Chapter 121 – Kiss

While Theodore and Eric were trembling together, Hill also ushered in a visitor, Death Knight Goldnia.

“My King, fortunately, I found the brown goblin tribe on the edge of the Dark Forest that you asked me to track some time ago, and now I have controlled them.”

The other party is still in full body armor, even his face is covered tightly, only a cloud of diffuse black mist can be seen from the gap in the helmet.

Both are death knights, but he and Monroe’s style is completely different ah.

But later, Hill learned that Monroe would be in the form of a black mist when he was alone. Maintaining a human form required magic power. Under normal circumstances, the death knight was not interested in doing that. The reason why Monroe did that was because Hill praised him for being good-looking.

Hill was very moved when he learned about this later… Do you think it’s possible that Hill could be so innocent? In fact, after Hill knew that Monroe was willing to show his face because he praised his good-looking face, he said to Monroe: “Actually I think your body is as good-looking as your face, so…”

Then he was hit with Monroe’s blank stare.

…The death knight would actually roll his eyes, really let him learn a new thing.

Irvine, who witnessed all the experiences next to him, felt a little trembling in his heart… Lord Demon King, you, you are really the best Demon King of all time from a certain angle.

It seems that this plan will not work. Hill felt quite regretful.

“By nature, we desire food and sex,” Hill said in a dignified manner to Irvine: “I’m a demon king, what’s wrong with my pursuit of this visual pleasure? Not only do I like to see good-looking muscles and flesh, …of course, more than the visual enjoyment of that would be even better. By the way,” he said sheepishly, “don’t let Al hear.”

If the dark elf Albrecht heard it, the consequences would be disastrous.

And behind him came Monroe’s low laugh: “So it doesn’t matter if I hear it, My Lord?”

“Because I believe you will listen to me obediently,” Hill said.

“You are too domineering.”

“How else could an overbearing demon king fall in love?” Hill said smoothly.

“Oh.” Monroe looked up at Hill, his dark eyes faintly red, “I look forward to it.”

“Cough, cough…? Monroe? You?” Hill was still immersed in the dark elf idiot, so he didn’t react for a while and choked.

“Because you are my Lord.” Monroe said calmly, “So I will gladly accept everything you give me, whether it is hope or despair, whether it is a word of faith or a dark whisper of corruption, whether it is love or hate, I will accept it happily, with pleasure.”

Ah… According to reason, these words and the usual words of allegiance are the same, but for some reason, Hill feels a little chilly.

It’s probably an illusion.

——Return to this night.

After Death Knight Goldnia reported on the brown-skinned goblins, Hill dug up this piece of information from the recent report: “Is that the tribe that the Goblin Elder and I were talking about earlier? I remember them not wanting to do my bidding?”

“Yes, they are still reluctant to cooperate,” Goldnia said.

“It seems that there are also some who do not fear power,” Hill smiled, with a harsh tone in his carefree laugh. “But if it’s my power that doesn’t scare them, then forget it, or I will feel bad.” He tapped his fingers on the table and smiled, “After all, watching other people’s stories feel best in the extreme twists and turns. When it’s your turn to experience it, you can’t wait to kill all the crooks right from the beginning.”

Outside the Blackrock Tower, stretching into the endless darkness, Goldnia knows that this is a railway which a steel monster called a train walks. The industrial-rich railway looks magnificent under the blood moon of the demon realm.

The lights in the Blackrock Tower flickered, and the figure of Lord Demon King was cast on the wall. Goldnia knew that no matter what the final outcome, Lord Demon King was destined to leave a strong mark in the history of the Demon Realm. Loyalty is loyalty, but everyone has extra ambitions. Now, seeing Lord Demon King leaving a great name forever, Goldnia also knows that he should do a good job so that he can become a legendary character and become the object of praise of the bards.

Strangely speaking, none of the demons think Hill is too “kind”, and that all who think Hill is kind are humans. This is probably due to the different ways of thinking on the two sides. In fact, from the perspective of the Demon King Hill, living people are more valuable than dead, living people are easier to use, and the population in the Middle Ages is inherently small. Hill sometimes talked about his thoughts to people in the demon realm, and the demon races could also understand.

They may have thought that humans were more lowly and weaker before, but they also knew that when they were in front of the Demon King, they were also lowly and weaker according to their theory, so from this strange perspective, they could fully understand some of Hill’s methods.

As for humans, Hill also only explained some things about the demon realm to Teresa, and didn’t say too much to Joan Baker and Old Jackson. He usually either discusses matters or jokes with them. Some humans feel that Hill’s attitude toward humans seems a little too good, a little too kind, but they stand in the human position so of course they will not point this, but feel that it is more comfortable to cooperate with him like this.

Goldnia somewhat couldn’t understand Hill’s words. He thought for a while, and said according to his own understanding: “So for the twist of the story, let us make their lives more turbulent?”

“That sounds terrible.” Hill tapped his fingers on the table to stop, and then the corners of his lips lifted, “But I like it.”

A quiet sigh of relief went through Goldnia’s mind.

“Is it a very large clan?”

“Not very big,” Goldnia replied.

“Not a big clan, I thought you would kill them according to your style,” Hill teased.

Goldnia said solemnly: “If in the past, I would indeed have done so. I would think that these things should not bother My King.”

