Chapter 119 – Tiger Skin Chicken Feet

I have a wish

To borrow wings from a fallen angel

I want to fly to a farther place

Chasing the stars, the clouds, and the gentle light

And fly around the whole demon realm

Drinking wine with black dwarves and imagining

Watching the moon in the wind with the taurens

Walking with goblin merchants through ancient paths, watching the mountains and rivers

Watching the blood moon hanging high above the Blackrock Tower

Watching the night wind blow our clothes

Let our hearts soar~

Hill half-deadly filled out the lyrics, and he read it again, um… it seemed simple and catchy, and it also played a promotional role for the demon realm. After he gradually builds all the landmark buildings, he will be able to write them all into the lyrics.

It is of course possible to directly copy the songs from Earth, but it always needs some lyrics describing the demon realm to play a promotional role.

For example, the song “Chengdu” made many people think about walking on the streets of Chengdu. He can change it to “walk with me on the streets of the Demon Realm~”, forget it.

Hill happily made plans for the future. In the future, the music industry has to have powerful singers, idol singers, and boy groups, and girl groups, child stars, and all races can join. These people will then use their idol status to promote something, such as racial equality, such as disaster relief, advocate peace, guide the people to do something willingly, and serve as an example.

Hill has always felt that public figures assume social responsibilities and play a correct guiding role for the entire society.

Of course, cyber violence is not advisable, after all, it is the first time for everyone.

In this way, it seems that public figures can share part of the church’s authority, and many young people do use idol stars as emotional sustenance.

The choreography of the girl group is a big problem. Of course, Hill can download those dances from the Internet, but he can’t show them to the three succubi on the spot, moreover, the dance aesthetics on both sides are not the same. So, Hill ran an advertisement in the magazine about hiring a temporary dance master with a high salary. Princess Delia saw it and sent Hill two court dance teachers.

Then, Hill was going to do something very shameful.

“Irvine, you go out first. You must never let anyone in. Don’t come in yourself. You can’t disturb me unless the Church hits the door of Blackrock Tower,” Hill said solemnly.

“Yes, My King,” Irvine also responded solemnly.

Then Hill looked into the mirror and turned himself into a woman who absolutely could not be linked to his original appearance. He imitated some girl group dances and recorded them into the projection stone. Then he restored his original appearance and handed the projection stone to the two extra humans, told them that this was a video of a certain female dancer in the Demon Realm, and he hoped that they would integrate this dance with human beings and compose a new set of dances based on the melody of the song.

…This is too embarrassing.

The Great Demon King is openly crossdressing for the development of the Demon Realm…

After watching the dance recorded by Hill, the two human dance masters began to discuss:

“A very dynamic dance, very energetic.”

“But it’s a bit too strong. Just now, this dancer hit her hand on the wall, and I saw that the wall was cracked by her.”

Hill: Cough, cough, there is not enough space in the bedroom…

“A lot of provocative moves, it really is a demon…”

“Some of the movements can indeed be retained, from an appreciative point of view.”

“Are all demons’ bodies so stiff? If you look at the softness of the body, it feels like she is an amateur.”

Hill was a little embarrassed next to her: “Ah, this dancer is indeed an amateur.”

“Well, some movements should be softer, such as this movement of stroking her legs and getting up and tossing her hair in the process, which is supposed to show off female curves, but this dancer made me think that she was going to kill the audience with a headbutt.”

Hill: …

How could this dance master comment so viciously!

Is it my fault not to show the female curve?!

“Your Royal Highness, do you have a projection stone of a demon realm dance master?” the court dance teacher asked.

The corners of Hill’s mouth twitched a bit. Do you want to let him practice for a while and turn himself into another form and then record another dance?

“…No, just do it like this, I believe you,” Hill said.

The KPOP dances on Earth and succubus dances, combined with the style popular among humans in this period, this mix… it’s not a big problem, right?

This is how the first batch is explored. If the first batch is successful, then you can copy the work and follow the process directly, happy ~( ̄▽ ̄~)


Hill’s life is very fulfilling today.

The sun was shining in the morning, and Hill woke up on time – people with magic can set an alarm-like thing for their bodies, which will make him wake up regularly, and the magic will also work to remove all the pajamas away, which will not produce the phenomenon of staying in bed.

After Hill woke up, Irvine, who was asleep in the torch outside the door, also woke up. He reported to Hill today’s breakfast options. Hill chose buttered toast, bacon sandwiches, and boiled beans, side dishes include spicy chicken wings, boiled sausages, boiled vegetables, and braised eggs. Drinks are milk and spring water—the spring water comes from the Moonlight Spring of the Dark Elves, which is sweet and refreshing, and contains a touch of magical elements. The ingredients include peanut butter, rose lychee sauce, blueberry sauce, and shrimp sauce.

