Chapter 110 – The turning point of Magical Girl

Editor-in-Chief’s Notes:

Hey guys, it’s your editor-in-chief’s notes! There are more and more advertisements now, so when I opened the sample magazine today, I almost didn’t find my editor’s notes. For this reason, I almost rolled up my sleeves to pinch Theodore! That’s why you reminded me to write the editor’s note on the great day of the Fireworks Festival last night? You put me in this little corner after I stayed up all night writing? Is this how you treat your boss? Do you want your job or not?

Then, in the face of an aggressive me, Theodore calmly replied: “Sir, you told me to put the ad in the front.”

…Huh there is such a thing?

Cough, well, I, I forgot.

Then everyone, just forget about it, let’s get back to business.

First of all, I wish you all a happy Fireworks Festival! You all know the people on the cover of this issue, right? This one that swings his legs like a propeller is your Evil Monarch, Theodore (hahaha the design collapses), and then your Professor Binns, oh he wears really arrogant, gorgeous cloak embroidered with the clan emblem with silver thread. It seems that human nobles are used to this. I wondered if I would embroider something on my cloak next time. Could it be the chibi version of the skull? This is too cute… laughing and crying (emoji).

This was taken during the fireworks festival that night. In fact, there was Xiaohuo with us, but he was in the sky at the time. Some of you should have seen the heart-shaped fireworks that night. That was actually him… covering the face (emoji). Xiaohuo calls this blasting the sky in the shape of love. At that time, I almost fell off the wall. Shhh. Don’t tell the guards we secretly climbed the wall that day.

With the Fireworks Festival activity inside the “Love and Demons”, I, as the chief designer, originally meant for you to choose four wild men… Cough, I mean one of the four male characters you like to spend your time on the most. I didn’t even expect that there would be so many people who’d buy all the Fireworks Festival plots of these four men. I have to say that you are really too powerful. I can see your feelings for these four, I will pass on to them for you!

In terms of the serialization of novels, “Mage’s Book of Songs” has reached its finale, and the booklet will be on the shelves of the Demon Mall next week. “Lord of the Mysteries” also ushered in Klein’s next map. Although I expected that the previous blade would irritate everyone, I didn’t expect the magazine to be overwhelmed by your letter of protest…

The fourth volume of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is over, and it will no longer be published in the magazine. The next serial novel after “A Song of Ice and Fire” takes place in the future world. All the characters are almost all bad guys in the broad sense, but each of them is wonderfully shaped, the plot is quite excellent, it is called “The Godfather”, mainly about the story of the underground organizations. Please look forward to it, “The Godfather” will never disappoint you.

This issue of the magazine is a special issue of the Fireworks Festival. In addition to the cover photos of the magazine, the frontispiece is also a beautiful poem brought by Madam Helen. In addition, a special column for the Fireworks Festival was set up. The column included readers’ contributions on the theme of the Fireworks Festival, including text and pictures. When I was reviewing this column, I was fed a mouthful of dog food, and then I looked at Joan Baker on the left and Theodore on the right, crying without tears…

By the way, “Magic Girl Madoka” will usher in a turning point tonight, I suggest you guys go watch it, hehehehehe…


When she was chasing the anime, Princess Delia thought that if she became a magical girl, she could make a wish. What was her wish? For her father to agree to her being with Theodore?

She hadn’t told King Magnolia about her and Theodore. She knew that King Magnolia would not agree. Or… let brother Caesar take over the position quickly? But even Caesar would not agree. Then a terrible idea came into her mind. If, if she can become the king…

The charity organization has already started to operate. She originally did not take it seriously because it was mainly Duke Jackson who contributed the money and the work. His Royal Highness Grindelwald was in charge of the planning, and she just put her name on it.

Later, at the suggestion of His Royal Highness Grindelwald, she personally went to some impoverished areas and delivered supplies to the local people.

She was stunned by the current state of those poor people, she had never seen such a terrible scene before that. Those people were so thin to the point of deformity, all skin and bones, as frightening as the demons in childhood stories.

The old duke stood beside her and said, “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Princess Delia looked at their miserable look. It suddenly occurred to her that the church feast used to talk about how terrible the demon realm was, but she felt that this was the demon realm on the human realm.

Hill glanced at Old Jackson reproachfully: “You are too cruel. Her Royal Highness has seen this for the first time, you need to relax.”

“That’s true,” Old Jackson nodded.

“Hunger, cold, disease.” Hill said, “These are the three main causes of civilian deaths. I ran into a female lunatic in Famagusta. She ate her newborn baby because of hunger.”

