Chapter 109.1 – It’s too scary

Demon Realm.

It was a beautiful spring day, Hill woke up early and looked at the nice weather outside the Blackrock Tower and then moved to take a walk.

The political game in the past few months made his brain tired, so during this time, he didn’t have any new moves, and he developed the previous things step by step, which also happened to be a solid foundation. Hill made such an excuse for the laziness in his mind.

Through the last incident, the demon realm temporarily had a period of stable development. Hill also learned from Teresa that the Pope wanted to rest and develop his followers steadily. What a joke, develop believers? How can the speed of the church compare with the speed of Hill’s development of believers? … Well, believers in Hill’s case can be understood as fans. Hill was overjoyed by the Pope’s idea, and put his mind at ease for the moment.

During the breakfast, Hill asked Irvine to inform the demon dragon, Gormund, and the head of the encyclopedia Hutchinson to come over. He planned to go for a walk in the morning, relax himself, and then devote himself to intense work.

The railroad of the black dwarves has almost been repaired to the side of the Blackrock Tower. After breakfast, Hill and the two of them followed the railroad all the way to the outer layer and came to the grassland. Now that spring has already arrived, the grasslands are a thousand miles under the blue sky, not all green, but also full of flowers of all colors. Clumps upon clumps, colorful and chaotic, there are cosmos, golden dewberry, wolfsbane, wild poppies… they stretch out in the breeze, the sea of flowers undulating.

Hill only knew a few common flowers and plants. He originally planned to supplement his knowledge of flowers and plants by himself, but found that there are too many types of flowers and plants. There are countless varieties of common cosmos, and some of them have pretty good names. Summer Dream, Candystripe, White Knight, Seashell, Daydream… These are the names of cosmos cultivars.

So, it’s impossible to get started for a while.

Hill gave up studying for the time being, ready to learn as he pleases. When he encounters flowers, he doesn’t recognize, he usually uses the online picture recognition function of his mobile phone. The varieties that can be recognized are named after the names on Earth, others that can’t be recognized can be named freely – these are all recorded by Hutchinson for the encyclopedia. Hill also got a lot of flowers and plants that can be used as medicine. He gave these to the druids of the tauren who are good at herbal medicine, and asked them to develop some practical medicines and mass-produce them.

This is the entire Demon Realm. If all the resources in it are used properly, it can bring economic benefits.

In addition, Hill chose to process some of them to make scented teas. These scented teas with various functions are quite popular among human women. Hill’s ad slogans were quite bluffing, such as “drink a cup of tea, kiss a flower” or something. This ad slogan made some aristocratic ladies who are full of romance unwilling to stop.

Over time, Hill found that he could blurt out the names of many flowers and plants after he went to the wild, and he could also tell some of their functions, but he understood that he was just getting started, and that this field felt like that from the outside, but once you understand a little, you will find that there is a different world inside. This feeling is good.

The life span of the demon king is very long, he has time to learn many, many things, he learns slowly, and one day he will become almost omniscient. It feels pretty much like a male yy cool novel.

Later, he told Monroe about this idea. Monroe thought for a while and said: “To be precise, you are now also competent in bringing up anything.”

“Um…Is it my illusion? I think you seem to be sarcastic…” Hill was a little uncertain.

“It’s also a skill to be able to talk about everything.” Joan Baker next to him helped. “Whether one actually knows it or not. I don’t mean to ridicule, really.” He actually showed a sincere expression.

Hill said dryly: “Because I have the guidance of Marxist philosophy, I have a proper understanding of everything.”

There is nothing wrong with this response.

Back to the present…

“It’s so lush,” Dragon Gormund sighed. He said to the paladin Hutchinson next to him: “This was a desolate land in the past, and it became like this later.”

“Why?” Hill asked.

Gormund looked at Hill in surprise, and Hill guessed that the Demon King should know this in theory. But Gormond still replied: “Because this is the place where a certain generation of demon kings fell.”

“Oh.” Hill seemed to understand.

“The blood of the Demon King has penetrated this land, and this land has been revitalized as a result.” Demon Dragon Gormund said. He said this in a melodious tone, with the feeling of a bard. But Hill had never seen such a strong troubadour.

Hill thought for a while and said, “I seem to have found a way to combat desertification…”

Dragon Gormund was taken aback: “My King? You calm down a little…”

“I just said that casually, but I hope I won’t be so green when I die,” Hill said.

Dragon Gormund was taken aback again: “My King? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…” Hill decided not to bullshit, or the dragon would be scared to death. “What about the dark elves at the time?” He asked. He now knew that the elders of the successive dark elves had been demonically demented.

“He stood here at one with the plants, and the flowers bloomed on his corpse.” The demon dragon, Gormund, leaned down and snapped a small white flower from under his feet, “The dark elves named this flower after that elder’s surname, Morning Star.”

Hill took the little white flower from Gormund’s hand, and he saw red goo at the broken stem, like blood.

The wind blew through the meadow, spreading the fragrance of flowers, and other scents.

Hill turned around feeling something and saw Albrecht standing in the grass.

They looked at each other and he saw the “Morning Star” in his hand.

Then he half knelt down and bowed low, “My King, Albrecht Darkmoon is at your service.”

The wind blew, and the blades of grass swooped up into the sky.

Hill lifted his head to look at the turquoise sky and thought, “This is a beautiful day.

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Hill: “I should know about the grassland and the Morning Star you mentioned.”

Gormund: “Yes, My King.”

Hill asked: “Then do you know why I pretend to be ignorant and ask you again?” He wanted to see how well the dragon Gormund could make up for himself.

Gormund pondered for a while, and then said cautiously: “I understand what you mean, My King.”

Hill: “Say.”

Gormund said: “You mean you have been born again, not the past you. You told me that you didn’t know these things, so that I could say it again, and then take this chance to remember them all over again.”

Hill: “…” This brain filling is so strong that it is scary.

The more Gormund spoke, the more excited he became: “Just as the Lower Realm was renamed the Demon Realm by you, this is a sacred ritual, both for you and the entire Demon Realm.”

Hill: “Wait, you calm down…”

Gormund was overwhelmed with excitement: “It means that we have thrown away the glory and the shame of the past. We will forge the new glory of the demon race and the demon realm with a new attitude!”

Hill took a long breath, and finally said, “…you, don’t come over.”

It’s too scary.

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