’t go back and let Ying Chen bite him, right?

Wen Yu pursed his lips and raised the yellow talisman in his hand, preparing to say ‘evil spirit, scatter’.

The woman’s sad and complaining voice came, “Please, don’t kill me. I was killed by someone. I’m really too wronged. Please help me.”

Suddenly, Huang He was stunned, and immediately grabbed Wen Yu’s hand: “Wait first, it, it knelt down for you.”

Although it was only a resentful spirit, Huang He couldn’t bear to see the woman with a big belly kneeling down.

The uncle heard the voice of a woman for the first time, and for the first time, he became even more convinced that there was really a female ghost living in his house.

He was so scared that his feet softly fell on the floor, crawling to grasp Huang He’s robes, and said: “Ah, it’s out. Master, hurry up, get rid of it, it’s scary!”

After all, Wen Yu couldn’t see the pregnant woman kneeling. There was not much disturbance. He asked, “Can a resentful spirit transcend naturally?”

Huang He shook his head: “Any spirit who has done evil can’t.”

The uncle was so frightened, his voice trembled and shouted loudly: “What are you doing, I gave you money, you quickly get rid of her for me, and save me from her!”

Angered by his killing intent, the harsh voice shrieked, “What are you, how dare you talk about getting rid of me!”

“All of you men are liars, bastards, you all deserve to die!!!”

The woman turned into a terrifying and heavy yin energy, and lunged at the uncle who was standing behind Wen Yu.

When the heavy yin energy was about to approach Wen Yu, the bracelet on his left wrist flashed a dazzling golden light.

When everyone was amazed by the sudden change, the rays of light flew into the air and circled Wen Yu.

Like a vigorous and powerful dragon flying around the boy, protecting him.

But only for a moment, the dragon shape transformed into a raging flame, burning fiercely in front of Wen Yu.

In the middle of the flame, the woman screamed sharply: “Ah—save me, don’t kill me, don’t!!!”

Wen Yu recovered from the shock, shouting: “Don’t kill it, stop, stop!”

As the voice fell, the dazzling flame instantly disappeared completely.

As if everyone just saw an illusion in the blink of an eye.

Only the woman was crying, faintly from the floor: “No, no, help me, please help me”

Huang He dropped his jaw in amazement, and looked at Wen Yu incredulously, “You, who are you?”

Wen Yu didn’t answer. He looked towards the floor where the woman was speaking and asked: “How do you want me to save you?”

Huang He “Don’t ask, she vanished.”


Wen Yu asked in surprise.

Huang He: “She fainted. It’s probably because of the flame just now that she temporarily lost her spiritual power. She will wake up when her spiritual power recovers.”

Wen Yu: “Then, what should we do? Or should we wait for her spiritual power to return and then come back? Or do you have a way to take her with us?”

“Master, master.”

The uncle’s scared soul is almost gone. He knelt on the floor and begged: “Please get rid of her. If you don’t get rid of her, you can just take her away. I will die if you let her stay in my house! Right, right! I’ll give you money, you can ask as much as you want!”

Huang He rubbed his ears: “Tsk, can you be quiet for a while, we can’t talk properly if it’s noisy. If you shout again, I don’t mind giving you the refund.”

The uncle shut up immediately and sat aside without saying a word.

The room finally became quiet, and Huang He seriously explained to Wen Yu:

“Looking at what she looked like just now, it seems that she was really killed by someone. I can temporarily use the spell to seal it into some kind of a cursed object. When she wakes up, let’s ask her what her grievances are and then decide, how about it?”

“I have no opinion.”

Anyway, this spirit, whether it is Huang He or him, can be easily removed. It doesn’t matter if they leave it for a while.

After getting Wen Yu’s consent, Huang He cast a spell to put the woman’s spirit into his mineral water bottle and stuffed it into his Taoist robe.

Before leaving, he said to his uncle: “This house will be clean in the future, please rest assured.”

After going downstairs, his eyes sparkled, and he hurriedly asked Wen Yu: “What happened just now? Is your bracelet an ancient magic weapon?”

Wen Yu raised his hand to see that the dark purple thread braided bracelet is no different from ordinary bracelets now.

At that moment, he noticed Ying Chen’s breath surrounding him, which made him extremely relieved.

No wonder Ying Chen said that this bracelet could protect him.

“I don’t know, it was given by someone I know.”

Huang He: “The person you know is too awesome, it was a dragon just now! Your bracelet is the host of a dragon’s spiritual power.”

Dragon? Could Ying Chen be a dragon?

Wen Yu asked Huang He: “Is there really a dragon in this world?”

Huang He smiled: “There are many things in this world, if you believe, then it exists. If you don’t believe it, there won’t be any. But you saw it with your own eyes just now, what do you think?”

Wen Yu: “Then, what’s the difference between it and us, does it have any characteristics?”

“Dragon, huh?” Huang He thought for a while: “I heard that this ancient divine beast has two roots on its body and is lustful by nature.”

Wen Yu: ???

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Dragons have two JJ down there ehem, which reminds me of The Reader and The Protagonist, that part in the cave(?) was kinda painful to read ahahaha XD

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