Chapter 109.2 – Fireworks Festival

Two months have passed since the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was blocked, during which time the sword was tense and murderous.

At the initiative of the Ice Emperor, they had a three-way meeting.

The representative of Mülheim is the Minister of Finance, the representative of the demons is the Death Knight Goldnia, and the representative of the Church of Light is Teresa Shelley.

This good brother, Goldnia, is quite difficult to talk to, he doesn’t need to act, he is cold and terrifying enough, and Teresa is also a tough guy who refuses to give in, so the three parties made it quite rigid for a time.

Then the priest who came with Teresa persuaded him, Teresa “woke up,” saying that he would deal with it.

Then in the next negotiation, Teresa stood up and analyzed the current pros and cons with a mature and calm attitude. Finally, he proposed to send a large team of paladins to the Demon Realm in exchange for the Church of Light’s non-interference in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall from now on. —Of course, the premise is that the Demon Mall did not do anything beyond the boundary.

On the surface, this is a lucrative business for the church. After all, the treaty signed at the beginning allowed the demons to conduct commercial trade in the human realm. If you have to study it carefully, this time, the church “did something wrong”, but everyone knows in their hearts that this type of treaty is used as a reference. In contrast, to station a whole team of paladins in the Demon Realm is definitely a great insult to the Demon Race.

If Teresa Shelley can do this, his status in the church will definitely rise.

Goldnia put on an unhappy expression. Teresa Shelley also soared his momentum. The negotiations between the two sides scared the third-party, the Ice Empire. The Minister of Finance, who had always been toward the Church, muttered in his heart that the Church was becoming more and more headstrong… Then, Teresa Shelley said privately to the Minister of Finance: “As long as you and the royal family are obedient, the church will continue to support you.”

Although the Minister of Finance was thick-skinned, his words almost made him blush.

The conflict between the royal family and the church suddenly became more acute. Teresa asked the priest who came with him to report on the situation, saying that the bishop of Winter City had handled the relationship between the church and the royal family badly, and he needed the pope’s permission to deal with a group of people as a deterrent, asking the Pope to believe in himself.

Then the Pope and Teresa held a magic ceremony for a long-distance conversation.

Pope: “What are you going to do after you get permission?”

“Deal with some people,” Theresa replied.

The Pope asked, “Is it the leader of Peace Faction in Mülheim? Are you planning to take control of the royal family by force?” According to Theresa’s usual style, he would indeed do such a thing.

Unexpectedly, Teresa replied, “No, I intend to deal with the main group of War Faction. They have played a lot of negative roles in the stable development of the church, and this will also ease our relationship with the Ice family.”

“As I remember, you are the main force of the War Faction,” the Pope said.

“Yes, Your Holiness, I can’t wait to carry my sword on the battlefield tomorrow, but I choose to follow your policy, and my reason tells me that you are right. I will show my hatred of the demons in front of you and my colleagues, that’s because I trust you, and I think that some hatred must be remembered and must be mentioned over and over again,” Teresa said solemnly.

The Pope was very satisfied with such a Teresa: “Then I am waiting for your good news, my child.”

“Yes, I promise to surprise you.”

After cutting off the communication, Teresa lowered his eyes, his eyes deep.

“Yes, it will definitely surprise you very, very much.”

Then he raised his head and looked at Hill and Monroe:

“Captain, Lord Demon King, how did I act?”

Teresa asked, and at the same time showed a lively smile.

Hill is wearing a sapphire-blue coat with gold trim, a white shirt and silk scarf inside. The decoration is trivial and gorgeous. It looks a bit like the romantic and suave aristocratic young master of the South, but Teresa knows how terrifying he is and knows he is worthy of his awe. At this moment, the other party was shaking the wine glass with a casual smile.

Monroe was standing by the window. This blizzard in Winter City has been going on for too long. Don’t know how many people will die in this blizzard. Before Teresa asked him, he was thinking about this.

Hill clapped his hands casually, and then laughed: “Very good, Teresa. No, it seems it’s time to change the name.” Hill raised the glass in his hand and smiled meaningfully: “To Bishop Shelley, cheers.”

“That’s enough of you.” Monroe over there gave Hill a helpless look. He was always helpless to Hill’s bad taste like this. But he said no with his mouth but was honest with his body every time. He then walked to the table, Teresa had already poured ice wine for him, just like when he was his vice-captain, then Monroe also raised the wine glass, “To Bishop Shelley.”

Teresa also raised his glass, “Cheers.”

The wind and snow howled outside, and the windows were snapped by snow particles. When will I be able to snap others too? Hill’s mind sped up as he drove past.

“Since the captain has become the pope, it’s only fair that I, as vice-captain, make an effort too.” Teresa said, “Oh yes, Lord Demon King, I remember you like paladins, so this time, I chose one battalion of paladins especially to be stationed in the Demon Realm, you can use them when the time comes, they are all carefully selected by me…”

Wait, why is Captain Monroe emitting cold air from his body?

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A lot of things have happened in the past two months, the Mülheim church has changed blood, and the new bishop Theresa has re-established a good relationship with the royal family. This made Teresa even more fresh to the church headquarters, feeling that the young bishop really knew how to advance and retreat, and was resourceful.

The third season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” was played on the magic phone, and the projection stone DVD was also released. At present, the magic phone is playing the previous plot of “Magic Girl Madoka”. Hill added a lot of warm and sunny passages in the early stage, striving to deepen the concept of “magical girl is beautiful” into the hearts of the audience. However, the audience’s current response is average. Unlike “Natsume’s Book of Friends” which is for all ages, the plot of the magical girl does not attract some men, but Hill is not worried about this at all. Wait until the school sister… that plot… ratings are estimated to spike up.

