Chapter 117 – Girl Group Plan

Demon Realm. Early morning.

Former: the territory of the tauren clan.

Now: the territory of the tauren clan and the succubus clan.

The center of this territory is located in the valley, and the large plain outside belongs to the territory outside the core. Most of the land in the valley is dark red, and some places are pure black, like burnt. There are scattered hills on the vast plain outside, and the color of the land is lighter than that in the valley.

Most of the original buildings of the tauren clan were made of wood, stone, and animal bones, which were rugged and imposing.

After the succubus clan moved in, they dug a lot of caves in the mountains. The succubus clan used to burrow directly in the abyss of the canyon, and it was no exception after they moved over.

Hill felt that his childhood was shattered after seeing their house at the time. He planned to reorganize their homes after finishing his work. The succubus elders were quite envious of the floating island of the fallen angels. The succubus clan has made such a great contribution to the breeding industry of the entire demon world…it is also right to get them a beautiful home.

On this day, Succubus Abby was so excited that she didn’t fall asleep, because the succubus matriarch told her that she had been selected to participate in the new project of Lord Demon King, and there was no need to breed livestock here.

The former is as happy as the latter (…).

There were also two sisters who were selected together. The three of them met yesterday, and all of them were very excited. While cheering for each other, they did not hide the jealousy in their eyes. They wished they were more special.

They naturally know what it means to be selected by the Lord Demon King. Ariel, the siren, is their role model. In the past, the siren was just a nobody. Now, because of the movie, the major figures in the demon clan are very kind to her! Not only that, that siren now works in the human realm, and is also liked and admired by many humans!

Other demons may not have much feeling about being liked by humans, but the succubus is different. They can attract other highly intelligent races, which is a very fulfilling thing for them!

What did the Demon King tell us to do? Is it acting in a movie? Is it dubbing for anime? Or maybe about doing other things~ I’m so shy~

And so, the night passed in such an unrestrained imagination.

The next day was a cloudy day, and the stratus in the sky did not affect the mood of the three succubi. They met at the entrance of the cave and said words of encouragement and warning to each other. Now, the demons know that Lord Demon King likes to see everyone united, so they have to perform this performance in front of Lord Demon King.

It’s time to see Lord Demon King.

The excitement is actually with apprehension.

The absolute oppression of the higher-ranking demons for the lower-ranking demons is a logical thing to do, even if the other side is eaten. …However, if they are eaten by the Lord Demon King, then it is also the supreme glory, right?

When the three succubi arrived outside the Blackrock Tower, the sky was already drizzling. They looked at each other again and stepped into the towering and eerie Blackrock Tower together.

The torches on the walls automatically lit up, giving them direction to move forward.

The gloomy corridors, the torches that silently started to burn, the sound of their own empty footsteps… all these brought tremendous mental pressure to them.

The other thoughts in their hearts disappeared little by little, and in the end, only awe was left.

Finally, they arrived in front of the Demon King’s room. The door opened automatically before they could do anything. The three looked at each other, and Succubus Abby walked bravely in the forefront.

Lord Demon King was sitting on the oak recliner. The rain outside was already heavy now, and the sound of rain was accompanied by thunder.

They held their breath.

Lord Demon King——It’s Lord Demon King!

This is much more excited than the average fan seeing an idol.

The identity of Lord Demon King is equivalent to the triad of popular idols on Earth + Papa Mama + national leader, so you can imagine how fanatical the people of the Demon Realm are towards their Lord Demon King.

At this moment, Lord Demon King was looking at the rainy scenery outside, holding a wine glass in his hand with the finest ice wine inside. There are two huge hellhounds nestled at his feet, they lie comfortably on the luxurious fur, and they actually compete for favor at the feet of Lord Demon King like pet dogs.

The Demon King turned his head to look at them, and their hearts were about to jump straight out.

What you need to know is that the demon race, except for the special succubus clan, their definition of “beauty” is different from that of humans.

The more powerful they are, the more beautiful they are in their eyes.

When Demon Dragon Gormund appeared in his true form, he was evil and ugly from the perspective of human aesthetics (Western dragons are really ugly), but in the eyes of the demon race, he is beautiful—because he is powerful.

This is not because of yearning for strength. The demons are not attracted to each other by their appearance, it is the different flavors of magic that can arouse them.

“Your magic is really sexy.”

“Your magic power makes me crazy.”

——The demons may use these words to flirt.

As for the aesthetics beyond the magic, that is the thick muscles Hill experienced back then.

He carefully scrutinized the three succubi, hmm… the girl group’s image, first of all, there must be one with long black straight hair, looking more innocent; then one with blond curly hair, looking more charming and glamorous; and one with a short hair, somewhat androgynous and handsome.

The first time you create a girl group, a little less people should be okay.

“Can you sing?” Hill asked.

“Yes,” one of the three succubi replied nervously.

“Then sing me a song,” Hill said. After speaking, he felt that his tone was a bit like a rogue, cough.

The succubus took a deep breath and then sang “Song of the Dragon”, which was also in his favor.

Hill felt that it was not bad. Although the succubus’s singing was not as good as that of the siren, it still had an attractive magic in it.

The remaining two succubi looked a little jealously at the succubus who spoke first, feeling that the other had stolen the show.

“So, who of you is more innocent?” Hill asked.

