Chapter 108.1 – The Ice Empire Court Meeting

The first step is to incite the people while further angering the church.

The second step is to let King Magnolia exert political pressure on the Ice Empire.

The third step is to let the Ice Emperor himself have a personal attachment to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

The three-step combination intensifies the contradiction between kingship and theocracy.

Anthony Black gave a projection stone of “Pirates of the Caribbean” to the Ice Emperor, and then he raised his mouth and said, “This projection stone is the latest novelty in Winter City, and it is also sold in the shop opened by my niece. But it was blocked by the church because of cooperating with the demon race. I thought the content recorded in the projection stone was very interesting, so I brought it. Your Majesty can watch it when Your Majesty is bored.”

“That Demon Realm Shopping Mall that has been going popular recently?” the Ice Emperor asked. Although he had never been to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, he obviously knew the general idea. There are chefs from all parts of the Magnolia Continent in the Ice Emperor’s palace, and the royal family’s food is naturally much better than usual. The Ice Emperor himself has also heard that the dishes in the Demon Mall are delicious, but he has no particular interest, so he has never tasted it.

“Yes,” Anthony asked.

“You, as the Earl, didn’t help your niece out?” The ice emperor asked.

“Black’s power is only used by the Ice Emperor, this is our family motto.” Anthony Black said, “Besides, this involves the power of the Church, and must be done with care.”

“Very well,” the Ice Emperor nodded and said nothing more, he was satisfied with this approach of Anthony.

The next day, the Ice Emperor mentioned this at the court meeting. Obviously, the troubles in Winter City were too great, and now almost everyone knows that the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was sealed by the church.

“Your Majesty, I think it’s the people’s discontent with the Church’s ongoing rampage that has just been stirred up through this incident.” The Minister of Justice said, “I think we should introduce appropriate laws to control the power of the Church in the Empire.”

“And then, just as you wish, let us have a rift with the Church, and then let other countries take advantage of the situation?” the Minister of Finance said sarcastically.

“What a shame, then the Church wouldn’t be filling your small treasury, would it?” the Minister of Justice sneered back.

“I heard that your son seems to be among the protesters?” The Minister of Finance was used to being cheeky, and was still smug at being mocked like this, “What if, I mean what if, these people are really under the demon’s spell?”

“Watch what you say.” Earl White said, “Minister of Finance, are you charging that there are a large number of people in Winter City who are under the demon’s spell?”

The White family and the Black family have the same functions. Generally speaking, they will compete with each other to fight for the emperor’s favor.

The Black family does have the idea of competition, but the White family has always been peaceful and stable. No matter how Black provokes or oppresses them, they have repeatedly tolerated, and will take the initiative to maintain the relationship between the two families. This is also related to the family motto of the White family.

The first generation of Patriarchs of the White family was aristocrats, and it is reasonable to say that they are more noble than Patriarch Black, but the nobility of the other party is not only in the status, but also in the soul. The first generation of White Patriarchs knew the importance of the two families to Mülheim, so it was clearly stipulated in the family motto: Don’t fight with the Black family, and always maintain the relationship between the two families.

Earl White said this time because he knew that the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was opened by Anthony’s niece, so he supported him. On the other hand, he also felt that the words of the Ministry of Finance were too excessive and undermined the imperial majesty. Although the two big families are not involved in government affairs, they will speak if someone has desecrated the dignity of the royal family.

Earl White has a special status. Even if he speaks, even the Minister of Finance has to give him face.

The Ice Emperor was annoyed by the noise and clamor below. He sat on the throne of the Ice Empire when he was young. At that time, these old guys began to yell in front of him. The Black and White were the only ones considerate… This thought flashed through his mind then looked at the silent Grand Chancellor over there, and said, “Grand Chancellor, what do you think?”

The Grand Chancellor was actually the one who made the most noise that year, and what the Ice Emperor wanted most was to cut the old undead immortal when he grasped power at a young age. But the result, when he grew up a little bit, he discovered that, well, this Grand Chancellor was really the pillar of the country, even though he was still a displeasing old undead immortal to him.

“First of all, we cannot rule out the possibility that they are indeed under the demon’s spell,” Grand Chancellor Lennon said slowly.

