Chapter 70.1 – Filming of “The Evil Monarch” begins

Filming of “The Evil Monarch” begins.

What is the most important thing about this type of male yy novel? Rhythm.

In fact, the pacing of any fast-food work is quite important—the most important, even. One loop after another, start and finish, reasonable buildup plus reasonable face-slaps, transitional plot but don’t dawdle, a short intermission, and then immediately into the next plot, so as to always capture the hearts of everyone. The so-called loop is like this.

This is true whether it is a novel or a movie.

Of course, Hill is referring to fast-food works.

The rhythm of Hollywood commercial movies on Earth is first-rate, not to mention the content, such movies are good-looking, and they are blockbusters. In contrast, domestic movies are much inferior. Don’t know why, many so-called blockbusters have the same rhythm and style.

If it is a literary niche movie, some niche movie directors will even deliberately make the first hour of shooting particularly boring, and then drive most of the audience away, leaving only a part of the patient audience, and finally come to a wonderful reversal or something to create a certain sense of classics… Hill will definitely put some literary films on the screen of the other world in the future, but not now. Now it is still necessary to develop popular culture that the people like to see.


The scene manager closed the black-and-white board in his hand and made a crisp “pop”, marking the official start of the scene.

Many people don’t know why Hill made such a thing. Hill couldn’t explain it, so he had to say in his heart, this is the romance of the people on Earth.

In fact, this kind of thing is called a clapperboard on Earth. Generally, information such as the scene, the number of shots, and the director will be written on it. In addition, because the picture and sound are recorded separately on different media, the sound of the board closing which is very crisp can be seen clearly on the audio track’s waveform, so the clapper board’s “pop” provides convenient conditions for the post-production process.

Filming in the other world is not that troublesome. The main reason is that the use of magic makes a lot of work “idealistic”. Let’s talk about editing the post by merely using the mind, it is quite an incredible thing on Earth, and it is estimated that many directors will be jealous.

So, Hill using the clapperboard and etc. is just simply out of romance.

Hill had already shown the script to the actors a few days ago. The script must be a masterpiece when it was put on Earth, so Hill did not sign it as usual. There are some contents in the script that are not in line with the situation of the human world in the other world. Hill explained that because he has been living in the demon realm, he does not know the human realm very well. He hopes that the human actors can also help modify the script. Anyway, there is a difference between the Earth culture and the other world culture contained in the things Hill takes out every time, so just use his demon identity to confuse them.

Hill: adorableclearancepass.gif

The first scene of the movie was shot at the Magnolia School of Magic. This is the first time Theodore has stepped into this place. He showed an expression of undisguised excitement and said to Hill next to him: “Mr. Grindelwald, I, I really didn’t expect that I would be here one day!”

Hill actually liked this lively boy. He once said it to Irvine and it caused Irvine to burn Theodore’s butt with jealousy. It was a joke, not serious. Hill dumbfoundedly ordered Irvine not to do this kind of thing in the future, and Irvine agreed unhappily.

Hill felt wrong at the time and asked directly: “Have you done similar things before?”

Irvine replied hesitantly: “Pinched Lord Monroe’s thigh.”

Hill: “Pfft…”

Then he blurted out, “I haven’t even pinched Monroe’s thigh, and you actually pinched it!”

Then it happened that Monroe and the other Paladins were looking for Hill for something, and these words naturally fell into their ears. The Paladins looked at each other, Hill was a little embarrassed, so he explained, “Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m a Demon King, a serious person.”

Monroe pondered for a moment, “So being pinched in the thigh, is this an order from the Lord Demon King?”

“Cough cough cough it’s not…”

This is very embarrassing.

The impact of this incident followed later on——

Once, Hill had a conversation with the old Duke Jackson. Hill said with a smile: “I actually like you… Forget it, for the sake of your butt, I don’t want to say that.” Hill actually wanted to say a joke to lighten up the atmosphere, he was going to explain that he once said that he liked Theodore and the fire elemental spirit burned Theodore’s butt as a result, but he did not expect that the old Duke Jackson raised his eyebrows very high:

“…Your Highness Grindelwald, cooperation is fine, but I still don’t sell my butt.”

Hill understood the context, and the corners of his mouth twitched a bit.

Jefferson Jackson next to him had a feeling of speechlessness.

The man his sister is yearning for is longing for their father—my circle is really chaotic.

“Um… This is a misunderstanding.” Hill explained helplessly for a long time, and it made the two Jacksons understand that he was not a molesting bastard… It was embarrassing.


At this time, Theodore felt quite happy because he entered the Magic Academy and expressed it, while a guest nobleman there snorted lightly and said, “Ignorant.”

The sense of happiness originally made Theodore flutter like a balloon, but the words of the nobleman pierced into the balloon like a needle. The balloon exploded, the happiness disappeared, and it turned into a feeling of shame and anger—Theodore blushed. He is actually a well-spoken teenager, but he still didn’t know how to refute this humiliation.

Hill said lightly: “This is also quite good.”

“Your Royal Highness Grindelwald?” Theodore was a little at a loss at Hill’s words. How could it be good?

“You haven’t seen too many things, which means that you can enjoy more freshness in the future, and there are many beautiful experiences waiting for you.” Hill continued, “Isn’t this a very happy thing? “

Theodore opened his eyes wide, and Princess Delia Lewis also showed a surprised expression.

“Mr. Grindelwald…” Theodore called out, his eyes full of emotions.

“Your origin and past can only determine who you are now, but who you are in the future is determined by who you are now.” Hill patted Theodore on the shoulder, “Do your best, lad.”

Theodore immediately cheered up: “Yes! Mr. Grindelwald!”

Princess Delia over there thought, ah, he really deserves to be someone who can make a warm anime like “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. Oh, why is there no such person among them humans? If this is a male yy novel, Delia should have her beautiful eyes twinkling and her body trembling…but unfortunately, this is not the case. Delia just thought about it, and then switched to thinking about the script’s lines.

After saying this to Theodore, Hill turned to the nobleman who had just spoken, and then said, “Well, you are fired from the crew.”

The noble young master widened his eyes: “You—you actually, I am the young master of the Red family!”

“And I’m the prince of the demon realm,” Hill snorted. He already spilled the beans.

The noble young master showed a rather shocked expression, “You, you actually…”

“Ignorant,” Hill said, just like he was just now.

Olivia chuckled.

Mr. Grindelwald is so demineering! Is this what he calls the face-slap routine?

Theodore was naturally moved + admired Hill to no end, this incident also caused a huge impact on Theodore, of course, this is later.

Dismissing a little nobleman did not have much impact on the entire crew, and the filming continued. The shooting on this day was carried out in the academy. There were a lot of shots in the academy, which accounted for one-third of the film, so it took several days to complete the filming.

In the evening, the actors went back to their homes, and Hill continued to live in the residence of Joan Baker.

In the middle of the night, the actors were all asleep, and Hill was studying the inscriptions of the magic circle under the lamp, and continued to produce “Love and Demons”. Time is running out, Hill can’t wait to split himself into several uses.

Halfway through the film, Hill officially published the tagline in the magazine.

“Once, there was a genius who fell and seen the world completely.

Accidentally got the inheritance of the Lich, and since then, he gained a demon body and a heart of a human.

Cultivating supreme techniques, breaking out on the road to the heavens, sweeping the eight wildernesses, stepping on the ten thousand domains, in order to achieve the name of the proud and evil monarch!

But since everyone in the world calls me a demon, I will simply be a demon from now on.

If the sky crushes me, I will split the sky, if the earth restrains me, I will smash the earth. I was born free, who dares to be high above?


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