Chapter 65 – Hill, who is “kindhearted”

In the end, Hill reached an agreement with Duke Jackson.

Old Jackson left the house of Joan Baker with a satisfied expression. Hill looked at his back and touched his chin and said, “Duke Jackson went in and out of your house so grandiosely… Is that okay?” Hill said. While talking, he poured the remaining desserts on the table into his mouth, cheesecake, orange and black currant cake, strawberry cheesecake, and apple crumble… Then he calmly poured the remaining juice into his own cup.

“I think you seem to be more dignified than Duke Jackson,” Joan Baker couldn’t help saying as he watched Hill treat this place as his own home. He couldn’t help thinking… Are they familiar to this point now?

“This is not the same. My relationship with you is justified.” Hill said seriously, “Everyone knows that we are in a cooperative relationship, but Old Jackson is different.”

“You mean, just when the King was planning to attack me, Duke Jackson suddenly went in and out of my house—this will become the handle for Duke Jackson to be attacked in the political arena?” asked Joan Baker.

“Yes, and with the satisfied expression on his face, one might even be tempted to think that you had made such an improper deal that he had to protect you in the courtroom…” Hill continued to talk eloquently, just now he almost blurted out a body transaction, so close, so close.

“Trust me,” said Joan Baker expressionlessly, “no one thinks that way but you, Your Highness Grindelwald.”

“That’s a shame.” Hill looked disgusted. “You humans really have no imagination.”

“You demons have too much imagination,” Joan and Baker counterattacked.

“So we created the movie,” Hill said cheekily, after speaking, he was a little uncomfortable, he felt that what he said was too righteous cough cough… Then he justifiably continued to ask: “What have you created? Your minds are still shackled by imperial power, personal selfishness, church guidelines. If you can’t break these shackles, what will greet the future of mankind, have you ever thought about it?”

Joan Baker glanced at him and said unhurriedly, “Your Highness Grindelwald, you don’t have to test me like this habitually. You should know that I am a man who sells his soul for profit… and I am very proud of it so far. Besides, you are helping mankind to break these shackles, aren’t you?”

Hill knew that each of these people’s hearts was clear as a mirror.

“I don’t think about anything, I want to make money,” he said.

“Of course.” said Joan Baker, “my goal is also to make more money.”

After the two hypocritically looked at each other for a few seconds, Joan Baker thought about it and said, “So, Duke Jackson will become your important collaborator in the future.”

“Yeah.” Hill said, “I hope you get along well with him.”

“Smart people and smart people always get along happily,” said Joan and Baker.

“Well… that’s why you and I get along so well too,” Hill said.

Joan Baker was stupefied by Hill. He felt that Hill seemed to be more and more unbridled recently… Well, let’s just use the term “suave” to describe it.

“The resources of the Jackson family are better than mine” Joan Baker continued.

“Oh. Yes, that’s the case.” Hill said, “You are worried that I will dump you.”

Joan Baker didn’t deny it: “I’m just telling the truth.”

By now it was autumn and the weather had cooled off.

Magnolia City has also entered the rainy season as well as the lower realm. The autumn rain is not heavy, but it is quite dense. After half a month of intermittent rain, there is no sign of clearing up. Looking out from the window, under the not-so-bright light of the kerosene lamp, there seems to be a small cloud of light mist floating under the lamp, which looks quite beautiful.

Autumn rain, night, aristocratic mansion.

The firewood crackled in the fireplace, and the orange-red flame exuded a soft and warm light.

The fireplace will always give people a warm feeling, will give people a sense of home, and a sense of belonging, especially in such a cold night.

Hill felt as if he was moved by the environment in front of him.

To be honest, he did not regard himself as a full-blown demon, but he did not regard himself as a human being either. In fact, Hill also found that he seemed calmer and colder than before, but he couldn’t judge whether it was the influence of crossing, after all, he didn’t have the opportunity to kill at will in his previous life.

He didn’t dwell on this. He didn’t think it was necessary. He was not a philosopher. Not forgetting who you used to be is a good thing, but you can’t just insist on it. Hill feels that everything is in motion and development, and it is not necessarily a bad thing to have his ideas changed. Generally speaking, it may be more in line with the current situation.

Therefore, if he has any ideas now, he will not deliberately determine whether this is right or wrong, just do it if he wants to.

Just like now, after he was moved by this warm scene, he also wanted the opposite Joan Baker to be touched a little, so he spoke and said seriously: “Old Jackson is an important partner, but you are the first partner.”

Joan Baker froze for a moment and did not answer for the first time. He looked at the night rain outside and the kerosene lamp glowing in the night for a while. It took a long time before he answered, “Yeah.” Then he felt that his emotions seemed to be exposed too much, so he said: “You have been watching “Natsume’s Book of Friends” too much.”

Hill smiled, “I think you also watched “Natsume’s Book of Friends” too much.” Then he said in a seductive tone, “I’m almost done with the second season, do you want to watch it?”

Joan Baker: …

The cunning merchant found himself shamefully swayed.


