Chapter 72.1 – It’s raining

The reason why King Magnolia did not allow Princess Delia to go to the demon realm was simple, he was worried about his daughter going there.

That’s the Demon Realm.

That’s where the demons live.

That was the place where the war just broke out.

Even if King Magnolia is scumbag and unreliable, as a father, he still has the most basic worries for his daughter. He likes watching demon realm movies and animations, yes, but he certainly doesn’t think the demons are good just because he watched a few movies.

In the human realm, Delia was protected by a few imperial mages outside when she was making a movie. They were sent by King Magnolia to protect his daughter’s safety. The imperial mages actually received orders to protect the princess personally, so they came directly to the shooting scene at the beginning. Because they put a lot of pressure on the human actors, Hill drove them away.

The way to drive away was simple – encouraging Princess Delia.

“If you don’t keep watch outside, I’ll have to report that you’re taking ‘close protection’ a little too ‘close’.” Hill said kindly, then added: “Her Royal Highness Princess Delia also agrees.”

Delia nodded silently next to him, feeling that she had learned a trick.

Vera next to Delia sucked in a cold breath, feeling that Her Highness was learning more and more badly.

So those imperial mages slid away quickly, they stayed outside the shooting site all the way. They are now out of Hill’s site, so he let them be. Sometimes Hill even asked them to do this and that very comfortably, feeling that he completely regarded this place as his home… The imperial mages were quite depressed.

Ah, let’s not talk about this, let’s talk about the fact that Delia was not allowed to go to the demon realm.

The crew was covered with a layer of shadow because of King Magnolia.

In fact, King Magnolia didn’t really agree with Delia to make a movie, but Delia did it first and then played. After Theodore approached her, she agreed directly, and only informed her father after the audition passed. King Magnolia was naturally very angry, but Delia was also stubborn. In fact, she has been a stubborn person since she was a child, but usually, she has no other ideas.

The father and daughter made a big fuss in the court, and finally, King Magnolia succumbed and sent a few imperial mages to protect her, and only then did he reluctantly let her go. He is not a good king, but he is a father who loves his daughter. People always have many identities in their lives, and even the worst people have merits in a certain identity. But certain merits do not mean that he is not a bad person. For example, I smoke, drink, dance, and have sex, but I’m a good girl, it’s bullshit. You should look at the many aspects of the problem, but you shouldn’t shrug it off.

Moreover, King Magnolia was a bit torn with his daughter’s love of demon movies. Although he is often stupid, he is not really that stupid. Having been a king for so many years, he still has the most basic vision. King Magnolia can naturally see that there are some deceptive things in the movies and animations of the demons.

He himself wouldn’t care too much, he felt that he couldn’t be bewitched… At most, he would want a female siren as his lover. Well, it’s nothing… right?

But if his child is deceived, it will be a little painful. Want to be close to the demons… Hiss, it’s better to continue to be bullied by the Church of Light, the latter is at least the same race.

But the point that King Magnolia did not understand is that humans are the most ruthless to humans. Humans have a heart, but many times will be more vicious than uncaring animals. Animals do things out of nature, but humans are different.

This psychology is like watching a small movie yourself, you know this is not good but it does not matter, as a result, you found out that your children are also watching, but your own children also know that you watch small movies, so you cannot blame and stop them from watching. But the problem is that the child is now actually going to make a small movie… This example is a bit overly vivid and a bit too overdone, but the general idea is that this is the case.

Princess Delia plays an important role. Hill can’t change the script on a large scale just because of an actor, even if the other party is a princess… Well… In fact, if the other party is a king, then Hill will also change it (sweat). After all, he made the movie with a variety of unethical purposes.


Magnolia City. Mansion of Baron Baker. Night.

“What, His Majesty does not allow the princess to go to the lower realm?” Joan Baker frowned directly after hearing the news.

“Yes,” Delia’s personal maid, Vera, said after reporting the situation.

