Chapter 73.2 – Filming pause and Jelly

After Hill returned to the demon realm, he directly found the succubus who acted in “He is a Dragon” last time. The other party is already familiar with filming movies, so she is easy to use. However, the succubus can only change the facial features initially, and cannot be refined enough to completely become another person. Hill used the power of the Demon King to make her appearance similar to that of Princess Delia, but it was only similar, not exactly the same, it was to such an extent that familiar people could carefully distinguish that they were not the same.

This was deliberate on Hill’s part.

If Hill really used the exact same person, he was worried that it would arouse the vigilance of King Magnolia. In addition, Hill also intends to let the succubus make a good film. After the final release, he will write a film review himself, saying that the succubus in the back is not as good as the princess in the front. This is the only regret of this movie…

The matter of King Magnolia not letting Princess Delia go to the demon realm, Hill wanted to expand its influence as much as possible.

Currently, only Monroe knows Hill’s overall plan, and Hill is not worried that Monroe thinks he is cunning.

In addition, Hill published the matter in the next issue of the magazine, saying that he was sorry for the delay in the release time. This was due to the personal reasons of the actor, and it was unnecessary to mention it. King Magnolia was also reading the magazine. He was very satisfied with the “personal reason” and not putting the name of the actor in the magazine. He felt that this was taking into account their identities… The result, Old Jackson’s family had already publicized this matter through the “careless” Olivia. At least the nobles who should know, know about it, and the princess herself also knows that this matter is making a lot of noise outside.

—So, that’s why Hill likes King Magnolia.

The movie was temporarily suspended, and then there was a public outcry.

Everyone complained about this in the recent salons of Helen Lestat.

“What a shame that this happened.”

“I don’t care what His Majesty thinks, I want to watch a movie!”

“I want to see it, too!”

“Let’s petition jointly.”

“Yes, a joint petition.”

Helen Lestat suppressed everyone’s emotions. She told Hill about the incident and asked Hill for his opinion. Hill thought for a while. First of all, he felt that it was too late, but then he thought that King Magnolia was a soft guy, so he can toss him a little bit like this. He has been at ease for too long, it is time to be tossed.

Hill convinced himself on a psychological level, and then morally agreed to Helen Lestat’s proposal.

King Magnolia has been very depressed recently, and a minister came to him to chat every three to five, and then “accidentally talked about” why the filming of that movie was stopped recently, his wife kept complaining about such things. After a few times, King Magnolia became angry and said directly: “Then you let your daughter go to the lower realm.”

The minister said: “My daughter has long wanted to go to the lower realm. She thinks about the dragon abducting her every day… Seeing her being so naughty, I can’t wait for a dragon like Arman to take her away. It’s fine if she’s happy about it.”

Well. King Magnolia was also speechless.

In fact, at this moment, King Magnolia came up stubbornly. He was originally “I think what you said makes sense, but I don’t want to do it”. Now it is “Everyone wants me to do this but I don’t want to do it.” The latter is more capable. It reflects his majesty as a king, at least he himself thinks so.

Old Jackson was naturally clear about this. He watched all the reactions of Magnolia in this incident with cold eyes, and finally realized for the first time with the attitude of a bystander that his old friend, His Majesty, was really useless.

At this moment, King Magnolia tore up their joint petition and yelled at the ministers: “Should I be the King or should you be the King? I have already decided, and this order cannot be changed!”

When Magnolia returned to his bedroom, he thought in his heart, alas, he actually wanted to watch a movie, and now he actually regretted it a little bit, and he felt that it would be okay to let Delia go to the lower realm…but if he just let her go, wouldn’t it be shameful to take the order back again? Forget it, just wrong Delia and the film crew, after all, his face is more important.

One has to say that in this incident, King Magnolia showed the inferior nature of many ordinary people to the fullest.

Delia was quietly sipping blackberry juice from the restaurant of the shopping mall in the bedroom. She listened to the report and nodded, “I see, it looks like it really doesn’t work,” she said.

“Your Royal Highness…” Maid Vera called out worriedly, “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Delia stood up. “So many people outside speak for me. I am better than ever.”

“They are not speaking for you, they just want to watch a movie,” Vera said.

“Grandpa once taught us to know how to ‘take advantage of the trend’, and I finally understand what it means today,” Delia said.

Vera was a little confused.

Delia turned around and looked straight at Vera, “You have been with me for a long time, Vera.”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

“It’s time for you to live your own life,” Delia said, “I restore your identity, you can go.”

Vera was shocked: “Princess, Your Highness! You, I… Have you listened to someone’s slander? I’m loyal to you!”

“The director said something that has benefited me a lot.” Delia nodded.

“It turned out to be that demon, you can’t listen to those people!” Vera said, “He is just a lowly…”

“Lowly?” Delia raised her voice and interrupted Vera, “He is a noble prince! And his power is much greater than the power of my brother and I combined! He can make so many decisions on his own, but what about us?”

Delia’s words undoubtedly revealed what she had been thinking all along.

Ambition… Being in the royal family, how could there not be some ambition?

A sentence from Theodore, the protagonist in “The Evil Monarch” suddenly appeared in Princess Delia’s mind: My life is up to me, not up to heaven. Then she thought of the domineering words in the propaganda, “If the sky crushes me, I will split the sky; if the earth restrains me, I will smash the earth”. She suddenly felt a sense of fervor. She said, “My mission is not determined by others, my fate is not determined by others.” She looked straight at Vera and her voice was powerful, “I am the most noble person in this empire besides my father, and I deserve to be able to grasp more things.”

