Chapter 115 – Successfully completed the daily task today: Tease Monroe (1/1)

The paladins sent by Teresa came to the Demon Mall to report a few days ago, which made Hill feel happy.

Wow, such a large team of highly educated and high-quality talents.

Teresa told these honest Paladins: “In order to penetrate deeper into the demon race and understand their conspiracy plans, if the demon king requests for you, you will do it. This is a necessary sacrifice.”

Hill was laughing at these words and almost flew up, Teresa, this guy, is now too sinister and cunning ah, really a political talent.

The paladins know about Hill’s recent work on the Floating Island. Of course, they don’t know the principle of the Floating Island. They all thought it was a huge magic-consuming project. As for the effect…most people can’t see it. As the righteous paladins, they only feel that the demon king is greedy for enjoyment and misbehaving.

In the demon realm’s defeat, facing with a large amount of compensation, the Demon King actually spent people’s resources and material resources to do these things. This is very much like the king of a dead country in history class.

But later, they learned that Hill killed someone else’s country…

The paladins explained this in the information written to the bishop. Teresa was very satisfied with their thoughts. He also planned to tamper with the information of the paladins about the demon realm, but he looked at it and read, “The demon realm has the “image of a falling nation”, don’t change it at all, just hand it over to the Pope. Teresa thought.

In addition to feeling amused, Teresa couldn’t help but think. If he was not on the side of the Demon King, would he be kept in the dark like these paladins, and die in a nightmarish dream? …No, he will not die, he will be used.

Teresa is regarded as a “second-generation official”, and his father, Old Shelley, is a kind person and a devout believer. Later, Old Shelley’s kindness defeated his piety, and he could no longer deceive himself into saying that everything in the Church was good, so he quietly kept to himself and actually hoped that his son would not enter the core of power. It was good to follow the young man named Monroe.

As a second-generation official, he followed Monroe and had been exiled, which also had the mandate of Teresa’s father.

Old Shelley often said to him: “You have to open your eyes to see what the world really looks like.”

Teresa said, “I see the real you with creases.”

So, he was beaten by Old Shelley…cough. Teresa was indeed a little cheeky when he was a child.

A year ago, when Monroe was arrested by the Church, Teresa suddenly remembered what his father said.

The real look of this world. What the church really looks like. What the Lower Realm really looks like. What the Demon King really looks like.

What I… really look like.

What is my pursuit? What do I really want to do?

——Theresa was caught in such thinking at the time.

Then, the Demon King rescued Captain Monroe, and Captain Monroe became an official death knight. It seems that the captain has found his future goal. What about him, Teresa? At first, Teresa wanted to become an official death knight, but Monroe refused, and Monroe asked him to return to the church as an undercover agent.

Hmm… Since I haven’t found my own goal yet, let’s listen to the captain first.

After returning this time, his changes have not been concealed from his father, after all, his father is the closest person to him. Father asked him one night how he was doing.

Old Shelley didn’t directly ask other sharp questions, but Teresa knew what his father was asking him.

So, Teresa replied: “I’ve been doing well, and I can gradually see some of what the world truly looks like.

Old Shelley looked at his son silently. He saw the darkness and evil surging in his son’s eyes. He understood what happened to him, “…As your father, is there anything I can do to help you? My son.”

Teresa replied: “I need you to give me your position so that I can stand taller and see more real things.”

Old Shelley’s voice shook a little: “I always wanted you to live well… you would be in danger that way.”

“You mean to live in this world with your eyes closed, ignoring the pleas of others for help, ignoring all the truth… Is this living well?” Teresa smiled lightly, “Father, you said to me at the beginning, open my eyes to see the world.”

“I did not teach you to talk to me in this tone!” Old Shelley was a little annoyed.

“Parents, ah, that’s how it is.” Teresa shook his head, and he said bluntly, “The Demon King said a saying that some parents, when they can reason, they reason, and when they can’t reason, they use emotions. But you are my father after all, I still have to apologize to you.” After saying that, he knelt down on one knee, “I’m sorry, father, please forgive me for betraying everything.”

