Chapter 30 – I miss your taste

Why are you angry?

Ying Chen’s words made Wen Yu understand that he had a little unhappiness for no reason.


Without looking at Ying Chen’s eyes, Wen Yu looked away and said, “There are so many people here and it’s hot. It’s annoying to stay for a long time.”

“That person hasn’t come back yet? I want to send the evil spirit there quickly. I still want to go home and do a set of questions.”

Ying Chen said in a very low voice: “I thought you would like to go shopping.”

When Wen Yu hadn’t fully understood the deeper meaning of his words, a cold touch suddenly came to his cheek.

It was Ying Chen that held a smoothie cup to his cheek and smiled and asked, ” Then, why not drink smoothies to relieve the heat?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wen Yu felt that his surroundings became even cooler, as if he was in a freezer, and his body got goose bumps from the ice.

It was Ying Chen who listened to him and quietly released cold air.

Wen Yu: …

“No, it’s not as hot as it was just now.” He held the smoothie in one hand, and asked silently, “You only emit cold air?”

Then wait until winter with Ying Chen, won’t he freeze to death?

Ying Chen: “Can also be very hot depending on the situation.”

Wen Yu: “What kind of situation?”

Ying Chen whispered in his ear with a deep meaning, “You will know later.”

Wen Yu: ???

He hadn’t recollected the meaning of this sentence yet when Ying Chen looked at a car coming and said, “He is here.”

It’s an ordinary taxi, and it won’t attract anyone’s attention when walking on the street.

But it is different in Wen Yu’s eyes. On the roof and body of this car, there are several spirits of different shapes.

It is Ying Chen’s subordinates.

When they saw Ying Chen, they immediately put away the playful and dishonest colors, and looked at this side in awe.

Ying Chen: “The man is back, now we can send that woman’s evil spirit over.”

Wen Yu handed him the bottle containing the woman’s evil spirit: “How to send it? Throw it to him directly?”

Ying Chen smiled and squeezed his face: “How can such a rude method be used. Give it to me, I have a way?”

Rude, Ying Chen actually said he was rude?!

The boy coldly slapped his hand away: “Compared to you, I don’t think I’m rude.”

Ying Chen was startled, and raised his hand to smooth his hair, “Okay, then I’ll listen to you, and send it in a ‘gentle’ way.”

After speaking, he opened the bottle, took out the trembling soul inside and held it in his hand, then raised his hand hard with force.

He really smashed the evil spirit directly on the man who just opened the car door.

When the misty soul came into contact with the man’s body, it suddenly formed the figure of a woman.

Like the shape of the woman who appeared in front of Wen Yu, she wore a white skirt covering her swollen abdomen, with her long hair draped, and her face gray and hideous pounced on the man.

With a terrible resentment, she pinched the man’s neck with both hands fiercely, and shouted sharply and miserably:

“Lin Bocheng, I’ll kill you! You insidious man, you killed me and my child!”

“I want you to die, I want you to pay for our lives!”

The evil spirit received the special mana bestowed by Ying Chen, so it can easily turn its mind into a physical attack.

It also allows this man named Lin Bocheng to see her true appearance.


The man’s pupils dilated in horror, and he retreated hurriedly and fell heavily to the ground.

He rolled his body on the ground, screaming in fear: “Help me! Ghost, there is a ghost!! Help—”

The woman rolled with him, pinched his neck tightly, and grinned sternly: “You shout, see if anyone believes you this time. Hahahaha—”

Yes, in the eyes of ordinary people at this moment, Lin Bocheng was a big man who suddenly fell to the ground and rolled, screaming madly in horror: ghost, ghost.

Like seeing an evil spirit.

On the lively street, he was immediately surrounded by the people eating melons: “Oh my God, what’s wrong with this person? Is he possessed?”

“Look at him, he seems to be looking at something terrible, it’s creepy!”

“What to do, what to do, do I need to call for emergency?”

“We have to call a psychiatric hospital, it feels a bit abnormal.”

The spectators were talking about it, but they didn’t know what to do.

Several well-meaning people were about to pull him up, when they suddenly heard him lying on the ground struggling, clutching his neck and shouting:

“Can’t you see her!! Pull her away, it’s lying on my body, pinching my neck!”

“She’s a ghost, she has been dead for three years! You guys have to pull her away—”

The person who was about to walk over to help stopped immediately in horror when he heard his words.

The people looked at each other, they didn’t dare to go forward.

Is there really something attached to the man?

The crowd behind them shouted: “He may be really possessed. Come here quickly and don’t get the unclean things attach to you.”

Lin Bocheng was even more desperate, lying on the ground alone and crying, “She is really here, please help me!”

As a result, half of the crowd watching the excitement was scared away.

Some of the remaining half took the mobile phone to film the horrible scene, and some rationally analyzed: “Let’s call the police. This person should have a mental problem.”

