Chapter 66 – Your whole race’s thinking is not right!

Sure enough, Old Jackson was impeached. His political opponents complained to King Magnolia that he and Joan Baker had informed each other. King Magnolia was very dissatisfied with this because Old Jackson had done similar things before—he had tipped off innocent people behind Magnolia’s back to protect them.

“What do you mean by that? Old Jackson.” King Magnolia asked sternly.

But Old Jackson said calmly: “Your Majesty, I’m just sharing your worries for you.”

“Give me an explanation,” King Magnolia said coldly.

Old Jackson’s political opponents were of course gloating when they saw this situation.

“I went to Baker, and then saw the demon behind him, and I learned that Mr. Grindelwald is actually the prince of the lower realm,” Old Jackson said.

The majority of people paled at these words, and King Magnolia thought to himself, “I’m glad I didn’t take a swing at Joan Baker.” Oh yes, Magnolia had already lost his nerve inside, but as a king, he couldn’t give in on the surface, so he said in a voice full of majesty (at least he thought he was majestic, but in fact, he sounded a little kidney-deficiency, in fact, he has kidney-deficiency): “Duke Jackson, are you afraid because of the identity of the demon standing behind Baker? Do you think I should be scared too?”

“How come!” Old Jackson showed a shocked expression with exaggerated acting skills, and then said with respect: “We human beings are the strongest race, and you are the king of the most powerful empire among the most powerful races. They should be afraid of you!”

The surrounding ministers all looked at Old Jackson with a twitching face.

This person… what’s wrong with him? Why did he suddenly become a flatterer? Is this the after-effects of meeting the demons? His body was taken over?

Old Jackson turned a blind eye to everyone’s gaze, still standing there calmly.

Other people’s ideas are actually right to some extent. The transformation of Old Jackson is indeed related to Hill, and it is also related to the “Song of Ice and Fire” he is currently studying.

In addition, one thing happened.

When Old Jackson met with Hill, Hill pointedly said: “Loyal ministers are not necessarily good ministers. Good ministers should be able to use various means to make their monarch move in the right direction.”

Then Old Jackson had an epiphany.

So, he put his old face aside, and started…praising.

Thus, a generation of loyal ministers became sycophants.

In fact, King Magnolia also noticed what was wrong with Old Jackson, his flattery was a bit blown over the head.

This is also because Old Jackson just started to learn how to flatter, so he couldn’t grasp the scale. It will be better in the future.

But even if the scale is wrong, it’s better than lecturing him. King Magnolia thought so.

Then Old Jackson continued: “I have a plan, Your Majesty.”

Then Old Jackson said that the lower realm can skip the Oitin Empire and directly pay them the installment of the Magnolia Empire, provided that they must resist the pressure from the church… “Anyway, the magic crystals have already entered our pockets. The church will not force us to hand it over.”

King Magnolia felt very good when he heard it, and he thought more. What if the Church of Light is dissatisfied? Can the Oitin Empire send troops to attack them? However, the Oitin Empire seems to respect the Magnolia Empire so much, so it’s impossible.

One has to say, King Magnolia thinks too beautifully.

He didn’t notice the people who really respected him, but the people who pretended to respect him were especially favored by him.

When King Magnolia was delighted to have a large number of magic crystals, Old Jackson said lightly that in order for the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” to be played smoothly, a magic circle needs to be carved under the shopping mall and several imperial mages are needed. “I hope Your Majesty will allow me to mobilize a few Imperial mages.”

Old Jackson said this very cleverly, as if carving a magic array was an insignificant matter, and his purpose in informing this was to try to mobilize a few imperial mages.

King Magnolia was really misled, and when he heard that it was the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, he couldn’t help it, and immediately agreed.

King Magnolia liked this anime very much. He also asked Duke Jackson, “Do you think Natsume will be with a bunch of female demons in the future and marry them? Some female demons are really pretty… you say, I want to meet two female demons, can I? Ask that prince from the lower realm.”

Old Jackson was speechless, but he still said, “I will talk to him.”

—The succubus responsible for the breeding of livestock will be quite eager, expecting King Magnolia to take them out of the sea of suffering.

—Your Majesty, you don’t know, in the past, the Demon King actually forced us to make the sows go into heat. Wuwuwu…

—This picture must be beautiful.


At this moment, the lower realm.

Speaking of this infrastructure, the most basic thing is the road and the house.

Hill studied for a long time and finally found the dark dwarves.

The dark dwarves live in a Dark Forest. In the past, the dark forest used to be called the Sunshine Forest. It was a beautiful forest with pleasant scenery. Later, because of a catastrophe due to the abuse of spells by the Lich, nowadays, there are mutated monsters and contaminated souls everywhere. In the forest, you can see huge white spider webs, colorful moths flying around, and some withered fruits covered with green hairs.

Later, a powerful fallen angel lived here. He killed the lich and established a good relationship with the dark dwarves who had lived here for a long time.

The main purpose of Hill’s approach to the dark dwarves is to let them design some infrastructure and transportation.

As the saying goes, if you want to get rich, you must first build roads, and establishing a comprehensive transportation network in the lower realm is an indispensable part of the development of the lower realm. Hill also plans to let the black dwarves create a man-made train directly—the train’s technical content is actually not very high.

Ghost Binns has been drawing a magic circle in Magnolia City recently, so he can’t make it. In fact, Binns may be a bit of a mismatch for designing this kind of machine, so it’s a good thing to find dwarves who are good at mechanical engineering to finish the job.