Old Shelley did not know what he should say, he was helpless, he only had such an only son, and he loved him very much.

But his own beloved son had a mind of his own.

Finally, Old Shelley sighed and said, “I don’t care about humans or demons. I only know that you are my most important being. Promise me that you will live well.”

“I promise you,” Teresa replied.

Old Shelley helped him up, “As for my position, you have to take your time.”

Then the two talked about the current situation of the church for a while, and Teresa asked: “Why did you lie to the captain and said that the black-skinned humans are demons?”

“I’m doing it for his own good.” Old Shelley said, “He would have done great things in the Church if he had just gotten over it.”

Teresa nodded, “Oh. I still think you’d better give me your position sooner rather than later.” Then he smiled and said, “I am doing this for your own good.”

His smile under the oil lamp was a bit evil, but it also seemed very sunny.

Old Shelley was startled… His son really grew up, and he became a little scared.

At this time, Teresa has also found his own pursuit:

I want to see the truth clearly, I will do a lot of things for others’ own good. I will make a selfless dedication, and you all have to accept it for me.

For example, you are too stupid. For your own good, you can step down for me.

You are not suitable to be a bishop. For your own good, let me be the bishop.

It’s not good for the church to treat the people like this. For the good of the church, let me change everything.

I am helping you guys. So please accept it.

I mean, please.


After relaying the information of the paladins stationed in the Demon Realm to the church headquarters, Teresa added this suggestion: The Demon King is indeed stupid, but he thinks it has merits. He thought that the Church could also use magic to make a floating island like this, and announce to the public that it was a miracle and could become a sacred symbol in the hearts of believers.

The Pope received this message and was inspired to move.

He knows that the Floating Island is a bit laborious (in fact, it was very), but humans have won an unprecedented victory not long ago. This year, the Church has not hosted any major events, so the Pope has been feeling a little empty in his heart.

Wouldn’t it be good to build such a floating island and then tell the people that this is the reward of the God of Light to mankind?

And since the Demon Realm can do it, the Church can also do it with magic.

After all the considerations, the Pope made up his mind and said he would do it.

In fact, Teresa just encouraged this casually. He was surprised when he heard that the Pope was actually planning to do this, so he quickly notified Monroe.


Mulheim, the Empire of Ice. Outside the Winter City.

The sky has darkened, and Winter City has become a black silhouette on the horizon.

Hill, Monroe, and Teresa were walking in the woods outside the city.

The trees here are very special. They are tall, straight, and thin. They seem to be pierced directly into the sky. Only at the top are some sparse green leaves, bathed in moonlight, which could have been brighter. The forest became darker. A not very clear stream gurgled through the black rocks.

There used to be a bunch of ice wolves in the woods here, which caused heavy losses to the wood and lumber merchant Defoni in Winter City. Later, he asked someone from the Church to solve this problem at the cost of a very expensive meal in the Demon Mall. And then he also became obsessed with the Demon Mall. Earlier, he fell in love with photography and poured money on it. Later, after the “Demon Realm Magazine” entered Winter City, he found that he could actually submit photography works, so he took many photos to submit, and as a result, he won many of them, which brought him an extra income.

Hill admired his photos. The corpse of the ice wolves, the snowy coniferous forest, the lumberjacks, the blue sky of the northern ice… are all beautiful.

“Lord Demon King, Captain, I know that if the Pope builds a floating island, it will be beneficial to the Demon Realm, but I feel sorry for the people,” Teresa said first.

Of course, he knew that this project would bring a lot of burden to the civilians.

“It’s not your fault, do you think it’s your responsibility?” Monroe asked, not showing any mercy in his words.

“I also know in my heart that the Pope should have had a similar idea long ago, so he did it after being urged by me, but I still feel guilty for the people,” Teresa said.

“Even if it’s not you, there will be other people around the Pope who’d advise him to do so, and on the surface, it is in the form of hitting two birds with one stone,” Monroe said.

“Captain, you really know the inner workings of the Church better than I do,” Teresa said with emotion.

Monroe answered calmly: “Because I am also a Pope.”

