Chapter 67 – Don’t! Bully! The Young! And Poor!

The magic array used to transmit the TV signal is finally drawn.

During the drawing, the imperial mages were a little bit confused when they saw such a large magic circle, but after all, this was an order from King Magnolia, so they suppressed their doubts and cooperated with Ghost Binns to draw it and also supervise it.

The magic systems on the two sides are different, but generally the same. By drawing together, Binns learned a lot from human magic, and those imperial mages were also impressed by Binn’s magic knowledge reserve.

Binns is the most approachable of the five elders. Coupled with the appreciation of each other and the intention to make friends, after a period of time, he has established a good relationship with the imperial mages. Among them, an imperial mage held an important position in the Magic Academy in Magnolia City, and he also invited Ghost Binns to be the instructor of the academy.

Binns asked Hill for instructions, and Hill was happy to hear it, so he let Binns go and asked him to get along well with the academy.

At this stage, the closer the connection between the Lower Realm and Magnolia City, the better, and it is best to tie the entire Magnolia Empire to their thief ship. …Hey, but it is not the ship of thieves.

Now that the magic circle is drawn, it’s time to push out the magic TV. Hill intends to sell the TV together during the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, and explain that some programs will be shown on TV for free in the future. Hill also plans to pick up some TV commercials. In fact, other advertisements can also be published in the magazine. The sole purpose of this is to make money. At present, the advertisements in the magazine are all internal advertisements of the shopping mall, such as newly listed jewelry, movie merch, and food.

Duke Jackson intends to send his children to Mulheim to find their uncle, the elder brother of his late wife, and use the power of that family to build a shopping mall. It stands to reason that Old Jackson himself should personally control such an important thing as the shopping mall, but his status is an important minister of the Magnolia Empire, so it is easy for others to be vigilant when he opens shops in other countries. It would be much better if he gives it to his own children. After all, there are still relatives, which is also on their side.

But Jefferson Jackson has his own official duties. As for Olivia… Although Olivia seems to have improved a lot now, she is still inexperienced after all, or has no experience at all, so Duke Jackson had some difficulty deciding for a while.

Finally, he explained the situation to his two children. Jefferson Jackson was a little upset. He now wants to quit his job and go to the sea to do business. Olivia also wants to go to the sea, but she wants to go to the sea to make a movie. But Olivia thought for a while and made the decision: “Dad, let me go.” Like many young people who don’t know how high the sky is, she didn’t take Old Jackson’s worries to heart, but her words are quite reasonable: “Anyone has no experience in cooperating with the demons, and no experience in promoting movies except Baron Baker. Since I’m on the starting line with others, there is nothing to be afraid of. And most importantly, I am from the noble Jackson family, with your blood on my body, I will succeed. Dad, trust me.”

After thinking about it for a long time, Old Jackson decided to take the risk—he let his daughter go.

What she said was right, after all, other people didn’t have such experience, maybe it would delay things. And the old duke also felt that he only needed to open the shopping mall in the Ice Empire, and the rest, the shopping mall will take care of it by itself.

While Old Jackson made a decision, Hill made a major decision.

The term “shopping mall” and “magazine” has always been too unrecognizable, but the direct use of the word “lower realm” is estimated to cause too much attention from the church, so Hill separated the words of the demon from the lower realm. In the end, he finally formed a new term for the otherworld—the demon realm.

“The term Lower Realm is too ugly. Why is it ‘lower’? This is discrimination against our demon race. When I think of this, I can’t breathe. I don’t know how much more suffering and blows we will suffer in the future, suffer in the fire of iniquity that destroys our lives…” Hill said to the five elders, “In the future, we will use the term Demon Realm in our propaganda to the human realm.”

Hill said a passage of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream”.

The five elders felt that what Hill said was really powerful and made them empathize, so they also agreed with affectionate feelings.

Since then, “Magazine” was renamed “Demon Realm Magazine”, and the “Demon Realm Shopping Mall” brand was also hung on the shopping mall.

Some people may be wondering, isn’t it just changing the name? Isn’t it just changing the name? It won’t make much difference, right?

But in fact, this effect is really big.

At the very least, the term demon realm, for humans, appears with freshness and attractiveness.

There are many things that are quietly changing under Hill’s plan.


After the signal launching array was drawn, Hill was not in a hurry to produce the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. Before that, he told Joan Baker that the second season was a joke. However, Hill has already given the script of the second season to tentacle monster Xiao Ai, and let her take her time to draw it first.

Recently, Hill’s main job is to make the game “Love and Demons”.

The content of the game is like this. The heroine is a down-and-out noble lady. By chance, she was selected by the Demon King and became the person in charge of a shopping mall in a certain city. Then she started her own career in developing the Demon Realm Shopping Mall… Then there are four male demon love target: Bai Qi, who fell from a paladin to a death knight, the overbearing demon king, Li Zeyan, the scholarly lich, Xu Mo, and the happy-go-lucky popular star fire elemental spirit, Zhou Qiluo.

Of course, the stills were drawn by the Tentacle Monster clan, not Xiao Ai, Xiao Ai continued to be responsible for the animation, and another tentacle monster named Doro was responsible for the stills, CG, and scene drawings of “Love and Demons”.