After hearing that Lord Demon King was interested in machinery, the patriarch of the Dark Dwarf clan excitedly pulled Hill to see some of their latest research results, such as a carriage that would run automatically when mounted on a magic spar. The disadvantage is that the speed may vary. Fast and slow, and easy to hit the wall; for example, the sweeping robot, the disadvantage is that it may chase your feet crazy… In short, all kinds of weird inventions and weird side effects. Hill remembered that someone had invented a midwifery machine in the twentieth century on Earth. This machine used centrifugal force to assist in giving birth… Oh yes, it would keep the pregnant woman spinning until the baby was… thrown out.

And this wonderful machine has also been patented.

The first reaction in Hill’s mind at the time: Damn, it really was a maternity throw!

And now, when he thinks about it… Er… President, the lady has been spinning on the fan at high speed for three hours, the child has been successfully delivered.

Cough. By the way, they may have misunderstood the president in the previous CEO novels. He may be following the example of the previous person to give the lady assisted delivery.

For one thing, Hill also learned that the black dwarves do have talents, and the things they made can be used after improvements. After thinking about it, he decided to make the dark dwarves a member of the Lower Realm Research Institute. Then let the other theoretical leaders of the scientific research institute solve their follow-up problems. The magic literacy of the dark dwarves is relatively low, so the things created can no longer be adjusted by magic.

Finally, the Dark Dwarf Patriarch proudly showed Hill a musket, which was their latest research result.

The firearm is a very powerful weapon among ordinary people, but it has no power here against the high-demon race, but if the firearm is improved into a magic gun and powered by magic crystals, it may have a new transformation. Hill accepted the musket after complimenting the Dark Dwarf Patriarch, intending to turn around and hand it over to the Ghost Binns for improvement.

After visiting the research on the black dwarves, Hill came up with the concept of trains. The Dark Dwarf Patriarch nodded frequently, and at the end, he said: “My King, your idea is very great. If this is the case, the efficiency of material transportation in the lower realm will be greatly improved, but in this way, we will be short of magic spar…”

Hill shook his head, “Many of your inventions don’t use magic spar, right?”

“Yes,” said the Dark Dwarf Patriarch.

“The development of magic technology and the development of non-magic technology are the same thing. You are dwarves. Dwarves are not good at magic, but are good at doing all kinds of non-magic things… Why is your current thinking still using magic to solve power problems in the first place?” Hill asked.

The Dark Dwarf Patriarch seems to understand some truths, but there is still a little doubt, “I understand, My King, I will study with the other dwarven brothers. Although I am still a little at a loss about the new power… Maybe we can use gunpowder?”

“Ah, I don’t recommend you to do that.” Hill coughed, and then he said, “First of all, you need to know a term: steam engine.”

Then, Hill began to spread knowledge about the steam engine to the Dark Dwarf Patriarch, which did not need Baidu.


Half an hour later, the Dark Dwarf Patriarch was already fanatical.

Because the Patriarch himself was caught in extreme emotions, the dinner party for Lord Demon King had to be organized by the elders.

The dark dwarves have their own cultural traditions and eating habits, and Hill feels that their food overall is much better than other races in the lower realm. Dwarves like to eat meat and drink alcohol.

By the way, there are two big races of dwarves in the lower realm. The first is the dark dwarf living in the dark forest, and the second is the snow mountain dwarf living on the snowy mountain—they hollowed out the interior of a snowy mountain and built their own city with steel and magic.

Because the dark forest is relatively humid, the dwarves especially like spices such as chili pepper, and Hill happens to like it, so he also tasted a feast of different world flavors. Although not as exquisite and delicious as the fire elemental spirits’, it also has a special flavor.

They held a banquet in the dark forest camp, surrounded by disturbing darkness, something seemed to be surging in the darkness. There are bonfires and torches in the camp. The wood is burning and crackling, and the bright flames are like red stars when they fly in the sky. The buildings in the camp are mainly tents, and there are also caravans with wheels that can be moved. It is convenient for these dark dwarves to move.

It is also a very wonderful feeling to hold a banquet with the lively dark dwarves in such an environment.

Hill also asked Irvine to cook several dishes. The most popular among the dark dwarves was the beer-grilled pork chop. The white-spotted wild boar raised by the tauren and the succubus was sprinkled with salt and pepper and slowly roasted for a long time. Then use oil, green onion, garlic, curry sauce, and other ingredients cooked to make a fragrant sauce. Next, repeatedly coated with the sauce on top of the roasted pork chops for several hours before they are ready.

After the meal is ready, the pork chops are cut open, the outside is grilled into golden brown, and the sauce on the top is dark. The sauce is evenly spread on the surface of the pork chops, looking very tempting. The smell that came makes everyone salivate.

Hill inserted a fork and took a bite. The gravy poured out mixed with the fragrant sauce, which made the saliva secrete faster. It was really delicious.

The dwarves are very excited. They sang their ballads in dwarven language while drinking. In fact, the lyrics and tunes are similar to “Unity is strength” and “Steelworkers are strong”. They sang loudly and drank ale, glass after glass. In the end, they all fell down drunk.

Hill felt that he was also infected by their enthusiasm.

He suddenly realized that he had traveled to this other world, communicated with various races, felt their culture, saw some scenery that he had never seen before, and met some people… This feeling is also very good.

Then Hill and the elders of the dark dwarves talked about their inventions. Hill cited the terrible midwifery device as an example, meaning that he hoped that the dark dwarves would be closer to reality when they invent. As a result, the elder pondered for a moment and said: “This is really a genius invention!”

Hill: ???

Dark Dwarf Elder: “And in this way, the dizziness of pregnant women can be used to relieve the pain of childbirth! You can do multiple things in one fell swoop!”

Hill: ???

Dark Dwarf Elder: “Tomorrow I will make this instrument with my brothers, and then use it for dwarf women!”

Hill: “…”

Hill: “…please don’t do this.”

Holy shit. Your whole race’s thinking is not right!

It seems that there is still a long way to go on this road of teaching.

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