Chapter 68 – Audition

It took Hill a week to finish the rough script for the movie, trying to absorb the essence of the male yy novels on Earth, as well as various big scenes and handsome men and beauties. Anyway, this is a different world, whether it is special effects or beauties are readily available.

As to why it was a rough script, because Hill wanted to wait for the actors to be selected and then make some adjustments according to the actors, to make sure that the viewing effect is excellent.

After finishing the script, Hill pondered for a while, changed the movie’s name to “The Evil Monarch”, and then published an advertisement for the open recruitment of actors in the magazine.

Earlier, it was notified that the lower realm would recruit actors for a movie, so when this advertisement came out, the entire Magnolia City and Josh Kenny were boiling.

The demon race is no exception.

Lich Aligeli who is one of the Five Great Elders, probed in front of Hill several times after learning about it. It was actually quite terrifying for a ghostly lich to probe his head. Hill almost could not help crushing his head. In the end he couldn’t bear it, “What do you want? Just say it.”

Lich Aligeli said, squirming a bit: “My King, I want to play a role in it.”

There really is a role that Lich Aligeli can play—the male protagonist’s portable grandfather. In the script, he was originally set to be a lich with an injured soul.

“It’s okay. There is a character in it that matches your identity,” Hill said helplessly: “Next time, just tell me, don’t be like this. You almost scared me to death.”

“Sorry, My King,” said the Lich Aligeli hastily.

“Well, show me your evil laugh,” Hill said.

Lich Aligeli: “Evil laugh?”

“Yeah… just… that kind of laugh,” Hill said.

“Uh…forgive me for my ignorance, My King, what kind of laugh is that?” Aligeli asked.

Hill was at a loss for a few seconds, “I don’t know, anyway…” In short, the big villains in general novels laugh like this. After a few seconds, Hill said: “Anyway, you make an evil laugh. Try it out?”

Aligeli thought for a few seconds and said, “Hehehe.”

Hill: “…”

Hey! That’s not an evil laugh! That’s an old driver’s laugh, right! It’s not an evil way right!

Imagine that a domineering big demon in the male yy novel appeared, and the result was “hehehe”, what’s the situation? What is this? Is he possessed by Woody? That said, can the “Thriller Paradise” be serialized in the magazine ah… Alas, it doesn’t seem to work right now. It lacks the background culture, so let’s take it slowly.

In short, Hill asked Aligeli to figure out how to create an image of a lich who is cold outside and warm inside. Then he went to Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, planning to personally review the actor interview.

At this time, the influence of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is still very large, it has surpassed the influence of the first few movies—after all, the first few movies did not have external projection stones.

Moreover, the story of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is suitable for both male and female viewers. If it were not for fear of being checked, Joan Baker would have played an advertisement of “Shocking News! What is the movie that made Emperor Magnolia stay up late to watch…”. Afterwards, Joan Baker thought that he had already been targeted by the emperor anyway, so it didn’t matter if he was targeted more… Oh, yes, this is a guy who wants money not life.

So, Joan Baker advertised in Josh Kenny. As for the Magnolia City, let’s forget about it. After all, he is not really desperate.

When the second batch of projection stones of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” was put on the shelves, in addition to that of King Magnolia, there was also a bold advertisement of “jointly recommended by the four pirate kings”.

Then, with the help of the Ghost Binns, “Natsume’s Book of Friends” was also popular in Magnolia School of Magic. Didn’t he go to serve as a professor at the Magic Academy? He directly used a projection stone as a prize for the test in the classroom. The winner lent it all night to his classmates to see it, which made some students who were unable to go to the shopping mall to spend their money, happy.

Hill wondered if it was time to get some vouchers out, as a reward for the Demon Realm Magazine submission lottery. Most of the students at the Magic Academy cannot afford projection stones, but they can afford magazines. Hill currently needs to make money, so he has not issued a price reduction. This objectively creates obstacles to cultural invasion, so he should change his method to expand the influence of cultural products on top of making a lot of money.


Cast audition.

The audition was conducted in a box in the restaurant on the second floor of the shopping mall. Hill planned to hand over several key roles to humans to play. Of course, if there were some nobles, Hill wouldn’t mind letting them play some harmless roles. At present, Hill does not have the ethics of being an artist… and he is not. He is a demon king who wants to make money like crazy.

Alongside Hill were Joan Baker and Jefferson Jackson. The old duke was not at liberty to appear, so he had his son come over, and Olivia wanted to come too, but she wanted to participate in the audition more than observe it. The old duke also agreed to her request, so she will appear as an auditioner this time.

“Let the first one in,” Hill said.

The audition sequence was randomly disrupted. The first one to come in was a student from the Magnolia School of Magic. Hill glanced at his appearance, then handed him a piece of parchment with a scene written on it, a cannon fodder who mocks the protagonist as a waste.

“Well, try to act out the above scene,” Hill said.

As a result, the performance of the other party was not ideal, as stiff as a clerk forced to come on stage at the company’s annual meeting. In a sense, this analogy is quite vivid.

Hill shook his head, “Next.”

The student was disappointed and left.

The auditioners came in one by one. Many were not good at all, but there were some good ones. The current candidates are: cousin who is not happy with the protagonist, the father of the protagonist who died young (appeared twice in the memory), the protagonist’s seriously ill mother, cannon fodder A, B, C, and D who mocked the protagonist.

