Chapter 111.2 – Blasphemy

This day is extremely long for many people in the Magnolia Empire.

Because they have been looking forward to the next episode of “Magical Girl Madoka” since last night.

Damn, damn, why do you only broadcast one episode a day? Why do we have to catch up with the series? Will it not be better if we just buy the DVD projection stone and watch it when it’s over?

Some people really can’t afford to buy the projection stone, they can’t even afford to buy a magic phone, they are just squeezing in other stores to watch it.

And for some people, they couldn’t bear it, saying that they would not watch it today, but at that time, they couldn’t help but stretch out their paws and open the magic phone.

Will there be a reversal in the next episode? Will Mami senpai come out suddenly? Many people have such expectations.

As time passed, many people turned on their magic phones in advance, waiting for the animation to start.

However, now there are all kinds of advertisements on mobile phones.

Patience. Hoo…

Finally, the animation started.

“Haven’t we seen death like yesterday many times already?”

“Yeah. It’s too many to count.”

Young girls walking one after the other at the river at sunset.

Beautiful and dreamy scenes, but the dialogue reveals the coldness of cold reality.

“Sister Mami’s room, has it always been like that?”

“She only has distant relatives. There is still a long time before the disappearance report.”

“Will no one find out that she is dead?”

“It can’t be helped. If you die over there, the body will be left behind.

In this world, she is the missing person forever.

The end of the magical girl is just like that.”

At the end of the anime, Madoka’s friend, Sayaka, became a magical girl, she made a wish to make the boy she liked physically well.

Sayaka and Madoka spoke optimistically, but no audience could be optimistic about it.

What is waiting for Sayaka?

What is waiting for Madoka?

The ending song played.

Few people in the tavern spoke, they were very depressed.

From the beginning of this episode, “Magical Girl Madoka” has entered a state of high energy, and the terrible plot will unfold rapidly, death, despair, powerlessness, and sorrow… This anime is difficult for children to understand, but to those who have experience, it can exert a greater effect.

The audience thought that Mami’s death was a nightmare, but they did not realize that this was the beginning of the nightmare.

A few more days passed. At the end of the episode, Kyouko dragged Sayaka in despair and blew herself to death. Akemi asked Kyubey: Can Kyouko really save Sayaka like this? Kyubey still has the same smiling face that hasn’t changed for thousands of years: Of course not.

Many people saw this and were ready to throw the table.

What kind of plot, what lines, can’t people leave some illusions? I have been tortured enough in reality, so why should I continue to be tortured in the illusory world?!

What embarrassed Hill was that after Sayaka died, the ratings of “Magical Girl Madoka” dropped…

Is this too much?


Jefferson Jackson’s birthday party.

Today, Jefferson wore an extremely gorgeous dark purple velvet robe, with a light-colored vest on the outside, and Jefferson’s family crest was embroidered on the robe, which made him look elegant, calm, and decent. The word in front is what he lacks most now. Old Jackson once educated him: “You’re not even as elegant as your sister now!”

Jefferson was shocked: “Is my manners so bad now?”

Olivia, who was next to him, almost pinched her soup spoon in half.

This is really her real father, this is really her real brother.

That day, the banquet hall of the Jackson House was very gorgeous. The floor was covered with luxurious two-tone carpets from Mülheim, and the walls were covered with colorful tapestry from the south. The door is inlaid with magnolia flower carvings, covered with a layer of silver, gleaming under the light of the wind lanterns nearby.

As the eldest son of Old Jackson, the unmarried Jefferson is very popular among the noble ladies.

In fact, it is reasonable to say that Jefferson and Princess Delia match the identities, and King Magnolia did mention the marriage, and Old Jackson also thought it was good. But that was what happened back then. Now that Old Jackson knows that Hill has a lot of plans for Princess Delia, and that there is an extra Theodore, when King Magnolia mentions the marriage again, Old Jackson is embarrassed. He can’t say: Forget it, your daughter has an affair with a commoner.

…Actually, this matter is also a time bomb. Don’t know how His Highness Grindelwald will deal with it.

Hill’s birthday gift to Jefferson was a dark elf. …Don’t misunderstand, it’s not for doing that kind of weird thing, but for doing more brutal things.

Yes, Hill gave Jefferson an assassin. The dark elf will stay loyal to the Jackson family for ten years, and then will return to the Demon Realm.

