Sacrifice to the Devil 35

Chapter 35 – “I promise to let him learn to walk and eat by himself in one morning.”

He still doesn’t know how to accept this kind of testing, let alone what kind of attitude he should use to face Ying Chen.

Thinking of what happened these days, he was filled with unspeakable emotions. He cried and bit on Ying Chen’s lips, he didn’t let go until the blood came through his mouth.

“Why are you crying?”

Ying Chen hugged him tightly in his arms. The tightly pressed chests of the two men rose and fell even more strongly because of his words.

Wen Yu rested his jaw on Ying Chen’s shoulder and did not speak. He was afraid that he could hear the sound of his crying as soon as he opened his mouth.

The unshed tears fell on the black shirt, leaving a drop of dark traces, and finally printed into a patch.

“Do you still want me to leave?”

Ying Chen asked again in a low voice, with a trembling end: “If you don’t want to see me, I will leave to set you free.”

Set you free.

The teenager took a deep breath, swallowed all the emotions stuck in his throat, and slowly said: “If you leave, what about Lin An?”

A single question represents his attitude towards Ying Chen.

Ying Chen could not restrain the surprise. He cupped the boy’s cheeks with both hands, and kissed his red eyes and salty tears:

“Okay, I’m not leaving. Let’s wait for him to wake up and take care of him together, okay?”

That night, Ying Chen followed Wen Yu into the bedroom and lay down with him. He tentatively approached the teenager who was curled up in a ball, and stretched out his arms to encircle him in his arms.

The young man’s body stiffened. Behind him, Ying Chen pressed his chest against his back, and the faint sound of breathing came from behind his ears and neck. It felt cool, with a touch of refreshing comfort in the sweltering summer heat.

He gradually relaxed, slowly loosened his body close to the man’s broad embrace.

This night, he slept very peacefully.

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The end of the college entrance examination is undoubtedly the greatest relief and relaxation for senior high school students. These days, everyone will play games, watch movies, hang out with friends until it’s dark, and wake up naturally in the morning.

Wen Yu started another kind of busyness when he received a call from Xu Cheng.

“Xiaoyu, did you see the email I sent you last night? The studio has more than a dozen small and large orders all saved for you. You will be busy this month.”

Wen Yu pressed the phone while looking at the orders one by one in the computer, and asked, “Is there an urgent order?”

“Just do it in the order of the serial number I sent you.”

“Got it.”

The teenager hung up the phone and clicked on the software to start drawing.

He got up late and received a call from Xu Cheng before he had breakfast. Now he is busy seeing so many orders.

Ying Chen came in several times, saw him concentrating, and stopped his desire to call him. In the end, he put his breakfast in a tray from the kitchen and came to the bedroom.

It’s a simple Chinese breakfast, the small fried dough sticks are cut into bite-by-piece pieces, the soy milk cup is inserted with a straw, and even the cut fruit is inserted piece by piece with bamboo picks.

At first glance, it is for the convenience of someone who is busy.

Ying Chen gently placed the tray by the table, picked up an apple piece with a bamboo pick and brought it to the young man’s pursed lips, “Here, eat some.”

The focused Wen Yu was disturbed, and his head moved back unconsciously, looking at Ying Chen in front of him suspiciously.

Ying Chen: “You paint, I will feed you.”

“I, I can—” He hadn’t finished saying the refusal, and Ying Chen already handed an apple piece into the teenager’s mouth.

Wen Yu: …

He bit the apple, pushed away the second piece that Ying Chen was about to hand over, frowned and said, “Don’t disturb me.”

A simple sentence has a strong commanding effect on someone.

Ying Chen sighed, pointed to the two-dimensional beautiful girl painting drawn on the computer, and asked, “Why do you want to do this?”

“To make money.”

“You don’t need to make money, you can check your account balance and you will find that you have endless money to spend.”

Wen Yu glanced at him sideways, and someone shut up immediately, but quickly lowered his head and kissed the teenager’s cold cheek. Before the young man could change his face, he quickly pulled away and left.

After the sound of the bedroom door closing, the young man raised the back of his hand and gently wiped it on the cheek that Ying Chen had kissed, and his furrowed brow stretched into a very faint smile.

After a while, Ying Chen came again. He looked at the breakfast on the table and sighed again. He picked up the cup of soy milk that was cooling off and handed it to the young man’s lips: “You can’t even take care of yourself, so how can you take care of Lin An?”

Wen Yu was drawn into the picture, and instinctively bit the straw and took a sip, and said, “I will eat once I finish this sketch. Don’t disturb me.”

Ying Chen: “You are so fierce, should I tell you the good news?”

Wen Yu: “What?”

Ying Chen deliberately didn’t answer and looked at him with a smile.

“Is Lin An awake?” Wen Yu asked incredulously. When he saw Ying Chen nodding slightly, he threw the mouse away and stood up suddenly.

“Lin An.” He shouted anxiously, ignoring the chair that was pushed down by too much force, and ran out of the room.

Ying Chen walked quickly behind him and explained: “His soul is still in a baby-state and needs to learn a lot. You go downstairs slowly, don’t fall.”

“Lin An.” Wen Yu listened to persuasion, ran carefully to the first floor, and suddenly pushed open the door of Lin An’s room.

Lin An was really awake, a handsome boy sitting on the bed looking around curiously.

After seeing Wen Yu coming in, he blankly looked at him with a pure and innocent look in his bright black eyes, just like the Lin An in his memory.

Wen Yu thought of the suffering that a boy about his age had suffered for him, so he couldn’t help but blame himself and feel distressed. He sat down beside Lin An and asked softly: “Lin An, do you remember me?”