“This is troublesome.” Joan Baker frowned deeper. He didn’t hide much in front of Vera, because generally speaking, the personal servant and the master are one and the same, and always have the same mind.

Joan Baker was not wrong to think so.

But to his surprise, Vera gave a rather condescending smile, “It’s long overdue. Trouble is also your business, and it is long past time for Her Highness to get out of this game with the commoners.” She said the above in a condescending tone.

Joan Baker no longer frowned, he raised his eyebrows.

Theodore over there showed a sad face after knowing that Delia could not continue filming. After hearing Vera’s words full of words, he retorted, “It’s not a game, we are serious about making a movie.”

“For a distinguished person like Her Royal Highness, being willing to come see your movie is an act of grace.” Seeing this commoner dared to refute herself, Vera said with a sneer, “Furthermore, commoner, I advise you to be self-aware.” Her implication is obvious, Theodore is too involved with the princess. However, she only saw Theodore appear in front of the princess a little bit more, she didn’t see more things.

Hearing such damning words, Theodore’s face turned pale.

As the night wore on, Joan Baker lit a candle with a match, and the small flame suddenly grew larger, and the firelight leapt, releasing a hazy glow. Joan Baker extinguished the match and spoke lightly in a haze of light: “Do you think it’s appropriate to talk about my men in front of me?”

“What’s inappropriate?” Vera still maintained that condescending tone, “You are just a small baron who paid for a title.”

Joan Baker laughed abruptly.

But Theodore blushed—you can insult me, but you can’t insult someone I respect. This is Theodore’s usual character. So, Theodore directly asked in a nearly bursting posture: “Then what are you? You are just a servant!”

Vera continued to say with pride, “I am by Her Royal Highness…”

“So what? In the end, you are still a servant who only relies on the authority of the princess.” Theodore directly interrupted her words, he approached her, his expression was quite stern, his eyes seemed to burn with a roaring fire: “As a servant, you are not thinking of helping your master but are making enemies for her everywhere…”

“You people don’t deserve to be the enemy of the princess!” Vera felt insulted, and she raised her voice. Her voice was very sharp, which was a bit like a shrew cursing the street.

“Is it up to you? Do you think this is up to you?” Theodore’s voice was higher than hers, “Can you make the decision for the princess? Or is this princess up to you? Are you trying to rebel?”

This big hat was placed directly on Vera’s head, and Vera turned pale by Theodore’s words. She is not a fool, and now she can detect her own impropriety.

“Even though I’m a commoner, today if I become hostile to the princess because of your words, and more people become hostile to the princess, and such a wonderful princess is hated and loathed because of you- is this what you, a loyal servant, do?” Theodore’s voice rose, and his gaze was quite sharp, as if it were a sword.

Vera’s face became paler, she insisted and said: “Princess, the princess won’t care about you lowlifes…”

“You say that again?” Theodore directly gripped the sword at his waist.

“You, you… bold!”

“You only realized I’m bold at this point?” Theodore sneered, “How come you didn’t think when you were making enemies for the princess that a lowlife like me might go out of his way to do something bad to the princess?”

“You, you…” Vera’s lips began to tremble.

“Naive, arrogant, ridiculous, and brainless.” Theodore said word by word, “The most failed thing Her Highness did was to find such a servant as you.”

Vera’s face was quite pale, her face was hot, and Theodore said mercilessly. She actually understood that she had just behaved wrong, she was stupid, but she was not particularly bad, she was just stupid. When Theodore said that, she also woke up. She really shouldn’t make enemies for the princess. It’s just that the royal family has been doing this a lot, and she’s gradually getting used to these…

“You can get lost,” Theodore realized that the opponent had lost when he saw Vera’s expression, and he said coldly.

“After all, she is the maid of the princess,” said Joan Baker next to him. “There must be the most basic etiquette, Theodore.”

“Okay.” Theodore nodded, and he said in a polite manner, “Please get lost.”

Vera took a few steps back, then walked away, disoriented.

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Small movie – meaning p0rn

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