Chapter 116 – Brainwashing MAD Music

Winter City. Royal Palace.

The towering hall is cold and dim, with continuous arches holding up the ceiling, and the walls are inlaid with burning magic torches. Behind the throne is a row of blue flags embroidered with the Ice family emblem. On either side are two flags, one black and one white, which mark the two guardian families of Ice, Black and White.

The architectural style of Mülheim is very different from that of the Magnolia Empire.

The biggest characteristic of the Magnolia Empire during this period is the unprecedented luxury in material and the unprecedented elegance of manners, both of which complement each other. While Mülheim has the characteristics of the northern cold zone people. They are mainly practical. Their definition of grandeur is similar to that of emptiness. The height of Müllheim Royal Palace is no less than that of the Magnolia Empire, but the interior is empty. There is no decoration on the stone wall, no flowers and plants, no colorful silk and satin. Occasionally, one or two paintings are hung, but they are either portraits or war scenes.

Olivia didn’t like the style of Müllheim at first. After getting used to the magnificence that can be seen everywhere in Magnolia City, she felt that the buildings of the northerners even looked a little shabby.

But after being in contact with the Mülheim people for a long time, Olivia was naturally moved by their temperament. Their blood was full of winter cold, which made them stronger and more patient than the southerners. These northerners are obviously more honorable than the southerners, but they are also very stubborn in many cases.

Olivia subconsciously thinks of the north in “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

Now she is very familiar with the palace of Mülheim, this is because the Ice Emperor Claude often invited her to dinner.

Through these banquets and exchanges, the Ice Emperor successfully obtained a lot of rare things from her that were not on the shelves of the Demon Mall, and privately obtained all the movie and anime projection stones, and Ice Emperor Claude also reached a trade agreement on Demon Realm Paper with Olivia.

“This can save a lot of expenses for the royal family and the Imperial Court Meeting,” Ice Emperor said.

This surprised Olivia, after all, the nobles of the Magnolia Empire rarely considered the issue of economy.

The Ice Emperor… seems to be different from the king she imagined.

When others speculated in private that Ice Emperor Claude was infatuated with this lady from the Magnolia Empire, Olivia really wanted to roll her eyes and say: infatuated my ass, he is just greedy for the resources in my hand.

Hmm… It’s a serious resource, don’t think too much about it.

The Ice Emperor is naturally very interested in these movies and animations. Anyone from another world with boring entertainment means will be interested in movies and animations.

Ice Emperor Claude could of course see that it was beautifying the Demon Race, but he couldn’t say what the real Demon Race was like, and he was not a devout believer, so it wasn’t a big deal. As for why he allowed the Demon Realm Shopping Mall to open in Winter City, on the one hand, it was because the Demon Mall paid a lot of taxes to the royal court, and on the other hand, if he could use this to make the people less enthusiastic about the church, it would be a good thing for his rule.

As for the demons…

The Ice Emperor heard the details of that war a year ago from the mouth of the general under his hand, the humans were all dependent on the church to defeat the demons, there is no doubt about that.

It was a war between two races, one side was pulling out some of its soldiers to invade, the other side was resisting at full strength. If the difference in individual strength was not great, then the invaders were definitely defeated.

But humans have Churches and angels, and angels have killed many high-level demons. It is precisely because of that war that the Church has a higher status on the continent. At present, except for the Magnolia Empire, no other empire can defy the orders of the Church. This is not only because of the strength the Church showed in that war, but another factor is that after that war, many people have become more devout to the God of Light. If any king dared to openly challenge the Church, the people below him would be confused immediately.

A few days ago, the church sent a notice saying that God sent down a decree to build a floating island, so each country should send 100 craftsmen and 3,000 strong slaves.

The Ice Emperor naturally knew that these people could never come back after giving them to the Church, but the current situation was that they had to give them.

Didn’t you see that even Emperor Magnolia was obediently handing over people?

However, he was still a little depressed. The Ice Emperor talked about it at today’s dinner. Olivia said curiously: “As soon as the Demon Realm has built a floating island, the Church immediately followed it?”

In fact, she was really curious and had no other meaning.

The Ice Emperor almost choked to death: “What? There is also a floating island in the Demon Realm?”

Olivia nodded. Although she can’t touch the most important things, she always knows more about these things than others. “The Demon Realm just raised a floating island some time ago. After knowing this information, your Church of Light felt it was interesting, so they made one too?”

“It’s not ‘Your Church of Light’,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

Olivia understood, she continued to pretend to be innocent and said: “But the Pope said it was God’s will, so it’s probably a coincidence.”

The Ice Emperor’s smile faded a little, and he didn’t speak. He knew that Olivia had said this deliberately behind him. The other party was not really “innocent and cute”, but of course, the other party’s words entered his mind. An open conspiracy was more terrifying than hidden conspiracy.

For the Church, what they want to do is the will of God.

Do those people treat themselves as gods?

The emperor was really aggrieved. When he was a child, he was crushed by the ministers. Now that he has regained power, he is being pressured by the church.

The Ice Emperor closed his eyes, thinking so.


Mulheim, Winter City.

Gibbet White walked into the Demon Realm Shopping Mall and found that there are many more people today than before.

Is there a new product? Or did something happen?

Gibbet flashed this thought through his mind, and then heard the sound of music.


Gibbet also noticed the music in the movie when he was watching it, especially the music when Captain Jack appeared in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which was simply too exciting. He remembered that the last issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” said that the new album would be available soon. He knew that the Demon Mall was originally built in the Magnolia Empire, and it was only afterwards that a branch was opened in Mulheim, so many products in the Demon Mall of the Magnolia Empire, Mulheim does not yet have, such as magic phone, “Love and Demons”… The people in Winter City are itchy when they read the magazines, and can’t wait to let the Demon Realm Shopping Mall quickly put everything on the shelves in Winter City.