Princess Delia began to tremble.

Old Jackson glared at Hill: “Hey, is this what you call relax?”

Hill laughed, “I’m sorry, I accidentally said it…”

“Are there many such things on Magnolia continent?” Princess Delia asked tremblingly.

“A lot,” Old Jackson replied.

“Then you… why don’t you care?” Princess Delia asked.

“We are in charge now,” Old Jackson said.

“Actually, for the commoners, it’s already a blessing if the nobles don’t oppress them. If there were no nobles to oppress them, many of them would survive,” Hill shrugged.

Old Jackson did not want to admit it in his heart, but the fact is that this is the case, and he knows it.

Princess Delia was silent for a long time, and what she saw today was too shocking for her: “Your Royal Highness Grindelwald.”

“Please speak,” Hill said.

“Is this the same in the Demon Realm?” Princess Delia asked.

This question ah…

“This is not easy to answer.” Hill said, “Before me, the demon kings didn’t care much about the citizens of the Demon Realm.” He said the truth: “All races and tribes have their own ways of living, and some of them hunt. Some eat the fruits of the forest, and some will cultivate some plants… Some higher demons will eat the lower demons, just like wolves eat rabbits.” Oops, he suddenly thought of “Animal Rhapsody”. Hill coughed. He drew his thoughts back: “However, the only race in the world that oppresses its own kind, I think, is the human race.”

Princess Delia gave a dazed expression. Well, when people in that period heard such words, they might feel that their faith had collapsed.

“But humans are also the only race that has created such a splendid and brilliant culture,” Hill said. His words were sincere, because he traversed, and the things he carried were all human culture.

But these words sound a bit ironic to Old Jackson and Princess Delia, what splendid and glorious culture… Isn’t it the demon culture that is popular in Magnolia City now?

Hill felt that the topic was too heavy, but it was also good for the princess to get in touch with these.

“Come on, let’s change the topic, Princess Delia, let me show you something.” Hill took out the can and shook it. “This is called canned food. The function is to extend the shelf life of food. It is very useful.”

“Very useful?” Princess Delia said, “The nobles basically don’t use it, but it’s not bad for the commoners to have food…”

“You’re right, but you notice too few groups. Let me tell you, the food used by the sailors, the bread and biscuits may be full of bugs, maggots, and the like.”

Princess Delia felt a little sick: “They won’t even eat this, will they?”

“They’re very resourceful, they put a fish on top of these bread cracker barrels to lure all these bugs to crawl out, and then throw the fish away when it is full of bugs… then there are very few bugs left.” Hill continued, “Art is higher than real life, so don’t ever look at the Pirates of the Caribbean and think how wonderful the pirate life is.”

Princess Delia was really disgusted this time, and Old Jackson next to him also twitched his lips, “God of Light above, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, can you stop talking about this in front of the Princess?”

“I’m opening up her horizons, and the God of Light can’t control me,” Hill said.

“Then your Dark God above, you can choose to tell her something that is not so exciting,” Old Jackson said.

“The Dark God can’t actually control me either, can’t imagine it hahahahaha…” Hill said after a chuckle, “Just trying to deepen Her Highness’s impression with this kind of thing, it’s called intensity. “

“Okay,” Old Jackson compromised.

After this incident was over, Hill reported in “Demon Realm Magazine” that Princess Delia had a kind heart. After several visits, her reputation among the people has greatly improved. But Princess Delia herself has mixed feelings about this.

“Although it is not appropriate for me, a demon, to speak about this matter, I really think like this: It is more important to solve the survival problem of the people of the country than invade foreign lands. The glory of the king should not be the number of people killed, but the number of people protected.” Hill said seriously. He said this with a sincere heart.

Old Jackson looked sideways at Hill and saw him standing on the city wall at sunset, with cold rocks under his feet, his eyes seemed like the vast sky. The people he came into contact with on a regular basis were already the most noble group of people in the empire, but all those people combined seemed to be no match for him.

Fortunately, he is a companion of such a person.

If you can, definitely don’t make an enemy of him.

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After so many days of playing, the setting of “Magical Girl Madoka” has been understood by everyone.

Like Natsume, this is also a story that happened in the end of times. Humans have no magic, and magic has become a thing in their fairy tales.

But this does not mean that magic really does not exist. Girls can sign a magic contract with a cute creature named Kyubey. It has small wings and is easily connected to the legendary angel. Through that contract, they can realize a wish, whether it is to get a handsome boyfriend or become a billionaire, all of these wishes can be realized. Then they possessed the magic power to fight against the demons and protect everyone.

