Chapter 112 – Looking for an opportunity to kill you

“Magical Girl Madoka”.

In order to save Madoka, Akemi kept using her time travel ability to go back in time again and again, but each time, she saw Madoka turn into a magical girl and saw her die in front of her.

No. Not enough. Do it again, even if I repeat it a hundred times, I must save her.

Pouring rain, another death, a lonely journey…

Outside, it looks like a beautiful fairy tale, but when you step into this story, you will find that it is deeply dark and realistic.

Every magical girl is a tragedy from beginning to end, but that tragedy shines with the light of humanity. It is these lights that make the audience look more tearful.

Magnolia Empire. Raspu Town.

Raspu Town is a major military town where the Magnolia Empire borders the Dijon tribe, where a large number of troops are stationed.

Dubin was the general who guarded Raspu Town. He discovered that the Demon Mall had become popular among soldiers recently. As a general who cared about soldiers, he took the initiative to find out.

Well… and then he fell in love with the Demon Mall.

The soldiers were very happy about this, feeling that the distance between the general and themselves was much closer.

This day, Dubin felt a little trembling after watching Akemi’s episode. What an evil anime. He, a murderous general, cannot stand it a little.

While complaining in his heart, he walked into the living room. There will be a City Lord’s banquet to attend tonight.

The result, his son did not wait in the living room in advance.

Dubin was a little impatient. He went straight to Victor’s room and knocked on the door.

Victor’s voice trembled: “Get out.”

Hearing his son’s spineless voice, Dubin’s eyebrows almost stood up, he kicked the door directly and went in, and then…uh… then saw his own son in bed hugging the siren princess doll, with tears falling down in big drops, the wall over there projected the end credits of “Magical Girl Madoka”.

Dubin: …

General Dubin saw this scene and almost got a heart attack.

A stalwart boss is training his heir well, thinking that his heir can fight on the battlefield like himself in the future and guard the country.

The result… he saw an otaku holding a pillow and crying.

When Dubin was about to yell at him—he completely forgot that he had just been abused and his heart hurts. He didn’t expect his son to get out of the bed and ran over to hug him and said, “Dad, I love you”.

Dubin was stunned.

“I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately and I just realized how happy I am with my life now… I will work hard in the future, Dad!” Victor said seriously.

The glimmer in the darkness, humanity…and love.

Forget it. Dubin thought in his heart. Let go of this silly son today.

This is an anime that shows no mercy at all, and reality actually shows no mercy at all.

But these girls in the anime are still fighting, working hard, even if they die, even if their deaths are meaningless to others, they are still working hard and fighting. This can easily awaken the warmth and fighting spirit in people’s hearts.

Actually, it makes sense for Gen Urobuchi to call himself a warrior of love.

…but still too abusive aaahhh!


Each day, in addition to the work laid out the day before, there will be some unexpected situations. After all, Hill is in charge of the entire Demon Realm, and many, many things happen every day on such a large piece of land.

When Hill first became the Demon King, he was very idle, because in the past, everyone thought that those things were all trivial things, and they didn’t need to trouble the Demon King, so they just solved it by themselves. For example, the slaughter of half the tribe, such as the coordination of racial conflicts (usually resolved by each hitting a stick).

In the past, the Lord Demon King did not have any opinions on the brutal handling, but the five elders gradually discovered that the Lord Demon King’s behavior style was greatly different from before. Most of the time, they couldn’t grasp the Lord Demon King’s ideas, so in dealing with things, they are also worried about going against the Lord Demon King’s wishes, and began to try to report those things directly to the Lord Demon King.

Hill is at least a political science graduate, so he has unique and advanced insights into some political affairs.

The five elders felt that the Lord Demon King’s handling methods were so powerful, so they reported more things to Hill. Hill also made some wrong judgments, but being in an absolute high position gave him a chance to make mistakes. After all, the former demon king ignored the political affairs too much.

Being in a high position can have the opportunity to make mistakes, can also make some mistakes in the relationship between men and women, um… the relationship between men and men also can.

Hill is constantly learning when dealing with these things, and at the same time, often discussing this with the five elders.

The Demon Realm cannot be governed by one person, but the Demon Realm can be governed by a philosophy. Hill thinks so.

He told this idea to Death Knight Goldnia, who did not agree: “But My King, you are one of the greatest demon kings ever. And you alone can rule the entire demon realm by yourself.”

“No, what I mean is to form my thoughts into a philosophy that will be instilled into each of your minds so that you can make correct judgments even when I am not there… Do you understand?” In fact, Hill wanted to say something like a political guideline ideology or something like that.

Dark night, blood moon, Blackrock Tower.

Moonlight poured into the room, giving everything a light, shimmering veil.

There was a lamp with a bright blue flame on the oak table, which was given to Hill by Captain Rod, who told Hill how to make it. Hill felt it was troublesome after hearing it, so he asked Captain Rod to send the lamp oil to him through the Dark Church after making it regularly. Hill felt that the flame’s light is not very bright, but it is in line with his imagination of the demon realm and magic in the Middle Ages.

