Chapter 73.1 – The so-called doing bad things

After knowing that Princess Delia was prevented from going to the demon realm, the rest of the crew were still very anxious. Of course, they knew the importance of the role played by Princess Delia. And they also think this matter is quite tricky. Even though Mr. Grindelwald is a prince of the demon race, it is King Magnolia who made this decision… so everyone is very sad. After all, at present, most people’s thinking is still limited to “how to make King Magnolia let Princess Delia go to the lower realm”.

In comparison, Hill was much calmer and relaxed. He temporarily put aside the things at hand, took Irvine to the human realm, first notified Old Jackson, and then asked Olivia to contact Princess Delia, and have a private meeting with her at the duke’s residence.

Princess Delia was told in advance that Grindelwald would see her, so she also made some psychological preparations. When she walked into the room, she saw Grindelwald sitting on the recliner dozing off. His hair was silver at the moment, draped casually over the luxurious black cloak.

The room was lit by a small lamp, but the moonlight outside was bright, giving everything a thin light blue veil.

Delia thought in her heart that he is indeed a demon, this demeanor has never been seen in humans before… However, she immediately remembered Theodore’s bright eyes to, she still prefers Theodore such a person.

“Mr. Grindelwald,” Princess Delia spoke first, “Good evening.”

“Good evening, Your Ladyship.” Hill opened his eyes, and Princess Delia found that his eyes were blood-red… Today, Hill did not change his hair color and pupil color, but maintained his demon appearance. “Apart from such a courteous greeting, what else do you want to say?”

Although Delia had been mentally prepared, she did not expect the other party to say so directly… This made her, a proud princess, silent for a moment, “I’m sorry.”

“You should feel sorry, you will delay a lot of things,” Hill said unrelentingly.

“…Yes.” Delia once again made a retreat.

“You can also see how hard our whole crew has been working on the movie for a while, at least for a while we all share the same dream – to make this wonderful story into a movie and show it to everyone. And you clearly said during the audition that you could do what you needed to do when making the movie, and now you’re going back on your word.”

If others dared to say such things to herself, Delia would have been angry, but now she only felt guilty. In the crew, she was not treated by many as a princess, and everyone treated her as an ordinary girl (except for human actors), so Delia felt quite relaxed at the time. She has been playing the role of the fugitive princess who is tired of all the royal tedium, plus some other scenes. So, at this moment, she is really talking to Hill as an ordinary girl.

“But I don’t blame you, after all, you have to listen to your father.” Hill saw that the words of reproach had almost been said, so the conversation turned, “He said that as your father and also as your king. Whether as a daughter or as a subject, you have to listen to him. I can understand.”

What he said… actually added fuel to the fire.

At this moment, Princess Delia couldn’t help but feel dissatisfaction with her father.

“You caused a great loss to the crew,” Hill continued.

“…I’m sorry, I am willing to compensate for these losses,” Princess Delia said softly.

“Not only on the gold coins, but also emotionally,” Hill said. “Theodore is looking forward to filming the next plot with you.”

Delia bit her lip.

“Since you are a member of the crew, I will explain the current situation directly.” Hill said, “There are three choices before me. One, change the princess’s actress and re-shoot all the previous shots and completely remove you from the crew.”

Delia frowned.

Of course, she didn’t want this… but through this incident, she suddenly realized that she really couldn’t make any decisions. Or to be precise, she can only make decisions on some small, insignificant things.

“I personally don’t want to do this, because your performance is really excellent, deleting your previous scenes is a loss for the crew,” Hill said quite sincerely, his appearance at this time still looks powerful, so his sincerity is very convincing.

At this time, the more he praises Delia’s acting skills, the more it will make Delia dissatisfied with King Magnolia who made this decision. Of course, Hill knew this.

“Then what’s the next choice?” Delia asked, no matter what her other thoughts were, at least she really wanted the movie to be completed.

“The second option is to rewrite the script so that you die in the middle. You only need to shoot a death scene in the human realm. The downside of this one is also obvious.” Hill said, “You have read the script. You should know that you were supposed to be a queen, but because you couldn’t shoot the following plot, you died halfway… This in itself is disrespectful to the character, and it will have an impact on the whole story.”

”You were supposed to be a queen.”

