Sacrifice to the Devil 36

Chapter 36 – Ying Chen’s always cool body became very hot at this moment

Wen Yu really need to finish the orders as soon as possible. Moreover, Lin An just woke up and became tired easily, and started to feel sleepy after eating.

After thinking about it, Wen Yu said to Lin An, “I’ll go draw a sketch first, and then come back later to keep you company. If you’re sleepy, take a nap.”

Lin An’s eyes were dark and bright, he looked at him sincerely without any expression, as if he wanted to imprint him in his heart.

Making Wen Yu reluctant again, he instructed Uncle Zhao, “Take good care of him, and call me immediately if anything happens.”

Also warned Ying Chen, “Then you be nice to him. Don’t scare him, and don’t be fierce to him.”

Ying Chen took him by the hand and led him away: “Don’t worry about the others. Go, do your own business first.”

When Lin An woke up, it was like a ray of sunlight shining in, letting the shadow in Wen Yu’s heart dissipate.

It also made him feel relaxed in painting. In a few hours, he successfully completed a few sketches and sent them directly to Xu Cheng.

“This is all for today, tell me what needs to be modified, and I will do it tomorrow.”

Xu Cheng accepted the document and opened it. He was surprised: “You drew so fast! It looks pretty good, I will forward it to the clients. Is this everything for today, you have plans for the afternoon and evening?

Wen Yu thought of taking care of Lin An for a while, and replied to him:

“I have some things to do recently. Don’t give me new orders for the time being, I’ll finish all these on hand for you as soon as possible.”

Xu Cheng asked: “What are you busy with? Do you need my help?”

Wen Yu: “It’s nothing. By the way, do you know how children learn to speak, how they need to be taught?”

Xu Cheng: “Children? Where did you get the kids?”

Wen Yu: “A child from a relative’s house.”

Xu Cheng didn’t think too much: “That’s not easy, you search for children’s books on the Internet, and you can choose all kinds of books according to age group.”

Lin An has an adult body, and he should learn life skills quickly, but he still has to learn from the most basic knowledge.

He listened to Xu Cheng’s suggestion, bought some first-grade textbooks and picture books online, and made a teaching plan.

Later, he discovered that Lin An had really learned a lot in one morning.

Wen Yu found Lin An and the others in the courtyard outside the villa.

He saw Lin An, who could only lie on the bed that morning, now walking steadily on the stone path in the garden. The boy was full of curiosity about the world. He looked around and poked at the leaves of the plants.

Uncle Zhao followed him, patiently telling him what the flowers and plants he touched were.

Ying Chen was sitting on a wicker chair on the shady terrace, drinking tea, and seeing him coming out, he waved at him and patted the wicker chair next to him, “Little devil, come here.”

Wen Yu walked over almost without thinking, and sat down beside him: “Lin An learns so fast, how did you teach him?”

Ying Chen poured a cup of tea for the teenager: “He also learned to say a lot of words. You try calling him by his name?”

Wen Yu: “Lin An.”

Lin An, who was looking at the little goldfish by the small pond, immediately turned his head and looked at Wen Yu, surprise flashed in his eyes, and shouted, “Brother.”

And then he ran towards him.

Lin An calls himself brother, which is not bad. Wen Yu thought about it, but saw Lin An ran up to him and stopped honestly, calling Ying Chen respectfully:


Wen Yu: Brother-in-law?

This title made him inexplicably blush with embarrassment.

When he was about to question Ying Chen, what have you taught him, Ying Chen said to Uncle Zhao indifferently: “Don’t teach him that.”

Uncle Zhao was forced to carry the pot: “Yes, master.”

It turned out to be taught by Uncle Zhao.

Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and continued to test Lin An’s language skills, “Lin An, are you tired?”

Lin An stood very good and obedient: “No, I’m not tired.”

“Are you hungry? What have you eaten today?”

“No, I ate porridge, fruit, egg custard, and milk,” Lin An thought seriously, recalling all the food he had eaten today.

He didn’t look like an ignorant baby, but rather like a schoolboy with a strong desire to learn.

Wen Yu was extremely pleasantly surprised, it seemed that the study plan he made could be implemented tomorrow.

He asked again: “In addition to eating and drinking, what else did you learn today?”

Lin An looked at him and smiled: “You are my brother, I should listen to you.”

Then he put a smile away and looked at Ying Chen, “He is your husband, I should call him brother-in-law.”

Wen Yu silently gave Uncle Zhao a warning look.

Uncle Zhao, who was trying to survive in the cracks, could only be aggrieved: “I was wrong, Young Master Wen.”

Lin An’s rapid progress always made Wen Yu happy.

He thanked Ying Chen: “Thank you for teaching him so much. At this speed, he should be able to adapt to life quickly.”

“After he finishes his basic education at home, I want to send him to school so that he can get in touch with people and things in society. Instead of just following me like the previous life, I hope he will be free to do what he wants to do and have his own life.”

And he was planning to do the same.

Ying Chen very much agrees with Wen Yu’s opinion, and said restrainedly: “I support you, you can do whatever you want.”

“I know the chairman of a private school, and I can send Lin An to that school to study at that time. He seems to be too young, so it’s okay to send him to the junior high school.”

