Chapter 74.1 – “Does this leave e a bad impression on you?”

Hill was having a lot of fun making jelly and setting up scenes, he was having a lot of fun doing other things. In contrast, movie lovers in Magnolia City and Josh Kenny were already crazy at this time. Joan Baker even received some letters insulting King Magnolia, but everyone just cursed, not really wanting to do anything to the upper echelons. It is no different from the audience who sprayed two sentences after their favorite movie was blocked by the radio and television.

Nevertheless, this is actually thought-provoking, after all, this represents a reduction in the authority of the king.

The current series of movies released by Hill all contain the meaning of challenging tradition and authority. Some ideas are really being changed quietly.

In addition, those letters included those who wanted to continue making movies in various ways, and another said, “I can also act as the princess, I look good.” Later, Joan Baker contacted that person and found out It was a man who wrote this letter. Don’t know what kind of thoughts he had when he wrote those words. There are also people who want crowdfunding to support the crew. In short, there are all kinds of proposals. Among them, there are some proposals that make him feel tempted, but it seems that Grindelwald has his own plans.

What’s more, there was an assassin who said he could go to the Assassin’s Temple to place an order… Joan Baker handed the letter to Hill with a weird look. Hill said with a smile, “Your expression is a bit interesting.” He opened the letter afterward, and after reading it, he also looked weird.

Joan Baker said blankly, “Your expression is also a bit interesting.”

Hill coughed twice and laughed dryly.

Okay, so this is the turn of feng shui.

After a while, the two of them started talking about business.

“So, Mr. Grindelwald, are you already prepared?” asked Joan Baker.

At this time, they were in the demon realm, where the Ghost Clan resided. Hill was drinking a glass of juice, the cold temperature of the cold juice makes him feel quite comfortable. The juice was in a glass, and when Hill first took it out, Joan Baker looked at it several times.

At present, the dwarves have begun to make glass, and the device for making agar has been handed over to the Siren Clan. After all, they are responsible for seafood-related matters.

After hearing what Joan Baker said, Hill did not answer immediately. Instead, he leisurely enjoyed the freshly improved juice before asking, “Why do you think so?”

“Because you look so calm,” Joan Baker replied.

It’s more than calm, it seems like you don’t care about the movie at all.

“Of course, I have to be calm,” Hill smiled. “The more anxious the others are, the more necessary and valuable it is for me to be calm. Baker, I think you’ve been in business for so many years that you naturally understand this truth.”

“I would like to hear more about it, Mr. Grindelwald,” said Joan Baker.

Hill looked at him with a smile, and said: “I think the so-called merchants are opportunists, and the main factor used to make money is the inequality of information. Of course, I mean pure merchants, not producers. When there is a craze, when everyone is red-eyed and wants to participate, they should calm down and analyze the pros and cons, and find a suitable way to get the most benefits. The more chaotic the situation, the easier it is for merchants to make a fortune.” said Hill, and then shrugged, “I think you should know this.”

Moonlight passed through the treetops and shone in the small garden, casting more shadows in the small garden. Hill asked the mayor of Deathstroke Town to plant a lot of white flowers in Deathstroke Town. This flower is more than enough to calm the spirit, but also able to guide the faint newly formed ghosts to Deathstroke Town. There were owls hooting in the treetops, and the bloody moonlight and everything in front of them reminded Joan Baker that this was not the human realm, but the demon realm.

In such a scene, the man with silver hair and red eyes sitting in front of him looks even more mysterious and charming.

Joan Baker stared into Hill’s eyes. Although he had just thought of other things in his mind, his voice at the moment was still relatively stable. “I generally know some, or there are some similar experiences, but it is impossible to form a systematic theory like you, Mr. Grindelwald.”

“It’s not a systematic theory either.” Hill was a little embarrassed by the compliment. “It’s just a random association. This is my evaluation as a layman.”

Joan Baker didn’t comment on Hill’s words. In his opinion, Hill is a man of great wisdom (Hill: …), so he directly regarded Hill’s words as humble words: “So Mr. Grindelwald’s position on himself is actually that of a businessman?”

“Different positions are required at different times.” Hill said, “At least now, I am a businessman.” He smiled and added: “A businessman who has assumed social responsibility and is concerned about the country and the people.” He was of course referring to the demon realm and the demon race.

The smile he had when he said this was of course meaningful.

“Does this leave a bad impression on you?”

Hill tilted his head and asked.

“You definitely gave me the impression you were hoping for.”

Joan Baker replied. This sentence can be said to be quite meaningful.


Magnolia City.

After Hill extended his claws to the Magnolia Empire, the lives of many people in the Magnolia Empire changed. Movies and shopping malls have been strongly inserted into their daily lives, becoming their interests and the subject of after-dinner conversations. In addition, the fate of some people also changed, such as Joan Baker and Theodore, the young reporter.

