Chapter 31 – Lin An

After Wen Yu stopped being wary and afraid of Ying Chen, his life gradually got back on track.

After the weekend, he started going to school normally. With only a few days left before the college entrance exam, the dreary atmosphere of the classroom became more intense.

Even his best friend, Zhao Xiaoliang, no longer sought him out. After saying hello to him, he sat down in his seat sullenly and did the questions.

Wen Yu’s heart has been wondering when the evil spirit that haunts Lin Bocheng will be dispersed, without paying attention to the question. From time to time, he took his phone to scan the news.

Lin Bocheng’s abnormal behavior in the police station and being sent to the mental hospital was captured in a small video and put online, unexpectedly became the hottest topic of discussion.

Many people do not believe that he is really crazy.

Because his friend said, “I also had dinner together with Lin Bocheng that day, it’s impossible for a person to be crazy suddenly.”

And his colleagues said: “No ah, these days, when we worked with Brother Cheng, everything is normal. We have just completed a big order and are about to celebrate.”

Even his parents came to the psychiatric hospital to ask for someone: “My son is in a normal mind, has no history of mental illness, and no history of depression. You shouldn’t call him mentally abnormal like this.”

They also accused their daughter-in-law, “You signed the psychiatric agreement without consulting us, you want him to go crazy so you can take possession of his property!”

“Three years ago, if you didn’t seduce my son Bocheng and let him leave my eight-month-old daughter-in-law to find you, how could my daughter-in-law and my unborn grandson die?! It’s all you! It’s all you! You harmed our family!”

What’s more intriguing is that Lin Bocheng’s situation worsened after receiving mental treatment.

He was filmed standing on the roof of a building trying to commit suicide, and after being pulled by doctors and nurses, he struggled and shouted: “It’s her, it’s Xu Jing who’s here. She haunts me day and night and torments me, you can’t see her and say I’m crazy.”

“Let me die, I will be free when I die!”

In the video, a middle-aged man who is 1.8 meters tall hangs on the top of a building and is dragged by someone, crying miserably.

The short videos are connected in series, which has to arouse greater discussion and reverie.

Lin Bocheng’s past was picked up: second married man, he married the current wife three years ago.

And three years ago, his first wife died of allergies due to a misstep with custard powder. His wife’s name was Xu Jing.

After the clues were turned out bit by bit, everyone immediately triggered a shuddering conjecture: Three years ago, Lin Bocheng killed his wife Xu Jing, who was eight months pregnant, and married his current wife.

Perhaps Lin Bocheng is not crazy, or perhaps his ex-wife who died three years ago haunts him so a normal man suddenly became mad and fearful.

At this moment, the mental hospital sent another video. Lin Bocheng seemed to have grown old all night, sitting in front of the camera haggardly with his eyes blank, muttering to himself:

“It was me, I did it three years ago. I was the one who secretly filled Xu Jing’s bottle with custard powder. I fell in love with Zheng Le and wanted to divorce Xu Jing, but she was eight months pregnant and the property division would be against me.”

“You let me die, please, let me die.”

As soon as the video came out, it immediately aroused everyone’s anger: [Sure enough, it was Lin Bocheng who killed his ex-wife who was eight months pregnant. The injustice of his ex-wife’s death turned into a vengeful ghost to seek revenge on him. Really, this is retribution ah.]

[Who is that Zheng Le, knowing that he is a married man and still seduced him? Isn’t that a mistress! She couldn’t escape the blame either. Doesn’t she feel guilty in her heart? Why doesn’t the ghost come to her?!]

[But is Lin Bocheng’s confession useful now? It seems that what a person convicted of mental illness said cannot be used as evidence.]

[Good, let him be like this, a life worse than death is the biggest punishment for him.]

Wen Yu flipped through the comments on the webpage and thought: Lin Bocheng is already begging for death. Is Xu Jing’s resentful spirit still not satisfied?

He has been waiting for Xu Jing’s soul to dissipate to stir up some memories of his previous life. He wants to know all the past that happened between him and Ying Chen.

“Little devil, your teacher is here.”

A deep and mellow voice suddenly rang in his ears.

It was as if the voice had the fear of scaring him, the voice line was soft and with a smile.

Ying Chen?!

Wen Yu was in a daze, raising his head and looking around.

In the quiet classroom, there were only classmates who lowered their heads to study in the pile of books, and the class teacher, Old Wang, who was approaching him.

At the same time, the mobile phone in his hand under the table was suddenly taken away. Then an English dictionary was stuffed in again.

Old Wang had already walked to his table and asked sternly: “Wen Yu, what are you looking at with your hands under the table?”

“Teacher, I…” Wen Yu sat up straight and revealed the English dictionary in his hand: “Looking up the dictionary.”

The boy was still in a trance, how could he hear Ying Chen’s voice, he didn’t respond to the teacher’s reprimand and the phone had already been replaced in his hand.

And the way he was in a trance, he looked very innocent.

It seemed that he was looking up the dictionary when he was suddenly called and criticized by the teacher.