Wen Yu was slightly worried: “Then his identity?”

After all, there is an extra person named Lin An in this world.

Ying Chen raised his hand and stroked the boy’s head, gently rubbing: “Don’t worry, leave this to me.”

Wen Yu was moved in his heart, it is impossible not to be grateful. With regard to Lin An, Ying Chen had already given too much energy to him, and he would have to trouble him next.

The teenager hung his head and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

After that, I felt that this attitude was not sincere enough, and looked up at Ying Chen and said seriously: “Thank you, really.”

Ying Chen’s hand was still placed on the top of the young man’s head and twirling his hair. When he saw the young man holding his blush, a smile was dyed in his calm eyes. He bowed his head and kissed the young man’s forehead and asked:

“Then, the thank you gift tonight, can I take an extra layer?”

Wen Yu’s heart suddenly became tense: Take an extra layer? Does it mean to kiss for a while?

Anyway, they’ve already kissed, it’s okay to kiss a little longer.

The boy didn’t speak, his eyes were turned away from the sunset-stained garden scenery, and he uncomfortably reached out and grabbed a handful of his pinkish ears.

Lin An’s learning ability is really strong, and what Wen Yu taught him can be remembered almost immediately. Think of a dry sponge that can absorb any common sense and knowledge that has been immersed in it.

He can also wear a change of clothes and shoes without help from others. Use chopsticks and spoons by himself at dinner time and eat a nutritious adult dinner with them.

Before going to bed, Wen Yu worried about his last question: washing up and taking a bath.

He prepared a set of pajamas for Lin An and took him to the bathroom: “Come on, I will teach you how to take a bath. You have to study hard and you will have to wash by yourself starting tomorrow, okay?”

Lin An was obedient: “Yes, Brother Wen Yu.”

Wen Yu: “Come on, take off your clothes first.”

Lin An: “Yes.”

After Ying Chen knew what was going to happen, his face changed and he hurriedly walked into Lin An’s bedroom, stood with his back to the bathroom door, and shouted with a deep voice, “Little devil, come out.”

Wen Yu was adjusting the temperature of the water inside, and the sound of the water made him shout loudly: “What’s the matter?”

“Come out.”

It’s not the same as Ying Chen’s mellow and soft voice, but more like an anxious and cold voice.

Wen Yu frowned, turned off the shower, and walked out: “What happened?”

Ying Chen took his hand and looked up and down: “Let Zhao Boyang teach him to take a bath.”

Wen Yu: “Who teaches is not the same?”

“Not the same.”

Ying Chen’s voice was filled with unhappy grievances: “Although his behavior is just a child, it is the body of a teenager after all.”

Wen Yu reacted for a while before he understood what Ying Chen meant.

It seemed like he was jealous because he had given Lin An a bath.

He was inexplicably amused: “It’s not like you don’t know what relationship I have with him. Besides, you have said that I am his brother and I should take care of him.”

Ying Chen squeezed his hand: “Let Zhao Boyang teach him, okay?”

Wen Yu thought for a while: “You also said that although his mind hasn’t kept up, he has the body of a teenager. I don’t feel relieved to leave it to Zhao Boyang.”

It was not the distrust of Uncle Zhao, but Ying Chen’s words reminded him.

What if Lin An minds this when he matures?

“For Lin An, I am an older brother and a relative. But Uncle Zhao is different.” Wen Yu insisted on his own ideas, and couldn’t help but coax Ying Chen.

He stood on tiptoe, kissed the corner of Ying Chen’s lips gently, and said softly: “I will teach him quickly, you can stand here and wait for me.”

He broke free of Ying Chen’s hand and said, “When it’s over, I will pay you back. You can charge two more layers.”

Wen Yu walked into the bathroom again, and after closing the door, he began to teach Lin An how to use the rain shower and bathtub, and how to identify shower gel and shampoo.

Then he asked Lin An to take off his clothes and demonstrate how to take a shower. During the whole process, he only saw Lin An’s back bones and long slender limbs that were so thin that the bones were prominent.

Fortunately, Lin An has a strong memory, and he can learn it immediately after teaching it once. Although the movements are clumsy, he can take a bath by himself.

He didn’t know when Ying Chen left the room.

Wen Yu looked at the empty bedroom and pursed his lower lip. He handed Lin An who had changed into pajamas to Uncle Zhao.

Then he went upstairs in his drenched clothes. He walked to his bedroom and stopped. He knew that Ying Chen was waiting for him in the inner bedroom.

When the teenager put his hand on the handle of the bedroom door, his heart started beating uncontrollably as if he had expected something to happen.

Suddenly, the door opened from the inside, and the young man’s hand was still holding the handle without pressing it down. With the force of opening the door, his body quickly jerked into the bedroom.

The smooth wrist was grasped by a cold white slender hand with force. And then he crashed into a broad, strong embrace.

“Ying Chen.”

The teenager exclaimed, “Ah.”

When the door of the room closed, he was pressed heavily against the wall, Ying Chen lowered his head and bit his lips.

He didn’t have time to panic, but was surprised to find that Ying Chen’s always cool body became very hot at this moment.

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Carry the pot – take the blame

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