Lin An looked at him and blinked innocently, without understanding what Wen Yu meant.

Ying Chen said next to him: “He should have no memory of you now, he is just an infant spirit in this body. It’s equivalent to a human’s newborn child.”

“An infant?”

Wen Yu was stunned: “Then, can he talk?”

Ying Chen rubbed his head: “You ask him to try?”

Wen Yu asked woodenly, “Lin An? Lin An? Can you talk?”

Lin An’s dark eyes looked at him and suddenly his mouth deflated and he cried out with a ‘waah’ sound. The 17-year-old boy cried out with a wail.

Wen Yu’s eyes widened: “Why is he crying?”

Ying Chen: …

“Is he hungry?”

This body has always been maintained by spiritual power, and its stomach has been empty for more than a thousand years. Suddenly, it has a soul and has become a mortal body. It must be hungry.

After Wen Yu came to this conclusion, he went online and checked what the baby should eat. He asked Uncle Zhao to cook porridge, steam eggs, and make a vegetable puree.

He ran to the kitchen, quickly boiled a cup of hot milk, and gave it to Lin An.

Wen Yu grew up eighteen years old and had never fed anyone, instead, he had just been fed a few bites of breakfast by Ying Chen.

At this moment, he learned how Ying Chen feeds him, holding the straw and carefully sending it to Lin An’s mouth.

Then I waited nervously to see if Lin An, who only had a baby IQ, would use these things.

When he saw Lin An holding a straw suspiciously, he took a gentle suck, and then his aggrieved tearful eyes flashed brightly after crying, and a few swishes of a glass of milk quickly reached the bottom.

“He drank it!”

Wen Yu was happy like a novice mother: “He is really hungry. I’ll go and get him some easy-to-digest food.”

After speaking, he ran out of the room and ran into the kitchen looking for food.

Wen Yu thinks babies should like to eat sweet ones. He found some bread in the kitchen, then dug out strawberry jam in the refrigerator, spread it evenly, and cut it into small pieces.

Fearing that Lin An wouldn’t eat it, he picked up a piece himself and showed him how to eat it, saying, “Lin An, eat it like this, ah…”

Lin An tentatively opened his mouth and bit into a piece, following Wen Yu’s example and chewed it in his mouth a few times and swallowed it.

“You have to bite a few more times or it won’t be easily digested, like this.” Wen Yu took another piece and bit slowly.

The usually cold teenager is patient and gentle at this time.

It would be nice to be taken care of with such dedication.

Ying Chen followed him all the time, looking at Lin An, who was patiently fed by his little devil, with envy.

After all, Lin An already had a developed brain. After a few minutes, he followed Wen Yu and learned to stretch out his hand to eat the bread on the plate, and drink milk when he was thirsty.

Wen Yu was very pleased as if it was all his credit, full of accomplishment.

He excitedly said to Ying Chen proudly: “Look, he is so amazing! He can eat by himself already, Lin An must be very smart.”

Amazing? Smart?

Ying Chen put a faint smile on his face.

And when Lin An got the last piece of bread on the plate and was about to put it into his mouth, he suddenly paused.

He looked at Wen Yu for a moment, and then as if he thought of something, he reached out and passed the bread to Wen Yu’s mouth, and easily stuffed it into Wen Yu’s mouth that had opened because of slight surprise.

The action was even more skilled than when he was eating it himself.

Then he looked at Wen Yu eating, as if it was something happier than eating it himself, waking up with a happy smile for the first time.

Wen Yu ate it in a daze, turned his head and smiled at Ying Chen: “Look, he also learned to feed me, he is really smart.”

Ying Chen: …

Some things like memories are imprinted in the depths of the soul, even if they can’t remember, they will show what kind of person they are because of a certain action or look in their eyes.

The first time he saw Lin An, he was just a corpse. Now think about it, this person is a young man willing to give his life for Wen Yu.

Ying Chen took Wen Yu’s hand and shook it, whispering, “Lin An is awake, are you going to give me a thank you gift.”

Wen Yu was stunned by his question, his cheeks began to heat up: “Thank you gift, didn’t you receive it yesterday?”

Ying Chen took him by the arm, brought him into his arms, and said, “That’s just what you said you want to give. I didn’t promise that it could be a thank you gift.”

Wen Yu: In other words, the kiss last night was not counted.

The teenager’s already fair face quickly flushed from the heat. And thin-skinned enough not to argue over a kiss.

Yesterday was indeed the day when he took the initiative to kiss, and now it wouldn’t be a big deal to let him kiss more.

So, the young man was easily pulled from Lin An’s side to Ying Chen’s arms. “Give me a formal thank you gift, okay? I have spent more than a thousand years maintaining Lin An’s body for you.”

The voice sounded low in the ear, and there was some grievance in the end.

Wen Yu couldn’t refuse even more.

But when he turned his head, he saw Lin An’s innocent eyes, looking curiously at him hugging with Ying Chen.

Wen Yu: …

He broke away from Ying Chen’s embrace and said, “Then don’t do it here, go to our room.”

This is equivalent to agreeing.

Ying Chen smiled and kissed him on the cheek: “A formal thank you gift, you can’t be too hasty. I’ll collect it at night.”

“We will take care of Lin An first during the day. By the way, don’t you still have a bunch of orders to do? Why don’t you leave Lin An to me and Zhao Boyang, you go ahead and get busy.”

Wen Yu, who had already prepared his heart, blushed.

He broke away from Ying Chen’s embrace in annoyance, and said, “Can you take care of him?”

“Don’t worry.”

The smile on Ying Chen’s face remained the same: “I promise to let him learn to walk and eat by himself in one morning.”

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