Theodore was originally just a servant of Joan Baker, if there was no accident, he would be a servant for the rest of his life because of his background. If he is on earth, he can do something with his character and hard work, but he can’t do something in the other world. There are all kinds of opportunities and various platforms to show oneself on Earth. Basically, as long as you are good enough, you can excel. Even if there may be unfairness, it is much better than the other world.

After all, in such a world, fairness means treason.

At first, Joan Baker allowed Theodore to serve as a reporter because he was clever and articulate. Later, because he did a better job, he became more involved in the work of the magazine. Later, the scale of the shopping mall increased. Theodore was simply appointed as the main person in charge of the magazine.

Hill said that next time, the magazine can write Theodore’s name in the position of associate editor.

In fact, theoretically, Theodore can also be the editor-in-chief, but after all, the name Grindelwald has now become a symbol of influence… so the editor-in-chief is still Hill himself.

Vera was first sent to Joan Baker by Princess Delia, and then to Theodore by Joan Baker. On the one hand, it was because of the grudge between Vera and Theodore, and on the other hand, because Theodore was indeed short of people.

Vera actually looked down on those jobs at first. She felt that her previous work was so noble and weighty, and these jobs of sorting out manuscripts, screening photos, making sample publications… these are all too common. After getting started, she realized that these little things were so difficult. As the princess’s personal servant, she actually couldn’t do these things? That commoner Theodore is actually so skilled?

Pride made Vera start studying hard.

Before long, she could handle many things in the magazine proficiently.

After all, she is pretty good, that’s why she was chosen to be the princess’s personal maid. Moreover, she had a good handwriting, so Theodore handed over the final transcription to her as well.

Soon after, Princess Delia found that the contents of the magazine had become Vera’s handwriting.

Some people actually wrote to protest, feeling that the text was not as good-looking as before. Joan Baker was also helpless. He asked Hill and learned that the one who was responsible for writing was one of the five elders of the demon realm, a ghost of several hundred years old. That demon’s calligraphy is definitely good, but you can’t let such a noble demon do these things every day.

After Vera worked under Theodore for a while, she had to admit that Theodore was really different from some aristocratic teenagers who could only speak big words. He was very good. In fact, in the royal family and nobility, their own young lady’s marriage partner should be, first of all, not an old man, secondly, there is no weird fetish, the status of the other party and their own should be equivalent, and then an ordinary personality—this is considered to be a good marriage partner… As for the pursuit of what passion, what love, what excellent qualities, and so on, this is considered to be too greedy.

Vera couldn’t help but feel pity at this time, she thought, it would be great if Theodore was born in a noble family. But it’s a pity now.

Princess Delia came to Joan Baker’s residence on this day.

Joan Baker divided a part of his residence and called it the magazine office according to Hill’s request. The matters of “Demon Realm Magazine” are all conducted here.

Princess Delia saw Vera first. She thought Vera would complain, but she didn’t expect the other party to look peaceful.

Vera was wearing civilian clothes, her brows lost the aggressive pride of the past, she showed a happy expression after seeing Delia, “Your Royal Highness.”

“How are you here?” Delia asked. She still cares about her. After all, she has been taken care of by Vera for many years, and she still has some feelings for her.

“It’s not too bad, I learned a lot.” Vera smiled peacefully when she said this, “I feel that I can learn more and then serve the princess better.”

She was talking about “serving the princess” this time, not “taking care of the princess”. Delia noticed this change, and she nodded, “Okay, then I’ll wait and see.” She copied this line from a recent magazine novel, and she thought it was pretty cool.

“By the way, Your Royal Highness, what about the movie?” Vera showed a worried expression.

Delia was surprised that she also started to worry about the movie. After the accident, she couldn’t help but feel a little happy. She also hoped that Vera could be completely one minded with her: “Mr. Grindelwald talked to me. He is looking for someone who can disguise herself as me to replace me. His Majesty’s side won’t work, I still can’t go to the demon realm.”

“Okay.” Vera sighed. She didn’t say, ‘It would be nice not to go to the demon realm’ this time.

“I’ve come to visit Theodore,” Delia said.

“Master Theodore is in the magazine.” Vera said, “I’ll take you there.”

“Master Theodore?” Delia raised her eyebrows slightly.

“En.” Vera nodded, “Master Baker asked me to work under the hands of Master Theodore. Now Master Theodore has become the main person in charge of “Demon Realm Magazine”. I heard Master Baker say that next time, Master Theodore’s name will appear as the associate editor on the magazine.”

Delia nodded, “So that’s how it is…” She felt happy about the outcome.

But Baron Baker was really insidious, she thought, letting Vera work under Theodore. But fortunately, Theodore is also good enough to make Vera’s temperament change… Well… he is indeed good enough… good enough…

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