There is currently no suitable candidate for the female role, nor for the male protagonist.

At this moment, the door was pushed open, and reporter Theodore appeared with a smile, “Good morning, distinguished gentlemen, I am here for an audition.”

Hill was still embarrassed for a second after seeing Theodore. He was too lazy to name the protagonist, so he used Theodore’s name directly. Then he looked up and down Theodore, his sunny appearance, and slightly handsome face. He’s really suitable for the male protagonist. So, Hill said, “Come on, you perform this first.”

The scene on the parchment shows that the protagonist was hit hard after he knew that he was not suitable for practicing magic.

Theodore closed his eyes for a while to find the feeling, then opened his eyes. At this time, his eyes were full of disbelief. He stepped back a few steps and hit a stool… This was not what he expected, but he quickly adjusted, pretending to stagger and put on a more embarrassing posture, then the disbelief turned into loss and pain, and then he clenched his fists as if thinking of something again, and became a little more angry…

His eyes seemed to say, why is it me, why it is me?

After seeing it, Hill nodded frequently, feeling that Theodore’s acting was pretty good.

Jefferson Jackson beside him was also amazed. From this morning’s interview, he discovered one thing, that human talents are manifested in various aspects, and being able to act is actually a kind of talent. Of course, this is not just about the ability to act in movies. As a noble young master, Jefferson Jackson knows how important acting is in the communication of aristocrats.

Joan Baker was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect that his subordinate would have such talents.

Then Hill asked Theodore to try a few more scenes, and the others were good, but the domineering was a little insufficient, but Hill felt that he could be tuned.

So, Hill said to him with a smile: “Congratulations, you passed.”

Theodore gave a big smile, “Thank you, sir, what role did I get?”

Hill blinked and said, “The protagonist.”

Theodore was stunned, then ecstatic.


This is something he never thought of!

Many years later, the distinguished King Theodore I thought that meeting Lord Grindelwald… No, meeting the Lord Demon King was probably the real turning point in his life.


During the lunch break, the three of them, plus Monroe, ate directly at the restaurant on the second floor, which was already equipped with wine from the Demon Realm, so they tried the latest Moonlight Strawberry Wine brewed by the Dark Elves, which tasted really good. It surpassed the wine Hill has drunk on earth.

In addition, Hill also drank some golden wine and dwarf ale. Meals include: cherry pie; a delicious salad of walnuts, raisins, blackberries and shredded cheese; a small suckling pig stuffed with mushrooms, oysters and dressings; grilled crabs; spicy sausages… these are quite medieval flavor but modified by Hill’s cuisine.

In addition, Hill also ate some abalone rice. Hill is still keen on rice. At present, Joan Baker has found a batch of rice seeds. Hill has planted rice outside the Blackrock Tower. The land there is very fertile. The main ingredient of abalone rice is shiitake mushrooms besides abalone, which is also one of Hill’s favorite ingredients. Dried shiitake mushrooms can perfectly lock the unique flavor of wild shiitake mushrooms. The combination of fungi and seafood has always been a classic. At this moment, the combined flavors of shiitake mushrooms and abalone brings an unparalleled taste enjoyment. Finally, the delicious sauce is poured on top, and the grainy rice exudes a rich aroma.

Hill dug a spoonful with a spoon, and after eating it, it was fresh and tender, and accompanied by a wonderful sauce. It was really the ultimate enjoyment ah.

In fact, life is very good now. Hill thought.

The demon realm still faces many challenges, but Hill still has confidence in the future. After all, behind him is a reserve of knowledge from the entire earth.

The future is of course very important, but it is also very important now to enjoy life when you can.

Hill stretched and said, “Take a nap, and then continue the audition in the afternoon.”

Monroe got up, “I will leave for a while.”

“Where are you going?” Hill asked.

“The border of the Magnolia Empire,” Monroe said, “I notified Teresa when I came out, I’m going to meet him.”

Teresa Shelley, Monroe’s deputy captain at the time, was ordered by Monroe to go undercover at the Church of Light. Hill knew about this, and he left it to Monroe. He had too many things to take care of. He can’t take care of it for the time being. Although this involves quite sensitive things, Hill trusts Monroe entirely.

“Oh.” Hill was a little unhappy. “You’re not going to stay with me?”

“What do I do? Sleep with you?” Monroe asked.

Hill: “Gah?”

The other two people in the room sucked in a breath of cold air.

Monroe glanced at the messy expressions of the crowd, a little helpless: “…Didn’t you say that you are going to take a nap.”

Hill felt a little embarrassed and touched his nose, “I’m sorry, my mind is full of evil thoughts, I thought wrong.”

“All right,” Monroe said, “I’m leaving this afternoon.”


Jefferson naturally went home, and Hill and Monroe went to rest in Joan Baker’s mansion.

The Death Knight didn’t need to sleep, so after Hill sat down on the bed, Monroe leaned down and kissed the back of his hand, saying, “Get some rest, I’ll keep watch at the door.”

“You don’t call me ‘My King’ ,” Hill said.

“Because there are still distracting thoughts in my heart, I can’t be wholeheartedly loyal.” Monroe said, and then continued, “Go to sleep, you have things to do in the afternoon.”

“Good,” Hill said.

Monroe left immediately and then stood guard at the door.

Hill was lying on the bed, and of course, he could feel the breath of Monroe guarding the door.

Feels good.

Everything seems to be fine.

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