Chapter 108.2 – Reversal

Two hours ago, they looked at what is happening with this so-called demon enchantment. Why does the church insist on sealing the movie theater?

Two hours later, is the church crazy?! Why should such a beautiful movie be blocked? Why, why, why?!

It’s gone, it’s finished here? Didn’t you say Pirates of the Caribbean 1? What about two, three, and four? Where’s the rest? Just one movie? What about the others? Is there only one?

How come the snacks ran out so quickly? You really don’t know what you’re eating when you’re watching a movie! Had I known, I wouldn’t have pretended to be reserved and just taken a little more. So regretful.

The Ice Emperor originally thought that after all these years of experience, he already had the capacity to deal with everything calmly, but he didn’t expect the movie to make his heart sway. He clearly knows that this is not because of the demon’s bewitching, it is only because this unprecedented art form is really wonderful. Compared with this, his other entertainment methods are really boring. He looked at the expressions of the ministers and found that they should have the same aftertaste.

Then he saw the girl standing with Anthony over there and blurted out: “Elizabeth?”


“Where is Elizabeth?”

“Is it really Elizabeth?”

Olivia was a little nervous at first, but this was Mulheim’s court meeting. Sitting on the throne was the reigning Ice Emperor. The other party looked majestic and dignified, and the eyes under the silver sword eyebrows reminded her of the snowy mountains in the cold winter. Compared to her own father, the Ice Emperor in front of her is the real emperor. This thought that rose in her heart made it a little difficult for her to control herself.

But after hearing the words of the Ice Emperor, Olivia suddenly wanted to laugh. The king was pulled from the altar and became an ordinary person. She was not nervous anymore. She understood that it was time for herself to behave, so she took a step forward and followed the courtesy of the noble lady of the Magnolia Empire, “Greetings, Your Majesty. I am Olivia Jackson, daughter of Duke Elijah Jackson, the actress who played Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“Do you really know how to fence?” the Ice Emperor asked excitedly.

The script is wrong… Olivia thought to herself, but on the surface, she answered truthfully: “I know a little, Your Majesty.”


The court meeting turned into a fan meeting in the end.

The next day, the emissary of King Magnolia came over.

The Ice Emperor received the emissary of King Magnolia. At noon, he felt that the chef’s food was a little difficult to swallow. He also invited Olivia, expecting her to bring some food. Olivia not only brought some food, but also a phonograph and records. This surprised the Ice Emperor very much.

After having lunch, the Ice Emperor went to see the bishop of the Church of Light in Winter City in the afternoon, and both sides were not very happy. The Ice Emperor was swearing after returning to the palace. He listened to the light music for a while and calmed down his thoughts, and began to calmly think about this issue.

In the evening, the Ice Emperor invited Olivia again to have a meal. Olivia logically brought good food, this time, he also brought “A Song of Ice and Fire”. That night, the Ice Emperor unconsciously read late into the night, coupled with the frequent contact with Olivia these days, rumors began to arise inside and outside the palace, saying that His Majesty was infatuated with the noble lady of a neighboring country and could not sleep at night.

The Ice Emperor originally wanted to clarify that he was eating food and reading novels, and then he felt that it sounded better than being obsessed with beautiful women… So, he didn’t clarify the rumor, but just told Olivia not to care at the luncheon the next day.

Olivia nodded, and then asked generously about whether the Demon Mall could be restored. She mentioned the Magnolia Empire, saying that King Magnolia could do whatever he wanted, without the constraints of the church.

The Ice Emperor thought in his heart that because there is no Church support, so the Magnolia Empire is now being surpassed in all aspects. And he also heard that the Magnolia royal family is famously poor. But despite this, it seems that it’s good not to be bound by the Church… and it’s time to fix the Church of Light in Mülheim.

After making such a decision, the Ice Empire resolutely promulgated a series of policies restricting the rights of the Church—including the Demon Mall. The Minister of Justice had already prepared these things, so they implemented them immediately.

In an instant, the contradictions that had been hidden between the Milheim royal family and the Church completely erupted.

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Oitin Empire. Church of Light.

“Unexpectedly, Bishop Hank had gotten so stiff with the royal family of Mülheim.”