Hill while brushing up on the game’s actual video on the B site, Hill adapted the game to make it more in line with the background of another world. But this is still a relatively large project. After doing it for a week, Hill felt that he was almost exhausted, so he thought about setting aside a period of time every day to write the game and do other things at other times.

The weather was just right on this day, the rainy season in the demon realm was over. Hill called everyone around and planned to go for a walk.

After a long rainy season, the plants in the forest seem to grow more luxuriant. Although it is now autumn, the trees still have a beautiful green color. The paladin in charge of the encyclopedia can now directly report the names of these trees and can also tell the main function of these trees.

A beautiful and thick umbrella-shaped tree appeared in front of him, and the dark elf Albrecht said, “I know this one. This tree oozes a fragrant sap when the bark is cut, which is one of the succubus’ favorite drinks.”

“Really?” Hill said with interest, “Then let’s try?”

“I advise you not,” said Monroe, the death knight. “The sap of this tree is aphrodisiac.”

Hill touched his head, “Your knowledge is too broad…”

“I learned the classification of various poisons in the church.” Monroe replied, “There are also such trees in the human world, but not many. Succubus is probably immune to it, that’s why they use it as a drink.”

“So that’s it.” Hill nodded, “This world is really big and full of wonders.” There are many descriptions of aphrodisiacs in the literature on Earth, but the truth is that it is a fictional drug. There is no drug that can arouse, at best it can make people unconscious or make the mind confused or something.

At this moment, Albrecht proudly said: “You are too weak. If it were me, even if I did not drink the sap of this tree, I would have desires for My King!”

Hill: Goodbye.

Can you speak well! Al, your level of idiocy is getting more and more terrifying. Hey! You are still proud! You don’t feel ashamed but proud?!

Hill felt deeply that he should pay more attention to this dark elf in the future.

They walked along a small river and saw all kinds of animals and plants along the way. The river finally poured into the ocean. The seaside is flat with large stretches of sandy beaches. There was a sprawling mountain range at the other end of the beach with many birds of prey inhabiting it. Hill squinted for a moment at what felt like pigeons. The meat of wild pigeons is very delicious, and the eggs will probably be more delicious.

Hill asked the paladins to catch the pigeons, and the paladins went with the knight’s sword. Their attitude was completely different from the beginning. Monroe looked at their backs for a while, and then said, “They listen to you very much now.”

“You also listen to me very much now,” Hill said.

“Is that so?” Monroe smiled and said nothing.

Hill muttered a little bit in his heart, feeling that Monroe is really getting stronger and stronger.

During the meal, Hill talked about “Love and Demons”. A paladin said, “Uh, Lord Demon King, although I think this idea is very good, it seems that recent movies and the like are all geared towards women. Can’t you do something geared towards men?”

Hill patted his head, remembering that he did have this plan before, but in the end, things were a little too long and forgotten.

After the outing, Hill returned to Blackrock Tower, thought for a moment, and wrote a title on the paper.

“The Strongest Evil Monarch.”

Hmm… this title is very popular.

The name of the male lead… well… copied from that little reporter, I think.

Then Hill began to write the text:

“Theodore, who was considered a genius in the past, was suddenly judged that his physique was not suitable for practicing magic. From then on, his status in the family plummeted and he was ridiculed as a waste. And soon after, he was tragically dumped by his fiancée and was severely humiliated in public.”

Very good, waste wood + dumping, this is a routine.

“Then he said loudly and forcefully in front of everyone: ‘Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi. Don’t! Bully! The Young! And Poor!’

The elders sucked in a cold breath: ‘The second son is too dangerous, he can’t stay.’

Okay, here are some of the most classic lines of male yy novels.

“Theodore then picked up a ring with the soul of a demon lich inhabited. The lich smiled and said that ‘you are not suitable for human magic, but you are suitable for demon magic’.

So, Theodore began to practice with the Lich, and then began various face-slapping routines. “

Okay, the accompanying old grandfather also has.

Then you can arrange female characters, um… there must be a childhood sweetheart sister, then a considerate maid, another princess from a neighboring country, and another genius female mage who is cold and outstanding… well, it’s almost complete.

There is also a male character. Those who are familiar with male yy novels know that the so-called protagonist’s brothers in male yy novels are generally almost younger brothers, and the protagonist must be the core. And then the protagonist, after getting some treasures, will give the useless ones to ‘these younger brothers’. Then these brothers will feel inexplicably grateful, and then exaggerate the brotherhood… In the final analysis, it is still a self-satisfaction novel.

Hill wrote and suddenly trembled, and felt a chill.

This seems to be the same as the domineering president article ah.

But it is estimated that it will be popular with many men… It is better to say that women are not recommended to watch during the promo? However, many men watched “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” with great enthusiasm, and Hill couldn’t tell what would happen to “The Strongest Evil Monarch” in another world… But he was certain that it will cause a huge wave.

Then Hill conceived the framework of the novel, and finally wrote: Theodore the Great Mage stood proudly in the world and said, “Heaven does not give birth to me, Theodore, the human world is a long dark night for all eternity.”

After Hill finished writing, he was silent for a while, and couldn’t help but cringe: “This is too embarrassing…”

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Male yy novels – power upgrade + harem

30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi – the future can always change, weak can become strong or the other way around

Heaven does not give birth to me… – it has something to do with Confucius I guess, like if heaven did not create him, the world will stay in darkness for all eternity

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