“…Cough, cough, cough,” Teresa choked. How could this response be so weird, but it was also true. Hahaha!

“If you feel sorry for the people, then at least treat the people in your field better,” Monroe continued.

“Yeah.” Teresa nodded. “That’s all I can do now.”

Hill was originally looking around leisurely and freely, he hadn’t been to Mulheim several times, so he was a bit curious. After hearing what they said, Hill said, “May I insert a comment?”

“As you wish,” Monroe replied.

“Oh, if it were Al, he might say, please insert it, My King, you can insert it anywhere,” Hill said smoothly.

Teresa stepped on the air and almost fell.

Monroe glanced at him: “You are already a bishop, and yet you are still so unstable.”

“…It was the words of Lord Demon King that surprised me.” Teresa said, “Speaking of which, Captain, you are so cool, so terrifying.”

“When you have seen enough things, these are nothing,” Monroe said.

Teresa immediately admired the Captain even more.

Then he heard Hill say: “I haven’t let you see my ‘thing’ yet.”

Monroe stepped on the air and almost fell.

Hill: “Tsk, tsk, tsk, already a Pope, and still so unstable.”

Teresa & Monroe: “…”

Hill: “Hahaha successfully completed the daily task today: Tease Monroe (1/1), well, let’s continue.”

Monroe: “…Okay.”

Teresa: “…you are the Demon King, what you say is what you do.”

“Well, well, let’s talk about business.” Hill said, “As the Demon King, I don’t have the right to say anything, but I still want to say it, so just listen.” He was silent for a moment and organized the words: “You are a human being. I don’t know why you are on the side of the demons. My knowledge of you is limited, but Monroe said you are credible. I trust Monroe, so I trust you.

First of all, I want to tell you that you have always seen my attitude towards humans. I will not regard a certain group as an enemy. I will only regard a certain type of people as an enemy. If some demons in the demon realm betray me, then they are also my enemies, if some of the humans support me, then they are my companions.

But what you need to understand is that this does not mean that I will not kill people. I’ve killed people from the beginning, you know, and you’ve witnessed it.”

When signing the unequal treaty, Hill sentenced the emissary of the Church of Light to death with a few words. The paladins headed by Monroe had seen it.

“…I understand,” Teresa said in a deep voice.

“For me, this is not a war of races, but it is still a war. Innocent people will be sacrificed in the war, and I try to minimize it. However, I will not harm the interests of the demons for the sake of mankind. I hope you understand this,” Hill continued.

“I…understand,” Teresa said.

“You came close to becoming a demon, and now you seem to be a little more valuable as a human. You don’t need to feel guilty for some of the things you did, because I’m telling you, I’m telling you clearly, that what I want to do in the future is good for the humans on the entire continent. I want you to be able to collect evidence of the Church doing sinful things from now on. I think you can probably understand what I want to do, at least some of it,” Hill continued.

Theresa nodded his head.

“I don’t like long speeches. I will only say these words once,” Hill said, “Although I like to talk, what I like to say are all bullshit and nonsense. It is too much work to say such brainy words.”

Teresa: “…cough.”

He always feels that the Lord Demon King is a bit handsome but only for three seconds. He was so serious just now, and suddenly broke his image.

…However, it is very comfortable to get along with such a Demon King. Teresa thought from the bottom of his heart.

“But… it always feels weird,” Teresa scratched his head and said, “Why should the demons worry about humans?”

“Because we are an inclusive whole, we are eclectic.” Hill opened his mouth and said a string of political speeches, and then he continued, “We want the people they don’t want, and we want the things they don’t want. When we get enough of what they don’t want, what should we do afterwards? The demons are greedy, so the next step is to just go ahead and take what they have and want.”

The wind made his white hair a little messy. Because he didn’t need to see other people, Hill kept the Demon King’s true appearance. His red pupils looked very cold in the absence of any particular emotion, and his voice just floated faintly, sent by the wind into Teresa’s ears.

Behind him, the walls of the city stood in the pale white moonlight, like the skeletons of giant beasts.

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