Chapter 120 – Decided to make a horror movie

It’s time to make two more movies.

This morning, Hill thought so when he woke up.

Then he happily disrupted all his plans for the day during his morning walk, ready to make his life centered on movies these days.

This day’s breakfast was with a fallen angel. Hill finally pulled these fallen angels into the human realm. He wondered if he could take some photos of the fallen angels, he would give it away with the album the next time he made a record.

Speaking of which, since the girl group is about to be launched, can the MV be filmed too?

The music video of the Fallen Angels’ light music should include more scenery of the demon realm. With the beautiful Fallen Angels Orchestra playing beautiful music in the beautiful scenery, this image is fascinating when you think about it.

“Love and Demons” will be over in two months, and Hill can start working on “Nuannuan Travels Around the Demon Realm” after filming the movie. “Love and Demons” finishes much faster than on Earth, mainly because Hill wants to push the plot without charging money, so even if there is no gold, there can be one short episode in two days on average. In this way, the speed of the end of “Love and Demons” will naturally be faster.

“Nuannuan Travels Around the Demon Realm”, Hill intends to hand over this game to the Scientific Research Department first, and Scientific Research Department cooperates with the Encyclopedia Department to design the content. The main line of the game is very simple. As a descendant of humans and demons, Nuannuan received a mysterious invitation, inviting her to participate in a dance party a few months later. So, her little friend, a young fire elemental spirit, encouraged her to take a trip to the demon realm.

So, she came to the Demon Realm with the Fire Elemental Spirit. Starting from the periphery, she went to various towns and villages, and saw all kinds of demon races. Also accompanied by some interesting stories, Demon Realm Festivals, some wonderful sceneries, and met different partners.

Of course, dressing up is also indispensable… She can buy clothes at the Demon Mall at any time, and every time she arrives in a town, she can find goblin merchants. The clothes sold by goblin merchants are special items in this town.

Hill found a few tentacle monster painters, let them go to the human realm to observe first, and draw as many clothes as possible according to the current human fashion. This is definitely necessary, first of all, let the player have a sense of substitution.

Then he asked a few painters to make clothes in the Demon Realm. In addition to the clothes in the original game, Hill asked them to look at the dressing styles of various races and draw good-looking clothes after field trips.

Finally, let other painters draw the scenery of the demon realm… At present, they are still in progress in beautifying the territories and nature scenery, human landscape will be discussed later.


Make a movie ah, make a movie.

At present, Hill has made romance movies and drama movies that are for male audiences and female audiences, they have a variety of subjects, but comedies and horror films are still missing.

Hill originally planned to make a comedy, but then he realized that the two worlds had different sense of humor—

Hill told Monroe a few funny jokes before working on the script. After he finished speaking, he began to laugh. Monroe just looked at him, looked at him, and continued looking at him…

Hill felt a little fluctuating in his heart, and his expression became unconsciously serious: “Isn’t it funny?” he asked.

Monroe thought for a moment and said, “If you mean is it funny how you laugh out loud, it’s still a little bit funny.”

Hill: …

Irvine next to him chuckled.

Hill glared at Irvine, who quickly got into the oil lamp and disappeared.

Hill felt a little heartache, “It must be that you are too serious, not a different sense of humor.”

By the way, Irvine just laughed, right?… This contrast made Hill even more resentful.

He blamed the fault on Monroe, and then set out to find Theodore. Theodore saw that His Highness the Demon Prince came to visit and received him quite respectfully. Hill told him to make himself comfortable, and then told Theodore a few jokes. Theodore thought for a while and asked sincerely, “Your Highness Grindelwald? What should I do?”

“I think you should f*cking laugh,” Hill exploded in depression.

Theodore: “Hahaha?”


Hill was so depressed that he wanted to hit the wall.

Well, he finally understood.

Humor and hilarity are not so easy to create. Of course, the two worlds have some common sense of humor, but because of the overall difference in material conditions, cultural background, etc., you will laugh out here but the people over there will look at you blankly.

For example, there is a line in the American musical series “Galavant”: “We’re going to have many children, one of which may not die.” If you don’t understand the medieval background, you will think what the hell does this mean, but if you have a certain knowledge about the background at that time, you will understand the dark humor of this lyric and smile. —The rate of premature death of children was too high and too frequent in those days.

So, if you want to make a comedy, Hill needs to understand the world better.

Give up for now.

Finally, Hill decided to make a horror movie, and this time, he prepared an original script.

As for the theme of the script? Hill intends to take a ride.

Among the various types of works in the Demon Realm, which series is currently the most widely circulated?

Not those movies of various themes, nor anime, but—fairy tales.

Every issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” will serialize famous fairy tales, including not only Andersen and Grimm, but also some domestic stories, such as “Snail Girl” and “Ma Liang”. Hill has been slowly passing some of the elements of the East to the other world, waiting for the day to make a big move.

The spread of fairy tales on Earth is amazing. From the beginning of children’s enlightenment, to larger cartoons, to adult fairy tale movies and fairy tale based XXX movies (etc.), it can be said that all ages have been targeted.

And the horror film that Hill is planning to shoot, the specific subject matter is dark fairy tales.

