Chapter 69 – Little Reporter’s Spring

The audition started in the afternoon. The first one was Olivia Jackson.

Suddenly seeing his sister, Jefferson Jackson couldn’t help coughing. Hill looked at Jefferson and said, “You know her?”

“Your sister?” asked Joan Baker.

“What are you cursing for?” Hill was inexplicable.

Jefferson Jackson coughed again, “My sister.”

Joan Baker shrugged and spread his hands, expressing innocence.

“Huh?” It took a few seconds for Hill to react, “Oh oh oh, this is the Miss Olivia who was kicked out by her father when she watched a movie?”

Jefferson Jackson: “…pfft.”

Olivia Jackson also coughed and her face flushed.

Joan Baker shook his head, “Mr. Grindelwald…”

Hill scratched his head, “I’m sorry, but this really impressed me too much.”

That tagline…can it not be impressive?

At this moment, Olivia Jackson undoubtedly hate Joan Baker. Which girl doesn’t want to make a good impression in front of the person she admires?! This is the demon prince in front of me (yes, the old duke has already told her)! This is the director of those movies! He also played the role of Lord Demon King! …Wait, did he play his father? Well, this is not the point.

As a result, when the male god and herself met for the first time, the beginning is, you were the XXX who was kicked out by your father?

Olivia took two deep breaths before she calmed down, and then she performed aristocratic courtesies to Hill, “Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, I’m here for an audition.”

Hill nodded. He felt that the girl in front of him was indeed capable of controlling emotions. Hill still hopes that there will be more nobles among the actors. On the one hand, many nobles have good acting skills, this is understandable because there are many places where nobles need to act in their communication. On the other hand, the nobles now control all parts of the empire, bringing the nobles and demons closer, and objectively speaking, it is more politically useful.

While Hill was observing Olivia’s appearance, Olivia was also observing Hill.

Mr. Grindelwald’s face is exactly the same as in the movie, but his aura seems to be less than the one in the movie… But this is understandable, and the approachable Mr. Grindelwald has a different appeal. Ah. She thought of the hot scenes in the movie, then she thought about it, and then she couldn’t control it…

Jefferson Jackson knew that it was bad when he looked at his sister’s expression. After all, they were brothers and sisters, so he could see that his sister was already in fanaticism at this moment.

Hill felt that Olivia’s appearance was suitable for a milder role, so he thought about it and said, “Now you are a maiden, you have a crush on your cousin, but he does not know your feelings. Come on, show it.”

Olivia hadn’t recovered from the imagination just now, so she looked at Hill affectionately.

Huh? This acting is pretty good. Hill thought.

Jefferson Jackson squeezed a sweat. This is a blind cat finding a dead mouse. Wait, how can it be said that Mr. Grindelwald is a dead mouse? But it’s okay to say that his sister is a blind cat.

“So, the next scene.” Hill said, “He’s with someone else, and you’re sad.”

Olivia was still a little out of it, Jefferson had an idea and said: “His Royal Highness Grindelwald, can I say something to my sister in private?”

“Yes,” Hill said.

So, Jefferson Jackson walked to Olivia and whispered in her ear: “Hold your heart, he should like men.”

Olivia: …

Olivia: !!!

So, the second scene was immediately planned. Olivia looked at Hill with a sorrowful gaze, and Hill shivered, then he looked at Jefferson with a gloomy gaze.

Joan Baker: ???

Joan Baker: “…what’s the matter with you guys?”

The atmosphere inside the room was quite strange for a while.

After a few seconds, Jefferson shuddered and said, “…you heard it?”

Hill said bitterly: “I don’t want to hear it either, but unfortunately I am a demon and my ears are more sensitive.”

Jefferson pulled out the corner of his mouth, “I’m very sorry, I don’t want to cheat, I just hope Olivia can have a good score… Forget it, I just want to cheat, sorry.” He resigned.

“It’s okay, what you said is indeed the truth.” Hill waved his hand, and then looked at Olivia, regardless of the two men’s twitching expressions. “The male lead’s cousin is a very important female role. As a proud member of the Jackson family, tell me, do you have the confidence to play her character well?”