After Hill returned to the lower realm, he didn’t pay attention to the Magnolia Empire for the time being. He and Old Jackson had communicated some details clearly last night. As long as King Magnolia did not suddenly wise up, then the plan would not be a big problem. …It always feels like a bit of a mockery to say that.

To what extent can a country’s policies be ridiculous? During the Australian fires, authorities planned to shoot 10,000 camels because they drank too much water and emitted a lot of carbon dioxide each year, as well as indirectly contributing to global warming by the amount of methane in their annual fart emissions.

Hill was really full of black question marks after seeing it.

However, he later learned that camels are indeed an invasive species, but that camel farts cause global warming is still entertaining to him.

This time, however, Hill was fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of a corrupt dynasty.

He sent Ghost Binns to draw the magic circle. The magic circle will probably take more than a month to be drawn. After all, this is a super large magic circle.

Hill planned to take a break. During this time, he was using his brain like crazy. First, he made the first season of Natsume’s Book of Friends by himself, then made such a horrifying deal with Old Jackson, and then studied magic arrays with Ghost Binns. So, he directly ditched everything and went to the territory of the dark elves alone, planning to stay for a week as a vacation.

During this time, he and a few dark elves tried to make wine.

Hill found that the wine made by the dark elves was better than human wine. They have a traditional ice wine. They use magic to keep the grapes on the vine until the arrival of winter, the natural cold invades the grapes, the pulp and water inside are frozen, and then the juice is squeezed and brewed, and the taste is quite fascinating.

Hill used modern winemaking techniques to improve this, but the ice wine cycle is relatively long, so Hill first made ordinary wines. And Hill let the blood clan use their natural magic to harvest a section of moonlight into the wine – the moon and the sun are both magical existences in their own right, and the special nature of the blood clan is that they have an affinity for moon magic while being resistant to the magic of the sun.

Modern winemaking technology, coupled with the moonlight infused by the blood clan, the final wine produced is bright in color, with a strong fruity aroma and a refreshing fragrance.

In addition to wine, Hill has also tried to make other fruit wines. In fact, he has always been interested in Japanese plum wine and the like. However, there is no plum or alternative fruits here, so Hill has to give it up.

There is also honey wine. Honey wine is also called sweet wine, in fact, it is called mead, the raw material is all kinds of honey. Hill loves honey wine on Earth very much. It has an aromatic and mellow taste, which retains or even enhances the original nutrition of honey. It is a good health-care beverage, sweet and wonderful, and very delicious.

The daily way of making honey wine is very simple. Pour honey into a container that can keep warm, then pour the same amount of warm water, stir to make them evenly mixed, and then wait for the honey water to cool down to about 25 degrees Celsius and add the wine malt and stir. Then seal the container to keep warm and ferment it. It will be almost done in seven days.

The production method is so simple, so the requirements for raw materials are even higher.

The honey produced by the flame bee in the lower realm is more fragrant and rich, sweet and refreshing than in the human realm, and the water used to brew the honey wine is also taken from the mountain spring water in the dark elves’ habitat. The spring water here is quite clear and the magic elements are active. It can quickly restore mana after drinking it directly, and the honey wine brewed with it naturally has additional effects.

By the way, the skeleton clan raises flame bees very well… in fact, they raise them too well. There are too many flame bees in that area, and the skeletons have to keep expanding their scale, increasing their own labor.

In other words, the production of honey in the lower realm increased rapidly.

Hill was naturally happy to see the result, and then directly dug up a bunch of honey products from the Internet, intending to quickly turn the honey into a commercial product, and then sell it.

After Hill succeeded in creating a pot of concentrated honey grapefruit tea, he took a sip of the taste, and then suddenly thought, wait, didn’t he go out on vacation? Why is he busy again?

… Sure enough, he still can’t relax.

He shook his head and sighed.

Recently, a large number of honey-related products have been put on the shelves in the shopping mall, the prices are quite high, and it has also been noted that it will have a positive impact on the magic power, so the sales are also extremely high.

Hill decided to take a field trip by himself, and then he saw a little boy in tattered clothes outside the shopping mall looking inside enviously. Hill walked over with a kind heart. The little boy said that he wanted to eat the food in it for a long time. Hill thought for a while and gave him a small bottle of honey wine he had with him.

The little boy’s eyes brightened after taking a sip, “This is wine… Wow, it tastes great! It’s the best wine I’ve ever drunk! What is it made of!”

“Honey,” Hill replied.

“Honey…” The little boy looked a little dazed. Honey was still a luxury among the nobles in this era.

Hill thought for a while, since he has done so many good things today, then he will continue to spread science with kindness, so he replied: “Honey is nectar and bee secretions oh.”

Little boy: …

The little boy felt he was badly hit.

Joan Baker, who had just drunk the mead next to Hill, suddenly felt itchy in his throat.

Kindhearted my ass!

You are the demon’s own evil ghost, right?

However, Hill felt quite innocent: I was telling the truth~

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