Chapter 118 – Gormund’s Photobook

Although Hill has gradually become accustomed to the people under his command often acting crazy, but the sudden crazy act of Dragon Gormund still makes Hill feel his cautious heart tremble a little.

This is the Demon Dragon Gormund! Gormund, the muscular man! It’s not Albrecht the dark elf! It’s fine for everyone to fill their brains, but why have they become so extreme?!

Is it his fault? Is it his fault?!

Ah…it seems to be his fault.

Thinking of this, Hill felt a deep guilty conscience.

It seems that he really changed the whole style of the Demon Realm ah…

The paladins on the side are in the state of confusion, what the hell is this Demon King? What the hell is this demon realm? First, it took so much manpower and material resources (they guessed it) to build a flashy Floating Island, and then one the Five Great Elders of the demon realm actually said this, this shameless remark, and it seems that this is still satisfying a certain need of the Demon King? The demon realm is so terrible, they want to go home, oooh…

How does this Demon King rule the Demon Realm? Does he rule with food?

Ah…the demon realm’s food is really delicious… Recalling the demon realm’s delicacy, the paladins actually have a trace of approval in their hearts, so delicious food can be used to rule the demon realm, right?

Later, the paladins reported the incident to Teresa truthfully, and Teresa looked weird after receiving the news. What the hell? Has the Lord Demon King already subdued the paladins so the paladins deliberately wrote slanderous information? So that the Church can relax its vigilance? …Ah, it should be like that, the Demon King moves really fast. Teresa thought.

You can say that the impact of sand sculptures brought about by Hill does not distinguish between the enemy and the collaborator.

Back to Demon Dragon Gormund.

After listening to Gormund’s words, Hill himself was stunned, then he looked at him, revealing a malicious smile.

Okay, since you are so dedicated, let’s do it! Hill quickly thought of an idea in these few seconds—a set of narrative photobooks. Set up a persona while selling meat.

Just do it.

Hill’s shooting speed was very fast. He finished a photobook in three days, and then it took another three days to mass-produce the photobook.

The cover of the photo book is the same as the cover of the next issue of Demon Realm Magazine – since the photo book is about to be published, of course, it must be advertised in Demon Realm Magazine.

On the cover, Demon Dragon Gormund stands bare-chested in the smoke of the volcano’s eruption. Every inch of his muscles seems to be carefully crafted by the Creator, put together seemingly somewhat rugged, but with a unique wild charm. His back was leaning against a huge black dragon. The scales of the demon dragon shone with metallic luster, and Gormund’s body was also shining with seductive light because of the grease applied. The strong human body and the demon dragon are closely attached to each other, and there is an indescribable visual impact.

Even Hill himself was eager to see the picture.

Turning over the cover, the first set of photos shows the blond, blue-eyed appearance of Death Knight Goldnia, and the young form of Dragon Gormund.

It can be seen that the photo is telling a story, accompanied by the text next to it, it is even more simple and clear: Goldnia, a human prince, picked up a little demon dragon in the woods when he was young. They get along day and night, play around every day, and grow up together.

Later, the demon dragon grew very fast, and the human prince had to put it back into the forest. They agreed to meet every year.

At this time, the demon dragon has a dragon body.

Next is a set of “Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter” photos of the dragon, which shows that the dragon is waiting for the day to meet every day. In this way, a few years passed. One day, the human prince did not come. The dragon waited irritably for a long time, and finally decided to fly to the kingdom of the human prince to take a look.

It found that they were in a war, and the dragon, which was close to adulthood, naturally stood on the side of the human prince, and finally the human prince defeated the enemy.

Then… the turning point came.

Because of fear of the dragon, the human prince’s men betrayed him, took refuge in other princes, and invited the archmage to deal with the still immature dragon.

The demon dragon desperately rescued the human prince. The human prince was full of hatred and was seriously injured, and finally chose to become a death knight. During the conversion, the demon dragon has been reluctant to leave him, and kept crying sadly next to him until the Demon King appeared (this one again) and told him that he will die if he doesn’t receive treatment, so the demon dragon left.

The human prince’s transformed appearance was another bunch of cool photos. He looked around for the dragon, and then saw the figure of Gormund under the tree where they met for the first time. He was already transformed into a human form with the help of the Demon King. They hugged together. After that, they fought side by side, read together under the lights, and the death knight taught the dragon to speak and write. In the end, both of them became the elders of the demons.

By the way, during the period, the dragon is unwilling to wear clothes and sells meat like crazy (…).

The last set of photos:

The mountains are fertile.

The real body of the demon dragon stared at the death knight, and the empty sky was reflected in the death knight’s eyes, but the demon dragon’s huge eyes were filled with the death knight’s figure. Its crystal red pupils wrapped around his shadow, dappled with red irises, the fibers of light embracing the beautiful pupils, as his body soaked in a dream of spring. The death knight looked at the dragon, the symbol of eternity. His intense gaze was like a trap enclosing its free exit, and he touched its forehead.