Hill smiled, “Okay… wait, did something similar happen before? Okay, I see, don’t tell me. I’ll just pretend to continue not knowing, but you can’t slaughter the demons casually in the future.”

“Yes, My King.” Goldnia replied, “but I am now learning My King’s way of thinking that every demon has its role to play, but I don’t know how to do it.”

“Okay.” Hill got up and looked out into the darkness, “I’ll go see.”


The moonlight tonight is not bright, the clouds in the sky are thick and many, and the moonlight is blocked from time to time, making the ground dark.

The brown goblins gathered together and whispered.

“That’s one of the five elders, are we really not going to surrender?”

“Wait a second, I heard that these elders are not acting the same as before, we can raise our bargaining chips and sell us for a good price this way.”

“Yes, money comes from danger.”

There were several hellhounds around them, and these hellhounds showed their white fangs with a terrifying aura, making the goblins a little uneasy.

“I, I still feel a little scared…”

“These hellhounds are too frightening, they are catching up with the High Demons.”

“We are merchants! We have to dare to make any deal! Calm down!”

“Yes, we have to calm down, even if the Demon King himself comes over, we have to negotiate with him.”

“Yes! Negotiate!”

“Strive for the best interest!”

These goblins are getting more and more confident.

The wind blew and it turned a bit colder.

The hellhounds suddenly pricked their ears.

This made the goblins tremble.

Then they saw the hellhounds whining a few times to a place, and then they all crawled down.

Then, the black leather boots slowly stepped across the decayed leaves of the ground, the dark cloak fluttered in the wind, and someone stepped on a small animal bone and appeared in front of the goblins.

Behind him is a dim blood moon.

The aura radiating from his body is even more eye-catching than that bloody moon.

The death knights beside the hellhound all knelt on one knee and said at the same time, “My King.”

The Demon King… It is actually the Demon King!

The goblins were suddenly dumbfounded, and many of them looked at one goblin. That goblin was the one who just said that even if it was the Demon King himself, they still had to negotiate.

Hill nodded faintly at the death knights, “Thanks for your hard work.” Then he looked at the goblins, “Is there anything you want to say?”

“We like freedom!” said the goblin who was watched by the crowd’s eyes plucked up courage and said.

“You like to live,” Hill said flatly.

“I, we like freedom…” The goblin lacked confidence this time.

Hill smiled suddenly, walked to the goblin who was not half as tall as him, and his shadow directly covered the other party’s body completely. Then he bent down, patted his head, and said in the tone of a coaxing child, “You prefer to stay alive. Be obedient.” But there was no hint of laughter in his eyes.

The goblin swallowed and said, “Yes… we prefer to stay alive.”

Hill smiled again, his hand touched the goblin’s head again, then traced down his face to his neck, and clasped it tightly.

The goblins around were almost scared to death at this moment.

Hill clasped its neck and lifted it directly. The goblin was struggling with his limbs, with a desperate expression in his eyes. Hill looked at him indifferently, for one second, two seconds, then let go and let him fall to the ground.

“Be thankful for that.”

The night wind sent Hill’s faint voice.

“Then report to Elder Mane while crying and repenting.”

The goblin coughed and shuddered on the ground.

The surrounding dark knights have left quietly with the hellhound.

The other goblins also shuddered for a while, and one of the goblins suddenly reacted: “It’s all your fault!”

“It’s all your fault for actually saying words that desecrate Lord Demon King’s dignity!”

“Beat him to death!”

“Beat him!”


Hill looked at his hand under the light, and he remembered how he had just clasped the goblin’s neck.

He realized that he didn’t feel anything just now, presumably, he wouldn’t have the slightest tremor in his heart if he strangled him to death.

Hill has always disliked thinking about who he is, whether he is a demon or a human being. He feels that he hasn’t even dealt with the immediate issues and has no time to think about these philosophical issues.

But at this moment, he was really a little frightened by himself.

He sighed slowly and turned to look at Monroe over there: “Monroe, if I kill someone, would you still believe in me?”

Monroe felt a little inexplicable. Of course, as the Demon King, you have killed a lot of people. Didn’t you kill one of my colleagues yourself in the beginning? “My belief in you will not change because of anything.”

“Then isn’t this your faith in faith itself?” Hill smothered a laugh.

“No, I am well aware of how special you are to me,” Monroe said.

“Then don’t leave me,” Hill said, his red eyes were a little cloudy at the moment, and he repeated, “Don’t leave me.”

“Yes.” Monroe found out that his state was wrong and replied cautiously.

“Say, you won’t leave me.”

“I won’t leave you, My Lord…”

“Kneel down and kiss the back of my hand.”

Monroe did as he was told. He knelt on one knee and picked up Hill’s hand, but before his lips could touch the back of Hill’s hand, Hill suddenly pinched his jaw.

Monroe and Hill looked at each other quietly.

Hill saw that the red in Monroe’s eyes gradually increased, the dark red hue then flooded the entire pupil.

Quietly, they stared at each other.

Monroe let go of Hill’s hand and approached him following Hill’s strength.

Then he kissed his lips.

“I won’t leave you, Hill.”

He said so. When he said this, his eyes actually strangely returned to a calm black.

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