He plans to play “Magic Girl Madoka”, and then play “Magical Sakura”, and then after healing everyone, release “Magical Girl I” out to hurt everyone’s eyes, let everyone see the magical girl with full muscles! Hehehe… This is the animation serialization plan for the next few months. Hill thinks that after these few series, he can do a lengthy shonen manga.

In terms of movies, the craze for “Pirates of the Caribbean” has subsided a bit, but the Pirates of the Caribbean merch in Demon Mall are still selling very, very fast. Everyone has also noticed that the movie is named Pirates of the Caribbean 1, which means there will be a sequel. The call for the sequel has never stopped, but Hill did not plan to shoot the second one immediately.

Soon, the fireworks festival of the Magnolia Empire arrived. The fireworks festival usually has a costume parade at night. This year, when you look at it, the parades on the streets are no longer the heroes in the legends, but the characters from the movies and animations. Groups of Captain Jack, piles of Evil Monarch, shirtless overbearing Demon Kings wearing coats, Siren Princesses, female pirates… and so on.

The imitators of Captain Jack attempted to imitate his swaying appearance. As a result, they bumped into countless people and stepped on countless feet during the parade, so Captain Jack was tragically the most unwelcome character on the night of the Fireworks Festival. It’s also a bit funny.

There are large groups of fireworks in the sky, and many people in the streets and alleys are playing with small fireworks.

The king will hold a grand banquet this day, and of course, Hill was invited to attend… Well, he is actually the provider of the banquet food. Nowadays, King Magnolia uses the Demon Mall very smoothly, and he never pays… Hill thought bitterly.

Theodore was not invited, so Princess Delia was a little heartbroken at the banquet.

The food at the banquet was very generous. The meat on the grill was brought up directly on the stick. The meat was roasted brown, steaming, and dripping with oil.

Rock sugar knuckles made of wild boars. The knuckles are carefully stewed with various spices, soy sauce, and rock sugar soup on a low fire. The surface is attractive golden-red sauce. It tastes soft, smooth, and waxy, with the flavor of spices. Mixed with the fat and aroma of the white-spotted wild boar itself, the sauce is thick, the meat is delicate, and it tastes very flavorful, so much so that some people almost let out a wolf howl.

There are also bamboo tube steamed meat, beef, chicken, and diced sausages. The bamboo tube locks the gravy, and all the steamed soup is absorbed back by the bamboo tube meat, so it tastes full of gravy, and it is soft and glutinous. With the fragrance of the bamboo itself, it feels like you can eat as many as you want and not get tired of it.

There is also beef stew with radish, the beef is crispy and tender, the gravy is thick, and it tastes fatty but not greasy and quite mellow.

In addition to these meats, this banquet also provided a variety of ice cream and fruit sundaes. Different kinds of sundaes are covered with winter snow sweet peach jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, cherry syrup, etc., as well as some crushed pulp. The mellow taste of cream and the sweet and sour fruits complement each other. Not only does it taste sweet and cool, but it also smells fruity, and it also looks very attractive… Hill thought, it’s not too much to sell each for one gold coin.

For this kind of banquet, although you can’t get any money from King Magnolia, it’s just as good as advertising for the Demon Mall.

The troubadour was playing and singing, next to the nobles who were dancing a cheerful social dance. On either side were long dining tables with a wide array of food, with candelabras in the middle with candle flames shining.

It was like being in a TV show. Hill put down his fork and thought so.

No matter how long he has stayed in this world, there is still a momentary sense of disconnection.

However, this sense of disconnection will also bring a sense of freshness, so let’s treat this as an exciting trip for the first time. Hill thought.

The banquet lasted almost until dawn, and Hill left in the middle of it.

Together with Irvine and Ghost Binns, he went to the Magazine to catch the lonely Theodore as a guide, and began to wander around Magnolia City. On the day of the Fireworks Festival, vendors on the street will sell a kind of flame wine, which tastes more exciting than ordinary beer, but when you drink it, you will burp a flame from your mouth.

A lot of foam appeared after the beer was poured into the mug, and the foam took a while to settle down. Hill shook the beer mug and kicked Theodore, “Cheer up, I order you in the name of His Royal Highness.”

“Okay, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald.” Theodore was a bit teary-eyed.

Two aristocratic ladies walked by, they were talking about the fireworks festival of “Love and Demons”.

Hill bought another sparkler stick from a hawker, and then a few of them sat on the wall of Magnolia City and watched the fireworks.

“Damn it, why is yours brighter than mine?” Hill asked, looking at the sparkler stick in the hands of Ghost Binns.

Irvine had a bright idea, and he allocated a part of his power to make Hill’s hand-held firework brighter. As a result, he accidentally caused an explosion, and Hill’s face was blackened.

Hill: “…”

Irvine: “…”

Irvine shivered, “Can, can you leave me a whole body? My King…”

This is really… In the end, Hill stuffed Irvine in the fireworks with a dark face, and Irvine exploded in the sky, forming a love pattern.

Hill laughed out loud, no anger at all.

Irvine is too cute.

“It’s a nice holiday,” Hill said.

“Indeed.” Theodore said, “By the way, Your Highness, remember to submit the manuscript tomorrow, and the editor-in-chief’s message, it is better to talk about the fireworks festival…”

“…Shut up. Can you not remind me on this great day?” Hill’s face turned dark again.

“Cough, sorry, Your Highness.”

Fireworks bloomed in a ball in the night sky, and there were many people in the streets who played as the demons.

“I look forward to the day when demons and humans can really mix together like that for the holidays,” Hill said.

Theodore smiled, “That’s how we are now, Your Highness.”

“Yes,” Hill also smiled.

The relaxed and happy atmosphere after tension.

A strange holiday in a foreign country, everything was full of novelty, but it was a good feeling to be surrounded by familiar people.

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