“My King,” one of the succubi asked fearfully, “are you insulting us?”

“Oh…” It turns out that innocent is a curse in the world of succubus. This sentence is probably like when you ask who is the ugliest among the three beauties. Hill finds this racial and cultural difference really interesting.

“I’m not interested in insulting women,” Hill said. Thinking he had to let them know what he was going to do, he explained it clearly, “I’m going to let you guys set up a girl group and make you all singers. Each of you in this group should have different characteristics, including ‘innocent’, because there are many humans who like the innocent type.”

The succubi understood now, “So, My King, is it acting to deceive human beings while singing?”

In fact, it is a persona made by the marketing team on Earth to… But Hill said: “You can also say that.”

This is the first girl group that Hill has pushed out. He hopes to attract as many fans as possible. These three types are the three more common styles for women. In this way, whether you like pure, hot, or handsome, you can find all your favorite elements here.

When the concept of stars is instilled in humans, Hill will be able to engage in variety shows, such as singing competitions in which all people can participate.

When the succubi heard that they were cheating humans, they were excited.

“Do you know how to dance? Try it,” Hill continued.

The three succubi did so.

Then Hill almost went blind, he immediately raised his hand, “…Forget it, I have to re-choreograph, this is also banned.” Well, it’s the succubus clan after all.

Choreography, songwriting, MV shooting, publicity…

Just copy part of the song, and write the lyrics yourself for the other part.

The publicity is simple, let them sing a song to the movie, and put a MV on Magic TV.

The girl group plan was officially launched.


Now, two railways have been built, one from the Black Dwarf Forest to the Blackrock Tower, and the other from the Black Dwarf Forest to an iron mine.

At present, Hill assigns the goblin clan to be responsible for mineral exploration + mining. The alchemy of the goblin clan is good. Hill asked them to study the metal mine detector together with the Scientific Research Department. During this time, many minerals have been discovered in the demon realm, but there is only one small coal mine. The largest Sulan coal mine in the Demon Realm had been handed over to the Church for mining. Hill looked at the lost minerals and felt distressed. He asked the succubus under his hand to serve demon realm delicacy for three days to ask for sympathy and try to pry some coal mines away from there.

But apparently, the priests who were stationed couldn’t do much, because the church had statistics on the number of mining operations each month, and they regularly sent people to inspect at intervals, leaving Hill a little dumbfounded.

Damn it.

The home of Death Knight Goldnia is nearby. He wakes up every morning and can see the minerals of the Demon Realm being sent to the Human Realm continuously. He did this on purpose to remind himself not to forget the hatred in his heart.

Dragon Gormund thought he had a good idea at the time, but after two days, he couldn’t stand it anymore. If Goldnia hadn’t pressed him, he would have sprayed the humans with a single blow.

“You are simply masochistic,” Demon Dragon Gormund said angrily.

“The church has collected part of the coal mines for its own use, and sold the other part to other countries at low prices.” Goldnia said, “Actually, you don’t know, we still need to buy some coal mines back from the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim now.”

Dragon Gormund was so angry that his hair was about to stand up, “Buy our own coal?”

“I bought it through the back door, otherwise, it will be more expensive.” Goldnia shook his head. “Now that the Demon Realm is in great demand for civil engineering, the demand for these minerals is also much greater, you know.”

After hearing this, Goldman became annoyed, “Does My King know these?”

“He knows.” Goldnia said, “What else do you think My King is doing?”

Gormund was stunned for a moment, “Are you… busy with all these things recently?”

“I’m more busy than you think.” Goldnia said concisely: “Monroe is also… I advise you not to be too hostile to him. I know that you and the dark elf of the five elders are both against him.”

“I recognize his strength, but not his identity,” Gormund said firmly.

“Don’t forget.” Goldnia glanced at Gormon, with no emotion in his dark eyes: “His identity was given by Lord Demon King.”

Gormund was shocked.

“So instead of worrying about these pointless trifles, it’s better to do more things of what you should do to share the worries of His Majesty, the Demon King,” Goldnia said.

“I understand.” Gormund nodded cautiously. “Thank you, death knight.”

“Otherwise, I don’t mind becoming a dragon slayer knight, after all, in the story, the knight is supposed to slay the dragon,” Goldnia continued to say calmly.

Demon Dragon Gormund twitched the corners of his mouth: “…that’s why I never liked you. I’m leaving.”

After speaking, he changed to his original body, opened his wings, and flew away. Goldnia looked at the blue sky for a while, and then looked away.

Time to continue working.

For the Lord Demon King, for the demon realm.

On the other side, Gormund was thinking while he was flying in the sky, what can he do? What he is best at is force, and it seems that he doesn’t need force now, then… he suddenly thought of something the Demon King once said, so he had an epiphany.

After inspecting the railway, Hill returned to the Blackrock Tower with a few new paladins, and then saw Dragon Gormund standing at the door.

“Gormund?” Hill said, “What can I do for you?”

Gormund took a step forward, knelt on one knee, and his voice vibrated: “My King, please use my body as much as you like. For the demon realm, selling meat is no problem, and nude photos are also no problem!”

Hill: ???

Those few new paladins almost dropped their swords in fear.

You, what’s going on in your demon realm?!

Well, Gormund actually thought of what Hill said when he was filming “He is a Dragon”…

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