“The cause is the Demon Realm Shopping Mall?”

“The Demon Realm Shopping Mall should be just a cover for the imperial family. The Ice Emperor may have long wanted to attack the church.”

“How is the mood of the Mulheim aristocrat?”

“All are very angry.”

“…Yes, after all, the royal family arbitrarily opposes the church, and it is the nobles who are unlucky.”

“Uh, no, they were very angry with us.”


“What did Bishop Hank do?”

For a while, there were more voices of reproach against Bishop Hank of Winter City.

Then someone laughed.

Everyone looked over and found that it was Teresa Shelley. Now, Teresa’s father, Old Shelley, has retired. Although he did not pass the position directly to Teresa, but because of his outstanding ability and excellent resume, other people think that sooner or later, he will be able to sit on the position of bishop. However, there is one thing about him that makes everyone a bit unbearable.

“Do you have any ideas? Lord Shelley,” a priest asked.

“I only have one idea.” Teresa Shelley leaned back on the seat, raised his chin, and said coldly: “The demons deserve to die.”

—Yes, what makes everyone unbearable is that he is too much of a warmonger. So much so that even the original warmongers can’t stand him.

“We have reached a contract with the demon race.” The priest shook his head and said helplessly: “According to the contract, the demon race will only weaken a little bit. You don’t have to be in a hurry…”

“In a hurry? You are too whimsical.” Teresa said, “What if there is any change in the demons? Can you expect the demons to obey the contract? Do you think they’re being good just because they’re opening malls and stuff now?” Theresa threw out a series of questions, “What if they have a private army in the lower realm?”

“We have a squad of paladins stationed there,” a priest replied.

“That’s too few.” Trisha said, “I’d put a brigade there if I could, so they can keep a good eye on the demon bastards.”

“This…” In fact, other priests were a little moved when they heard, “The demon race won’t agree.”

“Then threaten them with war,” Teresa said without hesitation.

“Calm down, my child.” The Pope finally said, “I know you have always hated the demons because of that child, Monroe, but we need time and we need to continue to cultivate loyal believers.”

Teresa murmured a few times, and then he remembered something and his eyes lit up: “Then negotiate with the demons and say that we will not seal the Demon Mall, provided that we send another team of paladins to station in the next term.” Teresa confidently said: “This time, I will personally select the most loyal subordinates!”

The Pope nodded, “Very good idea, my child, but we need to understand the specific situation of Winter City first. In this way, you and Ashburn will go to Winter City to find out about this. I feel sorry for the bad consequences of Bishop Hank’s decision, maybe it is time for us to adjust our strategy towards the countries.”

Ashburn complained in his heart. He is the leader of the Peace Faction of the Church, let him go to Winter City with Teresa, the Pope’s intention should be to watch him and stop him from committing crimes…

Teresa understood in his heart. This is to choose between him and Ashburn as the bishop of the Church of Light in Winter City, then it looks like he will have to build a “great success” this time.

Coming out of the church, the spring breeze was blowing, and Teresa Shelley felt an unprecedented level of complacency.

Under the guidance of Captain Monroe, his undercover work is going very well.

Other people’s undercover agents are either in the Peace Faction or are lowkey, but he played as a high-profile warmonger. He is the leader of the War Faction, and he keeps saying kill the demons on his mouth all day long. His behavior caused many neutrals to lean towards the Peace Faction, and no one would suspect that he actually had a connection with the demons.

As for the next…

He went to the Winter City to investigate, and of course, he would find that there was no problem with the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, and it was Bishop Hank who had made a stupid move.

Of course, the “negotiation” with the demon race will go very smoothly. He will select some paladins who are easy to be influenced and send them to the Demon Realm, and give the Demon King a Paladin Gift Package. He knows that the Demon King likes paladins very much.

As for the bishop of Winter City… Heh… The Demon King used so many tricks to intensify the contradiction to such a degree, then, the next move is up to him, Teresa.

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Teresa Shelley – if you can’t remember him, he used to be Monroe’s vice-captain. His father, with the other paladins, destroyed Monroe’s entire village because the Church regarded the Mortonians (people of color) as demons.

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