Chapter 114 – The Fallen Angel’s Domain and Floating Island

“Magical Girl Madoka” reached the last episode, and many people watched the finale in tears.

“I finally found the answer.”

“So, Kaname, at the cost of your soul, what do you wish for?”

“I wish that all the demons—no, not demons, the real demons to no longer exist in this world. You use the term ‘demons’ only because it can arouse people’s disgust. I want to wipe out all the real demons before they are born.”

“No, it’s impossible. If this wish comes true, you will interfere with the order of the world. Do you really intend to become a god?”

“I don’t care about becoming God or anything. I just hope that the magical girls will keep smiling until the end. The rules that hinder this will be broken and changed by me. This is my prayer, my wish.”

“Either you can realize your hope, or you are the hope yourself.”

In the end, Kaname finally became a magical girl, but this was the end of her life. Except for Akemi, everyone forgot about her.

And all the world thus formed a new order. In the end, only the shock stayed in their hearts.

After the shock, it was sad and melancholy.

…No one knows that Madoka gave all she had for this world.

All kinds of movie reviews have also come out.

“Madoka is so perfect. She has changed from an ordinary girl to a god. Her kindness makes people think that she is a true god.

But my favorite is Kyouko, she is too real.

Kyouko chose to be a magical girl so that her father could attract more people, but this desire indirectly led to the tragic death of her family. This tragic reality made her want to be an egoist, so when she first appeared on the stage, I didn’t like her. I thought she was a villain. Later, she regretted it when she met Sayaka, and she regarded her as her friend. After Sayaka became a ‘demon’, she chose to die with Sayaka. She thought that she could save Sayaka and stay with her.

Although Kyubey said Kyouko’s behavior was meaningless, I still stubbornly believed that she saved Sayaka in this way.

Kyubey is like an indifferent god. It says it aims to save the world, it thinks it is right to do that, but it does not know that we humans have feelings… Die in deception and fraud, forced sacrifice… what is this?

Straightforward and decisive, Kyouko’s charm lies in this. Madoka is a person with a spirit of sacrifice, but Kyouko is not. She said she is erasing her regret. Although I was in tears while watching her plot, I felt that she was happy in the end. When watching other people’s plots, even Madoka’s plots, I feel uncomfortable. “

“After watching “Magical Girl Madoka”, I suddenly discovered that Kyubey’s superior salvation attitude should be the same as our god. I don’t like that god. Fortunately, the Church of Light didn’t spread much faith in the Magnolia Empire. “

“How long will Akemi fight? In theory, she won’t die either, will she fight with Madoka?”

“It’s not a happy ending at all.”

“Depressed for a long time…”

“What is the new anime, what is the new anime, I miss Natsume, I want to be healed…”

“I finally know why Madoka is so kind. The author played a good big game of chess.”

“Is Madoka the God of Light? Is God of Light a girl?”

“Your association is too terrible.”

Hill will publish some of the comments selectively, and it will definitely not work to directly name the Church of Light. The magazine has been sold to the Ice Empire. In order not to cause trouble to Teresa, he should be more conservative.

“Natsume’s Book of Friends” has spread in Mulheim. Monroe asked Teresa to report to the upper church that this is a story about the protagonist’s grandmother enslaving a lot of demons… This explanation is also quite okay. Then he also sent a broken projection stone to the church. It contained the first episode of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. Most of the pictures were blurred. Only the explanation of the book of friends was clear. The people in the church saw that it was indeed the case. The protagonist Natsume’s grandmother indeed defeated many demons.

By the way, why is the demon race doing this stuff… They really don’t understand.

The sky is high and the emperor is far away, coupled with the corruption of the church, this has brought Teresa an opportunity.

Hill almost fell under the table laughing when he heard “This is the story of a protagonist’s grandmother enslaving a lot of demons” for the first time. Monroe is so talented. He didn’t expect him to have such a scheming side.

Let’s play the third season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” next to heal everyone. Hill thought.

