Chapter 72.2 – It’s raining

After Vera left, the expression on Theodore’s face disappeared and turned into a juvenile puffed-up posture. Joan Baker looked at Theodore’s face and wanted to laugh: “I thought you’d say something sonorous and powerful like “don’t bully the young and poor”.” The scene just now is very much in line with the theme of the film they are shooting.

Hearing the meaning of the ridicule in the other party’s words, Theodore continued to puff up: “Master Baker, she is talking ill of you! How can you be so calm!”

“She was telling the truth. I was just a baron bought with gold coins.” Joan Baker shrugged, “So there is no need to be angry.”

“Sigh.” Theodore sighed. He sulked for a moment, “Was I just being irrational? Master Baker.”

“Yes.” Joan Baker’s words have always been merciless, both to others and himself. “For a moment, I thought you were possessed by the protagonist of the movie.”

Theodore rested his forehead against the wall, dazed. He didn’t know what he should be thinking at this moment, what he should be reflecting on.

“But it doesn’t matter. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, that’s fine.” Joan Baker suddenly said something that didn’t fit his style: “Now it’s different from the past, even if you may die because of it, but at least you lived in style.”

Theodore froze for a moment, then looked up, “Master Baker…”

“En?” Joan Baker asked.

Theodore boldly said, “It feels like this is not in your style.” Then he thought to himself, he was so bold today, so it’s okay to be bold again one more time.

“I’ve only recently come to this idea.” Joan Baker looked at his courtyard from the window. It was late in the fall, and the autumn moon outside was a full golden color, but there was no warmth, it was still the coldness of moonlight. The courtyard was filled with the quietness and indifference of an autumn night. In one corner of the courtyard, there was a guard covered with a blanket, curled up with a yawn, holding on to his sleep. Joan Baker’s gaze lingered in the courtyard for a while before finishing the second half of her sentence, “Go ahead.”

“Okay.” After all, Theodore was still a teenager, and he was happy after being encouraged by this. He remembered the words Tyrion said in “A Song of Ice and Fire”: Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. You have to turn resistance into assistance, so that there is no weakness. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.

“Speaking of, Master Baker, why do you have such an idea? Is it because…”

“The reason for my change is the same as you,” Joan Baker withdrew her gaze, pulled the bell to summon the maid, and said so.

Ah, it’s all because I met His Royal Highness Grindelwald! Theodore suddenly realized.

“However, even though I said that to Vera, I still can’t solve any problems…” Theodore thought of the problem again. And there was no telling if Delia would blame him for it, he didn’t think so.

“Princess Delia is not allowed to go to the lower realms to film. This is indeed a big problem,” said Joan and Baker, who was also very troubled by this matter.

Change the script? Change actors? Negotiate with King Magnolia? No matter which choice, he feels it will involve many problems.

“Report to His Royal Highness Grindelwald first.” Theodore said, “Maybe His Royal Highness has a way.”

“Maybe,” said Joan Baker, but he didn’t expect too much about it. He didn’t think Hill was omnipotent.

In addition to Joan Baker, Olivia also quickly learned about the incident. Her first reaction was also to worry. Then she first told the incident to Old Jackson. Old Jackson frowned when he heard it. This is of course a troublesome thing, and according to his understanding of King Magnolia, this thing is really difficult to do…

During this period of filming, Olivia and Delia have established a good friendship. After thinking for a while, Old Jackson said to Olivia: “You talk to Her Highness and tell her to pass these words to His Majesty.” Then, he said: “At present, the lower realm certainly dare not do anything to the princess of a country, it’s a matter of fact. And the current relationship between the lower realm and the Magnolia Empire is good. There is no reason to attack the princess. The imperial mage can also accompany the princess. There is little possibility that the princess will be in danger, and Olivia, you have to go to the lower realm to film, so this is also a guarantee. Moreover, His Royal Highness Grindelwald is the prince of the demon race, judging from the fact that he can easily mobilize multiple fire elemental spirits, his status in the demon world should be very high, and he holds a lot of real power. So, His Majesty doesn’t need to worry too much about this.”

It is precisely because Old Jackson knows this that he is at ease to let Olivia go to the demon realm to shoot.

After listening, Olivia felt that her dad was still her dad. This analytical ability was too strong. She ran to talk to Delia, and Delia nodded frequently after listening, and then ran to talk to King Magnolia. King Magnolia nodded frequently when he heard it, but in the end, he said, “I understand that what you said makes sense, but I still feel it’s a bit dangerous. What if they catch you and threaten me? You don’t have to go anyway. Don’t participate in this kind of game next time.”

Delia’s heart went cold when she heard this.

Was it because of the meaning of the words? Or was it because she was once again denied access to the lower realm?

King Magnolia’s posture of “I think what you said makes sense, but I just don’t want to listen”, Old Jackson is already familiar with this. After all, he has been suffering from this kind of torture for the past few decades. Some of his advice in the past was more reasonable than this, but in the end, it still ended up like this.

