Chapter 107 – Individual Actions

After filming Pirates of the Caribbean, Olivia accompanied her father to the premiere and immediately left for Winter City. As soon as she got off the airship, her subordinates reported to her that the cinema was closed yesterday.

Olivia acted very calmly. She reported to Hill first, and did not sit around to wait for Hill’s reply. She didn’t panic either, but first returned home and freshened up carefully. The maid bathed her with nine kinds of petals and hot water to wash away the dust from her body, then applied perfume to her body, and then put on her gorgeous clothes.

Olivia closed her eyes and enjoyed it all, while also pondering how to do it.

After bathing and dressing, she went to the priest Ivan.

Since being reminded by Hill, Olivia has been communicating with the priests led by Ivan. The exchange included bribery, flattery, and many other elements… Among them, food and other interesting things in the Demon Mall played an important role. Those people, including Ivan, are not greedy for money and vain, but the food is so delicious that they can’t help it. In addition, Olivia didn’t let them do things that violate the principle, so occasionally, they would pass on some harmless news to her.

Then, Olivia learned of the seriousness of the problem from Ivan, and she immediately informed Hill about the matter.

In the past, if she encountered various things that could not be solved, her first reaction would be to find her father, who is a duke, but in Winter City, this particular situation forced her to communicate with Hill first, or even to rely on him.

Olivia was originally a fan of Hill. In such an isolated and helpless situation, she was naturally tempted to rely on Hill for a period of time.

But her situation is similar to Elizabeth’s. Although Captain Jack is the deepest part of Elizabeth’s dream and the embodiment of her ideal, she would not choose Captain Jack. She knew what she wanted, and she knew that Captain Jack belonged to the sea. Olivia also knew what she wanted, and she also knew that Grindelwald was not an existence she could grasp.

She will hold this feeling to the bottom of her heart, perhaps before she gets married, she will mention her former fondness to Hill, but it must be toned down, for example, “Your Highness, do you know? I used to like you~” That’s enough. Then she hopes to get Hill’s blessing for her marriage …… and that’s all.

Now, it’s still far away, and the most important thing is the Demon Mall.


Before going to the Dark Church, Hill went to Magnolia City and informed Old Jackson of the incident. The two had a simple discussion, and Hill entrusted the affairs of Magnolia City to Old Jackson.

“You have such trust in me, aren’t you worried that I’ll fall back on you?” Old Jackson asked.

“Are you a pig?” Hill asked in return.

Old Jackson: ???

Why do you suddenly start swearing while chatting normally? This young man.

“I’m sorry, I just remembered a saying…” Hill said, “I just blurted it out.”

“…All right.” Old Jackson said, “Despite knowing that you are such a person, you still make this kind of joke when this kind of disaster is approaching… This is a joke, right? Not insulting me, right?” He asked uncertainly.

“Of course not,” Hill said quickly. He was thinking of that Zhu Bajie’s methaporical words, piggybacking or something, and then he blurted it out.

“…So you still surprised me by joking at this time,” Old Jackson concluded.

“I have two points to make.” Hill wagged his finger, “One, it’s not a ‘disaster’ right now, it’s just the first test.”

If according to his ambition, this is indeed only the first one.

“The second is…” Hill showed a big smile: “Why so serious?” Then he gestured a smiley face on his face, “Come on, smile, Old Jackson.”

Although he is smiling, the surrounding light seems to dim a lot.

Old Jackson’s heart slammed.

It’s because the other party’s attitude has always been too peaceful. Today, he suddenly remembered that the other party is a terrifying demon recorded in the scriptures.


According to the results of the discussion with Hill, Old Jackson went to see King Magnolia. Nowadays, his attitude towards King Magnolia is much more casual than in the past, but King Magnolia is closer to him, and sometimes discusses a lot of idle things. In fact, if the old duke did not take the initiative to mention it, King Magnolia only wanted to discuss idle matters with him.

Old Jackson reported the seizure of the Demon Mall to King Magnolia. King Magnolia didn’t sleep well last night and was groggy. When he heard that there was something wrong with his small treasury, he immediately woke up, “Old Jackson, what do you think should be done about this?”

If it was in the past, hearing such words coming from King Magnolia, Old Jackson might feel sad, thinking that the dignified King Magnolia would actually say such things… But now he is used to it and even thinks that the other party is also good, “I think we need to send someone to communicate with the Ice Emperor and tell him that the Demon Realm Shopping Mall is Magnolia Empire Duke’s property, and it also has your own investment. Ask the Ice Emperor to communicate with the bishop on his side.”

“Is this all right? Will the church listen?” Magnolia asked.