Jefferson was naturally very surprised by this birthday gift.

Old Jackson briefly received a few of his peers, then greeted Hill and said to sit inside. After Hill followed in, Old Jackson first handed him an envelope. The letter was sealed with purple wax and printed with the Jackson family emblem.

Hill opened the letter and asked, “How are you doing?” Then he saw the large amount of income the Jackson family had earned through the Demon Mall in the letter. Old Jackson raised his hand and Hill smiled: “Well, it looks like I don’t have to ask that question.”

Old Jackson also laughed, “I plan to put two-thirds of it on charity.”

“You are such a good person.” Hill scanned the figures over.

“I’m not,” Old Jackson said.

“I only look at the results,” Hill said. In fact, Hill’s ideas have always been quite special. For example, on Earth, it is said that so-and-so is actually hypocritical, and some people donate money for a show. Hill thinks that there is no problem. If hypocritical is for a lifetime, then it will be really good, even if they donate money for show, so what? The money is really donated, and the result is good.

“What you see is not the final result,” Old Jackson said.

“Do you think you can see the end result as a mere human?” Hill looked carelessly at Old Jackson, “What are you getting cocky about, Old Jackson.” He got up and walked over to Old Jackson with the expression of a playful young master, but his lightly narrowed eyes were not frivolous, but with a cold smile, “When I say you’re doing good deeds, you’re doing good deeds.”

It was rainy in the late spring of Magnolia City, and the scenery in the city was not clearly visible under the cover of night and rain, but the city wall in the darkness could be vaguely seen.

Hill’s eyes were like the night with heavy rain outside.

Old Jackson slowly exhaled a breath, “Then this topic will end here.”

“Yes.” Hill returned to his seat over there. “Let’s talk about something lighter.”

“Hmm…” Old Jackson pondered for a while and asked, “What is the ending of Magical Girl Madoka?”

“Are you asking me for a spoiler?” Hill asked.

“This is being discussed by the collaborators,” Old Jackson said.

Hill wanted to laugh a little, what a moralistic reason for asking spoilers!

“Okay, then I’ll probably tell you roughly. First of all, you already know that the demons are made of magical girls, right?” Hill asked.

Old Jackson nodded, “I just don’t understand it here. If in terms of what you’re insinuating, you’re trying to say that it’s never the demons that hurt humans, but the humans themselves are harming humans? What about that Kyubey?”

“I’ll tell you the whole settings first: First, it exists in many, many worlds,” Hill said.

Hill blurs the concept of universe and planet here, because the otherworlders do not understand this.

“Well… it was also mentioned in the church scriptures that there are multiple worlds,” Old Jackson nodded.

“Energy is needed to maintain all worlds, and without enough energy, those worlds will be destroyed. Kyubey is a ‘higher creature’ outside of the human realm. It has the technology to transform feelings into energy. At this point, I think you have guessed something, right? Yes, the magical girl is a scam. Kyubey does everything possible to get the girls to sign a contract to become a magical girl, and then let them fall into despair, which will generate a huge amount of energy.” Hill said: “The magical girls were born to become demons. In fact, the real demons have long since disappeared. Kyubey thinks that the term “demon” is easier to arouse people’s hostility, so the monsters that the magical girl turns into after despair are called demons.”

Old Jackson was shocked, “Are you…”

“Blasphemy.” Hill said, “The God of Light has been shining for too long. As the Demon King, I should blaspheme the gods, right?”

No wonder the novel CP of the protagonist of many demon kings on Earth will be the God of Light. The taste of defiling the god’s name is so exciting.

The God of Light lets angels descend on the believers to fight, and then the believers die.

Thinking of angels, Kyubey abducts girls to become magical girls, and then makes them die in despair.

The purpose of angels is to protect the entire human race.

The meaning of the existence of magical girls is to supply the energy to keep the world running.

God loves the world, God does not love a particular person.

Kyubey’s purpose is ‘great’, it really is keeping the world running.

Can’t the audience see the metaphor? It doesn’t matter, they just need to remember this feeling of despair.

This is a seed, and sooner or later it will emerge from the ground under the watering of the Demon King.

Hill touched his chin and thought badly: “Let’s show this to Teresa’s group of paladins first, and see how they react.”

A little looking forward to it.

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