Sacrifice to the Devil 34

Chapter 34 – He probably really liked Ying Chen in his last life

At the celebration party, Wen Yu has never been so eager to go home.

After it was over, he thanked each of the elders seriously and declined Xu Cheng’s invitation to sing. He hurriedly hailed a car at the roadside to go home.

In order not to delay his exams these days, Ying Chen gave him enough freedom. He hasn’t been to his room at night, and has never touched him again. Even the two of them sometimes don’t say a word all day.

The quiet Ying Chen, on the contrary, let him always want to follow when he was at home, wanting to see what Ying Chen was doing.

He knew Ying Chen’s thirst for him, and he naturally understood that Ying Chen was holding back. He wondered whether Ying Chen would burst out the suppressed impatience these days after the college entrance examination.

Obviously, he was afraid in his heart, but he still wanted to see Ying Chen eagerly. Especially, after seeing him leave with Uncle Liu, Ying Chen stood lonely in the crowd, which made his heart ache faintly.

In the car, Wen Yu turned on his mobile phone to read messages from time to time, urging the driver to drive faster.

It wasn’t until he entered the villa complex, walked into the house quickly, and opened the door to see the quiet Ying Chen sitting in the living room that he breathed a sigh of relief imperceptibly.

Wen Yu began to change shoes at the door: “I’m back. I brought a sweet potato cake.”

He said half of the sentence and paused in annoyance.

When he ate just now, there was a sweet potato cake that was delicious. He just wanted to bring back a serving.

It’s just that he himself didn’t expect that he would unconsciously want Ying Chen to taste it too.

And, it seems that Ying Chen does not need to eat.

He was even more annoyed, put on his slippers and walked inside, but quietly looked towards Ying Chen. Want to see if he is angry or has some other emotion.

“Brought it for me?” Ying Chen asked, a calm voice echoing in the hall.

“Um.” Wen Yu paused, turned around, and looked over, “You, do you eat?”

“Yes.” Ying Chen walked towards him, slightly lowered his body to take the still-warm sweet potato cake from his hand, and asked in a low voice: “It’s already late, are you tired?”


There seems to be a hidden meaning in this sentence.

In fact, he was asking again: Do you want to rest or do something else with me?

Wen Yu became nervous, but couldn’t help shaking his head.

He was still holding the golden sunflower in his other hand, and Ying Chen took it along with him, holding his hand and saying, “Then let’s celebrate for a while.”

Wen Yu didn’t say anything and was led away by him.

Ying Chen led him to the terrace on the second floor and helped him sit on an outdoor wicker chair. He put the golden sunflower in full bloom into the vase prepared in the center of the table.

In the night, an incandescent lamp was lit on the top of the terrace to illuminate the surroundings, and the leaves of several pots of wallflowers glowed with emerald green color.

The rattan tabletop is covered with a pure white tablecloth, and the golden sunflowers blooming against the backdrop are even more dazzling.

Surrounding the vase, there are several dishes with hot and tempting tastes, exquisite dessert cakes, and a bottle of some kind of red wine. Like the romantic style created in the movie.

Ying Chen picked up and uncorked the red wine, slowly poured it into a clear glass wine glass and handed it to Wen Yu, smiling, “This is my first time to give someone a celebration. I wonder if this method is right? You should have just eaten a lot of things with your friends, these are just a form of display, you don’t have to eat if you don’t want to eat it.”

He was still wearing those black shirts and trousers, his expression was calm, his voice and movements were very gentle. But it made Wen Yu have a sense of unreality. He was obviously still holding back some emotions.

Wen Yu held the wine glass, looked at the bright red wine, and asked him: “I just left with Uncle Liu and the others. Are you very disappointed?”

“Disappointed?” Ying Chen sat opposite him, with some bitterness in his tone: “Not at all.”

Today, the moment Wen Yu left with his friend, he understood his position. He is an intruder who broke in unreasonably and disturbed the teenager’s supposedly smooth life.

These days, the more Wen Yu thinks about the past life, the heavier and sadder the whole person becomes. Some things, it is best not to know.

