Chapter 64 – The Demon King’s Son

The current situation is that Hill used his own sand sculpture to successfully confuse Duke Jackson’s thinking.

Hill feels that he can create a set of tactics, the enemy will not move, I will move, and then all kinds of chaos will disrupt the enemy’s thinking and logic, and then take the opportunity to gain the initiative in the negotiation.

In short, Duke Jackson repeated his plan with difficulty, that is, he hoped that the lower realm would pass the Church of Light and give the compensation directly to the Magnolia Empire. In this way, the royal family will not be short of money for the time being, and Emperor Magnolia will also be very happy.

“What else?” Hill asked.

“Why don’t you think this is all the content of the collaboration?” Old Duke Jackson asked.

“I thought we were past the stage of mutual nonsense.” Hill said, “Do you want to go through the stage of ‘please listen to me’ and ‘I’m not listening, I’m not listening’?”

……Although the other party said this reasoning, the expression made the old Duke Jackson feel a bit awkward.

Joan Baker next to him couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth, feeling that he had to reassess Lord Grindelwald’s temperament.

“Alright.” The old Duke Jackson decided to say something more clear and intuitive afterwards, he felt that if he continued to circle around, he would be humiliated by himself… but maybe not ‘humiliate’ but molested. But this demon really has a big appetite, he can flirt with his old face. “I feel that Lord Grindelwald will also build shopping malls in other major cities of Magnolia City, but the subjective situation will continue to be Baron Baker.”

“Yes.” Hill did not hide it, but he felt that he should put a fog to confuse the Old Duke. After all, the Old Duke was really insightful, which reminded him of the guy who always wrote spoilers for magazines. It is very analytical, “I have an affair with him, so I give him priority,” Hill said.

The corners of Joan Baker’s mouth twitched.

Ah… Is this the consequence of trading with the demons? His reputation is damaged.

Hey hey hey, under normal circumstances, damaged reputation is not like this, right?!

“Humans who don’t hesitate to collude with demons for money”

“Humans who don’t hesitate to mess with the demons for money”

This kind of reputation damage is too bad, right?!

Old Jackson’s gaze was a little subtle. He glanced at Joan Baker faintly, and then said: “Well… I understand, I will protect Baron Baker in front of His Majesty, you can rest assured.”

“That would be great,” Hill said cheerfully.

Great my ass. The always calm Joan Baker was now a little thunderstruck.

“The other thing is that I hope that the shopping mall in Mülheim can be managed by my family,” Old Jackson said bluntly.

As a result, Hill’s first reaction was, where is Mulheim again? It took a few seconds before he realized, oh, the ice empire in the north…

Old Jackson’s proposal was quite tempting to Hill.

After all, he shouldn’t just put all the eggs in one basket, right?

Letting the people of the Magnolia Empire bear the compensation for all mankind is really a bit too much.

Hill thought incomparably hypocritically.

“I’m very excited.” Hill said straightforwardly, “but you should understand that the Church of Light is much more powerful in Mülheim than in the Magnolia Empire.”

His words are quite straightforward. Of course, he knows that there are many things in the movie that the Church of Light can’t understand. In the Magnolia Empire, they don’t understand or care about it, but it’s different in Mülheim.

“I will pledge my allegiance to the king with most of the gold I get,” Old Jackson said.

Hill suddenly smiled.

Joan Baker’s heart was quite shaken. He suspected that if it were not for his special relationship with Hill, he would be assassinated tonight.

The smile turned into a big laugh, and the big laugh turned into a wild laugh. His red pupils carry the wildness and sharpness of a tyrant, the fiery red and the gold are intertwined, condensed in the twilight. His dark eyes are like a blazing fire that fell into ten thousand dusts, thousands of dreams fell between them, ten thousand years of blood moon condensed in them.

“Elijah Jackson, do you know what you are talking about?” Hill said slowly.

Old Jackson was shocked by his aura at this time, and then thought that his judgment at the beginning was correct… This demon seemed lazy and casual, but if he really broke out, even and old politician like him could not withstand it. But he still replied in a deep voice: “I know. I am inciting the contradiction between the Empire and the Church of Light, and I am also seeking the skin of the tiger, pushing humanity further into the abyss.”

Old Jackson’s ploy just now was really poisonous.

He understands the greed of King Magnolia. First of all, he has to cross the Church of Light to pay the magic spar to the Magnolia Empire. This will satisfy the greed of King Magnolia, and King Magnolia will trust him more, and the Church of Light will definitely be dissatisfied with the Magnolia Empire, but this dissatisfaction is limited. After all, the demon race seems to be able to produce the next compensation… well, it is the gold coins of the people of the Magnolia Empire.

However, Old Jackson will open a shopping mall in Mülheim next.

Of course, Old Jackson knew how much income a shopping mall could bring. He was not greedy for money, but intended to use it as a political bargaining chip. If he gives most of the share he deserves to King Magnolia, then King Magnolia must desperately want to save the shopping mall… In addition, Old Jackson is now starting to impress King Magnolia with movies from the lower realm. Under Old Jackson’s means, King Magnolia will behave according to his intentions.

The Magnolia Empire will really harden up and stop being bound by the many strictures of the Church. That’s for sure.

