Chapter 111.1 – Is this what you call flirting?

“Magical Girl Madoka”.

Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi

When playing the ending credits, people in another world noticed the name Gen Urobuchi for the first time.

For a long time to come, this name will become a nightmare for many people. Every time a new anime is released, it is not a good sign to see that the script is written by this person… This guy must be a demon! It must be a real demon! It is the kind of demon written in the church books!

Hill couldn’t help laughing after receiving a lot of fierce letters. He really wanted to reply to these audiences: No, Gen Urobuchi is a self-proclaimed warrior of love~

Seeing how painful everyone is now, and thinking about his own pain back then, his heart is full of evil taste. He felt like a messenger spreading the seeds of evil at this time.

The heart is~ fully ~ satisfied ~ ah.


Demon Realm. Land of the Fallen Angels.

The creation of the floating island was an undeniably big project, and one that required the cooperation of many people.

Naturally, such a large project will encounter many problems. Hill, together with the scientific research department and the black dwarves, conducted research and worked together to solve various difficulties.

The liches and ghosts of the scientific research department didn’t really appreciate the black dwarves at first. They felt that these black dwarves had very low magical skills and were only capable of brute force, but after working together for a short time, they were convinced by the Black Dwarves’ rich experience in machinery.

The black dwarves initially felt that these guys in the scientific research department were only good at writing paper and had no practical experience, but after the scientific research department directly calculated a perfect data on paper, the black dwarves admitted uncomfortably, well, these guys are indeed very useful.

After the initial running-in, they worked together as effectively as they could, but of course, there was friction, which was harmless and even fun in the midst of boring research – at least to Hill, who even felt as if they were flirting.

“Do you think you can insert this thing smoothly? Have you calculated the data?”

“Do you still need to calculate data for this kind of thing? Why don’t you just try it directly? You nerds.”

Hill and Monroe stood at the closed door, and Monroe smiled, “Is this what you call flirting?”

Hill covered his face: “Maybe I should re-examine their relationship.”

Pushing the door open, Hill saw the black dwarf was trying to insert a magnet into a piece of diamond with a hole dug in it.

“Emmm…” Hill pondered.

Then Monroe looked sideways at Hill and could tell he wanted to laugh a little, “So that’s how you’ve always understood it? Flirting?”

Hill insisted, “Don’t you think it’s misleading what they’re saying?”

“No.” Monroe said, “This kind of behavior of yours can be described by a sentence in the church scriptures: what you think in your heart is what you see in your eyes, and you need to be purified by our Lord.”

The corners of Hill’s mouth twitched. All right. Monroe’s meaning is translated into modern Chinese, doesn’t it mean that everything is dirty in your mind?

It’s good to have more than one race participate in a big project together so that they can develop a relationship with each other. Hill thinks so.

The black dwarves and ghosts over there were a bit baffled, “My King, what can I do for you?” the ghost asked.

“It’s okay, you guys continue,” Hill said, then he walked to the side to look at the floating island model.

An enthusiastic voice from a black dwarf came from behind: “Let’s continue, try inserting at a different angle this time!”

Hill’s feet slipped and almost fell on the table. Monroe’s quick eyes and hands moved the floating island model to the side in time, otherwise, the consequences might be the collective intention of the research department to kill the king.

Feeling guilty. Hill stared blankly, “Speaking of which, the Church of Light’s purification ceremony, how is it done?”

“The rituals on the upper-level and the lower-level are different, and the effects are different,” Monroe said.

“How exactly is it different?” Hill asked.

Monroe replied: “The upper-level purification ritual uses magic, and the lower-level purification ritual uses physical methods. The former makes people live, the latter makes people die.”

Hill rolled his eyes: “So if you die, you will be completely purified, and the land will be white and clean.”

Monroe: “This is not their original purpose…”

“Did I hear it wrong?” Hill’s lips curled up, and he casually placed his hand on the wall to the left of Monroe. “Are you defending the church?”

“Their purpose is not to let the help-seekers die,” Monroe was indifferent, his cold gray eyes didn’t even blink, “but to get greater benefits from the help-seekers.”