He first spent several days writing the script. The main line of the movie is very simple. A teacher from a certain magic school took some students out to travel. They found a strange hotel. The decoration inside the hotel is very beautiful. There are many rooms and each room has a fairy tale name written on it. They just stayed there, and the next day, something horrible happened. The hotel was closed, and everyone had a terrible curse connected to those fairy tales, but the way to lift the curse was also in the fairy tale.

After a series of human conflicts and so on, the hero and the heroine finally defeated everything with love and courage and escaped.

It’s still a very traditional story, but it’s quite novel with fairy tales as the starting point.

Of course, the level of horror is not as great as professional horror movies, but this level is just right for people in another world.

After finishing writing the script, Hill thought it was better to hand it over to humans for review, so he thought of Eric, the author of “A Mage’s Book of Songs”, who is currently the only one who has serialized a novel in “Demon Realm Magazine”, and whose skills are still good.

And also easy to contact (—.—)

Eric had little contact with Hill. The famous Demon Prince suddenly appeared in front of his house gave him a shock. Hill explained his intentions straightforwardly:

“The script of the next movie is here. I hope you can modify it according to human habits. When it is released, the screenwriter will have your name and me, and you will be paid accordingly.”

Of course, Eric readily accepted, he is naturally very happy to be able to participate in the creation of the movie script. Hill left straight away after, while Eric went back to the bedroom and immediately began to read the script with the oil lamp, ready to study carefully and propose changes.

Dark Night. Oil lamp. The wind outside.

And ghost stories.

Of course, Eric, who had never been exposed to horror novels, was scared to death.

There are no horror novels in the other world, and no one has experienced horror tales before. Moreover, this is a world with ghosts and monsters. This has caused many people to say “F*ck, scared me to death” from time to time when watching “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

Hill’s horror story is a traditional structure, but also a classic structure. In addition, Eric, as a writer, has a much richer imagination than ordinary people, so the feeling of fear he feels is even stronger.

Magnolia City. Demon Realm Magazine.

Theodore was sitting in front of the oil lamp reviewing the latest manuscript. Recently, the number of smut manuscript has increased a lot, mainly for the CP of the Demon Dragon and the Death Knight. Writing about human figures and dragon figures, Theodore glanced at the manuscript, feeling that his butt hurts (…).

Stop it, you can’t bring in yourself, I like women, and I like Princess Delia.

Theodore chanted several times silently in his heart.

Let him be a straight man to review BL manuscripts and often encounter smut manuscripts, which is really difficult for him.

The servant knocked on the door and said that Mr. Eric had come to visit.

Theodore thought that he could just take a break, and then asked the servant to prepare tea and cakes, and at the same time invited Eric in.

What did Eric come over in the middle of the night for? Is it about the new book? It’s been a while since “A Mage’s Books of Songs” has ended, and Eric hasn’t found the inspiration for the new book for a long time. If Eric wants to publish a new book, does “Demon Realm Magazine” have a place for him to serialize it? It seems that His Royal Highness Grindelwald said that the magazine is about to serialize a masterpiece called “The Godfather”, which tells the story of the dark organization.

Theodore let his mind wander to clear it while waiting for Eric.

As a result, Eric walked in trembling, with a blue nose and a swollen face.

Theodore asked in surprise, “What’s the matter, Mr. Eric?”

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald gave me the script for the next movie,” Eric said.

“Is it a shocking script? How did you become like this?” Theodore said, and he became curious about the script.

“It was a little too scary and weird, I read it and was so scared that I couldn’t sleep alone.” Eric continued to tremble.

“So, you came to find me, accidentally fell like this on the way?” Theodore wanted to laugh a little, feeling incredulous.

“No, I went to a brothel. When the girl said ‘I love you’ to me, I remembered that it was the lover’s blood that broke the curse of the villainous little mermaid in the script, so I jumped out of bed and ran. As a result, they thought I didn’t have the money to pay the bill, pulled me back and beat me up. After the beating I came to you.” Eric answered truthfully.

“Um, well, that’s a very personal answer from you.” Theodore shrugged and smiled, and then he said, “Well, Mr. Eric, do you need me to lend you money?”

“No, I gave the money.” Eric said, “I’m getting the goosebumps just thinking about the details in the script right now.”

Theodore was a little helpless, “Is it so terrible? I guess you will be terrified when you watch some scenes in “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.”

“No, that’s not the same.” Eric wanted to say, he screamed out when he saw the young girl in the script found her pillow filled with human hair, and then screamed in terror when she saw eyeballs entwined in the hair.

“Can I take a look?” Theodore asked curiously.

“I think it’s okay,” Eric said, and he passed the script to Theodore, who found that his hands were still shaking.

“It should be nothing, just some horrible scenes, not to mention limited to text.” Theodore said confidently: “I don’t even feel scared of the scenes in “Natsume’s Book of Friends”,” He said and opened the script.

After a while.

Theodore and Eric trembled together.


What is this! Why is it so creepy and scary! Is this really going to be made into a movie?! Isn’t this going to scare people out of their wits!

Is the demon prince going to attack humans?! Does he want to scare humans to death with horror movies?!

Theodore’s mind was filled up by these roars.

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