Chapter 32 – “I’m waiting for your thank you gift.”

Lin An bears the blame for the Wen family, silently suffering from torment and keeping silent, not confessing to the crime the torturers force him to.

But his toughness also made the torturers more tyrannical. They threw away the whip in their hands, added a piece of red-hot charcoal from the fire pot, held it up in front of Lin An, bared their teeth and smiled fiercely: “Tough mouth, heh. Come, let the Young Master try this.”

Without waiting for Lin An to react, the hot charcoal was pressed directly onto his thin chest. After a violent scream, Lin An, who was tied to the torture rack, collapsed like a rag doll and passed out completely.

In the dark dungeon, there was the sound of hissing carbon burning on human flesh and a burnt smell.

“Lin An, Lin An.”

Wen Yu’s pupils were dilated, the teenager who grew up protected never knew the cruelty of human nature. The restrained anger made him scream: “Bastards, what have you done! I’ll kill you all! I’ll kill you all!”

But in the eyes of those people, he looked like a soft young boy crying out helplessly, his fair and innocent face with a monstrous hatred posed no threat to them. Instead, it aroused another kind of sadistic desire in them.

“Heh, I found out that Wen’s little book boy is quite handsome. Come, take him out and let the masters take a look.”

They walked to the door of Wen Yu’s prison with a disgusting expression: “How do you usually serve your master? Come and serve your masters. Make us comfortable, and we’ll keep you safe from suffering.”

After that, they really had those keys to open Wen Yu’s cell.

The innocent young master didn’t understand the meaning of “serve” among these people, but felt that their mouths were filthy and unbearable. Until they stretched out their filthy hands towards him and tried to rip off his clothes, Wen Yu was so disgusted that he almost vomited.

“Get out! Get away from me!”

He shouted coldly. He struggled to break free, and fought desperately with these adult men. The young man’s body was thin but not weak, and because he was full of anger and determination to break free, he even made it impossible for a few men to fight.

Lin An, who was in a coma, was awakened by the sound of the fight, watching the young master who was fighting with several men, and weakly and angrily shouted: “Stop, don’t touch him.”

He dragged his broken body and wanted to protect the young master. And with all his strength, he rushed towards the men, desperately choking a man’s neck, his hoarse voice shouted: “You come at me, don’t, don’t move him! Don’t touch him!”

“Bastard, why aren’t you dead yet!”

The man who was choked was enraged and threw Lin An to the ground fiercely, leaving his already weak body dying again.

“Lin An!”

Wen Yu rushed over and mounted the man like a madman, his clenched fist slamming down towards the man’s face to death.

He thought that he would probably die here today, but he was going to drag these people to be buried with himself and Lin An.

“What are you doing! Stop it all!”

The door of the dungeon was suddenly pushed open and a group of officers and soldiers with sabers came in. When they saw a boy wearing a coarse cloth beating the torturer, they quickly drew a sword against the boy. The young man was pinned down, and the leader looked at the blood on the ground with disgust and asked, “What a mess! Where is the young master of the Wen family!”

The leader of the soldiers obviously didn’t know that the young man was Wen Yu, and ordered the soldiers: “Bring that person out for me.”

The bloody torturer who was smashed by Wen Yu stood up and smiled: “My lord, didn’t you say that there is an interrogation? Why are you taking him away again?”

The officer in charge of the army impatiently explained: “The demons from the south have caused the South River to flood, there is no peace. The above said that the demon likes males, send him a young male sacrifice. It also has to be a good origin and handsome.”

“Didn’t they say that the first young master of the Wen family has extraordinary character and appearance, the court discussed sending him to become a sacrifice to the demon.”

Several torturers looked at the two teenagers on the ground, their faces pale in fright, and especially panicked. The “Young Master Wen” had been beaten by them, so how could he be sent to be a sacrifice to appease the demon.

One government officer was more clever and said, “My lord, it’s filthy here. You should go to the outer hall to rest first, and we will immediately bring Master Wen to you.”

Afterward, they discussed for a while and grabbed Wen Yu on the ground and threatened: “From now on, you will be the Young Master of the Wen family. If you dare to say a word, your Young Master will not be able to live, understand?”