“That’s the problem of the Ice Emperor,” Old Jackson said. What he didn’t say clearly was that this incident might provoke conflicts between the Müllheim royal family and the Church. Although His Royal Highness Grindelwald did not mention this, Old Jackson could see it clearly.

“Oh, that’s true.” He doesn’t need to take care of it himself, Magnolia thought, and then he complained: “But the demon world had to make those movies where the demons are the good guys, no wonder they were censored.”

The old duke complained in his heart, why didn’t you say this when you watched the movie? Then Old Jackson remembered the comments made by His Royal Highness Grindelwald to King Magnolia: There is nothing wrong with Magnolia, he’s just a mediocre person, but in his position, mediocrity is the biggest sin.

Despite the thoughts in his mind, Old Jackson still looked respectful on the surface: “There are no other movies in the Demon Mall in Winter City, only Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“Oh… they still won’t let it go, it looks like it really doesn’t work anymore.” Magnolia said, and then he had an idea: “Can you tell them that it is okay to censor the movie, don’t block other things, the income will still be a lot, right?”

The old duke continued to complain in his heart, “Movies are our main source of income. Your Majesty, if there are no movies, many other things cannot be sold.” He made a worried expression, “And the demon race might get angry, in case they take the Demon Mall out of this place…”

King Magnolia remembered, “There are also those two demon beauties… Where is His Royal Highness Grindelwald? Where is he now? I want to see him.”

“He went to the Dark Church,” the old duke replied.

“Does the Dark Church still exist?” Magnolia said, “I thought it was basically destroyed.”

Old Jackson no longer wanted to complain in his heart. He said, “No, this is the foundation of the demons in the human world after all…” He thought about it, put on a very casual look, and sighed: “the Church of Light is really troublesome. If only it was the Dark Church that presided over the theocracy of the continent. There would not be so much trouble.”

King Magnolia grumbled uncomfortably: “Yes. And they always trouble us with Oitin, which is too damnable. Damn Oitin, with the support of the Church of Light, they dare to challenge our position, damn them all. Why doesn’t the Church of Light support us?”

Old Jackson continued to cover Magnolia’s eyes: “In this case, we won’t have movies, animations, and food, and they won’t agree with the demon beauties around you…”

“Oh, then forget it.” King Magnolia changed his mind.

“Actually, we can let the Demon Realm support us.” Old Jackson continued, “That’s a whole realm. In this case, we also have other allies…”

King Magnolia came with interest: “How to do it?”

“First of all, we must save the movie theater…” Old Jackson said. He knew that the negotiation with King Magnolia was already settled.

When leaving the palace, it snowed again, and a gust of wind blew, the luxurious purple robe was lightly raised in the snow curtain, and the gold-rimmed cloak fluttered in the wind. The coachman beside him nodded and greeted with a wind lantern. Old Jackson glanced at the heavy falling snow in the night, and then got in the car with no expression on his face. The coachman hung the wind lantern outside the carriage and flicked his whip.

The sound of clattering horses’ hooves shattered the night, many people were destined to be sleepless tonight.


“You can let go of everything and do what you think you should do, and leave the rest to me.

Yours, Grindelwald. “

Olivia read the words on the note back and forth several times, then opened the oil lampshade to burn the note to ashes.

Before, she had girlishly collected all the notes passed by Hill, but after filming “Pirates of the Caribbean”, she returned to Winter City and burned them all—for safety’s sake. In addition to comforting her little girlish heart, the only function of the note is to expose information. So, weighing the pros and cons, Olivia chose to abandon her girlish heart.

Yours, Grindelwald.

She read it in her heart, then smiled faintly, and blew off the last ashes in her hand.

The light shone on her face, and the light and shadow flickered in her eyes.

She is no longer young and inexperienced.


Olivia first went to Winterburg. She explained the closure of the mall to her uncle, Anthony Black. This matter is currently raging in Winter City, but it has little impact on other places. The nobles who hold real power all live in their own territories, and Wintery City is home to their sons and daughters, as well as the ministers of the royal court. If the nobles with real power also live in Winter City, it will be easier to solve the seizures, but some of them are only at the point of “I heard that there is a Demon Mall in Winter City”. After the seeds are planted and the social month begins, the major nobles will gather in Winter City and a wave of explosions will be expected.

As Olivia thought of this, she couldn’t help but rise to the thought that it would have been better if the Demon Mall had opened just in time for the social month, which was her own mistake for not doing her research beforehand… Olivia passed this thought on to Hill.

“You have a good idea, girl. What we should do now is to get rid of the problem, and then release other movies during the social month.”

It dawned on Olivia, this smooth move is worthy of His Royal Highness Grindelwald.

Olivia made the request as a niece.