The Minister of Justice moved his lips, but in the end, he didn’t interrupt. He knew it would be bad to interrupt the Grand Chancellor – not because the Grand Chancellor was more powerful, but because he was too capable of tirading.

The Minister of Justice had always thought that the Ice Emperor would kill the Grand Chancellor after taking power, after all, the Ice Emperor’s dislike for the Grand Chancellor was evident to anyone back then. The result, he did not expect him to continue to live peacefully, and continue to be the Grand Chancellor. This makes the Minister of Justice a little disappointed. It also made him a little glad.

“Secondly, the possibility that the people are dissatisfied with the church cannot be ruled out,” the Grand Chancellor continued.

The Chief Steward blurted out: “Then you’re talking shit.” The Chief Steward is a eunuch, but his temper is no less than a Grand Chancellor’s, and his words are more rude.

“Roaring in front of His Majesty, you are too rude, eunuch!” The Grand Chancellor turned his head and roared at him.

The Ice Emperor’s ears buzzed, and he thought to himself: clearly, you are the one roaring, and the Chief Steward just said our heartfelt voice…at least my heartfelt voice.

Then the Grand Chancellor continued: “I think we should investigate this matter, by the way, hit the church, and then hit the Demon Mall… Oh, in my investigation, the church’s upper class’s food was provided by the Demon Mall, and they gave a lot of conditions to the church, but they only paid regular taxes to the imperial court…this is intriguing.”

Meaning to let Anthony’s niece understand that it is the royal family, not the church, that is in power in Winter City? The Ice Emperor thought in his mind.

The Ice Emperor nodded, “By the way Anthony, I remember this mall is your niece’s property?”

Anthony Black nodded: “Yes, Your Majesty, but I am at your disposal for all instructions.”

“Since it’s your own family, you don’t need to beat them, you just need to remind them verbally,” the Ice Emperor made a decision.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Anthony said.

“There is one more question,” the Grand Chancellor continued, “Why did the church seal the Demon Mall? According to the contract, the demon race can trade in the human realm. Does the church want to abolish the contract? Or does the demon mall really deserve to be sealed? “

“I’ve heard a theory,” the Minister of Justice said: “that because the people oppose the Church because of this, the idea of the Church closing the Demon Mall has become more important.”

“A shrewd deduction, My Lord, perhaps you can be the next bishop tomorrow!” the Minister of Finance taunted.

“All of you, shut up.” The Ice Emperor said, “The Ice God is here, next time you dare to quarrel in a meeting like this, I will strip you naked and throw you into the forest!”

The Minister of Justice said: “Then please don’t throw me and the Minister of Finance together, I’m afraid he’ll disgust me with all his greasy fat showing.”

The Ice Emperor was amused by these words, “Well, I happen to have a projection stone here, which records the movie they are talking about. Now that we have time, we might as well watch it together.”

Everyone has no opinion.

“Anthony, go and inform your niece, tell her to come to the front of the palace for an audience.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Anthony Black nodded. He thought in his heart that he had missed the opportunity to rewatch the movie. He should be quicker and try to come back before half of the movie is shown, so that he can catch up with the next decisive battle.

Olivia was a little surprised when she knew that the Ice Emperor summoned her. She was surprised and excited. This was an opportunity! She immediately realized this.

“Uncle, is His Majesty in a hurry? I want to clean up my appearance first,” Olivia said.

Anthony Black thought: His Majesty is not in a hurry, but he himself is anxious to go back and watch the movie again, but of course, this cannot be said to his niece, it would be too disgraceful. Earl Blake, whose temperament is like the cold, hard rock on the snowy mountains outside the city, thought this. But if he goes back to watch the movie, and lets her go to the palace alone, it is not quite right. Forget it then…

“…Don’t worry.” Anthony Black said heavily, “you can sort out your appearance first, after all, it’s a meeting with His Majesty.”

“Okay, please wait a while, uncle,” Olivia said.

Olivia is not only doing makeup and changing clothes, but also sends a message to Hill through the teleportation array.

Hill looked weird when he saw that the Ice Emperor and all the ministers planned to review the movie together.

Can this wipe out the power core of the Ice Empire, Mulheim?

Isn’t this a total surprise?

Why not also ask Olivia to bring some delicious snacks over and let them watch the movie while eating snacks?

This is a good idea…

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