“Take their money?” Hill asked.

“The property of a dead believer can easily be confiscated.” Monroe replied, “The specific treatment… I don’t understand medicine, but I think it’s nonsense.”

Hill remembered the information he had read before: “Bloodletting, enema, vomiting?”

Hill remembers that the famous poet Byron was killed by bloodletting. He first put a pile of blood and then was given a laxative by the doctor. He lost consciousness. The doctor also put leeches on his temples all night, so he died… It’s terrible. Oh, by the way, the British in the 14th century believed that feces should be smeared on the wound after bleeding the patient. Looking at the various information at that time, he always felt that the doctor was afraid that the patient would not die fast enough.

Hill looked up relevant information, and one treatment was more terrifying than the other, and felt that the treatments were written and read as torture.

“Yes.” Monroe nodded.

“Other than that? Is there anything more in line with the church?” Hill asked.

“For example, if you have a headache, the priest will think that the demon has gotten into your head,” Monroe said.

“Then put holy water on your head?” Hill asked.

“They will insert a nail soaked in holy water into your head,” Monroe replied simply.

Hill blurted out ‘damn’.

The demons who listened to their conversation next to them shivered, and the black dwarf said what they felt: “Are you demons or are we demons?”

Even Monroe couldn’t help his mouth twitching, “…so I am a real demon now.”

After hearing this, Hill felt pain in his head. Okay, he thought, he could begin to develop some pharmacy. This weapon was given to the Dark Church and let them use pharmacy to develop believers.

“Why does it all hurt so much.”

“…And if you are judged to be invaded by a demon, and you happen to be good-looking, the priests will exorcise you through intercourse.” Monroe continued, “Of course, whether you are sick or not, if the priest says so, you will have to be exorcised.”

“Those girls are quite miserable,” Hill said sincerely.

“There are also boys,” Monroe reminded.

“Oh. Okay,” Hill patted his head.

What kind of dark age is this? Fortunately, he became a demon when he traversed. It’s really not fun to go through this kind of thing. Before, reading about the Middle Ages from the books, he’d feel a bit of yearning, but after listening to these various terrible things… Hill couldn’t help feeling that modern society is better.

“Fortunately, I will not have a day of being so exorcised by the priest,” Hill sighed with emotion.

Monroe glanced at him, then looked out the window.

Hill felt that Monroe’s reaction was a bit inexplicable. He considered it carefully, and then waved his hand, “Wait, I don’t mean that. I mean don’t get the bloodletting or something, not the intercourse thing, not teasing you… …Forget it, what am I saying?” He is a demon king, no one can do anything to him. Let him cross his arms for a while first.

Monroe looked back, “You are my Lord, so you can do whatever you want.”

“…Tsk. I always feel that this sentence has a double meaning,” Hill complained.

Monroe smiled slightly. “The scenery is really good tonight, Hill.”

The moon outside was very large, moonlit like a dream, and the stars on the night sky looked like glittering dust, scattered randomly.

“Indeed, it’s really good.” Hill’s mentality also calmed down, “Monroe.”

The black dwarves over there whispered:

“What is My King talking to the death knight?”

“Are they talking about the scenery?”

“Does it feel like a double meaning?”

“What does that mean?”

Hill wanted to laugh a little, “Well, you guys keep busy. Monroe, take a walk with me.”


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Since Hill had the realization of becoming a demon king, he has instilled a concept in the various races of the demon realm: each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. If we learn from each other and cooperate with each other, we will be invincible.

In the early stage to middle stage, Hill could still work with the research department and the black dwarves, but in the middle to later stages, Hill’s brain couldn’t keep up, after all, he belonged to the people who couldn’t do the foundation and liked to bullshit. In order to keep himself from continuing to blindly command, Hill withdrew from the research on the floating island.

Sometimes, the scientific research department would approach him when they encountered a problem. He tried to search on Baidu, and then took out some things he didn’t understand and gave it to the scientific research department. The scientific research department could continue to calculate based on those things.

It’s true that there are specialties in the field. Hill thought. He can just concentrate on the way of the royalty himself.

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