Chapter 74.2 – “I want to go through the mountains and rivers, and feel that the world is still worthwhile.”

Delia found Theodore with Vera leading the way. Theodore did not stand up directly after seeing Delia, but said, “Just a moment, I’ll finish this point at hand. Vera, you go pour a cup of tea and the snacks… Er, snacks that His Highness Grindelwald just sent.”

Hill told them that these are called snacks, this is a strange new word, but also quite graphic.

Vera got the order to go, while Delia looked at the side of Theodore’s serious work, she did not get angry at him for such behavior but found him more attractive.

Not long after Vera brought the tea and jelly, the appearance of crystal-clear pulp jelly caused Delia’s curiosity. Curious, she scooped a spoonful into her mouth, and then her eyes widened.

Wow, this is too delicious ……

It really is a wonderful taste ah, as if solidified juice, but more refreshing and delicate, soft and smooth texture, and also so elastic, it bounces after a bite, and there is fresh pulp inside… Ah! Why is there always so many delicious things in the demon realm! Why did King Magnolia refuse to let her go to the demon realm! How hateful…

At this moment, Delia rarely had a bit of a little girl’s emotions.

As a result, Theodore finished his work and saw that a bowl of jelly had disappeared, he froze and subconsciously said, “Finished eating ah…”

Delia realized that she had unknowingly eaten too much, so she was a little embarrassed, but she still put on the majestic posture of a princess: “Yes, I have finished eating.”

“It’s okay.” Theodore showed a bright smile, “But that’s all I have here, next time I’ll ask His Highness Grindelwald if there’s more jelly, but I’m sure this will be available in the restaurant soon.”

“Good,” Delia said, she really liked this about Theodore, being able to quietly diffuse a lot of her embarrassment, not so much by ignoring it, but by being so natural that she thought it was perfectly normal.

Theodore had encountered so much ridicule growing up that he vowed not to ridicule anyone.

Then they talked about the movie, “I’m sorry about that,” Delia said.

“I am not good at evaluating this matter…” said Theodore. He did not say “I forgive you” nor “it’s all right”, because he felt that the power of forgiveness is in the hands of His Highness Grindelwald. Rashly saying anything is an irresponsible performance, but he certainly does not want to say heavy words: “His Highness Grindelwald should have talked to you about it, Your Highness.”

“Hmm.” Delia was silent for a moment when she thought of that meeting that she called bad, after all, she was criticized by Hill at that time, which could not be called a good memory. “Mr. Grindelwald said a lot of things, and I can actually see his purpose.”

“Purpose?” Theodore asked.

“In provoking me and my father,” Delia said.

“Ah…” Theodore suddenly did not know how to comment, he is on Mr. Grindelwald’s side, yes, but he is also a human after all.

“But what he said was also true, and although it was provocative, it helped me to see everything in a different light. And as long as the purpose is the same, it doesn’t matter if we continue to keep working together for the time being,” Delia continued, she really did have a surprising amount of sanity.

“…purpose.” Theodore found this side of her charming, he repeated Delia’s words, “His Highness Grindelwald’s purpose?”

“It’s too early to talk to you about that, and I haven’t really thought through what I want.” Delia said, “…Let’s leave it at that for now.”

“I think,” Theodore said cautiously, “you sometimes just think too much, maybe because of your identity… but a lot of times, when a person can’t think of anything even if they think hard, a lot of ideas will naturally appear. I think you should rather enjoy the moment and do what you want to do.” After saying this he smiled, he was a vibrant teenager, and always optimistic, “In the future, no matter what your goal is, I will be with you.”

His smile is full of sunshine, such that he can really infect people and impress them.

“I just thought about it,” Delia said.

“Thought about what?” Theodore asked.

“Thought of what I want,” Lydia said.

“What is it?” Theodore asked.

“You.” Delia looked at him steadily and said seriously, “I want you.”


Later, after Hill understood the story of Delia and Theodore in detail, he made a short story based on them, and at the end, there were two sentences that looked like the old-fashioned internet sentences copied and pasted from QQ ten years ago.

In solitude, I am willing to accompany you to indulge in madness.

Home, country, and the world, also for you to look back and linger.

Well… is actually quite appropriate, right?



It felt like the reader was tossing and turning while the author was enjoying the fun of the break in between.

Hill felt that it was almost time, if you put it off any longer, it will be too late. It’s just in time for the death of Eddard Stark in A Song of Ice and Fire, and now Magnolia and Josh Kenny are in mourning, and when Hill went to find Old Jackson, he found him gazing at him from head to feet with a grimace… Hill was creeped out. “I didn’t write that, you go blame the author, Martin.”

“Okay.” The old duke asked: “Will the Stark family still die?”

Hill nodded. Of course, he had read the original novel.

“How many more will die?” the old duke asked.

“You should ask how many more will live,” Hill said.

… After all, it is “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The old duke’s expression suddenly became fierce…

Well damn. Hill wanted to slip away.