But at what cost?

More people will fall under the spell of the demons.

In the long run, this is not good for mankind. And Hill saw this, that’s why he said so.

Joan Baker can see it too, so he suspects that he will be assassinated by Old Jackson.

“It’s fine as long as the empire becomes strong.” Old Jackson said solemnly. “It’s a good thing to have a long-term view, but what’s the point of too long-term when you can’t even solve the current problem? And what about other human beings, are they related to my Magnolia Empire?” When he said this, he smiled lightly, “Of course, it’s right to have the same strength, but it doesn’t fit the current situation.”

If Joan Baker traded with demons under personal greed, sold the dignity of being a human being and the hatred of humans and demons.

Then Old Jackson colluded with the demons because of his love for the country, and what he was turning his back on seemed to be the whole human race.

Joan Baker couldn’t help feeling terrified. He prides himself on being young and scheming and cunning. He actually looked down on those old-school aristocrats who looked like they were dying, but now it seems that, old ginger is still hotter than young ginger.

Hill was actually a bit creeped out. Damn, how come this one is so terrible? The ambition is too big. He wants to play the big kingdoms and the Church of Light in the palm of his hands, ah. That said, playing with the palm of your hand means ass and palm of your hand? This is too obscene, right? Half of that is the thighs, right? But it’s too obscene to play with them in your thighs and palms, is it?! Wait, he seems to be distracted.

After Old Jackson said these bold words directly, but in fact, his heart was not very bottomless. He was observing Hill’s expression, but he saw that he was still a faint expression, as if he was thinking about something, but he did not speak directly.

Old Jackson has really suppressed it for too long. He has spoken countless times, dissuaded countless times, and tried to change it countless times… As a result, he still watched as his good friend, His Majesty, made the Magnolia Empire look like this.

If there was no accident, his future will be clearly visible: King Magnolia can’t stand him anymore. Their pitiful friendship is vulnerable to the king’s brutality and ruthlessness. He will eventually be executed or sent far away, and the Magnolia Empire will continue its decline.

But there was an accident.

The power of the demons invaded the humans quietly, and in such a gentle way.

This gave Old Jackson a strand of hope, his bold remarks were exactly the expression of depression in the past few decades.

At this moment, he couldn’t help his feelings and looked at Hill hopefully.

On the one hand, Hill was shocked, and on the other hand, he felt that this person was a bit too scary, but after thinking about it, he said, “The specific policy is okay… However, I have one more request.”

Old Jackson suppressed his joy and said, “Please speak.”

“I want to draw a magic circle under each shopping mall that can radiate the entire city,” Hill said.

Old Jackson frowned.

Joan Baker frowned. If Hill wasn’t there, he wanted to persuade Old Jackson not to agree to this request. Although they have their own ideas, they are still humans after all.

“May I ask what this magic array is for?” Old Jackson asked.

Hill smiled, “Don’t panic too much, it’s commonly known as the TV signal tower… Er… the TV signal array.” This name is really strange. Hill vomited in his heart, “As for the role,” Hill said, “If I want to make a series like “Natsume’s Book of Friends ” in the future, there is no need to release it in the cinema. I want every family to have a projection device that can receive the TV signal from a distance, and play some programs regularly every day. This will save some gold coins – and of course those who want to buy the projection stone set can continue to do so.”

When Old Jackson heard that it was used to play a series such as “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, he wanted to blurt out and agree on the spot. When he realized this, he couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth, ah, is this the temptation of the demons… He had to calm down, he had to think about it. No, I kind of want to see what will happen next in Natsume’s Book of Friends. Cough. Calm down. I am the noble Duke Jackson.

“Of course, you can also send someone to check the effect of the magic circle, I don’t mind,” Hill shrugged and said.

As for why not secretly put a magic circle, and why it must be approved by the official—this is very simple, because the magic signal is easy to be caught. Advanced magic can take a certain time to find the magic circle that emits the signal, so it is useless to secretly do it.

“I think if there is no problem, I can agree to this condition,” Old Jackson said.

Anyway, he made more than one risky decision today, and he was not burdened by debt.

“In addition, regarding Lord Grindelwald, your identity…” Old Jackson said, “Can you really decide on such an important matter directly on behalf of the lower realms?”

Ah, he really began to doubt my identity. Hill thought, and he nodded, “I can.” Then he began to think about what identity would be better for himself.

Then he heard Old Jackson say in a deep voice: “So, you should be the son of the Demon King.”

Hill: “…”

Hill: “You are really perceptive, Duke Jackson.”

Duke Jackson’s thinking is quite clear… The opponent is strong and has always come forward to do this kind of thing. It is unlikely that he is the Demon King himself, but he has shown an extremely noble status, and even directly played the Demon King in the movie, which shows that he has a very close relationship with the Demon King, so he boldly speculates that the other party is the Demon King’s son.

“Sure enough.” Old Jackson said solemnly, “His Royal Highness Grindelwald.”

Hill: “Oh…”

I became my son.

Kind of interesting.

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Put all the eggs in one basket – one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything.

Old ginger is still hotter than young ginger – old people are still more experienced

Seeking the skin of a tiger – often refers to discussing with an evil person and asking him to sacrifice his own interests, which will definitely not work.

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