One has to say that Hill is really good at inspiring people, he is well versed in dealing with this kind of noble lady, just bringing out the family glory will do.

Olivia really cheered up: “Swear by the glory of the family, Your Highness Grindelwald, I really want to get this role. I have the confidence to play this role well!”

Since Hill talked about recruiting actors, Olivia has been consciously honing her acting skills. She acted in the mirror with clips from the books, and she also acted in the clips of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, And then she was so shy that she didn’t sleep in the middle of the night (…), she also acted in a clip from “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, and chewed a few pieces of parchment, and the maids thought she had a pica…

In short, Olivia actually spent a lot of time in acting, so she can stand here confidently today.

In addition, she feels that if she gets an important role, her face may play an important role in the promotion of the shopping mall later.

Hill looked at her expression for a moment and nodded, “Congratulations, you got this role.”

Olivia suddenly showed a smile that could not be concealed, and she bowed deeply to Hill: “Thank you very much, Mr. Grindelwald.”

The next auditioners were not suitable. Hill originally planned that the rest would be selected from the demons, but Theodore begged him to postpone the audition for a day, saying that there may be an important person to come to the audition, hoping that his Highness Greenwald can consider it. Hill thought about it and agreed.

As a result, the important person appeared the next day.

This time it was Joan Baker who coughed directly.

Oh yes, she is the daughter of Emperor Magnolia, Delia Lewis.

Joan Baker knew Theodore liked her, which made Joan Baker roll his eyes… Didn’t expect this kid to be really good? Can actually bring the princess to audition?

Of course, this was a surprise for Hill as well. There was a princess in the script. It would be great if the princess herself could be invited to play. But before that… Hill said: “Your overall condition is very suitable, but there are two things I must explain to you first.”

“Please speak, Your Highness Grindelwald,” Delia Lewis said gracefully.

“One, I know you are a princess, but you must listen to me on set,” Hill said, after all, he said he was inviting actors, not his ancestors.

“That’s natural.” Delia Lewis nodded, “I will not refuse legitimate requests that are conducive to the shooting of the film.”

“There is a second point.” Hill said, “You will have a kissing scene.”

Theodore’s eyes drifted for a moment.

Delia Lewis was silent for a few seconds and asked, “With whom?”

“The protagonist,” Hill said. “It’s Theodore sitting over there.”

When Hill was about to say “but you can use a substitute”, Delia Lewis spoke up: “If it’s him, I can.”

Joan Baker: “…Tsk.”

Theodore opened his eyes wide, his eyes full of disbelief and surprise.

Although he expected her close maid Vera would yell at him later.


The audition was over, and all the actors were in place. Hill first looked for the siren who had played the role of the siren princess, and gave the human actors a collective performance class for a few days, while he himself returned to the demon realm to prepare for some scenes.

Most of the scenes in this movie were shot in the human realm. Ghost Binns came forward to negotiate with the principal of Magnolia School of Magic and said that he wanted to borrow the school to make the movie. Then, the principal asked hesitantly: “When will the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” come out? When will “A Song of Ice and Fire” come out in a separate book?”

Ghost Binns was speechless at the time, but he still felt a little bit empathetic, “I’ll ask our king’s…cough…son.” Binns almost said “king”. “You can get a free copy for priority when it comes out.”

So, the principal’s eyes lit up.

After Ghost Binns returned to the demon realm, he told Hill about it, and Hill wanted to laugh a little. He knew that the principal of Magnolia School of Magic was very upright, but he didn’t expect the other party to have such a side.

He felt that in the future, he could put up such an advertisement, “No gifts for this year’s holidays ~ Receive the projection stone for gifts~”. Then let the principal and the old duke dance hand in hand…

——Really vivid image.

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Your sister – can sometimes be curse words, that’s why Hill asked Baker why he was cursing. It’s like – “It’s ugly.” “Ugly, your sister!” – “Ugly, my ass!” something like that

Blind cat finding a dead mouse – got lucky because of some weird coincidence

Pica – an eating disorder that involves eating items that are not typically thought of as food and that do not contain significant nutritional value

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