It’s just that no one took a step closer to him, watching the man rolling in the street from a distance, crying for help.

Wen Yu looked on coldly: “There is so much noise.”

Ying Chen rubbed his head: “Your method is still better.”

Hey, can you stop touching me all the time!

Wen Yu patted Ying Chen’s hand for the nth time: “The police are coming soon, how are you going to end this?”

Ying Chen: “We don’t have to worry about this, just wait for the resentful spirit to vent all the grievances and naturally dissipate, I will peel off Lin An’s soul.”

He also asked Wen Yu: “Don’t you want to go home to do the questions? I will send you back.”

Really just go back like this?

Wen Yu looked at Ying Chen incredulously.

But when he saw the spirits surrounding the resentful spirit and the man, he felt that Ying Chen should have his own plan, so he felt relieved and went back with Ying Chen.

A day later, a hot search climbed on the top page.

A man got possessed.

[According to a certain news report: A man named Mr. Lin said that he was possessed by an evil spirit on his way home from work, and he kept crying for help in panic. At present, Mr. Lin has been sent to the city’s X mental hospital by his family for treatment]

A few small videos are also attached.

In the police station, Lin Bocheng’s face was pale, and he knelt on the ground in horror:

“Please let me go, I will burn you gold ingots, burn the big house, I will burn you whatever you want, please let me go, let me go.”

Two male policemen pulled him beside him: “Calm down, there is nothing here. Come on, have a glass of water first.”

Lin Bocheng was desperate like a ghost, holding his head and crying: “Why can’t you see her? Why?! I am not crazy, nor is it an illusion. She, she, she is here!”

The police looked at each other and persuaded him: “Your family members will be here soon, so calm down first.”

There is also a small video: Several doctors forced Lin Bocheng into the ambulance.

But Limbocheng fought wildly: “I’m not crazy! I’m so sober, I don’t want to go to a mental hospital.”

A doctor next to him said to a crying woman: “We will do a detailed examination of Mr. Lin. Please sign first.”

The woman wiped her tears and took the pen: “Please heal him, our child is only two years old now.”

“No! Don’t sign! I’m not crazy, I really saw that woman, she’s here!”

Lin Bocheng suddenly struggled wildly in the hands of the two doctors who were holding him: “Ahhh! She’s choking me again, let go of me, let go of me!”

When the doctor saw the woman’s signature, he immediately said to the nurse behind him: “Give the patient a tranquilizer first to stabilize his emotions.”

Wen Yu crawled on the pillow and brushed weibo, watching the man who was struggling and resisting in the video with no expression on his face.

The top of his head suddenly fell heavily, Ying Chen’s palm fell on it, and gently rubbed his short, fluffy hair, and asked, “How about it? Are you relieved?”


Ying Chen did this because he saw that he was in a bad mood after hearing about the death of the woman, so he deliberately let Lin Bocheng experience it?

He pursed his lips: “What kind of relief do I have? I just want the resentful spirit to be soothed and dissipate smoothly so that I can find some memories. The other thing is to let Lin An’s soul from her body come out smoothly.”

“Really, you can’t be as honest as in your last life.” Ying Chen said halfway, but after seeing the boy’s indifferent and cool gaze, he immediately changed his mouth and smoothen his hair: “Okay, get up and have breakfast, little devil.”

Wen Yu twisted away from the palm rubbing his head and said: “How many times do you want me to say it, don’t always touch me.”

“I’m so used to it, I can’t change it.”

Ying Chen suddenly leaned down on the top of his head and dropped a light kiss: “I have restrained to the point that I do not dare to sleep with you at night.”

There was a real restraint in the low voice, so heavy that it seems that if he doesn’t let him touch it again, he’ll die.

Wen Yu’s heart jumped suddenly.

Ying Chen said that this room belonged to the two of them, and he also agreed that as long as Ying Chen didn’t touch himself, he could sleep here.

But Ying Chen didn’t sleep in this room last night. It seemed that the longer he stayed with him, the more the things accumulated in his heart could not help but explode.

As for those things, Wen Yu couldn’t help but feel: his situation seems to have become more dangerous.

Ying Chen’s lips held back from staying in the teenager’s smooth hair, and said in a low voice, “After finding your Lin An and putting him back in his original body, give me a thank you gift, okay?”

Wen Yu tensed his back nervously in an instant: “What do you want?”

Ying Chen’s fingertips caressed Wen Yu’s pursed lips, his cold eyes carrying a heavy thirst: “Let me have a taste here, okay? I miss your taste.”

Wen Yu: ? He means to kiss his lips?

He was surprisingly slightly relieved: fortunately, not the kind of thing he imagined.

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People eating melons – people watching the excitement

Unclean things – ghosts

Burning gold ingots etc. – it’s a custom to burn paper money for the dead so they can spend it in the afterlife

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