Lin An suffered torture for him, but he was unharmed and returned to being the Young Master of the Wen family.

He was left with a life, but then he was sent to a demon of unknown origin as a human sacrifice.

Wen Yu sneered: “Let me be a human sacrifice instead of the ‘Young Master’? Yes.”

He pointed to Lin An on the ground and threatened these people word by word: “But if you dare to touch him again, I will take the demons to tear you and your family to pieces!”

Several people ridiculed: “Then you have to survive the demon’s hands first. You may be swallowed alive when you arrive, hahahahaha!”

Of course, he has to survive, no matter how terrifying a monster is, he has to find a way to survive.

He wants to save Lin An and avenge his family.

Lin An’s past memories were reawakened, and the extreme emotion of hating his own incompetence and helplessness struck again, causing the teenager to lie on the table with a shiver down his spine.

He has stubbornly understood since he was a child that he must be strong enough to protect himself and the people around him. He thought he was strong because he had no parents.

It turned out to be a bitter hatred of his own helplessness in his last life.

“F*ck, what’s wrong with you, Wen Yu?”

His strangeness caught the attention of his tablemate, Zhao Lei, and he hurriedly pushed his arm and asked worriedly: “Are you okay? Do you want to go to the medical room?”

“I’m fine.”

Wen Yu said in a hoarse voice, he restrained his body from trembling and slowly sat up: “I’m going out, when the teacher comes, you ask me for a leave.”

At the same time, a piece of the latest and hottest news was quickly spread on the Internet:


At 11 o’clock this morning, Lin Bocheng committed suicide by hitting his head against the wall of the psychiatric hospital and wrote a confession before his death.

The confession stated: Three years ago, he personally changed the powder in his ex-wife’s bottle with custard powder to let her add it when making snacks, and deliberately not answered the phone call of his ex-wife afterwards, missing the best time for treatment.

It was he who killed his ex-wife personally in order to marry another woman and possess all the property. In order to redeem his sins, all the property under his name will be donated to society after his death.

While the internet is full of curses, the soul of the evil spirit, Xu Jing, gradually dissipated with the greatest comfort. And Wen Yu also recalled more of his past from the dissipating soul collision.

He went to the school library and found an empty corner to sit quietly and digest these memories.

“Little devil, where are you going?”

In the memory, Ying Chen’s low voice was calling him again. The voice was penetrating in the silent and wide hall.

The young man was startled and looked back at the black-robed man standing in the ancient-colored hall, he suppressed his panic and pretended to smile good-naturedly: “Don’t you still want to hear my interesting story? I’ll go to the market to buy more books and come back to tell you.”

“I’ll go with you.”

The man’s face was stoic as he walked toward him.

“No, no.”

He hurriedly waved his hand, “You still need to raise your body, the smell in the human world will make you uncomfortable. I have brewed fragrant tea for you, and I will be back after you drink a pot of tea.”

The man’s deep and dark eyes looked at the white and jade-like youth, and nodded hesitantly, “Come back early.”

“Yes, don’t worry, I have to come back to clean the hall for you.”

Wen Yu smiled at him, turned, and left with a cloth bag on his back.

After stepping out of the hall, the young man’s warm, jade-like smile disappeared as if blown away by the oncoming wind. It was replaced by a face full of coldness and fury.

It took him a while to finally recognize the face of this demon named Ying Chen. He could see Ying Chen’s loneliness and the damage to his soul brought about by his demonization.

So, he used a soft gesture to gain Ying Chen’s trust. He made him rely on himself and allowed himself to freely enter and leave the Great Hall.

Now, he was going to save Lin An. He went to that small city and found the dungeon where he and Lin An were imprisoned some days ago.

The jailers still remember the handsome young man they sent as a sacrifice. Therefore, when he appeared in front of these people, they fell from the wicker chair in panic: “You, you, why are you still alive? Didn’t you get eaten by a monster?”

Wen Yu looked at them coldly: “Where is Lin An?”

“Lin An?” They looked at each other. They naturally knew that Lin An in Wen Yu’s mouth was the child who had been tortured by them some days ago.

A person stammered: “He’s all like that, how can it be possible for him to be saved? You, did you escape from the demon?”

