Chapter 27 – Don’t always touch me

Huang He’s words lingered in Wen Yu’s mind.

Until he went home and saw Ying Chen standing in the yard. All in black, tall and cold.

The green landscape of the garden behind him contrasted with such a man, who looked like an extremely beautiful oil painting from a distance.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

Ying Chen didn’t answer, and easily took the bottle containing the ghost spirit in Wen Yu’s hand: “What is this?”

“A soul who died unjustly.”

Wen Yu frowned, reached out to snatch it back from Ying Chen’s hand.

Unexpectedly, Ying Chen looked down at him with a smile, and raised his hand holding the bottle high.

There is a difference in height between the two. If Wen Yu wanted to grab the bottle back, he had to stand on his tiptoe close to Ying Chen’s body.

He naturally didn’t grab it anymore, standing in the distance and saying, “Give it to me.”

With a serious look saying ‘I don’t want to play with you’.

Ying Chen smiled, shook the bottle in his hand and handed it back to him: “Want to use it to retrieve some memories?”


Wen Yu took it in a muffled voice, pointing to the bracelet and asking Ying Chen, “What the hell is this? Why can it perceive the evil spirits approaching and save me?”

Ying Chen didn’t answer him and naturally pulled up this wrist, rubbing the bulge on the wrist joints on the belly of his thumb, and said in a tone as if he was praising him for being obedient.

“Bring it like this in the future, so that you won’t be in danger at any time.”

He’s touching him again, and it feels so natural to be touched by him again.

Wen Yu broke away from his hand, holding the bottle and walking towards the house: “As a result, the evil spirit was burnt out. I have to wait for it to wake up before I can find out what it was complaining about.”

The dissatisfied tone and stiff back image is like an angry child throwing a tantrum.

Ying Chen followed him: “It’s better than you being hurt by its yin energy. You are a mortal, touching too much of these things will damage your vitality in the end.”

“Then can you make her wake up sooner?”

“Yes, yes. I can wake it up by inputting spiritual power. But then, it will be contaminated with my spiritual power and become my subordinate. From then on, it can only take orders from me.”

“Look.” Ying Chen pointed to Lin An, who was standing in the hallway and greeted them, and said, “Just like him.”

Wen Yu: “Forget it then.”

Lin An respectfully reached out to take Wen Yu’s backpack and said, “Young Master Wen, you are back, let me carry your bag.”

Wen Yu was not used to being touched by others and hid from Lin An’s hand.

Lin An understood, and immediately took a few steps back, took out two pairs of indoor slippers, squatted on the ground, and placed them at the feet of Wen Yu and Ying Chen.

Wen Yu, who grew up in modern society, would never get used to this kind of obedient and respectful attitude.

He couldn’t help but ask Ying Chen, “Are there many spirits like Lin An who follow you?”

Ying Chen: “Not many. Some are to protect Lin An’s body.”

“Really? They won’t resist whatever you let them do no matter what?”

Ying Chen paused: “Why do you ask?”

Wen Yu walked upstairs and gave him a back view: “It’s nothing.”

Ying Chen seemed to have thought of something, and quickly walked to him to block his way, and said: “If you want to know, I will call them all for you to use.”

Wen Yu walked in a hurry, and Ying Chen stood in front of him abruptly so that he had no time to stop his feet and hit him directly.

For just a moment, he could feel the cool touch on the black shirt, and smell the faint fragrance he smelled when they slep together last night.

“What do I use them for? Not to mention, I only hear spirits, I can’t see them.”

Ying Chen raised his hand on his shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Want to see it?”

The neckline of the loose T-shirt exposed the skin, and he immediately felt the cool touch of Ying Chen’s hand.

Wen Yu’s heart raced suddenly. Last time, he could see the spirit at school because of Ying Chen’s bite marks.

Is Ying Chen going to bite him again?

The boy’s body leaned backward without noticing, but his feet stood still on the ground. As if facing the unknown, he clenched the strap of the schoolbag nervously without knowing what to do.

Ying Chen pressed one hand on his shoulder, and the other hand went around his body and pulled out the mineral water bottle containing the ghost from his backpack, and asked, “Can you see it?”

The empty plastic water bottle wrapped in yellow talisman paper gradually appeared misty smoke. It is the imprisoned evil spirit.

“Look, as long as you carry my breath or standing next to me, you can see these. Take me when you want to go out in the future, you can see more.”

“Forget it then.” Wen Yu, who thought he would be bitten, didn’t expect to only be pinched on his shoulder. His cheeks burned suddenly: “If I take you out, how eye-catching it must be.”

Ying Chen’s palm slid down from his shoulders to the wrist and gently held it, and asked softly, “I can hide my body and attach it to your bracelet, can I?”

“No need. I don’t want to see those things either. And I said, don’t always touch me.”

Wen Yu was dissatisfied and wanted to get rid of the grasp on his wrist.

Ying Chen took the opportunity to hold his hand, clasped his fingers tightly, and said, “It’s about to wake up, you won’t see it if you loosen it.”

The floating spirit in the bottle did show signs of awakening, floating restlessly and quickly.

But he just needs to touch him, why do they have to hold hands and interlock their fingers?

Wen Yu knew that he could not let go of this hand, and while removing the schoolbag strap on his shoulders, it fell into their hands clasped together, saying: “You are like this, I can’t do anything. I still need to read my books.”

“Then another way.” Ying Chen said, lowering his head and dropping a kiss on his forehead, leaving a soft and moist touch.

“This way, you can see it for a while.”

Ying Chen let go of his hand with a faint smile in his eyes.

Wen Yu stared at him for a while before he exhaled the tense breath that was held in his chest.

His face flushed red, and he flicked his schoolbag angrily: “I’ve already told you, don’t always touch me.”

In such a short time, Ying Chen rubbed his shoulder with the excuse of showing him the evil spirit, held his hand, and then kissed him abruptly.

This person is so cheap!

He turned around and walked quickly to the bedroom, and ‘bang!’ closed it before Ying Chen could come in. Closed the door to the person who is surrounded by cold air but can make his head full of heat.

As a result, when Ying Chen said that he could see it for a while, it was really only for a while.

He sat at the table and watched as the increasingly active spirit in the bottle become empty again after the moist touch between his forehead dissipated.

This feeling was too frustrating. Just when the spirit was about to wake up to explain the truth to him, a barrier suddenly appeared in his eyes, blocking his vision.

Wen Yu pressed the table with both hands, pushed aside the chair, walked a few steps to the bedroom door, and pulled the door, and saw Ying Chen who was guarding the door.

“You, come here.”

Wen Yu lifted his chin arrogantly.

Ying Chen looked down at him and smiled, reached out his hand, and took the teenager’s wrist.

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