Therefore, Old Jackson felt that this matter was suspended from the beginning.

Olivia was naturally very anxious about this: “Then Dad, do you think that His Royal Highness Grindelwald will have a way?”

Old Jackson looked at the night outside, and said after a long time: “He must have a method… But if he intervenes in the matter…” He didn’t say the next thing.


When Hill got the news, he was setting up a movie scene in the demon realm.

The scene is specifically in an extinct volcano that Hill has quietly chosen, where the protagonist will have a big battle with the demon dragon.

“So why a volcano?” asked Gormund, who played the villainous demon dragon this time—by then, he will completely change into a villain, change the face and body, so that they will not see the character Arman from “He is a dragon”.

“It’s like this, in the stories and legends, it is said that the fire dragon lives near the volcano and absorbs the aura of the heavens and the earth…” Hill said casually.

“…Living near a volcano is so uncomfortable and the smell of sulfur is so strong. Where did this legend come from?” Gormund asked.

“Perhaps it is to set off the evil atmosphere or something. It is said that the demon kings still live in cold and humid caves or gloomy palaces, and eat some strange things… Well, the last point seems to be right.” The food provided by the demons in the past was indeed worrying. Hill was ashamed a little after saying this.

Hill planned this scene like this: let the protagonist fight with the dragon. In the beginning, the protagonist was a little bit weaker than the dragon—the usual routine is like this. Then the protagonist used a very bluffing technique to make the volcano erupt. Then there are a bunch of various special effects. The protagonist takes advantage of the chaos and kills the dragon. This battle reflects the protagonist’s wit and power. In the end, the protagonist stood high in the sky and said some middle school second-grade syndrome domineering lines, behind him was the scene of a volcano bursting out. It’s absolutely cool if you think about it carefully, and it’s probably going to make the audience very excited.

As for how to film this volcanic eruption, of course, they can’t really make a volcanic eruption. Hill intends to drop a few liches into the air, let them directly simulate the eruption with a few large fire magic, plus some post-production special effects. The effect is absolutely explosive.

Hill directed Gormund to bald the remaining trees on the dead volcano with his dragon’s breath. The blood eagle flew up in the sky. Hill looked up, and the blood eagle flapped its wings and landed on his raised wrist, with claws firmly hooked on his arm.

The blood eagle’s wings were still fluttering, sweeping through the flames of the trees, spilling burning sparks and wood chips into the air. The sparks landed on Hill’s skin, leaving tiny black specks that stung slightly, but only a little.

Hill did not take this to heart, but stroked the blood eagle’s feathers to calm it down, and then untied the envelope in its claws.

After scanning the contents of the letter, Hill frowned.

A lich beside him looked at Hill’s cold expression, and turned silent.

Gormund also pondered, not knowing how to ask questions, so he had to look at Monroe for help. Monroe received Gormund’s request for help and said directly: “What’s the matter?”

His question made the Lich and Gormund breathe a sigh of relief.

The mountain breeze blew the flames, the fire swayed, and in the dim night, Hill’s eyes were bright and dark. After a moment, he said: “King Magnolia does not allow Delia to come to the demon realm.” He casually tossed the letter paper into the air, and inch by inch, the letter paper turned into black ashes, blowing up into the wind, then Hill asked, “What do you think?”

“Delia lied to us.” Monroe said, “In the beginning, she said that she can meet various filming requirements.”

“I can’t blame her, after all, she herself wants to come to the demon realm to shoot,” Hill said.

Monroe raised his eyebrows: “Are you going to excuse her?”

Hill shook his head, “No, not really. It’s just a matter of fact.”

“Then my opinion is that since she agreed to our request in the beginning, what is happening now should have been within her expectations and she should have fixed it. She didn’t fix it, and that’s her problem,” Monroe said, the wind curled his silver hair, the sky cloudy piled up, his dark red eyes with the silent and desolate landscape, “But this may be an opportunity.”

“I understand.” Hill looked at the cloudy sky, cold blue lightning was walking on it, it was about to rain.

This is the last rain in the demon realm’s autumn.

Finally, the thunder finally rang, and the heavy rain poured down, but the wildfire on the mountain was still burning fiercely, and turned black in the rain—this is a typical dragon’s flame.

The rain fell on Hill, he didn’t use magic to disperse the rain. Monroe glanced at him who was soaked in the rain, then took off his cloak and put it on him.

“It’s raining,” Monroe said.

“Yes, it’s raining,” Hill said. He didn’t thank him, but he tied the cloak tighter.

It’s raining.

The Demon King is going to do something bad.

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Middle school second-year or eighth-grader syndrome (chuunibyou) – super edgy, those who have strong delusions (having superpowers, secret identity, etc.) probably from watching too many anime lol

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