Then Hill thought for a while, “Let the goblin chief come over and have breakfast with me.”

Under normal circumstances, Hill will choose a demon to eat with him every time for breakfast and dinner. During the meal, the two will chat, communicate feelings, and brainwash (…). The other party will also take this opportunity to report some of the usual less convenient to say. Hill thinks this is useful for many purposes.

Irvine was ordered to leave, and Hill got off the Blackrock Tower and walked for a while on the shore of the ice lake, and then practiced swordsmanship with the paladin.

Even in the early summer, the morning was still crisp and cold. Hill stood by the lake and looked at the sun for a while, and said to the paladin next to him: “You have been here for almost a month, right?”

“Yes, Demon King,” said the paladin.

This was the paladin sent by Teresa, who had a relatively good attitude, so Hill asked him to teach him swordsmanship. Sometimes he would chat with him and listen to some things inside the Church. Although the other party wanted to control his own mouth, he was always cleverly talked out by Hill.

“How do you feel about the demon realm?” Hill asked.

The paladin scratched his head, “It feels… different from what I imagined.”

“Why is it different?” Hill asked.

The paladin answered truthfully: “Others say that you are a foolish and uncaring Demon King, but I don’t think so.”

“What gave you the illusion that I am not a foolish and uncaring Demon King?” Hill asked with a smile, “I thought I was acting like a dim-witted ruler.”

“The result…” the paladin said, “all the demons respect you, and the demon realm seems to be very stable.”

“Well, I can’t hide this.” Hill smiled again. “Well, you have worked hard today. Irvine has prepared food for your group, you take it back together.”

“Many thanks, Demon King,” the paladin bowed and said.

This paladin came from a poor family. In order not to be hungry, he became a paladin to join the church. He is a neglected object among the paladins, some people will bully him, but he doesn’t care, because it is much better than when he was hungry. His beliefs have never been pious enough, so Teresa sent him to the demon realm. Hill asked him a few days ago to teach him swordsmanship, and the reward was to invite the whole group to eat the food of the demon realm. This paladin naturally agreed.

Others take the short hand and eat with the soft mouth (…), so naturally, it’s not good for him to say anything.

Criticize each other? Bishop Teresa has said that we must cooperate with the Demon King as much as possible to penetrate deep inside the enemy.

Said that he actually accepted things from the demon race? Please wipe the food residue from your mouth before you speak.


After the morning exercise, Hill returned to the dining room of the Blackrock Tower, where the goblin elder was already waiting.

Irvine floated in and served breakfast, Hill started eating with a fork, and the goblin elder reported the recent situation while eating.

“A small group of brown-skinned goblins was recently found, but we were unable to persuade them to join our team, and then they disappeared…”

Goblins are a big race, they are quite numerous and there are quite a few species. Many goblins like to travel around, they are not very united. Hill currently needs a variety of powers, so many goblin tribes have been recalled to form large tribes and assigned tasks to them.

Those who like to travel will become tourist merchants and trade among the various races of the Demon Realm.

If you like stability, go mining and the like. Goblins are also very good at this aspect.

There are also some goblins sent out by Hill to explore the minerals, this is also described in the previous article.

“Let Gol take care of this,” Hill said after eating a piece of boiled sausage.

“Yes, My King,” Irvine next to him wrote it down. He is familiar with this.

Next, the goblin elder reported some regular work, and some of the problems raised were immediately solved by Hill, and then the breakfast was over.

Hill sat at the desk and simply wrote down today’s schedule on paper, review the girl group, go to the hot spring resort, and after returning, update “Love and Demons”. “The Godfather” also has to start moving, let the people of the other world feel the charm of the mafia, in addition, put the next album on the agenda, after all, the last album is too crooked.

Well, that’s all for the daytime work.

If he has time in the evening, he can start planning the next movie.

He is really busy… He now just wants to be a foolish and uncaring king…

Forget it, he just thinks about it.

After making the plan, he threw the pen away, then opened his closet and chose a light suit, a short top of dark green taffeta, with a dark sable cloak over it. His long hair was clasped by silver jewelry, Irvine gave him a tidy up, looking like the winter sea, and silver smoke.

As Hill walked out of the Blackrock Tower, he said, “Looking remarkably alike to a human nobleman.”

Dark Elf Albrecht who was waiting over there suddenly popped out: “Take off? Take off what?”