A very grand and quiet picture, they could see the deep bondage as they stared at each other.

The storyline is very simple, most of which are directly described by the words next to the photos, and each photo is beautiful and lifelike.

It goes without saying that it is realistic, because most of the things on the picture are real.

Goldnia was a little bit upset about this, Gormund just want to sell meat, but he also got him involved and was forced to join…

The story is half-truth, but Goldnia’s identity is true: he is indeed a human prince. He was pitted by his brothers when he was in the court struggle. At that time, the Dark Church had a good power on the continent, so Goldnia chose to ask the Dark Church for help, and after a brutal transformation, he successfully became a death knight.

However, he did not take revenge after becoming a death knight.

Hill asked him why, and he replied: “What they did at the time was the right thing to do from their perspective.”

“From your perspective, killing them is also the right thing to do,” Hill replied.

“Yes, but I’m even more curious about what the future holds for him.” Goldnia said, “I watched him from the sidelines and found him to be a wise ruler who developed his empire well. Eventually I showed up just before he was to die in peace, taking his beloved youngest son with him.”

“Did you kill his little son?” Hill asked curiously.

“No, I told him that I was his uncle, and then I went to educate him. He later became one of the five emissaries of the Church of Light and died for the Church of Light.” Goldnia said, there was no emotional fluctuation when he described these.

“Ah…” Hill didn’t know what to say.

“And then after two hundred years, the empire fell.” Gordonia continued, “Mulheim annexed it when it expanded westward.”

“History is like smoke and dust, it swallows everything, bury everything, including hatred,” Hill said with emotion.

“But it would be lonely and desperate to think that way,” Death Knight Goldnia said softly.

“That’s precisely why we have to cherish the people around us.” Hill laughed, “It’s why you have to have fun sometimes, say what you have to say, and take revenge. Otherwise, your feelings, your memory, your will, and even you will be erased by time.” He didn’t smile anymore, and said seriously: “I think you have to leave your own traces in this world.”

“Leave my own trace in this world,” Goldnia murmured and repeated.

The demons rarely think about these things, they only look at the things in front of them. Goldnia was once a human after all.

“This may be very difficult. The former Demon King who was so powerful at the time left only a piece of red grassland. But, trust me.” Hill smiled slightly, “We are doing that now. Don’t be confused, just follow me.” He pondered for a moment as he spoke and copied an anime line, “There shall be no enemy that can stand before us.”

Goldnia knelt on one knee and bowed, “Yes, My King.”


When Goldnia came out of the Blackrock Tower, a dagger flew towards him. He stretched out his hand to catch it, and after circling his fingertips twice, he threw the dagger back.

Albrecht walked out in the dark, he directly caught the blade with his bare hands, and the blood flowed out. He licked the wound on his finger, and his voice was low: “You are really acting like a baby to My King, Goldnia.”

Goldnia glanced at the dark elf who was full of abnormal aura at this moment, and said lightly, “Indeed, I have learned a lot from His Majesty, the Demon King.”

He knew how to anger this dark elf.

Sure enough, the abnormal aura of the dark elf disappeared. He put the dagger into his arms, and he didn’t lick the wound creepily anymore, his face was full of anxiety: “Damn, you—I, I also want to find His Majesty!” Then he hurriedly went into the Blackrock Tower.

Goldnia shook his head, realizing that he was envious of the dark elf’s mentality of not caring about anything but the Demon King.

At this moment, in the Blackrock Tower, Albrecht was facing Hill acting like a baby: “My King, I am also a little confused just like Goldnia.”

“Confused.” Hill glanced at Albrecht unexpectedly. He didn’t figure out what the dark elf could be confused about, but… he beckoned him to come over, and then caressed his head, “Are you still confused now? “

Over there, Irvine murmured in his heart: This is too perfunctory, right?

Unexpectedly, Albrecht jumped up excitedly: “No more confusion! My King!”

Irvine: …

Irvine: This dark elf is too easy, right?

Irvine looked at the way Albrecht was spinning around excitedly in place, well, after all, it was the dark elf aka the demented man.

Lord Demon King has really tamed the five elders to their to the core. Irvine thought.

As for himself… he, of course, is completely willing to work for the Lord Demon King, lala~

——So he is not in a position to criticize others hahaha.

——read at

After this issue of the magazine was put on the shelves, the “Dragon and Knight” photobook was also placed in the sales area of the Demon Mall.

Basic feelings, humans and beasts, growth, betrayal, selling meat… the elements contain too many warnings.

The book is completely on fire because a noble lady openly spurted a wave of nosebleeds while flipping through it.

Some time ago, everyone secretly bought a MAD album, but more than a week later, everyone started to secretly buy a photobook of muscle men.

When they meet people secretly buying it like them, they will smile tacitly to each other.

It also has the feel of a cult member’s secret signal…

In short, Hill will not let humans be idle, nor will he let them stop spending money…

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“There shall be no enemy that can stand before us.” – This is from BLEACH, said by Aizen Sousuke

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