And he grew up in such a peaceful and prosperous age, children of this age should have been carefree, grow up freely.

It was his own appearance that added to his troubles.

He took it upon himself to find him and wanted him to know his past with him. But he forgot that all those, for humans, are only the past life. Humans don’t even have memories after reincarnation.

In this life, he cares about his elders and cares about his friends. It was all because of his own appearance that made him fall into fear, into a heavy and sad past.

Ying Chen looked sad and said in a low voice: “You are different in this life. You have friends around you, you have the ability to protect yourself, and you have the ability to support yourself. Even if you don’t have me, you will live well.”

He smiled bitterly: “I’m thinking, if I didn’t show up, you wouldn’t be so afraid during this period of time, and you wouldn’t have to work hard to find your memories.”

The wine glass in Wen Yu’s hand suddenly shook: “What do you mean?”

Ying Chen looked at him and said in a low and somber voice: “It was me who shouldn’t have appeared, I shouldn’t have disturbed you.”

Wen Yu didn’t expect Ying Chen to say such words at all, still in shock and suspicion, he asked directly: “Then you, are you leaving?”

Ying Chen paused and asked in a low voice: “Do you want me to leave you?”


Wen Yu is speechless.

He does not know.

Just over half a month ago, he was desperately hoping that there would be a way to get rid of Ying Chen and return to his original was life.

But now, everything is different.

His sense of fear for Ying Chen has completely disappeared, and occasionally, when he thinks of the relationship between the two in the past, he will always feel traces of pain and sorrow.

He seduced Ying Chen and used Ying Chen, he didn’t know what happened afterward. The two people directly seem to have all kinds of unexplained past.

But to say whether he likes Ying Chen, he doesn’t know.

However, every time Ying Chen rubbed his head, held his hand, and kissed his forehead, he didn’t seem to resist too much.

He wanted to test.

He wanted to know the true feelings engraved in his soul for Ying Chen.

He slowly stood up holding the table: “Before anything else, I want to give your thank-you gift first.”

The teenager stammered, his cheeks faintly hot. But still walked to Ying Chen’s side.

Ying Chen was so immersed in sadness and self-condemnation that he did not hear what Wen Yu really meant. Seeing the teenager walking towards him with a slightly red face, he bent his body slightly beside him.

The handsome blushing face went a little closer him, and his light-colored lips touched the corners of his lips. The soft and moist skin touched his cold cheeks.

For an instant, Ying Chen’s breathing stopped and his brain buzzed.

When the young man was about to leave, he suddenly became sober, stretched out his arms to encircle the young boy’s thin body into his broad and powerful chest, and heavily kissed the light-colored warm lips.

It is the taste that makes him miss to madness.

It is the antidote to his severe illness for thousands of years, and the salvation for him in the dark. It is also the most extravagant thing he wants to possess crazily, but dare not touch easily.

“Little devil,” he gently nibbled on the teenager’s lips, and two heavy, fuzzy names rolled out of his bitter throat, encompassing all his bitter waiting and intense yearning.

“Hmm,” Wen Yu agreed, unguardedly letting the tip of Ying Chen’s tongue slide into the seam of his lips.

Ying Chen tasted his taste, this is the thank you gift he promised.

He paid it back now, but didn’t push Ying Chen away.

Let him try and test.

He did not resist. Just like Ying Chen said when he first met him: There are some things that can be found deep in the soul and cannot be forgotten no matter what.

He couldn’t remember the specifics, but he remembered this familiar feeling, how many days and nights he had this in the past.

Wen Yu wanted to cry, he suppressed the fullness of emotion in his heart, but the sorrow and sourness in his nasal cavity eventually surpassed him, and after the trembling tears in his eyes rolled out, he could no longer restrain it.

Tears dripped down his cheeks, the saltness reached the lips and teeth of the two. Ying Chen wanted to let go of him, but he bit the tip of his tongue, not letting go.

He didn’t know why he was crying, but he clearly understood that he didn’t hate or reject doing such a thing with Ying Chen. He probably really liked Ying Chen in his last life.

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