The demons in it are different from the demons in the previous concept. They are more indescribable than demons. That never-before-seen art style, bright colors splashed with a taste of dark aesthetics, which aroused the interest of some viewers in the art.

During this time, the magazine also received many submissions with similar art styles, and some of them looked quite good. Hill kept some of them and planned to publish a special issue of Magical Girl.

These settings are of course very novel for people in another world who have never been exposed to the concept of magical girl, but because the episodes of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” are emotional, and each story ends in one or two episodes, so everyone’s response to “Magical Girl Madoka” is definitely not as strong as the former.

Then it’s…today.

Mr. Grindelwald said there is a turning point! What is the turning point? Did Kaname finally choose to become a magical girl? Did she find her wish? Previously, Kaname and Sayaka had been hesitating to sign the magical girl contract, wandering around with the magical girl Tomoe Mami, just watching her fight monsters. This made everyone anxious, and they wished that the protagonist would become a magical girl all at once.

The feeling of guarding the city together is so cool! It’s fun to fight that kind of demons. And it can realize a wish unconditionally! Although Sister Mami kept saying that it was dangerous, they didn’t see any danger at all. And even if there is a little danger, they believe that they can solve it with the power of magic.

The audience thought so.

Sure enough, before the start of the battle, Kaname said her own thoughts. She said that she had no special desires: “I have never had any skills to be proud of. I think I may not be able to help anyone in the future, only to add to the trouble. But I met Mami senpai, who showed me the battle of fighting to help others, and told me that I can do similar things, which makes me extremely happy.”

So gentle… the audience can’t help but think.

Silly girl, you don’t have to help other people… Everyone finally realized that as an audience, you can yell “what you are hesitating about? why not do such a good thing?” but for young girls, this is really a life-long choice, so it should be worth paying attention to.

This is the main theme of this anime. After so long, it finally appeared.

The next story should be Kaname’s use of this gentleness and firmness to become a magical girl. The audience thought optimistically.

“My wish is to become a magical girl itself.”

“It will be very hard, it will hurt, and there will be no time for love and play,” Mami senpai said lightly.

“But even so, the unrelenting Mami senpai makes me look forward to it,” Kaname insisted.

“I’m not a person to look forward to, I’m just forcing myself to put on a show. Even if I’m scared and sad, I have no one to talk to, I can only cry alone. It’s not a good job to be a magical girl.” Mami senpai stood alone in the dark, her voice trembled a little.

Indeed, when you think about it, such a young girl has to shoulder this responsibility. She is different from Natsume, the demons around her are truly “bad guys.”

“But Mami-san is not alone anymore,” Kaname said seriously.

Everyone was moved by this sentence, and only lonely people can understand how touching this sentence is when they hear it.

Then, the always calm Mami actually had tears in her eyes: “Will you really be by my side all the time in the future? Will you fight side by side with me?”

“Yes, if I can.”

At this time, the music was also melodious and beautiful, and a glow like fireflies appeared around.

Warm and touching.

Wow, this transition is wonderful.

Many people are full of tenderness in their hearts, they are waiting, waiting for a warm ending.

Next is the scene of Mami’s battle. She and Kaname agreed that after defeating this demon, Kaname will sign a magical girl contract and fight with her from then on.

“My body is so light. It’s my first time to fight in this mood. I am fearless, because I am not alone anymore!”

Gorgeous magic, flying skirts, and a smile on her lips.

Fortunately, His Highness Grindelwald reminded them! Otherwise, they will miss such a beautiful turning point! Thank you, Your Highness Grindelwald!

Then… the demon bit off the head of Mami senpai in one bite.


Are you kidding me?

Many people in the tavern whooshed to their feet.

On the second floor of the Demon Mall Restaurant, a person was eating. He opened his mouth, but the meat fell off the fork.

This…this…what about the good turning point?

Wait, wait… Mr. Grindelwald didn’t seem to say a good turning point? Only talked about the turning point?

Is this really the magical girl Mami senpai? Not really right… But Kaname who appeared next confirmed that Mami senpai was really dead. At the end of this episode is the scene of Kaname’s tears falling down.

What is this? What about the beautiful magical girl? The fairy tale setting is like this…

Ahhhhhh! Grindelwald, you deliberately let us come and see! I thank you, I really f*cking thank you and your whole family! Ahhhhh!

Everyone, after watching this episode, almost all came up with a word in their minds: Fuck.

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