When she said this, her eyes were quite bright, as if there was a bright flame burning in it.

Vera was stunned. After a while, she retrieved her words, “Then, Princess Delia, don’t drive me away, okay?”

“Since you know that I am driving you away, you must also know the reason,” Princess Delia said.

“I… I’m sorry, Your Highness, I will never do that again! Forgive me! I have been with you for so many years, I…”

Delia looked at Vera’s disguised expression, “There is another choice.”

“Her Royal Highness, please speak!”

“Go to Baron Baker,” Delia said lightly. “If you still want to do something for me, go to him. He will arrange for you.”

Vera did not hesitate this time, “Okay, Your Royal Highness!”

“I can let you come back if you do a good job.” Vera thought about it and gave her such a big pie.

“Yes! Princess!”

In the ancient European court, there were no female officials like in the East – Europe is not like the Chinese emperor with friendly multiple concubines, and then you can seal a number of female official positions, such as responsible for weaving, responsible for the material distribution, and so on. The women in the European court were either noblewomen or noblewomen’s ladies-in-waiting.

Oh yes, those noblewomen have husbands.

As for why they live in the court, there are generally two reasons. One is that their family or husband sent them to the court, hoping to seek benefits for themselves through their communication with the monarch… Well… This is a very interesting statement, imaginative, so interesting.

In fact, there were indeed quite a lot of imaginative things that happened.

Otherwise, why are there so many medieval noblewomen who secretly slept with the king…

There is another reason that the court needs the services of noble ladies, such as taking care of the queen and educating the little princess.

So, Delia couldn’t arrange Vera in other positions in the palace, so she sent her directly out of the palace.

As a result, after Vera reported to Joan Baker, Joan Baker actually assigned her to Theodore. Yes, he made her a subordinate for Theodore.

Vera suddenly felt very humiliated, but at this moment, she had to listen to Theodore’s orders. She thought Theodore would make things difficult for her, but in the end, he didn’t. Instead, Theodore smiled and said: “The limitations of my birth make me unable to see some things. If there is any problem in my decision-making in the future, I will ask Miss Vera to mention it directly.”

Vera was stunned, then nodded.

This Theodore seems to be different from the noble young master she usually comes into contact with.


Hill temporarily set aside the movie to let it settle down. After he settled the scenes that should be arranged in the lower realm, he began to think about getting some new stuff.


If it is the kind of more natural and healthy jelly, it is not only delicious but also has good nutritional value. It contains very low calories and contains a lot of dietary fiber. Different types of jelly also have unique nutrition, specifically the nutrition of various types of fruit itself, and some other additives, such as high calcium and vitamin D jelly. In addition, there are some functions such as laxative, weight loss, and for healthier skin.

But these are not the main points for Hill, the main point is… it’s delicious.

Most of the jellies on Earth are currently made from seaweed gelatin. There are many different ways to make jelly. After inquiring, Hill plans to try “agar” to make it. If it is on earth, Hill can buy agar directly online, but not now. He has to extract the agar from some seaweed first.

Agar is a good thing. It is one of the most widely used seaweed gels on the planet. It is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical industry, and bioengineering. And its main nutrients are dietary fiber and protein, so it can detoxify, beautify, lower blood sugar, and so on… And with agar, Hill can produce more things.

But the first thing Hill plans to make is jelly.

He watched it on Baidu for nearly an hour before he figured out how to extract agar. After all, the various information on the Internet is too complicated. He directly asked the dwarves to make the corresponding machinery and equipment, intending to mass produce. Anyway, that stuff was useful, and it wasn’t just for jelly, not just for the sake of appetite.

The dwarves were quite fast. Hill got the first batch of agar two weeks later, and then he rolled up his sleeves and started making jelly.

After having agar, making jelly is actually very simple. Hill peeled and cut the peaches and grapes, and then took the dried rosebuds from the blood clan. First, soak the rosebuds in hot water to get rose water (normal water can also be used), then soak the agar in warm water and boil it in boiling water until it melts completely, and then Hill carefully filters the impurities inside, this is related to the appearance of the finished product.

Then Hill put honey, rock sugar, and rose water into the agar slurry and boiled it until the honey and rock sugar melted. Finally, put the fruit in the container first, and then add the agar. After cooling down, let the Lich make a refrigerator, and it will be OK the next day after putting it in.

When Hill was making this, he thought to himself, this is so simple. You can make it casually on earth before, but after thinking about it, if you want to eat while on earth, you can just buy it, and you don’t need to do it…

Thinking of these things in his mind, he disassembled the refrigerator by hand, then took out the container inside, and his eyes lit up after uncovering the lid.

Wow, jelly.

Dig a spoonful and put it in your mouth, the smooth fruity taste, a wonderful taste! Although not to the point of crystal clear, the appearance is also very good, not to mention the feeling of eating the elastic texture, it is also very refreshing. The sweetness is not greasy, and there is a rich fruity flavor scent spreading out.

‘…eating snacks is really too enjoyable!’ Hill narrowed his eyes with happiness, and thought.

While Magnolia City and Josh Kenny are in desperate need.

…We want to watch a movie, aaahhhhh!!!

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