Hill did not show up and rolled his eyes: “Don’t make trouble. Go, let’s go to the hot spring resort.”

“Yes, My King! My King, your clothes are really handsome today!”

“Oh, so are your clothes today.”

“AAHHH! My King complimented me on how good I look! Is he suggesting something? I’m so excited and exhilarated! Is he implying that I’m handsome in my clothes but even more handsome without them!”

Hill: “…”

What was he thinking when he let the dark elf accompany him today?

Is it too late for him to regret it now…?

一一read at

The day’s work was successfully completed, and at dusk, Hill remembered something temporarily and went to the Tauren Territory.

During this period, few people ate chicken paws, and many of them were processed at low prices or internally digested. But every part of the chicken on Earth is eaten by people… Hill had thought of making braised chicken feet before, but he forgot it, and just remembered it.

Hill made tiger skin chicken feet. The tiger skin chicken feet were fried first and then marinated. The surface of the chicken feet was golden red with many wrinkles, which looked quite attractive.

Salt, sugar, Chinese pepper, green onions, ginger, bay leaves, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a bunch of other spices. A rich marinade made over several hours. This marinade is quite tasty and full of flavor. … The taste alone made the taurens salivate.

In the end, the chicken feet were nearly perfect except for the indecent eating.

Because of Hill’s willingness to spend time, the chicken feet are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy, and are not greasy. What’s more wonderful is that the chickens in the Demon Realm are much bigger than those on Earth, and the chicken feet are big and meaty, which is very cool.

Alas, the feeling of being able to gnaw chicken feet without limit is really good. Hill secretly gnawed five or six chicken feet in the bedroom, and then magically shattered the remains of the chicken feet and destroyed the evidence.

It’s a bit indecent for the dignified Demon King to gnaw chicken feet by himself.

While thinking about this, Hill asked the Demon Realm Restaurant to put “Tiger Skin Chicken Feet” into the menu.

Then let the humans gnaw it first, and when the gnawing of chicken feet becomes a trend, he doesn’t have to gnaw secretly.

As for how to promote new dishes? Just add them directly to the special menu of the day.

What fascinated the people of Magnolia Empire and Winter City recently is the photobook of Demon Dragon Gormund and Death Knight Goldnia.

At the same time, the story of the two of them has also attracted a lot of attention. At the end, it is written that this photobook is adapted from a real story, which makes people can’t help but have a special feeling for them.

The pure~clean~friendship between the two handsome men, and the feeling that they can only depend on each other in the big world. Fortunately, they all achieved their own careers in the end.

Before the release of this set of photography collections, everyone had a preliminary understanding of these two because they have both made movies, and also because of the “Demon Realm Magazine”. The “Demon Realm Magazine” has a Demon Realm Short Story Comics, and Hill often mentions them in the Editor’s Notes.

This degree of familiarity adds a lot to the popularity of this photobook.

The elders of the demon realm still have such a story.

Do other people in the demon realm have similar stories?

Time will settle the dust, these demons have a long life, they must have experienced a lot of moving things…

Until now, many people still insist that the content in the movies “Daughter of the Sea” and “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” is true. They think that the Demon Realm really has a Siren Princess that has turned into a bubble and that the Demon King used to have a lover.

After Gormund glanced at his own photobook, he blushed and set it aside. Goldnia looked at it calmly. When Dark Elf Albrecht looked at it, he bit his handkerchief and groaned.

At the time when everyone was indulging in the beauty of the two men, the tiger skin chicken feet was released.

Some nobles thought it was indecent to eat this food, but after tasting it once, it became: indecent is indecent, it doesn’t matter (…).

The Demon Mall originally had an independent pastry shop next to the restaurant. Now Hill has set up a braised goods shop. In addition to tiger skin chicken feet, there are duck necks, kelp buckles, lotus roots, spicy crayfish, and the like… This store is also naturally on the Magic Phone takeaway.

With the increasing variety of goods in the Demon Mall, and more and more people using virtual Demon Coins, there are also several big spenders in “Love and Demons”, Hill had to work overtime to advance the plot, so as not to be caught up by the players.

There are so many things to do, but life is fulfilling enough, the work is fun enough, and the people around him are good enough.

In this way, everything becomes pleasant and beautiful.

<< TOC >>


Short hand and Soft mouth – It means that if Party A receives or eats something from Party B, if Party B makes a mistake, Party A cannot speak or criticize the person with confidence.

Take off what? – perverted dark elf Albrecht heard the word “remarkably alike” (huó tuō tuō) as “take off” (tuō). He only hears what he wants to hear. XD

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