—Of course, it also includes records and phonographs.

Although Gibbet couldn’t imagine how the music could be so touching, all the music critics seemed to have entered a cult… But if the music on the record was as powerful as the theme song of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, it would be understandable.

It must be said that the current Young Master Gibbet White is still too tender. The Demon Mall in Winter City first released two very beautiful light music records, and then Hill launched “Song of Neuropathy”, “The Laughing Policeman”, and a series of Station B’s brainwashing or MAD music. Gibbet vomited blood and thought of himself, who was inexperienced in the past. What is a cult? This is the cult…

When Hill was on Earth, he was not less tortured by these neurotic songs. Now let’s take it out to torture the otherworlders. Hahaha, let you experience the brainwashing technique of these songs!

After listening to those songs, everyone in the other world was so tortured that their souls were about to fly, but for some reason, the melody reverberated in their brains repeatedly, and they even hummed it unconsciously. So, some people sneaked and sneaked to the Demon Mall to buy the collection of MAD music.

As for why they were sneaking, it was because they felt ashamed that they would want to dig a hole in if they were discovered by others.

During that time, the salesperson knew that the people who sneak into the mall was either a thief or those who came to buy the latest album.

So, before these customers could say that they wanted to buy the MAD album, the salesman spoke up first: “Do you want to buy the MAD album?”

The salespersons are already familiar with this aspect, and they find that if they don’t ask, the buyers will hesitate for a long time, wasting time. Are they so ashamed? The salespersons thought, and then they went to listen to the record. They found that… well… it was indeed a bit shameful.

Unfortunately for other businesses, some restaurant and tavern owners thought that they had finally figured out a new record and could change the music in the store. Although the customers think it’s nothing, but the boss will be annoyed to listen to the same songs all day long.

The result, the new record…emmm…is beyond words.

The customers were so scared that they ran away even before half of it was played.

The boss looked at the empty shop, crying without tears.

Hey hey, what are you doing Demon Mall! We want a serious song aahhhhh!

However, a very strange phenomenon is that the sales of that MAD record was good on the first day, because everyone hurriedly bought the record when it was released, and the sales immediately stagnated the next day, because everyone knew it was a horse shit thing, but on the third day and the fourth day, the sales volume went up quietly.

Hill “tsk tsk-ed” about this for a long time.

After hearing the record, Teresa laughed wildly for a long time, and then sent it to the church headquarters along with the gramophone with evil intentions.

The Church headquarters was waiting for the demon’s music. All the members sat in jeopardy, called the enchantment, and did all kinds of defense work. Then, a priest turned on the phonograph.


The priests at the headquarters trembled.

The Pope’s beard trembled.

Well, he finally understood what Bishop Teresa said: This music is not easy to describe. It is recommended that a person listen to it alone. After listening to it, you will feel that this is indeed the music of the Demon Race.

What the hell is this?!

Later, the church professionals responsible for investigating the curse went out and listened to this music several times, and finally reported to the pope: The music—if this thing can be called music—itself has no magical power, it’s just easy to get a little leg shake after listening.

It’s also funny.

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The release of the MAD album is actually considered a spoof by Hill, the first two albums are too serious, he wanted to get something different for the third album.

But after suffering, the magazine was once again overwhelmed by protest letters.

What’s the point of protesting? Theodore thought glumly. If the record sales are low, your protest is a bit strong, but this record sales are similar to the previous ones. You say “I don’t like it, I don’t like it”, but you keep buying it, this is not strong!

At the same time, Theodore thought, well, I can’t let Princess Delia know that I think those songs are good, or she will think I am a sand sculpture.

In the Magnolia City Palace, Princess Delia turned off the gramophone and thought: I can’t let Theodore know that I listen to these nerve-like songs, or he will think I’m not elegant at all.

This is a wonderful coincidence.

Of course, there are people who hate these songs.

For example, Duncan, the captain of the Invincible, one of the four pirate kings.

Duncan is a fighting madman, he has the traditional qualities of pirates such as blood and violence. Previously, the crew of the Invincible also occasionally bought some things from the Demon Mall. Duncan didn’t take that seriously, but the light music was indeed good and calmed his mood.

But today, the strange music made him want to draw his sword. What the hell is that horse shit music? He scolded the pirate who was playing that music and went to bed. As a result, he discovered that the magical laughter of “Song of Neuropathy” appeared in his sleep.

“Hee hee hee ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

Duncan woke up with a dark face, what a terrible nightmare, he felt that this nightmare was no less terrifying than his dream of being eaten by a piranha some time ago. With such a grumpy mood, he got up and left the captain’s cabin and went to the deck to see a sailor fiddling with the gramophone, and the prelude to “Song of Neuropathy” appeared.

At that moment, Duncan’s brain crashed.

He drew the knife and chopped the pirate.

From then on, the song appeared on the Invincible rigorously.

…This is really a tragedy caused by MAD music.

But because of this, among the pirates, the gramophone and record became more famous.

Want to know if your captain cares about his men? Just play MAD music in front of him.

Of course, it may be life-threatening, please choose carefully.

That’s it for the third album, and the fourth one is done seriously.

The culprit of everything, Hill, thought so.

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Song of Neuropathy LINK and The Laughing Policeman LINK

MAD (music anime douga) is like AMV (anime music video). While the Chinese call it ghost animal video, it’s actually like listening to those annoying TikTok edits. I’m using MAD because it’s the original, and because it sounds cooler.

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