After “Magical Girl Madoka” is over, there is still a lot of work to be done, such as the action figures, merch, and cosplay costumes. At present, in addition to jewelry and the like, Hill also sells daily utensils such as cups and notebooks printed with anime characters.

After the Demon Mall invaded Mulheim, the money Hill earned can already pay off the compensation of the demon realm, which means that the next earnings are pure profit.

But Hill did not plan to pay it directly. Goldnia asked him the reason, and he replied: “One, paying back too quickly will cause the church to doubt and make them wonder where our money comes from.”

“Indeed.” Goldnia suddenly said, “This may expose our Demon Mall.”

“Yes.” Hill nodded. “The second reason is… you know? In a society governed by the rule of law, those who owe money are the masters.”

Goldnia: “…Huh?”

Hill explained patiently, “For example, if we owe a lot of people’s money, we will pay it back slowly, and the other side knows that we will pay it back slowly. This is a rule and order. But if the other side starts a war against us, we can write off this debt all at once, right?”

Goldnia thought about it: “Indeed. But that would have to be based on us winning.”

“The human country can defeat us without the help of the Church of Light?” Hill shrugged.

In fact, this view is also recognized in modern international relations. I owe you a lot of money, and I have formed a political deterrent to you. You have to weigh it before you go to war, otherwise I won’t pay you back. By the way, the United States owes the world a lot of money, but there is a more far-reaching problem than the U.S. debt, which is the dollar-based world financial system. Let’s not talk about this for the now.

Goldnia thought for a while and analyzed the pros and cons, “My King, it is like… this and your previous actions as well, without spending a single soldier, only roaming in many directions, it easily solved the problem of the Demon Mall, and also the problem of the Church of Light in Mulheim.”

“This is a kind of soft power.” Hill said, “Take your time to learn, Goldnia. But don’t be too slow to learn, I have high hopes for you.”

Among the five elders, Dragon Gormund commanded the army, Ghost Binns only needed to engage in scientific research, and Lich Aligeli was now being used by Hill to engage in the education industry of the demon realm. Death Knight Goldnia is relatively balanced in all aspects. Hill hopes to develop him into a comprehensive talent. When Hill is away, Goldnia can become an agent and preside over the overall situation of the demon realm.

As for the dark elf, Albrecht, Hill asked him to be responsible for the communication between the various races, and he also asked him to train assassins.

The upper echelons of the demon realm have been completely reorganized by Hill, and now each has its own duties and functions normally.


Demon Realm. Land of the Fallen Angels. Floating Island.

Today is the day when the floating island rises.

The floating island is hollow inside, and the fallen angels live there. They don’t live in the beautiful buildings on the island. Those buildings are for the guests to live in. The fallen angels don’t particularly like sunlight.

In the middle of the floating island is a large lake, an aboveground lake, surrounded by a dam. There is a magic circle around which can draw all the rain in that area into the lake, so there is no worry that the lake will dry up. The overall terrain is sloping, high in the middle and low on the four sides. There are four artificially excavated small rivers extending from the lake. However, the dam has not yet been opened, so there is no water in the riverbed.

Hill plans to name this canyon the Angel’s Domain, and the lake on the floating island is called Dreamland Lake.

Fallen angels can control this island to stay or fly to a certain direction. The specific design concept of Hill is based on the flying island in Gulliver’s Travels. The island’s scope of activity is the entire canyon, which is large enough, after all, this canyon was the racial territory of the fallen angels back then.

The buildings’ construction on the floating island is naturally the responsibility of the skeleton construction team. Hill took out some of the famous church design drawings on Earth and asked them to modify and improve them by themselves. These bell towers and spires match this dreamy scene very well. It makes people happy.

Hill also sprinkled all kinds of seeds on the land of the island. After a while, they will break out of the soil and bloom.

In addition, he retrieved most of the fallen angels scattered outside.