After seeing the dictionary in his hand and his reaction, the teacher knew that he had been wronged, and lowered his tone: “You’re looking up the dictionary? Then sit down and look it up on the table, who knows what you are doing when you are under the table.”

“Also, last time, the head teacher told me that he caught you playing with your cell phone on campus, and then he didn’t discipline you because he was busy with other things. We all know that your grades are solid. But even if you get an early acceptance letter to the university, you can’t affect the attitude of other students towards learning.”

At this moment, Wen Yu had clearly sensed Ying Chen’s breath. He should have just arrived, and happened to see him playing on his mobile phone, and was almost caught by the teacher, so he helped him.

Wen Yu put his hands on the table and said without changing his face, “I understand, teacher.”

After Old Wang left, Wen Yu didn’t even have the meaning of thanking Ying Chen.

On the contrary, there was an uncomfortable feeling of being caught by his parents for doing something bad, which made his ears a little hot.

But Ying Chen is not his parent, why should he be ashamed.

Wen Yu made himself confident, holding a pen and writing on the paper: [Return my phone.]

The man’s low voice sounded in his ears again: “Wait until after school. Have a good study now, don’t affect the attitude of other students towards learning.”

There was teasing in his voice, and when he said it, he deliberately learned from Old Wang’s education and discipline.

Really treat yourself as a parent.

The young man held the pen unhappily and wrote two words heavily on the paper: [Give it back.]

After a low laugh, the weight of the English dictionary in his hand was suddenly gone, but in the blink of an eye there was a box of warm milk.

“Drink the milk first. Lin An told me you didn’t eat breakfast. How can a mortal body not eat?”

So, Ying Chen suddenly came to school just to bring him breakfast?

Why is he so idle?

Wen Yu, who didn’t come in the morning to eat breakfast, is indeed a little hungry now. He didn’t say anything, he tore open the straw and poked in and drank.

The thick and pure milk aroma is sucked into the mouth, warming the empty stomach, which is very comfortable.

“What are you drinking? Why does it smell so good?”

Zhao Lei, who was burying his head in his books, suddenly asked him.


Wen Yu said and took a look at the carton himself.

Zhao Lei stretched his neck to smell it and swallowed his saliva: “I also drink this brand, how come it doesn’t smell as good as yours?”

The aroma evokes appetite.

Wen Yu: “Maybe it’s warmed up?”

Zhao Lei’s reluctant gaze moved from the milk carton to the books, and swallowed again: “I will try it again tomorrow.”

Wen Yu also found the cup of milk excessively delicious, he was about to ask Ying Chen if he had done something to the milk.

Ying Chen’s voice floated over: “Freshly baked, eat it while it’s hot.”

Then, suddenly there was another paper bag on his hand, which contained a few baked golden croissants still steaming hot.

The tablemate, Zhao Lei, sniffed the smell, and his eyes sparkled after seeing the paper bag in Wen Yu’s hand: “What are you eating again? It smells so good! Croissants! Where did you buy it? Why does it smell so delicious?”

Before Wen Yu could react from the magical thing appearing in his hands, he faced a series of questions from his salivating tablemate.

“Just bought it on the street.”

Zhao Lei flies and rubs his hands: “Give me a try, buddy, I will invite you to the cafeteria at noon.”

Wen Yu hesitated and looked around. As if seeking someone’s consent.

And at this time, Zhao Lei already couldn’t wait to take out one from the paper bag and ate it in half: “It smells so good! How can it smell so good! I can’t even resist the smell, but it smells even better when I eat it!”

“Hurry up and tell me where you bought it. I must buy a bunch of it and eat it tomorrow!”

The bread is really fragrant, and the pleasant sweetness soon spread to the surroundings. Many students were hooked and looked up.

Even Zhao Xiaoliang, who was sitting in the back row, ran over: “You bought such a fragrant bread, don’t you give me one!”

He took one and stuffed it into his mouth.

When other students asked about the fragrance, they also came over to get it. Soon there were only two breads left in the bag.

Wen Yu immediately tightened the bag and said, “I haven’t eaten my breakfast yet. I will buy more for you guys in the future.”

After taking a bite, he discovered that it was really delicious!

It’s no wonder that the other classmates looked at him eagerly. Now he has a soft and sweet taste in his mouth after eating both of them.

Where did Ying Chen buy such delicious bread?

Wen Yu was still not finished, holding a pen and writing on the paper: [Where did you buy the bread?]

“Want to eat?”

There was a chuckle, followed by a cool breeze, softly blowing between his forehead.

Like being kissed.

Wen Yu couldn’t see him so he couldn’t get the evidence that he was kissed. His face was reddish and quickly wrote on the paper: [Don’t affect my learning.]

After that, Ying Chen didn’t speak anymore, as if he had disappeared, there was no movement. If it wasn’t for Wen Yu to feel his breath, he would really think he had left.

Such a quiet Ying Chen made Wen Yu’s heart a bit restless.

Is he really listening to himself and staying quiet on the sidelines?

Or is he unhappy because he came all the way to bring himself breakfast, but he was treated coldly?