This sentence is a bit too obvious with a strong hint.

Will the other party see Hill’s instigation? It doesn’t matter if she notices it, this is actually a conspiracy, because after all, King Magnolia really didn’t let Delia go to the demon realm. This is a fact that cannot be changed.

Delia’s complexion changed a little, no one knows what she was thinking of.

“The third choice.” Hill also did not care. Induction and enticement of this kind of thing is a gradual process, if you speed it up, it may have the opposite effect, so Hill continued, “You should know human magic, there is a very magical face-changing technique in it. There are very few people who can use this high-end magic. I will try to find such a mage and persuade them to look like you and shoot for you instead to complete the next scenes. I personally prefer the third choice, although I don’t think your acting skills can be replaced.”

You can see it by now, what Hill said is pure nonsense… What he used is the inequality of information between the two sides.

Higher demons can be transformed into other forms—this is something most humans don’t understand.

In fact, the information about the demon race is really unknown to humans. There are all sorts of messy rumors, both true and false. In fact, those rumors also have the “demons can turn into humans to deceive humans”, but Hill successfully confused it to be true.

Delia felt a kind of powerless anger again. After a while, she finally calmed down and asked: “I heard Olivia say that you are the prince of the lower realm?”

“Demon,” Hill corrected.

“Okay, demon realm.” Delia nodded.

Hill nodded, “I am the Prince of the demon realm.” That’s it. The beans have been spilled. He thought.

“Why are you so powerful?” Delia asked, with doubts in her eyes. “You have more rights than my brother.”

“Two reasons, one, because there is only one Demon King in the demon realm; two, I am a prince. Theoretically, I am the most noble demon among demons except for the Demon King, so it is normal to have great power.” Hill opened his eyes and said nonsense: “The Demon King lost in the war, I told him that his method would not work, and then I convinced him to give me some of the power.”

Just…edit some.

Hill even planned to forge a relationship with Delia’s elder brother, Caesar Lewis, and tell them that he had killed the Demon King himself, and confuse the siblings… But to be honest, Hill felt that King Magnolia is also very good, at least he’s easy to fool. It is said that Caesar Lewis has the ambition to be a wise king, so although Caesar and Delia may currently be more friendly to the demons, Hill still prefers the more stupid King Magnolia.

Politics, ah, politics.

Delia fell silent after hearing what Hill said.

Hill didn’t know exactly what she was thinking. He just did what he should do and said what he should say, feeling that the other party’s mind should be in his own plan… “Anyway, the movie should continue to be filmed. Sigh.” Hill sighed, deliberately showing weakness: “I’m not sure of anything, but I hope it goes well.”

“Hmm…” Delia nodded and said slowly.

“That’s right,” said Hill. “I heard Baker talked about the conflict between Theodore and your maid. Presumably, your maid has filed a complaint?”

“Vera told me,” Delia said.

“Hmm. I’d change my personal servant if I were you, apparently your servant lacks education,” Hill said.

“She is also for my own good,” Delia retorted, but the tone was not strong, obviously she was also dissatisfied with Vera.

“King Magnolia is for your own good, too,” Hill said in a gourd manner.

Delia was taken aback, “I see…”

“I’m just saying my opinion.” Hill shrugged, and then walked out of the matter again, irresponsible, just like a scumbag: “I am a demon, I just came here according to the idea of the demons. Speaking of it, I don’t understand what you humans think. Maybe your situation is different from ours. But I don’t think birth is a problem. In the demon realm, the strong are respected. Of course, the strong is divided into various types. But it seems that you humans are not like this.”

Hill felt that there were enough opinions instilled in the princess today, so he got up to say goodbye and left.

The above words are all for Princess Delia. As for the actual plan, Hill decided from the beginning to transform a higher demon into Delia’s appearance. As for the meeting with Princess Delia just now, let’s say it’s the so-called doing bad things.

As for whether he feels guilty…?

“I’m also doing this for her own good,” Hill said to Irvine next to him with a kind smile: “If the princess does not change, in the future, she will 80% be married to a nobleman or a prince, and just live out their lives, which is very painful for a princess with ideas, right?”

Irvine nodded, “Indeed it is…”

But why does he always feel that the Lord Demon King is a bit scary…

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