Wen Yu’s brain buzzed, with a shaking voice, and through gritted teeth, he said: “Say, what happened to Lin An?!”

A jailer pointed to a corner of the wall disapprovingly and said, “There he is, you’ve come just in time to give your young master a proper burial.”

There, a roll of ragged straw mat rolled around a thin body, the straw mat exposed a pair of slender, blood-stained feet, with the tail hem of a brocade robe.

It was Wen Yu’s clothes, which Lin An forcefully pulled from him in order to change his identity and wrapped it around himself.

“You bastards!”

Wen Yu went crazy. He lost his mind and pulled out two scimitars from his backpack and stabbed wildly towards these people.

The jailers were unprepared for the sudden brutality of the teenager and were pierced raw through the body before they could escape. Hot blood splattered out, and the boy’s face was all red in the blink of an eye.

He didn’t care about it, only thinking that Lin An was gone and he wanted revenge.

This is the territory of the government, and the commotion immediately attracted more officers and soldiers to rush over with swords and spears.

The teenager who lost his mind was pinned down by people with swords and spears, and slammed to the ground fiercely.

When a sharp sword with cold light stabbed towards his body, suddenly a violent hurricane blew, making everyone unstable and blurring their vision.

The hurricane swept through the ground, and the ground was filled with corpses.

The teenager was lying on the ground, watching the soldier who was holding a sword about to stab him in the chest, suddenly stopped, and then fell straight.

He saw a man in a black robe standing behind the man, looking at him among the corpses on the floor. The man who has always been calm and cold as ice has a slight rush and worry in his eyes at this moment.

He stretched out his hand to himself and said, “Are you okay?”

At that moment, the teenager suppressed all his anger and helplessness and collapsed instantly. He lay on the ground crying unconsciously.

He was brought back to the hall by Ying Chen, and Lin An, who was wrapped in straw, was brought together.

He cleaned Lin An, put on a clean robe, and combed his long hair like withered grass. He walked up to Ying Chen and asked, “Can you save him?”

Ying Chen: “His soul has dissipated, but if we can find it, it’s not impossible.”

The teenager knelt at the feet of the black robe: “Please help him.”

“Let me try.”

This try consumed more than a thousand years’ worth of spiritual power to maintain Lin An’s body, and to search everywhere for his soul.

Xu Jing’s soul completely dissipated, and the door to the teenager’s past life was closed.

Wen Yu sat on the ground in a corner, with his head buried deep in his knees and staying still for a long time.

Ying Chen appeared beside him like a phantom, squatted down beside him, and asked softly, “Why are you here?”

Wen Yu’s body shifted slightly, but continued to bury his head again.

Ying Chen: “Did you remember something again?”

Wen Yu: “Lin An’s soul, have you found it?”

“Still so worried about him.”

Ying Chen’s voice was with an unknown smile: “It has been stripped from the soul of the evil spirit, but he is still a fetus now, and it will take some time to wake up.”

He placed his palm on the top of the teenager’s drooping head, and rubbed his soft and fine hair with his fingertips: “Are you uncomfortable because you remembered Lin An? Don’t think about it, he’ll wake up soon.”

Wen Yu continued to bury his head. It took a while before he said in a muffled voice: “Maybe I lied to you.”

In Ying Chen’s mouth, he is well-behaved and sensible, diligent and docile.

But those were all pretending in front of him in order to survive and save Lin An. He even took the initiative to seduce the man.

Ying Chen: “Lied to me? What did you remember?”

Wen Yu said nothing.

Ying Chen: “A lot of things have happened between us, and what you remember is just a minuscule bit. I know you’ve never lied to me.”

Wen Yu: “What else happened between us?”

Ying Chen smiled, rubbing the soft hair on top of his head with his palm: “If I said it, would you believe it?”

It must be that kind of thing again.

Wen Yu hugged his knees and asked in a muffled voice, “Does it take a lot of your spiritual energy to maintain Lin An’s body?”

Ying Chen: “It’s okay.”

The young man finally raised his head, but he turned his eyes away and said in a vague tone: “Thank you.”

Ying Chen held the boy’s flushed face with both hands, rubbed his thin lips with his thumb, and said slowly, “I’m waiting for your thank you gift.”

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