Chapter 113 – Reward or Punishment

The tip of the sword glowing coldly pressed against his throat.

——I lost.

The weight and pressure from the body are quite clear.

——It is Monroe who is pressing him by the lake now.

There was a dark red burning flame in the opponent’s eyes.

——It feels as if there are some…

“Hill,” he called his name slowly in a low voice

——Unexpected softness inside.

Hill raised his hand and held the sword. This time he used magical power, so his sword immediately turned into a cloud of cold mist, which gushed out from the gap between the closed five fingers.

The loss was expected because it was a sparring match, not a fight.

In the competition just now, neither side used much magic power. They relied on their physical fitness and the level of their swordsmanship.

The demon’s physical fitness is naturally very strong, but as a beginner, Hill was naturally thrown a few blocks away by Monroe in swordsmanship. So, it is normal to lose.

“Although I knew I would lose, I didn’t expect to be put in such an embarrassing position.” Hill looked down at the black mist lingering on his fingertips, and said with emotion.

“Not embarrassing, My Lord looks beautiful like this.” Monroe was also looking at Hill, the blade had disappeared, and only the hilt was left in his hand. He raised his hand and tapped his thumb, the black sword grew out of the hilt again, and then he returned it to its sheath. His series of movements are very proficient, but also with a kind of graceful handsomeness.

“You seem to have made a rather horrible speech,” Hill said, watching Monroe’s movements.

“I just said what came to me.” Monroe turned his gaze to him again.

“Tsk…it sounds even worse.” Hill patted Monroe’s arm. “Stop pressing me, it’s time to get up.”

“Okay.” Monroe nodded, and stretched out his hand to Hill after getting up.

Hill took his hand and got up, the steel glove was really cold to hold: “That’s a good, I thought you’d be reluctant to stand up.” He taunted, because he had just pressed him too long.

“Well, I don’t have to, after all, there is still a lot of time in the future,” Monroe answered truthfully.

“… God damn,” Hill turned his head sensitively, “You mean you will have a lot of time to press me in the future?”

Monroe coughed lightly, “I believe you misunderstood it.”

Hill then thought, how could Monroe have such nasty thoughts, he is usually the one who has nasty thoughts, “…well, I’m treating a gentleman like a villain.”

Monroe said flatly: “I’m not a gentleman.”

Hill answered casually, “I like it when you go bad.” He glanced at Monroe, whose eyes were now black. The death knights’ eyes will turn red when they use strong magic or feel strong emotions. It seems that he has calmed down? Hill covered his face with his hands, and the corners of his lips could be seen curling up between his fingers. He smiled and said, “…I like it very much.”

Monroe’s voice was also a little low, “…I see. I understand.”

The two returned to the Blackrock Tower together, and Irvine prepared afternoon tea for them. Irvine spent a long time in Magnolia City some time ago, with the goal of learning from humans, and afternoon tea is one of the results of learning.

He lurked in fireplaces, wind lamps, oil lamps, and even candles to watch humans. Later, when he saw an incident of child abuse by X, he was frightened and came out of the fire. As a result, the nobleman was even more frightened than him. … It’s only natural for this to happen.

The demons love children very much, just as beasts have tolerance for cubs.

Irvine did not expect that humans would do such a thing…

“Aren’t human beings a race with emotions and morals?” He asked Monroe, a former human, “How can you do such a thing? Doesn’t your conscience hurt?”

He asked this from the heart.

And Monroe replied: “It is precisely because there are feelings and a sense of morality that there will be pleasures of betraying virtues in these things.”

After hearing this, Irvine was a little sad: “I still yearn for human beings a little bit…”

Because Irvine is the demon with the most contact with Hill, he has heard many things about humans from Hill, so he has a yearning for humans.

“Not all humans are like this,” Monroe comforted.

Hill next to him said, “For example, Monroe, when he was a human, he was also good.”

Irvine felt his sadness eased a bit.

Hill continued: “So he was forced to become a demon.”

Irvine: “…”

Irvine almost cried out on the spot.

Monroe helplessly held his forehead… Hill, you are really too much. What kind of bad taste is this?

As for whether the demons take pleasure in killing and teasing, it depends on the specific race. For example, the cats among the orcs do have this behavior, and their low hand behavior makes them sometimes accidentally release their prey…

Back to afternoon tea.

The top is the strawberry Dutch muffin. The soft and delicious muffin is smeared with strawberry jam, fresh strawberry slices, and some green mint leaves. Both the appearance and the taste are excellent. Then there are yogurt raisin bread, coconut milk pastries, honey puff pastry biscuits…in addition to roasted seaweed. Hill got seaweed some time ago, this kind of snack Hill likes to eat on Earth.

It is made with the Demon Realm’s Endless Sea seaweed, which tastes very refreshing, has a crispy texture and melts in the mouth. With a bite, it was fragrant and crispy, and the flavor of seaweed made him want to eat nonstop.

However, it has not yet been mass-produced, so it has not yet been put on the shelves in the Demon Mall. Hill is going to let the Black Dwarves handle the entire production line.

The drink is strawberry mulled wine, compared to the traditional red wine, this red wine has more berry fragrance. The practice is not particularly simple, the ingredients inside also include the juice of fresh oranges, orange peel, cinnamon, and strawberry sauce, cooked over low heat before putting fresh strawberries, plus a little rosemary as decoration.

Hill took a sip and felt that the flavor was very unique. The alcohol was surrounded by fruity aromas, but the taste was a bit too strong. Hill still liked lighter drinks. He served Irvine with light mint tea. Then chatted with Monroe: “Your swordsmanship is really good.”

Hill knew that, unlike guys like him who became good with the benefits of crossing over, Monroe was really relying on his own efforts to become good little by little.

After experiencing the power of Monroe at close range and being pointed at his throat with the tip of his sword, Hill’s feeling towards him became a little strange.

In any case, he can’t say that he felt death. After all, Hill couldn’t die if he was pierced in his throat, he would even be fine if he got his head cut off, he could just pick up his head and put it on again. His head is actually a decoration… Wait this sentence seems a bit wrong. But in general, Hill felt that he was still moved by that power, and the feeling of staring at him with cold and sharp eyes made Hill feel excited.

“My swordsmanship was deliberately shown to you,” Monroe replied.

Hill grumbled, “At the cost of hurting me.”

“I thought I would get a reward, but is it a punishment?” Monroe said, “But that’s not bad either.”

…Always feel that the topic is suddenly turning crooked.

Hill found that his pitiful brain could not think of anything other than dirty things, so he walked up to Monroe and kissed his forehead, and said with a smile, “How about letting me fool around like this this time?”

Monroe closed his eyes, and Hill saw him close his fingers. Speaking of it, his fingers are really beautiful when they don’t wear gloves. They are pale, slender, and powerful, and they must be beautiful if they feel soaked in blood. Hill was thinking wildly. Then he heard Monroe ask: “Is this a reward or a punishment?”

“To think of kissing as punishment is a little too philosophical for you,” Hill said.

Monroe opened his eyes, his eyes were still black, “Well, let’s just let you fool around this time.”

“You’re making fun of your superior,” Hill said.

“But you said it first,” Monroe said.

“I am an overbearing demon king, I can laugh at myself, but if others dare to mock me, I will crush them to death,” Hill said naturally.

Monroe raised his lips, “Sorry, My Lord.”

“Then I’ll be magnanimous and forgive you,” Hill said smugly, then put the creamy honey cake into his mouth. Wow. So yummy.

From paladin to avenger.

From human to demon.

What is this burning feeling inside his chest? Is it hatred or desire? Is it emptiness or excitement?

Monroe lowered his eyes and did not speak again.

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