Anthony Black heard Olivia’s explanation and was silent for a while, and then said: “Olivia, it stands to reason that I, as your uncle, should help, but the Black family’s consistent policy is not to interfere in any political affairs. This time it happens that your matter is related to the church, I can honestly tell you that the relationship between the royal family and the church is rather delicate at present. I can mention this matter to His Majesty, but I can’t go further than that.”

Of course, Olivia is a little bit disappointed, but only a little. Now she is no longer the girl who should be pampered and flattered, she is just a girl with no level of existence. So, she suppressed the loss in her heart, changed her posterior expression to that of a noble lady, and thanked Anthony Black gracefully. She knew that this could increase her impression score with her uncle.

Subsequently, Olivia told the matter to Hill. Hill encouraged her and told her that she was doing well.

“Is His Royal Highness Grindelwald on the move, too?” Olivia asked.

Hill’s reply came quickly from the teleportation formation: “Of course, we are fighting side by side.”

Olivia’s blood boiled instantly.

Originally, the movie theater was closed, but Hill asked Olivia to shut down the entire Demon Mall. —He asked Olivia to find Ivan, and asked Ivan to mobilize some paladins to guard the door of the Demon Mall to make it look like the church had sealed the entire mall.

The bishop asked about Ivan, and Ivan replied: “They closed the door by themselves. I mobilized the paladins to control the situation.”

This is not a big deal—at least in the eyes of the bishop. So, Ivan just muddled through.

The closure of the Demon Mall made the people in Winter City even angrier.

But at present, the angrier they are, the more determined the bishop’s heart in sealing the Demon Mall, so he did not even bother to answer the people’s questions.

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Demon Realm.

Hill and Albrecht stood on a hill.

A shattered old castle was right at their feet, the windows on the fortress were glassless, the wind blew through empty and felt as if it would echo. The walls outside the castle were crumbling, jagged black trees were growing stiffly. Everywhere was covered with debris, in the courtyard, in the rooms, by the trees. The orcs had set up camp on the ruins and lit a warm campfire to ward off the cold.

“My King,” Albrecht called.

“What’s the matter?” Hill asked.

“You let me take a walk with you, and then not talk…” Albrecht said.

“Why, just standing with you can’t satisfy you anymore?” Hill joked.

The dark elf immediately knelt on one knee, “My King, I have no extra meaning, I just respect you wholeheartedly.”

“I know, I just made a joke, you… Forget it, you should continue to react so much. If one day you don’t react too much, it means something is really wrong with you,” Hill said.

Albrecht didn’t understand Hill a bit. After scratching his head, he said, “My King, I heard that there is a problem with the Demon Mall in the human realm.”

“Yes,” Hill said.

“I don’t know what I can do, but if there is anything I can do, please call me as much as you want, My King,” Albrecht said.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been using you to my heart’s content.” Hill smiled, and then said: “As for why I stand here idle, because I’m waiting.”


“Upon my return to the demon realm, I gave an order to produce hundreds of “Pirates of the Caribbean” one-time projection stones, and then distribute them to the people in Winter City for free. In addition, I asked Olivia to borrow the hands of Earl Black to send one to the Ice Emperor.” Hill smiled and said, “This is the first time we have done a loss-making business… Then, we have to make a fortune from elsewhere.”

Wait for the negotiation between King Magnolia and Ice Emperor.

Wait for the people of Winter City to continue to rise in anger.

Wait for the great conflict between Mulheim’s imperial power and theocracy.

Hill raised his leg and walked towards the orc’s tent. “The weather is really good. It would be great if such good weather can continue.”

“But it’s snowing now, My King,” Albrecht replied.

Hill didn’t answer immediately, he walked into the tent, and Albrecht immediately stepped forward and took off his cloak respectfully.

The orcs lighted the fire pit in the tent for Lord Demon King. The flames were bright and warm. Hill sat on the seat made of bones, his shadow stretched and cast on the ground.

The flames paired with the dark night outside had an indescribable atmosphere.

Then Hill called Albrecht over, and he rubbed his hair with a casual smile on his lips.

At this time, he responded to his words.

“So cute.”

He said so.

The flames in the fire pit soared up, making Hill’s figure more radiant and full of majesty.

But the shadows behind him grew and squirmed with a ghastly aura, like a stern ghost wrapped up in darkness.

“My King…” the dark elf called in bewilderment.

From Winter City to Magnolia City, and then to Oitin… many people have been tied with invisible silk threads.

Hill folded his fingers, listened to the crackling sound of the burning wood, and then smiled little by little.

“It’s okay, I’m very excited now…”

He closed his eyes, the smile on the corners of his lips disappeared, and when he opened his eyes again, there was a cruel look in his eyes.

“Very excited.”

The wind howled outside the window, and the heavy snow continued to fall.

This is the last snow this spring.

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