At this time, from Goldnia’s point of view, half of the Demon King’s body was immersed in the bloody moonlight, and the other half was shrouded in blue faint light. His face was also repeatedly shaded by light and shadow, and there was a psychedelic luster in his pupils that he had never seen before.

Goldnia suddenly understood something. He was shocked and knelt on one knee, “I understand, My King.”

“You say.” Hill saw him like this and felt that he seemed to be thinking out of the box.

“You do not want to be the king on earth, but rather the king above the heavens.” Goldnia said in a deep voice: “You want every word of Yours to become a proverb and commandment, and You want Your thoughts and will to carry through the entire demon realm. You want thousands of people to worship you, you want thousands of people to cry for You, want thousands of people to praise Your name, and let all living beings push You to the throne of the gods…”

Hill: “…”

Brother, you’re thinking way too much.


In Goldnia’s eyes, Lord Demon King’s eyes seemed to light up slightly, and the light was moving like a meteor passing by in the dark night. Then he seemed to think of something else, and with a self-deprecating smile, he said, “Watch what you say, Goldnia.”

Goldnia hung his head, “As you command, My King.”

He thought he saw through everything.

And Hill over there was on the verge of breaking into a sweat.

This brain filling is really amazing…

Hill: “Goldnia…”

Goldnia: “My King?”

Hill: “Would you be interested in writing a novel?”

Goldnia: “I don’t have a great imagination, My King.”

Hill: “…No, I think you have a great imagination.”

Goldnia: “…Huh?”

Hill looked at the death knight for a while, and finally waved his hand, “Go, let me be alone.”

Goldnia walked away confused.


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Hill became interested in practicing swords during this period, so he found a paladin to take time to learn for a while every day, so he could relax his muscles and move his body.

Because of his excellent physical foundation, he made rapid progress in swordsmanship, and soon the paladin who taught him was no longer his opponent. That day, Monroe came to the Demon Realm to report on the affairs of the Dark Church in Plague Islands, after hearing it, Hill pulled him for a sparring match.

“I heard that you defeated Hutchinson,” Monroe said. “You’ve made great progress.”

“Isn’t the next sentence ‘As expected of the Lord Demon King’?” Hill asked.

Monroe smiled, “No, I knew you were great.”

“Hey, since you praised me, I will accept it.”

They were walking around with their swords in their hands while observing the flaws in each other’s body.

It seems leisurely, but in fact, they are killing each other in every step.

But as they gazed sharply at each other, they actually managed to make small talk.

“Actually, I cheated,” Hill said, his gaze scanned Monroe’s legs, grasping the rhythm of Monroe’s steps.

“Huh?” Monroe walked unhurriedly, but Hill saw that his eyes were getting sharper a little bit, and Hill enjoyed the feeling of change.

“My physical quality must have dumped Hutchinson a few streets,” Hill tentatively moved forward half a step, and the tip of Monroe’s sword dropped slightly, which happened to block Hill’s path. It’s amazing. Hill raised the corners of his mouth and continued: “So if I attack him directly and quickly, it will be difficult for him to defend. The so-called best technique in the world is only fast, and who is faster is better. Of course, it is not good for some things to be fast…” He seemed to spin the knight’s sword in his hand casually, “You think I am talking dirty, right? Oh yes, I am indeed talking dirty. By the way, while talking dirty…”

This is the time.

Hill’s eyes condensed, and he rushed forward.

“—I’m looking for opportunities…”

The clanging sound of a knight’s sword colliding with a knight’s sword, red sparks bursting out in uncontrollable flashes at the friction of the blade. Through the flying sparks, Hill saw Monroe’s eyes with battle intent.

“—to kill you.”

Hill finally finished those words, then attacked hard again.

“I hate to say this, but you do seem a bit too arrogant for a beginner, Hill.”

“Then come and educate me, Your Holiness.”

He didn’t use his own magic power, but poured magic power into the sword to prevent the knight sword from being damaged in such fierce fighting.

The golden and black rays of light entangled with each other, and the energy flow that was broken when the blades collided with a destructive atmosphere eroded the surrounding environment wantonly.

“Hey, hey, you’re too serious about this, Monroe.”

“It was you who asked me to educate you properly, I was just following your orders.”

Stones erupted and ghostly blue flames burned on the ground.

Iron boots stepped on it, sparks flew.

“I say you, although you’re saying respectful words, you haven’t put on a respectful posture at all, Monroe.”

“Because swordsmanship is my pride, I want to show it to you properly, Hill.”

After finding a flaw and attacking him, Hill hurriedly parried, but took a few steps back because of his unsteady pace.

Every time they exchanged blows, he is gritting his teeth, what kind of strange power this person has. He thought in his mind. Then he simply leaped high up, preparing for a thunderbolt strike from the sky.

“In general, such an attacking posture can only be done by a very confident person.” Monroe raised his head and looked at Hill, and at the same time, he tightly held the knight sword entangled with black energy. “But if you can’t do it well…”

When confronted again, the collision produced a sound like an explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Monroe knelt down to crush Hill to the ground. He lowered his eyes to look at Hill and said:

“It will release a hint called ‘please f*ck me’.”

His sword was against Hill’s throat.

“And I caught your hint.”

Monroe’s eyes were very deep, and with a pause, he slowly called his name:


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