The teenager was even more unable to concentrate on studying, holding the pen in his hand and turning it around, trying to write something on the paper to ask Ying Chen, but still didn’t know what to write.

He had never felt this strangeness of caring about other people’s ideas, so he didn’t know how to deal with the current situation.

Just as there was a conflict in his heart, Ying Chen’s voice floated again: “The woman’s soul is showing signs of dissipating, I have to rush to collect Lin An’s soul. You have to stay in class, don’t forget to go home after school.”

After speaking, a cool wind blew through the hair on the top of his head, like Ying Chen softly touching the top of his head.

Wen Yu was startled, he blurted out without thinking, and asked, “It’s going to dissipate? So fast!”

Zhao Lei was startled by him and asked strangely: “What? Who are you talking to?”

Wen Yu twisted his head: “I’m fine. Go back to your book.”

Ying Chen left very neatly, and his breath disappeared in an instant.

And Wen Yu, even though he was dozens of miles away, because the mana in the woman’s dissipated soul collided with him, the familiar ancient memory was opened little by little.

Wen Yu lay on the table with his eyes closed and saw his past life.

In the darkness of the night, he was carried on the back of a slim body to escape, behind them came the sound of burning flames and chasing shouts, and he anxiously said:

“Lin An, you put me down and let me run by myself!”

Lin An panted, his running legs were too tired and trembling, but he insisted on carrying him: “Young Master, no, your feet are injured.”

“I’m fine, put me down quickly!” He struggled to get off his back, exerting a force that caused the already exhausted Lin An to stagger and fall heavily to the ground.

Two people rolled down on the overgrown ground at the same time.

The cold white moonlight shone in the late night wilderness. He saw Lin An’s body, which was even thinner than his, rolling on the ground, giving a painful ‘umph’ and then a low moan and groan.

“Lin An, what’s the matter with you?”

Wen Yu hurriedly went to help him, took his arm but touched a hand of sticky blood, it was Lin An’s blood.

“You are also injured, why didn’t you say it earlier!” Wen Yu was annoyed and blamed himself: “You ran with me on your back for so long.”

Lin An completely ignored it, looking at the sound of chasing closer and closer, pushing Wen Yu and shouting anxiously: “Young Master, there is no time, you run away and leave me alone!”

Wen Yu sat down on the ground and sneered: “No matter how fast I run, how can I outrun those horses? The Wen family has been raided, where else can I escape to?”

“How can you say such a thing!” Lin An sternly interrupted him: “The Master was framed, there will always be a day of clarification. Young Master, you must live well and wait for that day.”

The sound of pursuing horses’ hooves was advancing, shaking the ground and piercing the night with firelight like a death knell.

The shouts of those who were chasing became clearer and clearer, shouting: “There is a reward for capturing the young master of the Wen family! Catching the young master of the Wen family will be rewarded!”

Wen Yu sneered, “Reward? How much more am I worth? Lin An, you capture me now and hand me over to them, take the reward money and then you can go find a place to live. You are also considered as our Wen family—”


A crisp sound broke the surrounding silence.

Wen Yu’s face turned to one side, stunned, and then looked at the always meek Lin An who unexpectedly slapped him.

“Young Master, what kind of nonsense are you talking about, you…”

Lin An’s voice was trembling, but he grabbed his robe strongly and took it off for him: “Remember, from now on, I am the Young Master Wen Yu, and you are my servant, Lin An!”

Wen Yu: “Stop it, what are you doing?!”

Lin An squeezed his hand, calmly and sternly: “Young Master, you said that when you establish your position, you will remove me from slavery and let me study and acquire fame like all men in the world.”

“You must live well and keep your promise! If you do not comply with me, I will die for you now!”

Lin An’s stern look made Wen Yu wonder how to answer for a while. In a blink of an eye, Lin An has already taken off his coarse blue robe and put on his own silk and satin brocade.

He just doesn’t know yet what kind of disaster the switch of identity will bring to Lin An.

Time goes by.

He was put into a dark and damp dungeon, surrounded by the musty and nauseating smell of blood.

Lin An was tied to the torture rack, the silk brocade robe had been beaten by whips into broken strips of cloth, wrapped in heavy dark blood, dripping on the worn straw mat.

The men who administered the torture said they were asking for confessions, but in fact they were giving vent to their sadistic desires: “I heard that the first young master of the Wen family is very delicate. Now it must not fall like a dog, softly beg the masters, the masters will let you suffer less.”

” Yo, don’t say it. In the end, let’s see if your bones are hard or our whip is hard.

Then there was another horrifying sound of whipping like rain.

Each of these should have been whipped on his own body.

Wen Yu clenched the door of the cell tightly with both hands, bit his tongue and swallowed the bloody smell of hatred. The crimson eyes concealed tears of inability to do anything for themselves.

And Lin An, under the violence of those people, warned him with weak eyes from time to time:

Don’t say it, or it will be two people who suffer!

Wen Yu leaned on the desk in the classroom, his silent tears wet his arms and soaked through the paper.

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