Each fallen angel has a small garden of their own, and they can design the layout of it by themselves.

The big guys in many races of the demon realm came to watch this day. Lich Cecil of the Scientific Research Department introduced them to the basic situation of the floating island: “…By the time summer comes, I’m sure all those flowers will be in bloom, and the skeleton construction team will also be basically done with the buildings. The island will be fascinating.”

Hill nodded, “In addition to this, let’s float a few more islands, smaller ones will do. If we develop tourism in the future, we can turn them into specialized entertainment centers, dining centers, souvenir centers…” Thinking about it, it’s so good. “Oh, by the way, contact the taurens and domesticate a kind of bird that can fly people back and forth. Choose the good-looking ones.” Hill thought of the griffin in Warcraft, but he hasn’t seen a griffin in this world.

However, he did not notice that there was a certain difference between the “good-looking” in his mouth and the “good-looking” understood by the demons. After a while, the taurens came over eagerly to ask for praise, and Hill looked at the giant birds with ferocious face and fangs covered in black, feeling a little frightened. In the end, he planned to use this bird for some eerie races, and also for tourists who are curious about it.

Domesticating animals is the business of the taurens, and other demons can only kill and eat animals… Oh, some can even XXX animals.

The elders and patriarchs of other races are a little envious, “My King…” a ghost said.

Hill saw their thoughts, “Don’t worry, you will also have it, one by one. You can first think about the design of your own race territory, and then we will work on the final design together.”

The mayor of Deathstroke Town pondered: “Let the houses in Deathstroke Town rise to the sky?”

Hill rolled his eyes. He felt that letting these demons think about this kind of thing was like the ancient peasants thinking that the emperor must use a golden pole to carry water. It was better for him to do it himself.

“It’s going to rise,” Lich Cecil reminded.

Everyone stood on the hill, watching the floating island in the plains float up little by little and rise into the air.

Today is a cloudy day. The gray clouds in the sky looked like a giant bird in ancient legends spreading its wings to block the shadow of the sunlight, and the ashes of daylight are also left behind in the flakes of feathers. Looking up, there was nothing but endless gray. The huge island is condensed with the wisdom and power of the demons, and it rises into the air, stably.

Below the island, the strong wind blows the woods, the mountains swayed for miles and miles.

This scene is quite magnificent and quite monumental.

Hill sighed in his heart, it really was a magical world.

“Ready to open the dam,” Lich Cecil reminded.

Hill nodded.

After the dam opened in the middle of the Floating Island, the lake water quickly flowed into the river. Hill glanced at the Lich Aligeli next to him, and said, “Let the sky clear up a little.”

“Yes, My King,” Aligeli said. He began to recite the spell, and Hill thought about putting his hand on his shoulder, giving him a lot of magic power.

The river flowed to the edge of the island, and then tilted straight down. At this time, Aligeli’s method was also successful, the clouds split, the bright sun shot out, and the river water was shining, turning into four waterfalls falling from the Floating Island, thousands of water droplets, crystal clear, and magnificent.

The surrounding demons let out awe, this scene is really wonderful.

In fact, magic power can also float an island, but this is too magic-consuming, even Lich Aligeli can’t do it.

It is said that a powerful lich can move a mountain, but that is an exaggeration—if that is the case, human beings can play as eggs.

No magic, no force, no blood… The Demon King really subverted the demon’s long-held imagination.

He ruled the demon realm with a new power, changed the demon realm, while invading the outside world.

The elders who are closest to Hill know that Hill can now control the Magnolia Empire on a large scale, and the bishop of Mülheim is now Hill’s person.

But Hill thought of Li Taibai’s poem:

Water cascading three thousand feet from the sky,
Is the Celestial River falling from the Ninth Heaven?

Then, a sense of accomplishment rose in his heart.

I want to change the demon realm, I want to change the scenery of the demon realm, and the people in the demon realm.

I want to change the human realm, I want to persecute all countries and save all people.

I want to change the world.

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