The resentment caused by the abused reader, even he, the Demon King, wants to run away…

In addition, during this time, Hill and the five elders were listening to Monroe’s lectures every day, and Monroe told them about human things. The five elders were reluctant at first, and then Hill said, “Know your enemy and yourself, so you can survive a hundred battles.” This sentence made Gormund ponder for a long time, “Is it the Art of War? My King.”

“Yes.” Hill said, “from a man named Sun Tzu, he wrote thirty-six stratagems.”

“What else?” Gormund became interested.

“Well… because I’m a bit more vulgar and obscene, so I only remember that there is a Beauty Trap in it, and there are thirty-six stratagems,” Hill answered truthfully.

“Pfft, cough, cough, My King, you don’t have to say this to yourself…” The five elders suddenly coughed.

“I just said it casually, you just listen to it,” Hill said. Speaking of Thirty-Six Stratagems, he really can only think of this, “If you are interested, I will look up… I will recall it later.”

He almost blurted out Baidu. So close, so close.

“But the beauty trap… it feels very insignificant,” the Dark Elf Albrecht said.

“It depends on how to use it,” Gormund said. “What if there is someone who looks like My King?”

Albrecht was suspiciously silent for a few seconds. “I wouldn’t fall for such a trick.”

“I don’t believe you,” the Death Knight Goldnia actually chimed in.

Albrecht, on the contrary, showed a very serious expression: “My allegiance is to My King, and all my feelings for My King are based on loyalty. I submit to the great power and majestic aura of My King. I admire My King’s insidious cunning and not recognizing his six relatives…”

At first, Hill felt like ‘wow, my subordinate is complimenting me, how happy’, as a result, it became more and more wrong…

Fortunately, Albrecht stopped saying that terrible compliment: “So sometimes, I may seem a bit perverted, but the truth is not. At least my heart is as clear as a mirror.”

The other four elders and Hill complained in their hearts: You are actually aware that you seem a bit perverted sometimes! And you can be more confident, you can remove the “seem” ah!

But with what Albrecht said, Hill also had a new understanding of Albrecht.

Dark elves are not bad at all…

But this idea only lasts until his next perverted act.

This time, Monroe said about the knowledge of the knight statue: “The sculptor represented different meanings through the different postures of the horse in the statue. If the first two hooves of the horse are in the air, it means that the person died on the battlefield.”

“There is still this kind of exquisiteness.” Hill nodded, and then he searched in Baidu and found that the same thing was said on Earth.

“One front hoof raised, indicating that the person was seriously wounded in battle and then died,” Monroe said.

“Didn’t they all die in battle?” Albrecht raised his hand and asked, “What’s the difference?”

Monroe said, “The difference between dying on the spot and dying when pulled back.”


“All four hooves landed on the ground, indicating that the death was caused by natural causes. For example, Louis I of the Magnolia Empire had one front hoof raised. He was seriously wounded while pacifying the rebellion in the north, and died after going back to his family,” Monroe said.

“The front hoof of Louis I’s horse,” Ghost Binns corrected. As an academic ghost, he has a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder in this regard.

“What about the four hooves that don’t even touch the ground?” Albrecht asked.

“That means you’ve had too much to drink,” Monroe said.

“Pfft…” Can’t see that he has a sense of humor.

Albrecht touched his nose, and continued to ask questions: “What about two hind hooves raised?”

“It means that he died in a circus show,” Hill said.

Everyone was dull for a few seconds, and then all looked at Monroe.

Monroe considered it for a moment and commented: “Very creative.”


Hill is now familiar with this group of subordinates. In most days, he doesn’t have much of a Demon King’s air, and it turns out that both humans and demons are forgetful. In addition to Gormund, who was a bit preoccupied at the time and had been enlightened by Hill, the other demons also accepted the Demon King, who was much more easy-going and often opened his mouth with jokes.

Of course, when doing business, Hill will still assume a majestic posture.

This clear attitude between public and private has given him more authority—this authority does not only come from physical power.

In fact, Hill sometimes misses things on Earth. At first, he used the busy work to keep himself from dwelling too deeply. But now, whether it’s infrastructure, food, or cultural invasion, doing it is also very interesting. As a Demon King, he can also see a lot of scenery that he couldn’t see before, and having such companions feels good too.

“I want to see all kinds of beautiful scenery in the world. I want to taste all kinds of food in the world. I want to meet all kinds of interesting people. I want to go through the mountains and rivers, and feel that the world is still worthwhile.” Hill once wrote this in his diary. But because of the many ties on Earth, and some emotional kidnapping, he could not get out.

But now, he feels that it is really gradually being realized.

The class finally ended in a weird but pleasant atmosphere. After Hill returned to the Blackrock Tower, with a stroke of his pen, he announced in “Demon Realm Magazine” that a replacement actor had been found and the filming continued.

After the magazine was released, almost everyone began to cheer.

Even King Magnolia breathed a sigh of relief.

Okay, the next step is to complete the shooting of “The Evil Monarch”!

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Hill’s diary is making me think of what happened to him when he was still on earth. Many ties? Emotional kidnapping? Is it his family? Sounds depressing. I wanna know mooore.

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